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Teenage Girl 15/12/21(Mon)10:55 No. 20831 ID: 9ecb57 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 14506917104.jpg - (36.25KB , 480x320 , gay.jpg )

I hate gay people.

I truly do. Everyone I ever met who was gay ended up being a complete fucking fake ass selfish douchebag. These assholes are grade A liars.

You know why there are so many gay actors? Because these dudes are lying all the time. Any time a gay person tells you he's happy he's lying. Hell, any time he opens up his mouth he's lying. Every worthless faggot I had the displeasure of meeting ended up being a pissant lying piece of shit. You know how I could tell? Their actions. I'd start out really optimistic and we'd end up talking about sex or God or any topic. Guess what? Their actions did not match their words. Every single time! I fucked some dude who said sex was sacred on the second time we met. Then he lied about how he hesitated. Dude! I was the one who hesitated. We were at a hotel room and I asked him if he wanted to make out and he said yes, to which I asked "dude are you sure" and then one thing led to another and a couple months later he tells me how he picks up some asshole at the gay club only to find out he was straight.

Another time was when this fucker calls me up after weeks of blowing me off. Me being the people-lover I am, always giving people the benefit of the doubt mind you, decide to see this person. He tells me a story about his abusive piece of shit boyfriend that he's not attracted to sexually (by the way we go to the bathhouse together all the time when his BF is out of town so he can watch me fuck other dudes 'cause he thinks i'm that hot) and fucking smiles and tries to pass it off as ok. Guess what? The reason he never texts me is because his BF goes through his phone constantly and whenever I text apparently they have a huge fight about it because of some photo of us together on instagram. There's no photo of us together on that website. Like dude! What the hell man.

Another time this guy fucking lied to me was when I hit him up to hang out and all the sudden he spills the beans about how he misses his POS boyfriend aka glorified hookup from Grindr and that he doesn't want to hang out. Then he texts me a month later, after months of blowing me off bitching about how he's been alone his whole life and he lied about having a BF because it was never that official and that the date or whatever he was on made him feel upset 'cause his date (really the asshole he was trying to fuck that night) didn't like him. So I tell him not to be such a fucking whiny bitch and meet more people and he calls me rude!

That's just a small sample of the many negative interactions with gay people I had. When I first started clubbing I was overweight and no one wanted to talk to me. I'd go up to dudes and they would blow me off or, at the worst, run away. Now dudes come up to me at the club or at the bathhouse and I'm all nice to them but I just know that eventually whatever Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Teenage Girl 22/03/05(Sat)13:52 No. 24455 ID: cf35b0

When ever you notice someone making divisive posts on the internet in poor English, assume they are a spambot programmed in Russia or China.

There are other possibilities, but this is the most likely one.

Teenage Girl 22/03/05(Sat)23:05 No. 24456 ID: e6c33f

>There are other possibilities, but this is the most likely one.
I assume they're American. Same effect.

Teenage Girl 22/03/06(Sun)00:11 No. 24457 ID: 6a2177

4chan is fucking full of these.

Teenage Girl 22/03/02(Wed)04:39 No. 24453 ID: 9f5ffe [Reply]

File 164619237678.gif - (946.43KB , 499x477 , 1632800445585.gif )

Was bedridden for 7 years, enjoyed 6 months of recovery, then COVID hit and I had intermittent good times living in Europe with my new passport, started a business bought a house, restrictions all lifted happy as Larry.

Then the fire nation attacked and I got COVID, then long covid, then my condition from before resurfaced because of it now I'm back to being bedridden living in my parents house back in the states again with no end in sight.

Fucking hell I'm depressed, smoking a pack a day and probably gonna start playing WoW 14 hours a day again.

Teenage Girl 20/08/04(Tue)23:26 No. 22980 ID: faa2f5 [Reply]

File 159657639224.png - (238.93KB , 500x571 , 1502255490421.png )

anyone on this website hate their job/boss? I work for a software firm that pays 20/hr. It's decent money considering I live in a flyover shithole with low taxes and cost of living, but my boss is an absolute control freak psycho. I'd quit but all the other jobs I've applied for have been taken by hinduniggers or SEAmonkies who will literally work for like 10/hr. shits cucked.

not an advice thread btw. Just need to vent

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Teenage Girl 22/02/06(Sun)23:54 No. 24438 ID: ff3844


>They're not allowed to have their own subcultures without adults trying to criminalize it.

Or the AWFLs move in, gentrify it, and turn it into another means of whining about Chad not dating them over Stacy. Just like what happened with YA.

Teenage Girl 22/02/06(Sun)23:58 No. 24439 ID: ff3844


>Some people never really get over it.

And they come up with the most asinine, attention seeking hot takes to justify not doing so.

>I AM special! You're just some cishet/Judeo-Bolshevik out to suppress me!

