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Eeyore 22/04/14(Thu)12:58 No. 6772 ID: 5d6d93 [Reply]

File 164993388980.png - (171.26KB , 600x600 , 1642690560767.png )

This world is a fucking joke. Everything is fake a nd manufactured. The only real things left are basterdized in the media in an attempt to erase them. We really do live in a plastic world. Sometimes I wonder if its not really best to just check out early. I dont think I can make a difference. And sadly, I dont think most people care to change anything. Theyre comfortable in their Barbie doll worlds, buying fake plastic accessories with fake plastic cards. When is the last time you/someone you knew had a real genuine experience. It feels like childbirth is the only thing they haven't stolen from us yet.

Maybe whatever comes after all this is better. Maybe its just turning off, complete lack of existence. Theres nothing more frustrating than hating everyone around you, even your own family. It feels like true loneliness.

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Eeyore 22/04/22(Fri)18:52 No. 6784 ID: 34ca75


I was thinking more to the industrial surrogacy/IVF complex and how poor women are increasingly being treated like broodmares with their eggs harvested by the rich, myself. So many people like to talk about "MUH TRANNIES!" as the big threat to women, but they don't realize that surrogacy/IVF was already that. And there's already a similar problem with poor men and their sperm, too. Neither should be allowed, but here we are, with all the propaganda glossing over the ruling class' exploitation with oh, but life is a miracle!

Darth+Musturd 22/05/17(Tue)06:46 No. 6800 ID: 1c5a16

Here's my tips to happiness, anon.

Pack everything you need to live in a backpack/ minimalism (not the hippy kind where you go naked and dont own anything or the rich wypipo kind where you have ugly modern furniture). I have a 100 liter or thereabouts external framed pack. It's my baby. Dropped more money on that specific bag than any of my other possessions. That's about what I need. I've got a few changes of clothes, cooking kit, etc. etc. Think INCH bag.

High quality goods. Save up yo cash and buy a few high quality pieces of equipment. Instead of buying lots of cheapo bic lighters, buy a nice zippo. Good things end up being cheaper in the long run as they are often more versatile and last longer.

Go outside. Seriously. Go out into the woods. Hike. Camp. Do something. It's good for you. Learn some independence and self reliance. It might be awful at first but you'll grow to enjoy it.

Eeyore 22/05/19(Thu)04:38 No. 6803 ID: b28791

File 165292792398.jpg - (83.28KB , 1024x998 , bug.jpg )

I agree with you, at this point I don't think I will even bother to date a man, every single gay man out there is a slut, this also happens with straight people, and every single person out there just wants to have sex, cum, and don't care about feelings anymore, I am so tired of expecting anything of value, so many men I tried to bring happiness to, and all they wanted was just to touch my body, and have sex, the worst part is that I am still a virgin, because I don't like the idea of giving my body to a random man that won't even bother on calling me back, why is people so romantically dead nowadays?, I don't ask for a fancy date, or to give me chocolates, for christ sake I don't even ask for a birthday party, all I want is just real feelings, I just want something REAL.

Fuck my life Eeyore 19/12/07(Sat)22:36 No. 6285 ID: 35dbea [Reply]

File 157575457070.jpg - (326.17KB , 828x1752 , F4638197-9C08-4293-9183-B358AE19F7C4.jpg )

I’m literally going to die alone, no guy will ever date me. I thought I looked cute in this photo but nope, below a 4. Why was I cursed with being ugly? I will literally die alone never knowing love simply cause of how I look. Ugliness is a curse.

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Eeyore 22/03/17(Thu)05:43 No. 6755 ID: ad53d6

File 164749223742.jpg - (329.16KB , 720x531 , 1647460011498.jpg )

I think you look cute

Eeyore 22/03/21(Mon)07:24 No. 6762 ID: 6e70ec

File 164784388335.jpg - (5.45KB , 150x263 , Srulik2.jpg )

You look good, if you think you look awkward when smiling, well...
You should have in mind everyone (or at least the majority of
people) have an awkward smile, you have braces from what I am
seeing, that's actually good, because your smile will look really
good in the aftermath.
Don't be so rude with yourself, I am not going to tell you "you
are beautiful", because what's beautiful for me might not be for
the person who I pay taxes to, just take care of your skin even though from what I am seeing your skin looks like is all right, try to not get obsessed with the shape of your nose, the thickness of your lips or the shape of your eyes, is not about being your self but about not being someone you are not.

