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Teenage Girl 22/04/08(Fri)20:39 No. 24501 ID: ff3844 [Reply]

File 164944317917.png - (62.58KB , 746x637 , Kiwi Hypocrisy.png )

>Post on a literal gossip rag where grown ass adult men gossip like teenage school girls about literal nobodies.

Why do rightoid millennial males continue to be so disingenous. The cognitive dissonance is startling to say the least. And they pride themselves on this shit, posting on the "last bastion of free speech" run by a neko shota loving, self-hating, feeder fetishist faggot and his personal army of A-logging fat mutt slob bitches who think they're any better than Haydur Nation or whatever childish shit they're whining about.

I'm pissed Teenage Girl 19/11/07(Thu)08:24 No. 22318 ID: e0eda8 [Reply]

File 157311148584.jpg - (35.91KB , 683x418 , 0a287f20121864dfe0abd2906f6283a8.jpg )

all my fucking bitch-ass dad does is complain about how unfair I make his life. I get done with my goddamn 8-hour wageslave shift and he complains that he has to pick me up at 10 pm. he wonders why I can't just take a morning shift and just generally yells at me for existing. I'm not a fucking morning person and I've offered to walk home but nooo... he has to have it his way. I've tried working mornings but I kept sleeping through my alarms (I use two). I can't afford to buy a car because he charges me $500 fucking dollars a month for 'rent'. okay... I'm 19 bloody years old and I don't have anywhere else to go.

ive got no other goddamn options. fuck him—fuck that cunt, I hate him. all he does is gaslight me and yell at me like my birth was the worst thing to happen to the world. I've got no friends I can stay with...

fuck,fuck,fuck, FUCK...!
I want him out of my life.


thanks for listening. I need to vent.

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Teenage Girl 21/03/02(Tue)19:07 No. 23481 ID: c6f67c

Buy an ebike, or if you can find one cheap a used moped

Teenage Girl 22/04/06(Wed)18:41 No. 24496 ID: ff3844


>What I do disagree with, and expect you to agree with, is the elderly should be required to complete competency exams to determine whether they're still in their right-mind to own a gun/drive a car.

Jennifer Tolliver would agree with you. I'm sure her kid currently fighting for their life in the ICU would also.

Teenage Girl 22/04/06(Wed)18:42 No. 24497 ID: ff3844


>How else do your parents control you and why haven't you moved out?

It's funny how disingenously contrarian you lot are. One moment, it's boomers are the death of the white race, being nigger loving ZOGbots, and the next moment, you're spouting the same bullshit rhetoric that you seethed IRL about before finding fellow copers online.

People are dumber than they think Teenage Girl 14/07/24(Thu)21:16 No. 19817 ID: 5c2228 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 14062294012.gif - (418.49KB , 125x92 , 14023781138s.gif )

My wife has a temporary job grading standardized state education tests. In the course of her work she has made some rather disturbing findings. Aside from the fact that a very large majority of American children have no critical thinking, problem solving, or basic math skills form 5th grade to high school, the grading and testing programs are biased. During her work she is encouraged and rewarded for giving tests what are called "glimmer points."

For instance if a question asks the students to compare the movie Planet of the Apes to real life. A large number of the test takers have no idea what a comparison is and write their essay about how important it is that a film like Planet of the Apes was made to document the ancient history of Earth.

Missing the point entirely they should get a zero score but because the mentioned apes or used the History, they get a score of 1 or 2, their "glimmer point."

This all tells me that Americans are becoming increasingly stupid, and that the reality of the situation is being carefully and knowingly covered up by the educational system. So, when you see a report on whatever news channel talking about falling test scores in the United States, remember the score should be much, much, much, lower.

De-evolution is real

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Teenage Girl 21/02/14(Sun)23:25 No. 23415 ID: dbf4e7

>"Lol you a dumdum bc you do not agree with me."
Nice try, boy. Try harder

Teenage Girl 22/04/06(Wed)17:34 No. 24494 ID: ff3844


It's funny how he says:

>Doesn't matter anyway since that's a small minority, most kids really are just consumers.

And yet every single cuckchanner and imageboardcel is a consoomer true and true. Seriously, every single rightoid site devolves into either cunnyposting or whining that they're not the target audience for Jewish (y'know, the irony) produced and directed media.

Teenage Girl 22/04/06(Wed)17:45 No. 24495 ID: ff3844


>Only because adults make them that way by actively blocking them from the world. Then when said kids aren't familiar with "le old school" classics, said adults throw a temper tantrum accusing the younger generation of devolving.