Teenage Girl 22/02/08(Tue)14:53 No. 24440 ID: 6b22b9

This is why I'm an advocate for human neutering. Either that or parenting licenses. If you need a license to hunt, fish, drive, do skilled labor, or travel, you should need a license to raise a kid or a pet.

is something wrong with me catholic spic 22/02/02(Wed)04:26 No. 24425 ID: a4bd59 [Reply]

File 164377240242.jpg - (169.33KB , 750x658 , 1641901675097.jpg )

i get this feeling when i talk to certain men. It's like a mixture of physical weakness, goosebumps, warmness. It's distracting and annoying and i havent had any luck trying to find out what it is and how to stop it. help pls

Teenage Girl 22/02/03(Thu)03:11 No. 24426 ID: a5935d

File 164385429224.png - (387.20KB , 460x650 , 7 Stages.png )

It's because you instantly know you want to have sex with them.

Once you have sex that uneasiness with go away and you'll be able to talk to them normally from then on.

Test Teenage Girl 20/09/22(Tue)05:52 No. 23032 ID: baa2f3 [Reply]

File 160074676928.jpg - (121.18KB , 475x716 , T.jpg )

There is little to no relationship between the Taylor that you know, & the actual person.
No matter who you are, if you are to define a known individual in your head, you are way off.
There is a lot wrong with this woman.
I have known her for over 18 years, or rather, known of her after losing ties with her in her youth, and now she is essentially the main problem in so many lives.
There are riots. There is a distaste for the arts, and a disdain towards humans. We are losing ourselves.
I cannot believe a woman of such apparent grace has decided to do such unspeakable acts. So damning, that she is unwilling to admit to them or, for heaven's sake, take a fall.
My rhetoric is damned. My mind leaks of pain. I feel lacking. I was better off alone in the world, & I wish death upon myself. I also wish to move on some day, which should imply I am simply in a bad place.
As I recognize things, Taylor deserves so much more than your hatred. I feel guilty implying anyone should lose their life, but we have a police force & a jail system for a reason. What happens to kids in these many countries should be limited. I've always hoped that the youth would keep their innocence.
I'm doing my best here to avoid saying what I don't want to know, but considering the unspeakable is still unspoken, I do sometimes send my wishes to the heavens.
I've lost my wills. I've lost my hopes; dreams. I am at a loss. I cannot direct anything but your attention. If a discussion breaks free of my subject, then my work is done. That is to say, I still have things to do.

Be what you seek for Teenage Girl 22/01/16(Sun)00:16 No. 24414 ID: 182caf

File 164228859199.jpg - (28.90KB , 620x297 , Chanel about luxury.jpg )

and there's no more. How much longer will you be deceived by this world, following this and that until some of delusions gets you into a pool of quicksand?

I'll become hate Teenage Girl 21/06/12(Sat)14:00 No. 23956 ID: e64cfb [Reply]

File 162349922141.jpg - (42.85KB , 358x512 , 1f6e217765d1d09e0907957ffd0710101279326566_full.jpg )

I'm thinking that life is pretty much only unfair to me alone. I'm tired of everybody treating me like trash.

I decided to go to full on a badie and hurt everybody badly from now on without any kind of compassion. I won't hold back anything ever again. Everybody is a clown from now on.

Hate you all motherfuckingbitchesfaggots die of hemorrhoids

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Teenage Girl 21/06/13(Sun)07:59 No. 23961 ID: e64cfb

File 162356394633.jpg - (308.02KB , 4618x3464 , 2020-05-19 15_43_14.jpg )

I wish I was Anastasia

Teenage Girl 21/06/15(Tue)04:15 No. 23983 ID: 62edb7

Your post is meaningless you made no point at all

Learn about your place in hierarchies Wizard+apprentice 22/01/16(Sun)00:03 No. 24412 ID: 182caf

You look like a stressed, fed up omega.
Trying to go sigma. But sigma requires thinking up for unexpected troubles and improving your ass a little bit more than usual, for the main trait of a sigma is "being cunning"

Instruct yourself: https://40xlifebydesign.com/modern-man/socio-sexual-hierarchy-sigma-male/

Teenage Girl 21/06/06(Sun)02:34 No. 23929 ID: dcaf15 [Reply]

File 162293967956.jpg - (33.56KB , 623x640 , 9812-Hitler2.jpg )

The fact I work weekends pretty much makes me a nigger. I have no right to 5 hours of sleep in between my 12 hour shifts, because real people don't work weekends and want to loudly play vidya with their buddies. And I'm just a nigger.

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Teenage Girl 21/06/27(Sun)20:09 No. 24010 ID: 1049a1

nig nigot

Teenage Girl 21/07/18(Sun)10:09 No. 24023 ID: ceffdd

>12 hour shifts
>5 hours of sleep
>7 hours shit posting on 7.

