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Teenage Girl 22/12/22(Thu)14:14 No. 25444 ID: b566cf

File 167171485754.jpg - (201.80KB , 1200x668 , 1669565053191645.jpg )

Cartoon community is pathetic.
They would choose anything dogshit show, mediocre show or good, but not the best show ever and consider IT GOAT and shove up everyone's ass!
One will complain about how People are mean and don't appreciate garbage like Paranormal Park.
Other Will complain about how some show is woke or has retarded art style and they aren't always those who take John K's opinions seriously. They can be just annoying.
Everyone can make a point or at least appreciate something like modern shows or something wrong about themselves, but they would rather complain complain and complain so bad THEY WOULD PROBABLY BURN LOOT MURDER!!

Teenage Girl 22/12/23(Fri)16:03 No. 25445 ID: 5adb1b

Many people consider it a virtue to pretend to like garbage as much as possible, it demonstrates your "positivity"

Teenage Girl 22/12/24(Sat)06:11 No. 25447 ID: f8bfd4

Cartoon fan bases are filled with nostalgic adults whom hijack children's entertainment to revive their wounded inner child rather getting over themselves.

Teenage Girl 22/12/24(Sat)20:46 No. 25448 ID: e96e18

>Wow, chud! Get OVER yourself!!

Ask me how I know you're a nigger

Teenage Girl 23/01/09(Mon)18:49 No. 25471 ID: f13552

the guy who said that cartoons are for children (not Disney CEO) was right

Teenage Girl 23/01/11(Wed)16:12 No. 25472 ID: 049bc8

Being weirdly attached to cartoons is actually much more common with racial minorities.

Teenage Girl 23/01/17(Tue)02:44 No. 25475 ID: aaeff9

Acting like we've never seen thousands of white boys with dakimakura before.

Teenage Girl 23/01/17(Tue)15:19 No. 25478 ID: 049bc8

No, I haven't seen that. I don't even know what that is.

The+Red+Barron 23/01/22(Sun)10:24 No. 25488 ID: 7cb4c3

Raven from the CN Teen Titans show deserves far more credit

Teenage Girl 23/01/22(Sun)19:10 No. 25493 ID: 221547

Maybe for reactionary ethnics without a proper social life.

But, I find attachment to cartoons is more a white people thing. American blacks and Hisapnics are second.

Teenage Girl 23/01/23(Mon)14:28 No. 25496 ID: ed8030

I love cartoons and if you don't you are gay

Teenage Girl 23/01/24(Tue)17:56 No. 25499 ID: 18db0c

Your one of those reactionary shitposters on here yet you love cartoons to death?

Right wing edgelords are truly walking paradoxes.

Teenage Girl 23/01/24(Tue)18:24 No. 25500 ID: 049bc8

>Right wing edgelords are truly walking paradoxes.
You don't even need to watch them to know this is true, it's true by definition. Being conservative is supposed to be all about maintaining the status quo and staying in your lane. If a so-called "conservative" is an anti-establishment edgelord who sees it as some exciting game to play, they're missing the point entirely.

Teenage Girl 23/01/30(Mon)01:10 No. 25503 ID: 3e05e9

Since when do "right wing" and "conservative" mean the same thing? Does it also mean "republican" and "red" or "elephant?"

Might as well say that jew and semite mean the same thing.

Teenage Girl 23/01/30(Mon)16:56 No. 25504 ID: 049bc8

"Right wing" and "conservative" basically do mean the same thing, draw a distinction if you disagree.

Teenage Girl 23/01/30(Mon)20:30 No. 25505 ID: 3e05e9

The traditional definition of the wings comes from British parliament, where people more in favor of maintaining the status quo (i.e. "conservative") would sit further toward the right of the seating. We're well in to Orwellian territory when it comes to what these words mean nowadays, so I'd have to start by asking you to define what they mean in the first place. Otherwise, I'd just be arguing against strawmen of my own design.

Teenage Girl 23/01/30(Mon)23:42 No. 25508 ID: 049bc8

You're one of those people who somehow finds a way to always sound like you're disagreeing even when you're agreeing.

Teenage Girl 23/01/31(Tue)00:13 No. 25509 ID: 3e05e9

Because I'm not outright disagreeing. There is an obvious historical connection. But nowadays they are more like epithets, like calling anybody with authority over you a "fascist" or something. So what is a "right wing edgelord" and who are "these?" Is there some secret cult you know about that I don't? What is being a "conservative" "supposed" to be all about?

These seem like reasonable questions to ask if you going to go around throwing a pile of labels at whatever it is that seems to make you upset.

Teenage Girl 23/01/31(Tue)16:40 No. 25510 ID: 049bc8

>and who are "these?"
holy shit you're a faggot

Teenage Girl 23/02/07(Tue)21:49 No. 25521 ID: e933e7

Not that anon, but hes right.
"Conservative" and "right-wing" arent the same.