Exhibit A: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/why-do-gen-z-and-millennials-not-engage-with-the-past-so-much.110144/

Teenage Girl 22/04/03(Sun)04:09 No. 24487 ID: ff3844 [Reply]

File 164895175953.jpg - (12.75KB , 192x192 , 10567.jpg )

Remember when millennials blamed boomers for literally everything wrong with the world, but during the pandemic, told Gen Z that you have to sacrifice everything to save them? Millennials literally cannot function without blaming somebody else for their own problems. I can't get laid? Jews made women bad. I can't get a job? Boomers keep bringing in damn dirty foreigners. I can't own a house? They never told me how to budget properly! I'm not the target audience for consoomable product anymore? Man, fuck zoomers! What's funny is that so many millennials will bleat on about the poor Ukrainians, but then act like them living in a land of 24/7 porn and fast food is somehow a big bad evil. What, would you prefer to live in some stuck in the Middle Ages Slavic shithole that hasn't amounted to anything since the Mongol invasions?

Face it, millennials are losers. I have have countless good interactions with people from every other generation, but millennials always, ALWAYS, sperg out.

Teenage Girl 22/04/03(Sun)04:24 No. 24488 ID: ff3844

What's interesting to me is how before 2020, American online culture was all about wistfully imagining a future paradise / hellscape wherein Baby Boomers didn't dictate elections or monopolise the best jobs in the corporate world. Here was a perfect opportunity for spiteful socialist Milennials to eliminate their competition so to speak, a literal Boomer Remover, and instead they became their most vociferous protectors. This isn't like Gen X who disliked the wars or the consumerism culture Boomers pitched, Gen X at least had the chance to get skills and make money.
Milennials sit and whine how Boomers single-handedly keep the GOP in power, and through their greed and fiscal incompetence, ruined the economy for young people. I can't wait for Gen Z to come along and succeed despite the corona-recession and Milennials transfer wholesale all their emotional baggage to teenagers 1-2 decades younger than they are. I mean, they already blame 'em for everything else.

>I can't consoom product anymore 'cause zoomers bad!

But at the same time, they'll tell you to beware the electronic synagogue.

Teenage Girl 22/04/03(Sun)07:03 No. 24490 ID: 9ac13d

I think the biggest irony of all is that the Millennials unwittingly created the very world they hate so much and spend all their time complaining about.

Teenage Girl 22/04/03(Sun)19:19 No. 24491 ID: ff3844


>I think the biggest irony of all is that the Millennials unwittingly created the very world they hate so much and spend all their time complaining about.


>American government gives the most lazily done, half-assed plot to drum up support for the Iraq War. Millennials enlist en masse, and despite it being bullshit, to this day lord it over boomers 'cause at least "WE served" - so what you're saying is that boomers are better 'cause they dodged a literal draft to avoid fighting in their own bullshit war? Who was drafting millennials to die in some desert shithole?

>Boomers (old people in general, really) are depicted as transphobic, racist planet killers for decades. Millennials then conveniently turn a 180 and tell Gen Z to go fuck themselves. Every single dumbass attention whoring hot take about the pandemic comes from millennials. The same generation that blames boomers for everything gets mad when Gen Z coins the term, "Boomer Remover." Millennials encourage the money printer brrrrring, not caring that they will be the new boomers to Gen Z and future gens.

>Gen Z is organizing school walkouts, civil disruption, the works. Millennials? Too busy fretting over Rowling being transphobic despite giving her a pass for all the other problematic shit she did beforehand. Stephen "gangbang in the sewers" King gets a pass also.

>Millennials tell you white privilege is bad, yet consistently vote for old white men like Biden. Even the token tranny in his cabinet is white.

>Gen Z girls dance for fun on TikTok. Millennials online talk about, and sometimes carry out, shootings of innocent people.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Teenage Girl 22/03/27(Sun)03:30 No. 24480 ID: 25cd70 [Reply]

File 164834461726.jpg - (4.30KB , 325x139 , 1593458764354.jpg )

I'm on permanent disability and all I do is pace back and forth while Twitch runs as background noise. I can't keep doing this for the rest of my life and I don't know quite how to stop. Nothing interests me. I developed an urge to move working as a mailman for 6 years. The only thing I'm looking forward to is the summer so I can go for walks outside.

What must I do to live a fulfilling life? I'm not satisfied with my quality of life at all.

Teenage Girl 22/03/27(Sun)14:51 No. 24481 ID: a2c15b

I recommend growing a skill. Work on something every day and become better at it each time. It will give you a sense of fulfillment. Lying around all day is very easy and comfortable but it's not fulfilling and that's why we don't feel good about ourselves if we do so. When I was in your shoes a lot of people told me to go on walks, that it would help. My personal experience was that it doesn't help, it just takes up time and delays you having to go home to your shitty life.
Pick up a skill, anon. Anything productive. This guy I know is really into carpentry, he can spend hours in his garage just building shit. Shelves, tables, whatever. You need to try new things and find something you enjoy doing.