I think I see your problem.

Are you even thinking about moving? Wizard apprentice 22/01/15(Sat)23:58 No. 24411 ID: 182caf

File 164228751424.jpg - (61.74KB , 760x758 , ancapistan vs ancombodia.jpg )

You can still remain there, aging faster than anywhere else.

Teenage Girl 21/09/06(Mon)04:27 No. 24077 ID: 8bf6d2 [Reply]

File 16308952759.png - (22.74KB , 300x257 , 1590884823896.png )

I was debating whether to put this in /grim/ but my intuition is telling me here is better.

I have literally no friends. Am I the only one who can't hold up a conversation? I believe I know how to carry a conversation, but I don't retain social information that allows me to apply what I experience in every day life in conversation and be slightly interesting. It doesn't help that I do the same thing every day which doesn't allow me to have new experiences.
This also means I lack humour as well. I just can't think of the funny things to say.

I have only had one friend and that was in school. We worked together outside when we were young and we didn't say much. It goes without saying that the reason I didn't say much is because I didn't know what to say.

In a social context, such as going for dinner or hanging out at one's place, not saying anything would not work (supposedly). Ideally, I would be in the company of people and do something with them in a context that doesn't require conversation, but ​permitting anything to be said, such as colouring together, or playing video games. The activity would have to preoccupy their mind so as not to bring attention to me conversationally. Does there even exist a possibility to hang out in silence?

Am I out of luck? Is there any hope for me at this point? I'm 29 and would like to have someone in my life, whether a partner or friend. But with my handicap of not having anything to say, I fear nobody would want to be around me. Lonely.

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Teenage Girl 21/09/11(Sat)02:19 No. 24086 ID: 59a6cc

There are plenty of people who want to say everything that is on their mind to anybody who is willing to listen. All you have to do is not be rude and listen closely enough so that you can repeat what the other person said back to them periodically and say "uh-huh" or "I see" every once in a while. It might even create an opportunity for you to think of something insightful to say. Just be really agreeable and regurgitate what you hear like a parrot. Dan from Game Grumps built a career spanning many years following these principles.

Teenage Girl 21/09/11(Sat)02:29 No. 24087 ID: 59a6cc

I should also mention, keep your interactions one-on-one because you will likely be shut out of the conversation altogether. Many people in my life refuse to interact with outside of a group setting so that they don't really have to talk to me.

Don't care about what you cannot control Teenage Girl 22/01/15(Sat)23:55 No. 24410 ID: 182caf

>Am I the only one who can't hold up a conversation? I believe I know how to carry a conversation, but I don't retain social information that allows me to apply what I experience in every day life in conversation and be slightly interesting
Then leave. Stop chasing things that life is granting to you with ease.

Your real issue is that you refuse to embrace loneliness with an open heart. Stop chasing people, refuse your cheaty dreams about them... for it is them who must come to you and not the opposite. Otherwise you'll stay unhappy and needy. Ignore the world, seek into yourself.

Teenage Girl 22/01/06(Thu)04:42 No. 24404 ID: 25cd70 [Reply]

File 164144053178.jpg - (66.30KB , 800x374 , 1592585441972.jpg )

I'm good at nothing now. Meds have slowed me down and have taken away what was my one field of excellence (a game, ranking #1 in the world at it). I'm as good as airwolfing trash now. The noobs say I'm still good but when comparing it to what I once was, you see the striking difference.

The meds fixed the core problem but created lots of little problems. The hospital added risperidone and seroquel in the morning and it just tanked everything if the ones at night weren't bad enough. This is closer to what normal people must feel.

I have no airwolfing value now. If you're not good at it, you're utter garbage is what I'm learning about my mentality. I'm good at nothing now.

Teenage Girl 22/01/15(Sat)09:31 No. 24407 ID: 12d9db

You seriously think the only skill you ever had in life was playing a game someone else made?

You are being played with Teenage Girl 22/01/15(Sat)23:39 No. 24408 ID: 182caf

File 164228634553.jpg - (51.25KB , 640x496 , alan greenberg avoid hospitals.jpg )

>Meds are messing me
As if they were meant to do anything different!

Simpler possible solutions Teenage Girl 22/01/15(Sat)23:45 No. 24409 ID: 182caf

File 164228670374.jpg - (10.69KB , 177x285 , Grain Brain.jpg )

About some mental issues that cannot be solved with conventional usage of medicine, the easier solutions are sometimes more at hand than you ever knew.

This book tells how much harmful can be (not for everyone but often) to keep having some certain types of food in your regular diet, being your nervous system the most affected part. He even rants about the influence of them on diabetes, alzheimer and many cases where just leaving these foods some types of dementia do even vanish completely

I cannot upload the pdf. You'll have to reach for it elsewhere.

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