America is a right-wing liberal empire.

Soviet Union was a left-wing conservative empire.

Teenage Girl 23/02/07(Tue)23:19 No. 25522 ID: 049bc8

Then explain what those terms mean to you and how that is possible.

Teenage Girl 23/02/08(Wed)08:18 No. 25523 ID: f70d80

French. Not British. And the conservatives were on the right, fighting to conserve the power & divine right of the hereditary monarchy, against those god damn heathens and atheists and democracy pushers in the seats on the left side. That’s where we picked it up from, and though all manner of other policy positions have changed between then and now the fundamentals of what conservatives are conserving has not. It still applies.

Teenage Girl 23/02/08(Wed)20:06 No. 25529 ID: e933e7

>against those god damn heathens and atheists and democracy pushers in the seats on the left side.

You say that like its a bad thing.
Hereditary monarchy pushes "divineright" as entitlement. Theres no divine right for kings.
The only king is Yeshua and we are all his subjects.

Conservatism isnt a real ideology its a relative term.
Conservatism means maintaining the status quo.
America has been anti-monarchal in its origin, so conservative would be pro-liberal.

Leftism is anti-liberal.
Leftism is more communitarian, comcerning public wealth.

Rightism is more private wealth, individualism.

There are right wing ideologues that are anti-liberal, such as fascism

Teenage Girl 23/02/08(Wed)23:16 No. 25533 ID: 049bc8

I wrote out a response and then deleted it, you're just too much of a goofball.

Teenage Girl 23/02/10(Fri)21:15 No. 25541 ID: a4dfb6

Ah, true I forgot about the French origin. But the point stands. As for the US, it postdates the concept of the divine right of kings (except perhaps in the minds of some of its freemasonic originators and continued practitioners, extensions of the venetian black nobility, etc.) and this is made quite clear at least in writing and in its intentended construction.

So the question comes back to what a "conservative" in the US is meant to be "conserving." I just think it's a silly and meaningless word to describe anything these days. You might as well look to the beard revolution (member the writer's strike in hollywood where everyone grew a beard to show solidarity - that's a throwback to the beard revolution of political agitation) if you just want to slap the label "conservative" on some sort of political/social agenda or other.

Teenage Girl 23/05/24(Wed)13:52 No. 25681 ID: 88736e

File 168492917682.jpg - (106.85KB , 957x763 , AI.jpg )

This is why I choose anime

Teenage Girl 23/05/28(Sun)01:35 No. 25684 ID: 6de04a

File 168523054161.png - (518.79KB , 1280x720 , 14578457.png )



Teenage Girl 23/06/19(Mon)07:16 No. 25700 ID: 7fbb81

anime is more sincere and profound in its production amd message compared to Western animation.

In fact, alot of hate towards anime and the accusation of covert pedophilia is because it dares to go beyond just steroided jocks throwing punches and hurling edgy remarks.

Anime allows for "day-in-the-life" drama without the excessive edgy snark found in typical western animation. Even the romantic stories are more tolerable than typical western romcom.

Teenage Girl 23/06/21(Wed)19:03 No. 25702 ID: 049bc8

Anime allows itself to actually explore topics and express what the author wants to express without feeling obligated to conform to these silly plots and tropes that have been beaten into us so much that we think of them as normal and more real than real life.

Teenage Girl 23/06/23(Fri)06:07 No. 25708 ID: 161dd3

Its exhausting when most western animation only wants to rely on mental illness and/or endless scat jokes and gore.

Shonen anime unfortunately does succumb to it, but even they have a level of sincerity to it.

Its bad that postboomer adults make analysis videos about South Park, Famiky Guy, Simpsons, or any typical Adult Swim show, using the same philosophical buzzwords concerning charaters and plaves, trying to make referemces between said shows and real life events.

Comment sections are even worse with the "OMG (insert adult cartoon show/character) here totally predicted (insert current year buzzword here)".

Its as if though people have no cultural memory. They think any civil disaster/blunder is the forst of its kind, that such thibgs were non existent i the past.

It especially doesnt help that most people have an exaggerated sense of time flow. They say "modern" to mean anything within the pst five to ten years.

Like bro, everything within the past three to five centuries is modern!

Teenage Girl 23/08/06(Sun)08:58 No. 25723 ID: 859d8a

ko te učio da poslije pa ide zarez?

Teenage Girl 23/08/12(Sat)17:28 No. 25729 ID: 2e8696

Ne krivi mene za mene. Nisam ja to napravio

Teenage Girl 23/08/15(Tue)09:31 No. 25731 ID: 659252

Oops. Htio sam napisati meme

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