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Historian 14/01/29(Wed)04:43 No. 14113 [Reply]

File 139096699667.jpg - (32.95KB , 620x360 , fractalssanser.jpg )

at what point in history did you like the united states the most?

any particular reason for your answer?

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Historian 15/10/12(Mon)23:13 No. 14778

>If they gained larger support, who knows how WWII would have progressed?

If the Nazis had won Europe and corrupted America, would the Soviet proxies and apparat in the U.S. have been violently purged?

Historian 15/11/14(Sat)15:45 No. 14800

>If the Nazis had won Europe and corrupted America
Since the same fat cats were controlling German as they already controlled USA, it wouldn't have been much different from today. Hitler would have been assassinated and things would have slowly cooled down, with bankers, arms dealers, oil businessmen and such doing what they do. Worst case scenario Europe would be much like Middle East is today, a flaming part of earth that is constant fighting over what part belongs to who, but certainly USA soil would be much the same it is today.

Historian 15/11/27(Fri)08:49 No. 14804

>Since the same fat cats were controlling German as they already controlled USA
Yeah, those joos were in absolute control of Germany.

The Present Political System Is Not Conducive To Good Scientifc Pursuit Nazi Icktor 15/12/06(Sun)22:26 No. 14816 [Reply]

File 144943719218.jpg - (212.05KB , 1200x1600 , IMG_0193.jpg )

If the present social system is non-Christian and Christianity is true then the status quo is not conducive to good scientific pursuit. I know that the United States recently made lawful homosexuality and I know that Jesus Christ exists by Kurt Gödel's and Anselm of Canterbury's valid and true ontological arguments. Therefore, the present system is not great for abundance, entertainment, or pastime of the sciences.

My credibility is that I wrote the syllogistic proof showing that The Hodge Conjecture is true. However, I haven't written a function for it. Also, I graduated high-school at age 16.

I do think that as the most superior Dinaric-Aryan-Mayan (or "German Guatemalan") of IQ 22,222 I do think that I could run the present world and its structures as dictator. Certainly the friendly dictator of The Nazi Party of Guatemala.

Argue with me.

Nazi Icktor 15/12/06(Sun)22:31 No. 14817

Execute or make commit suicide Sean Gallagher.
Execute or make commit suicide Wilfrido Palacios.
Execute or make commit suicide Donald Keyes.
Execute or make commit suicide Tom Hasseloff.

Historian 15/12/10(Thu)01:10 No. 14819

Before I start arguing with you can you shed some light on the Guatemala Nazi party?

Is that the party uniform?
Are you currently the prime example of the master race?
Are the fly paper strips part of the mystique of the party, or are they there just to catch flies?
Are you allowed to own a cupboard or shelf in the Guatemala Nazi party?

You seem like a slack ass if you can write a proof for the Hodge Conjecture but you haven't written a function for it yet...please explain.

Please respond and I will be happy to discuss this with you.

Historian 15/06/08(Mon)05:47 No. 14628 [Reply]

File 143373526616.png - (12.61KB , 320x200 , Conquest of Japan_8.png )

How would the Japanese have colonized the western coast if they had done so before the Europeans?

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Historian 15/08/14(Fri)04:17 No. 14722

File 143951862815.png - (702.22KB , 497x623 , 1396231848151.png )

Yeah at several points, China had gigantic fleets of enormous ships that utterly dwarfed anything the europeans had. Even as recently as the 1400s, they were on the prowl, and lucky for europe, when the chinese rounded the cape under Africa, they didn't keep going north forever, or they'd have certainly stumbled upon the french & brits taking pot shots at each other and destroyed them completely. Instead they went west and discovered murrica, discovered a shitload of cool tropical islands, made trade everywhere they could, spread goods and culture and technology and made out like kings.

Given the archaeological similarities between discovered works in the americas & elsewhere in the world, & how long there have been boats in this world, it's a pretty safe bet that individuals from everywhere have been steadily, continually "discovering" the americas ever since humans learned boatbuilding from neanderthals and set out on the water.

Historian 15/08/25(Tue)08:53 No. 14733

With great difficulty, since the west coast has been pretty steadily populated for about 15,000 years, by many, many cultures each more experienced than the last, well-seasoned in the most brutal and effective warfare tailored to the land and environment.

Historian 15/08/27(Thu)20:34 No. 14738

>>> 14733

uhhhh...what are you talking about?