Teenage Girl 22/03/23(Wed)03:28 No. 24478 ID: ff3844 [Reply]

File 164800253633.png - (666.79KB , 783x783 , 1647997003269.png )

In light of recent events, I've noticed that many American right wingers are mindless contrarians who have absolutely no intent on actually succeeding and it has never been clearer than how much they simp for Russia for apparently no reason. They do not know elementary facts about how Russia works, let alone lived near them or under them. At this point, globohomo has become the ultimate boogeyman and I'll be the first to say it. Country invaded? It's the Jews. Law got passed that you don't like? Must be Soros. Food arrived late? Had to be Israel tampering.

Not to deny disproportionate Jewish political influence but the fact that you're eager to jump on the first trad looking cock that is MORE authoritarian by any metric makes you look like someone who doesn't understand or intend to take part in actual politics, just likes to purposefully take up absolutely stupid beliefs so that you could forever feel exclusively enlightened over everyone else while in real world, most of the people you consider sheep aren't necessarily lacking in critical judgement, they simply don't gobble up media in unhealthy amounts and if they DID mindlessly consume MSM, Trump would never have been elected.

But you know who didn't win? You. I'm not going to go on an anti-Trump tirade, partially because he's just a glorified patsi like every other president, but also because that's the point where you put your fingers in your ears and ignore the rest of what I have to say: And it's that it is very hard to deny that Trump has achieved nothing. Leaving or reducing US role in NATO didn't go anywhere. Trade war with China changed nothing other than antagonize the countries. Lock Her Up amounted to nothing. The Wall (TM) amounted to nothing. And guess who has a lot to benefit from the first two and a bit from the third? Won't name him but if you're this far along then you have the idea. Not to say the C word, but even taken at face value as expressions of an isolationist policy they didn't really return anything of value other than fuck up foreign relations.

And that's the case of the modern American Right. They stand for nothing other than antagonizing anyone and anything that crosses their poorly defined pseudo traditionalist-nationalist-isolationist values that make no coherent sense unless you're in that bubble and if you ever press them on an issue instead of giving you a straight answer they'll either dismiss you as a sheep outright or if you're (un)lucky go through unbelievable mental gymnastics to arrive at nonsensical justifications. They've become just as intellectually lazy as the leftists they vilify; owning the libs le epic style XD!

You have no values, you never put your balls on the line and you pretend that you're winning while you never really had any real values to defend or well defined goals to Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Teenage Girl 20/05/12(Tue)01:54 No. 22660 ID: c3dca7 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 158924126959.png - (69.24KB , 221x354 , 1554666221515.png )

I hate hardcore rightwingers who claim they want freedom but also want things like weird porn or women going topless banned for no other reason than being "disgusting degeneracy".

Freedom comes at a price and that price is seeing and hearing things you don't like. The solution is to stop being a pussy and get over yourself.

You fucks say it to the left constantly: "the world doesn't bend to your feelings". Practice what you preach faggot.

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Teenage Girl 22/03/19(Sat)17:42 No. 24474 ID: cf35b0

At every turn I am impressed by their ability to avoid a complete mental breakdown.

Like how did the people who thought Hillary had to go to prison for keeping government files on her home computer and using a personal phone survive finding out that crates of government documents were being stashed in Mar-a-Lago?

I suppose one has to have a certain mental capacity to comprehend being wrong before one can be aware of their own hipocracy.

Teenage Girl 22/03/19(Sat)19:56 No. 24475 ID: ff3844

File 164771616554.png - (517.96KB , 727x1200 , 1647620949115.png )


Even Russians can't stand 'em. They're like the rightoid equivalent of the fifty cent army, but they do it for free.

Teenage Girl 22/03/19(Sat)23:52 No. 24476 ID: ff3844

File 164773036080.jpg - (338.46KB , 1284x2219 , C903CA60-ABC2-42A9-A4DE-C69F3B5C34F4.jpg )


>Like how did the people who thought Hillary had to go to prison for keeping government files on her home computer and using a personal phone survive finding out that crates of government documents were being stashed in Mar-a-Lago?

The same reason that after all these years making fun of women's sports, cracking jokes about how nobody gives a shit about the WNBA and how high school boys can beat the USWNT in soccer, we're supposed to take their pearl clutching about trannies in women's sports seriously. Oh, won't someone please think of the natal women! Just proves the point that they're all contrarian for the sake of being contrarian, really. Hell, even /pol/tards will hype up My Name is Earl as being a GOAT show despite Crabman being black. They tell on themselves every so often.

