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Teenage Girl 22/07/10(Sun)07:32 No. 25010 ID: 521c39

File 165743113874.jpg - (66.34KB , 828x1064 , ji2n49v8d1891.jpg )

Hey, rightoids! Saying "gamer words" all the time for the hell of it makes you just like this. Figure it out.

Teenage Girl 22/07/10(Sun)15:09 No. 25012 ID: 3a399c

Still mad, eh?

Teenage Girl 22/07/10(Sun)21:05 No. 25016 ID: 1029ae


No one is mad. Why would anyone be mad? I will never meet you. I don't waste time worrying about what other people do with their lives like you lot do, whining about how Gen Z is an existential threat to the West or some shit. If anything, I'm glad. I'm glad I have a great teaching tool for the nieces and nephews in my life: kids, don't end up like these faggots. Now go on and tell me I will never be a woman, since you have tranny derangement syndrome. What is your fascination with a glorified fad that represents less than 000.1% of the population?

Teenage Girl 22/07/10(Sun)21:23 No. 25019 ID: be9b39

Seek professional help.

Teenage Girl 22/07/10(Sun)23:46 No. 25022 ID: 1029ae


Typical projection, as always. I'm not the one freaking out over trannies like you lot do. All imageboard goofs are the same, and don't you forget it.

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