There is some evidence of Chinese contact with Western South America. A bit of pottery and chickens I think is what is boils down to. Likely following the island chains across the Southern Pacific. Not sure that would have ever been a conquest priority for them or Japan. China sat on and controlled the Spice Road the largest and most profitable trade route in history. They had no need to trade extensively with isolated island villages and extremely distant cultures on the opposite side of the ocean when they had the entire eastern hemisphere from Europe to South East Asia tied into their trade network.

The Europeans "found" North and South America by fucking accident. They were trying to find a cheaper way to trade with China and India that didn't involve all the trade middlemen between Europe, the Middle east, Persia, Afghanistan, the Steppe etc etc.

Why waste time conquering incredibly distant lands when you are too busy securing the trade network that has already made you and your ancestors incredibly wealthy, while other cultures wipe each other out trying to get cheaper or larger access to it?

Historian 14/05/17(Sat)18:22 No. 14299 [Reply]

File 140034373227.jpg - (12.14KB , 215x184 , 4679d64605fdb45908b1bcf85978d7c1_m.jpg )

If you're island government was insolvent and dependent on another country for regular multi-million dollar bailours, and you were a politician interested in fixing everything...what would you do? Country has no exceptional resources - just farm land but subject to the other countries law as an 'external territory'. I'm thinking it could declare independence and become a tax haven. I don't know if that works anymore given money laundering laws or whatever. Other options?

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Historian 15/09/29(Tue)07:14 No. 14763

Not that the liberal middle and upper class are immune to their own versions of social programming. But at least they are comforted by a smug condescending blanket of self-righteousness and a false sense of intellectual superiority.

Historian 15/09/29(Tue)08:16 No. 14764


Can't say I disagree with you. The hypocrisy can run deep and thick in both cases.

Historian 15/11/11(Wed)03:45 No. 14799

The Island that I can think of is Puerto Rico. And good luck secceding from Múrica

Historian 13/09/20(Fri)15:59 No. 13935 [Reply]

File 137968558473.jpg - (323.30KB , 1280x960 , tumblr_mrfugegk2N1qz8q0ho1_r1_1280.jpg )

Is it more ethical to hunt or buy from a farm/market/shop?

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Historian 13/11/30(Sat)11:27 No. 14046


Aaaand you'd be wrong. But don't let that dampen your smug sense of superiority over those pesky vegans. Doesn't it just bother you soooo much when someone makes an effort to improve their lives, and you don't? Best to slag them off, and if possible, convince yourself that you know more about what they're doing than they do.

I'll bet you're particularly fun at parties.

Historian 13/12/01(Sun)23:58 No. 14049

I thought the whole 'smug sense of superiority' was a purely vegan/animal right's activist concept?

Historian 13/12/02(Mon)09:57 No. 14050

File 138597465960.jpg - (36.58KB , 500x402 , No-Dog.jpg )

>and you'd be wrong

Historian 15/08/10(Mon)22:05 No. 14716 [Reply]

File 14392371594.jpg - (133.98KB , 1280x768 , 1280px-Geronimo_camp_March_27,_1886[1].jpg )

Why were native Americans so terrible at war?

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Historian 15/10/01(Thu)12:03 No. 14772

>Bad at drinking
Nonsense, they're fucking awesome at drinking. They'll drink your lightweight ass under the table.

Historian 15/10/03(Sat)05:29 No. 14773

Try to see the forest for the trees bruh. My form may be trollish but the message completely true.

Maybe the 80% mixed John Redcorn types.

Oh and btw if they're such beautiful, deep people in tune with nature then why are reservoirs a hotbed for incest, meth and diabetes?

Historian 15/10/04(Sun)23:19 No. 14774


its called institutionalized poverty you ignorant piece of white bread shit.

And by the way, nothing you stated was true, just racist bullshit. Go back to reading your Aryan brotherhood pamphlets and telling yourself how superior you are.

Historian 14/03/08(Sat)00:01 No. 14199 [Reply]

File 13942332636.jpg - (665.95KB , 1600x1703 , africa-physical.jpg )

What would Africa be like today if they never have had contact with outside civilizations?

16 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Historian 15/08/24(Mon)13:40 No. 14732

only one problem: it is not the Inuit who developed civilization, but people living in most fertile land and in a good climate.

