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Teenage Girl 24/04/07(Sun)12:49 No. 25875 ID: 10b5a4

File 171248697633.png - (20.29KB , 100x100 , riddickmaboi.png )

I do not like it when folks complain about Christianity. When they use Old Testament verses and not New ones and it's not because Jesus told people to follow those rules, I cringe because that's in Torah, a Jewish book.
I do not like it when people mock Jesus, but still respect Islam because Jesus was a prophet in Islam.

Teenage Girl 24/04/07(Sun)12:50 No. 25876 ID: 10b5a4

Also, why do I need to post an image that's maximally 1000kb? Is it because this site is dying?

Teenage Girl ## Mod ## 24/04/07(Sun)17:40 No. 25877 ID: a7fc4e

Since 2011, Apple has only given 5GB free storage.
The iPhone 15 Pro Max can shoot video at 4K 60fps.
Apple is worth $2,600,000,000,000 today.

Is Apple dying because they haven't raised their free storage in 13 years?

(Yes, we've been dying for a decade now, but we're like Jews: You can never fully exterminate us, and we're just going to get worse over time.)

ou 24/04/07(Sun)20:59 No. 25878 ID: abb94a


Teenage Girl 24/04/09(Tue)13:29 No. 25879 ID: e1034b

Religion is gay.

Teenage Girl 24/04/10(Wed)04:25 No. 25883 ID: e06173

Christians, particularly the North American Protestants, have main character syndrome.

They always love to play victim whenever individual or institution dares to criticise them.

Christians pathologise other religions amd atheists.
They always assume that any disasters that befall them is "the wrath of God."

Teenage Girl 24/04/12(Fri)15:06 No. 25884 ID: 098745

Do not blame The entirety of Christianity if you mentioned North American Protestants.

Teenage Girl 24/04/14(Sun)20:18 No. 25888 ID: 6f4770

>They always assume that any disasters that befall them is "the wrath of God."
To be fair I feel like God hates me any time a disaster befalls me too. Not that it'll drive me to worship them.

Teenage Girl 24/04/15(Mon)10:48 No. 25889 ID: deb781

yes op books wriitten by humans is a big flaw with anything. Take any countries legal system or polittical system.
As Robert Anton Wilson said "The average person has average intelligence".
Being of about average intelligence, on a good day.
life's to short to cringe any longer just move on, that don't give F"*$ about you anyway. Even those pretending to by your friends.
As a christian, I just have to live with it.

Believe don't believe.
Keep your free will, always

love you all anons

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