Darth+Musturd 22/05/17(Tue)06:38 No. 6799 ID: 1c5a16

Honestly you don't look half bad. Ive seen ulgier'na hound dog and I've seen Purdy'er'n my first cousin.

Seriously though, I've seen this chick around my local area. She's ugly. I think she's strange as well. She has 2 boyfriends that "share" her.

4 is "below average" but only barely. And people are really really bad at judging things on an out of 5 or out of 10 scale. We have these weird biases. It's hard to explain but being slightly below average doesn't make you ugly. Being slightly above average doesn't make you hot. It's basically average.

Cheer up against the cold, femanon. Just do the best you can at life. Work hard and eventually, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a month, a year, a decade, or even in the final days of your life, good things will come. You reap what you sow.

May your curses become your blessings,
Darth Musturd

ewe 22/05/13(Fri)14:59 No. 6797 ID: d7971f [Reply]

File 165244675620.png - (296.42KB , 930x674 , sh pepe.png )

>Kike girl rejects me
>cut nazi symbols into skin

Man wtf am i doing.

Eeyore 22/05/13(Fri)17:32 No. 6798 ID: 2ec802


I beg your pardon, but WHAT

Eeyore 22/04/25(Mon)14:38 No. 6788 ID: 1b0157 [Reply]

File 165089029894.jpg - (3.88KB , 238x238 , download.jpg )

>be me, 19, kissless, weeb, lonely
>dad doesn't care enough to beat me, just ignore me
>sister 10/10, brilliant, dad cherishes her, she pretty much hates me because I looked through her underwear drawer once
>constantly daydreams about suicide or fucking whatever hot girl is in my sight
>fuck it, I'll try to meet someone
>decide to join a fencing club
>get partnered up with a 10/10 chad
>Ass proceeds to get beat each time but Chad constantly encouraged and throws friendly shade
>we start to hang out outside fencing club going to bars and checking out chicks.
>feels envious when he talks to cute girl
>realizes I am actually crushing hard on him
>Now everytime we hang out I get nervous and say worse and worse shit
>"Anon you're getting better at fencing and I'm pretty proud of you"
>He's hard straight and now I'm apparently a faggot
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Eeyore 22/05/02(Mon)20:08 No. 6789 ID: 22ab3b


Eeyore 22/05/02(Mon)20:30 No. 6790 ID: 562a04

lol. don't be delusional. you're happy with a friend. something that hit you hard as it's an extreme feeling compared to your deprived former state. hit on chicks when you guys are out. make mistakes. learn. mature. don't whine. don't fantasize about being special

Eeyore 22/05/07(Sat)07:07 No. 6792 ID: b4258c

>Now what

You stop making up stories like a faggot and get over your pasty suburban ass self and get a life. Muh Chads! Get a grip, will ya? You're 30+ for God's sake and you're pretending to be some misguided Gen Z kid? I honestly can't wait till I see y'all in a nursing home bitterly complaining to Shaniquah and Catalina how you wasted your lives on trying to impress people you will never meet online. Muh Chad! I totally looked in my sister's underwear drawer! Based AND weebpilled! The only thing you looked into was the bottom of another bag of Cheetos.

Music of /grim/ Eeyore 19/10/21(Mon)15:24 No. 6229 ID: 602775 [Reply]

File 157166429384.png - (802.08KB , 1268x1080 , 49d9ef5ab031db1b15252f599a2aee62af197966416460df0c.png )

William Basinski - The disintegration loops


Eeyore 22/03/28(Mon)08:44 No. 6768 ID: 212ae6


Eeyore 22/04/23(Sat)07:14 No. 6786 ID: 273d68

https://youtu.be/pZoWQz1YaI4 almonds

Remember: Eeyore 19/10/07(Mon)07:20 No. 6209 ID: 94cc22 [Reply]

File 157042563689.jpg - (271.40KB , 2028x1395 , railroad-sunset.jpg )

You will die.