In Africa you have places with harsh climate (Beduins on Sahara Desert), places where drought is more common than anywhere else (Ethiopia), there were empires living in constant war in Western Africa and it didn't help.

Historian 15/09/07(Mon)01:00 No. 14743

I just think that there is a cycle of need for advamncement advancement and laziness that has always applied to humans

European people can't get a break
try to trade with Asia to improve living standards
Build massive empires
>Horse archers
>sand people mad jelly and attack
Try to retain power after eliminating all struggles from their people
>the simplicity of the world of no struggles they made destroys them

I feel that life in ancient africa breeded laziness because all they had to worry about were simple things and this subsequently made rulers perhaps even societies with non-existant critical thinking skills

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Historian 15/09/07(Mon)20:37 No. 14745

I'd guess they'd be having Industrial Revolution or be approaching it. But that, of course, is nothing but a conjecture.

For example, Africa might've become more advanced than modern society.

If old Egypt didn't have to become isolationist during Broze Age Collapse, it might've went on and expanded, uniting most of Africa (not unlike Roman Empire). Consequently, it would've had an easier transition to the iron metallurgy. Might've happened as early as 5th century B.C.

Then is would be just a question of time, until an advanced monotheistic religion (and from it - atheism and scientific method) would've developed. IIRC there were a few monotheistic religions not related to Abrahamic, so no problem there.

With some luck, Africa would've had it's scientific revolution by 1000 A.D. or earlier, giving it a (relative) headstart on Industrial Revolution. 500 years later - they put human in space.

Historian 15/07/26(Sun)11:55 No. 14700 [Reply]

File 143790450840.jpg - (74.91KB , 762x756 , German_a74255_5498370.jpg )

How does everybody feel about the current restoration of the HRE?

7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Historian 15/08/09(Sun)01:19 No. 14714

I was just thinking about that. Imagine if Russia and Germany allied for once, Germany would regain the Czech Republic, East Prussia, Poland and Austria. Russia would absorb Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland...

If they did that, no one would be able to stop them, if only they could agree

Historian 15/08/09(Sun)12:27 No. 14715

The US is already driving a wedge between them by helping out Poland though. Historically Poland has always been a pain in the ass of both countries. Also, there's been some general moves to establish a cordon around Russia. Poland is trying to secure itself as well through the Visegrad group. In any case, a lof of the countries that share a border with Russia are hard to defend, no matter the size of the force. This is especially true for the Baltics - the Russians can hit all their major cities without even having to cross the border.

Russia is really only interested in security. History has been too painful, so they want to be surrounded by at least neutral countries, which is why they are trying so hard to keep Ukraine unstable and out of any western organisations. Putin's done well enough in general, but the major failure of his reign is the inability to establish industry that could domestically refine oil and natural gas. Hence, Russia is economically vulnerable, especially seeing how the low oil prices are most likely the new normal.

Historian 15/08/14(Fri)04:01 No. 14721

Russia could really get what it needs and Putin wants by rapidly expanding its nuclear energy production.

Hilarity ensues.
Maximum entertainment value is had.

Queen Elizabeth's Nazi Salute Historian 15/07/19(Sun)12:43 No. 14689 [Reply]

File 143730260612.jpg - (8.67KB , 320x180 , salute.jpg )

Archive footage: Edward VIII teaches Nazi salute to the Queen:

Historian 15/07/20(Mon)18:39 No. 14692

It is also a good way to hail a cab, karate chop a taller person in the throat, OR show your true feelings and utter devotion to the National Socialist Movement.

Historian 15/07/21(Tue)20:36 No. 14693

Look how excited Princess Margaret is to be part of the master race!

More historical nonsense from Manly Men Historian 15/05/21(Thu)13:04 No. 14616 [Reply]

File 143220628368.jpg - (36.67KB , 460x276 , Heenan-v-Sayers-001.jpg )

Found this article about octopus wrestling and eating contests with animals, and I started thinking, can we fill a textbook with historical nonsense done by men trying to be manly? So fare I've turned up the article from above http://statbonus.com/2015/04/06/2-manly-feats-of-idiotic-strength/ and this cracked bit http://www.cracked.com/article_19246_5-manliest-hobbies-youve-never-heard-of.html except that one only has a few "historical" entries.

Historian 15/05/21(Thu)16:47 No. 14617

>can we fill a textbook with historical nonsense done by men trying to be manly

No lifetime is long enough to write that book, ha!

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