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Teenage Girl 23/08/09(Wed)05:05 No. 25724 ID: e48ba0

File 169155033099.jpg - (48.29KB , 500x500 , EO6cDjwWoAQCtbz.jpg )

today is my anniversary about almost kill myself, all my friend know that i even mentioned that to them like 2 days ago without sound stupid somehow.
i did plan VERY anticipated to watch a movie with the "i'm here for you ever you need it cuz we are friends" and that kind of shit but is the person that don't talk unless you are dying. i kinda fell in love with her cuz we are weird and autistic.
today is the movie, i told her this is important to me cuz i want this day to be a good day cuz evry year this day got even worse.
is the hour, wait
2 hours passed
yeah why i even tried, i'm sad now

Teenage Girl 23/08/09(Wed)07:27 No. 25725 ID: 25009e

People suck OP.
I'm sorry,

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