You are not forgiven. You will find your end, regardless.

Your pain will end.
The world will end.
The universe will end.

It will be an absolute end. There will never be anything after it. No rebirth, no potential for life to occur again.

It will take longer than you expect.
It will be a lot quicker than you think.

Not a single thing in your life has mattered, not even the few moments you hold close. Nothing you may ever do will matter.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Eeyore 22/02/20(Sun)18:55 No. 6747 ID: 86ead3

File 164537972822.png - (132.95KB , 719x655 , 1639370857166.png )

idiot clown

Eeyore 22/03/25(Fri)18:52 No. 6764 ID: 568a48

Time is an illusion derived from the warping of space. Meaning is never destroyed. What has been done cannot be undone.

Eeyore 22/04/22(Fri)16:39 No. 6783 ID: 520a37

Thi sonly makes our lives more meaningless because time is just another dimension being played out.oru lives are determined for us according the general relativity.

truly miserable Nyam 22/03/20(Sun)15:40 No. 6756 ID: b75f5b [Reply]

File 164778722928.png - (1.27MB , 976x549 , Lone.png )

17 yr old w no hope in life, addicted to a multitude of drugs and desperate for attention. My only happiness is showing my tits to men online or making out with boys in my schools parking lot. Room is a disgusting depression hole with rotting food and bloody tissues. Already been to the mental hospital once for anorexia, still diagnosed with depression anxiety autism and anorexia. Can’t wait to end it all for good.

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Nyam 22/03/21(Mon)22:46 No. 6763 ID: b75f5b


I cook for myself occasionally, and back when I had more friends I cooked for them too. I’m actually doing alright with the anorexia, so food doesn’t bother me too much. And my room is just kinda disgusting lol, clothes and food everywhere.it could honestly be cute if I cleaned it up. But I just can’t bring myself to atm. It’s not unlivable or a hoarder situation by any means, just needs some work. It’s a pretty classic girls room I’d say. Lots of stuffed animals ad pink bedding and whatever

Eeyore 22/04/10(Sun)20:00 No. 6771 ID: 682471

Hi want to get married?

Eeyore 22/04/17(Sun)19:15 No. 6773 ID: 60b350

Are you still alive? Just curious.

? Anon 22/03/28(Mon)02:50 No. 6765 ID: 15947a [Reply]

File 164842862671.png - (7.89KB , 410x68 , Whats This.png )

wat dis?

Anon 22/03/28(Mon)02:52 No. 6766 ID: 15947a

File 164842874225.png - (9.95KB , 440x92 , Whats This 2.png )

Still confused

Anon 22/03/28(Mon)03:24 No. 6767 ID: 15947a


Eeyore 22/04/06(Wed)17:51 No. 6769 ID: 1b0c89

An LTC or possible BTC address and the amount of a transaction (12.6)

Kurt Cobain did alot if crack cocaine Eeyore 22/03/17(Thu)05:39 No. 6754 ID: ad53d6 [Reply]

File 164749199813.jpg - (200.00KB , 1920x1080 , VideoCapture_20220314-060650.jpg )

Im gonna smack the lips of my wife the next time i see that whore. I was disciplining that bitch(beating) and this cunt has the audacity to call thd cops on me. They just madw me leave ans i had to buy a fucking hotel. Now im gonna track her down torture her likes shes an american soilder in an isis camp

Eeyore 16/02/23(Tue)17:34 No. 4771 ID: 31485d [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 145624525834.jpg - (539.78KB , 2560x1440 , water-drops-on-glass.jpg )

Talk about your crush and why you won't be together.

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Kessedi 22/02/07(Mon)12:46 No. 6743 ID: 483bcf

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Eeyore 22/03/09(Wed)00:07 No. 6752 ID: ff3844


>Like seriously, y'all need to stop assuming the worst-case scenario.

They do so because it gives them an out, an excuse not to develop an actual personality.

Eeyore 22/03/09(Wed)02:42 No. 6753 ID: 273d68

because she's a fictional 2d character in a visual novel that I can never really touch or speak to in a human manner and also she has no arms

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