Teenage Girl 21/10/21(Thu)07:57 No. 24162 ID: 261f4a [Reply]

File 163479586640.jpg - (45.15KB , 333x333 , 156763516113.jpg )

It's pretty easy for mommy issues ridden fuckboys to whine about women, but consider:

>couldn't open a bank account until 1974
>couldn't serve jury duty until 1968
>couldn't practice law until 1971
>couldn't take birth control until 1965
>could be legally fired for becoming pregnant or going on maternity leave until 1978
>couldn't breastfeed in public in all 50 states until 2018
>couldn't go to ivy leagues until 60s/70s
>couldn't go to west point until 1976
>couldn't run the boston marathon until 1972
>couldn't fight in combat roles until 2013
>couldn't become an astronaut until 1978
>could legally be sexually harassed at work until 1977
>could be legally raped by your husband until 1993
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Teenage Girl 22/02/28(Mon)23:28 No. 24452 ID: ff3844


>So there's no wars and monasteries aren't what they used to be. Wat do? Let them stew in their own juices?

Oh, please, like you wouldn't have tried to get out of fighting in a war or whined that being a monk was boring as shit. Just come out and admit it, faggot, instead of this concern trolling bullshit.

Teenage Girl 22/03/04(Fri)06:59 No. 24454 ID: ef9b0e

The real problem with gender relations is chivalry.
Femininism was NEVER the problem.
In fact, feminism was originally supposed to free women from the tyranny of men playing Mr. Nice Guy.
However, by the 1970s, feminism lost to the powerful force of chivalry.
Chivalry was never about respecting women. All it was about is men trying own women through jackass stunts. Whether it be running errands, showing off your new chariot and inviting an adolescent maiden for a ride, duelling your friends in front of a group of young handmaidens for their entertainment, etc.
Chivalry is Simping.
And it's downright cringey and embarrassing.
What's worse is that any boy whom questions chivalry is automatically branded a sociopath. Any girl whom rejects chivalry is branded a Karen.

The biggest irony is? The idea of chivalry being courteous to women was an afterthought added in the Romanticist era.

Chivalry originally was a glorified syllabus to keep knights from thugging out
All those fairy tale stories about knights being gentlemen are lies. Knights were thugs. They raped the peasant girls, pillaged shops, and probably bullied the local peasant youths.
Not unlike pirates and cowboys.

Teenage Girl 22/03/08(Tue)19:22 No. 24459 ID: ff3844


>I think I found your problem, you're living in cuck central.

Says the guy still posting on imageboards that revolve around cuckime.

Fuck 4chan!!! Teenage Girl 19/07/17(Wed)20:08 No. 22214 ID: a4a21e [Reply]

File 156338690018.png - (340.39KB , 1080x1920 , Screenshot_2019-07-17-12-11-34.png )

I was banned for being honest. Is all of 4chan run by faggots?


14 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Borkborkbork 20/09/15(Tue)04:51 No. 23019 ID: ca8e27

See >>5660.

Teenage Girl 22/01/16(Sun)00:18 No. 24415 ID: 182caf

File 164228869574.jpg - (28.75KB , 649x419 , You are invited to suffer.jpg )


Teenage Girl 22/01/16(Sun)23:44 No. 24421 ID: f2da80

File 164237307244.png - (40.27KB , 300x225 , 1642292468475.png )

I got banned literally posting apu just one time on /pol/ of all places. Jannies are dipshits

The love complaining thread (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ Teenage Girl 20/10/17(Sat)04:21 No. 23061 ID: ac32d6 [Reply]

File 160290128276.jpg - (24.91KB , 236x418 , 30f7cfcb377cc81da3835610c22bbdc5.jpg )

Please complain to me here! (≧▽≦)

31 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Teenage Girl 21/03/26(Fri)21:48 No. 23533 ID: 6d1187


This whole idea of strong and weak men is some Incel looser talk from millenial degenerates who have never done any thing meaningful in their life. The simple truth is that they are soft so they lash out at the perceive problems of the world. China, Russia and every ohter nation that those faggots worship as strong are dominated by corruption and complete degeneracies, but only for the rich. Simple truth is those spergs are sad faggots who wants to pull every one else down to your sad faggots level. Same shit with incels, femcels, et cetera. Millenials don't want to fix shit, they want to make zoomers just as miserable as them so they don't feel alone. Fucking fags.

Teenage Girl 21/06/27(Sun)20:06 No. 24009 ID: 1049a1


Teenage Girl 22/03/18(Fri)07:57 No. 24467 ID: d269d5

File 16475866679.jpg - (85.13KB , 768x1024 , 5f7e95e6199c5fbcab6d64aafd522bafb363cd65.jpg )

So I understand it's been a while, but if you are still here, mind posting your folders of Asriel in fur now? It's in page 3.
Of course, I am pretty sure that my chances are slim to none. But eh... wortb a try.

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