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Orlando Figes - Crimean War Historian 14/11/04(Tue)20:33 No. 14455 [Reply]

File 141512959389.jpg - (40.77KB , 190x266 , figes.jpg )


I want a good overview book of the Crimean War but it doesn't really seem like there is a canon account of this historical period. Figes has written one, but he's a rather modern historian. All the published histories of the Crimean War seem pretty modern.

What do you think of Orlando Figes? Is he a solid, dependable writer? Do you think that he would show a pro-British bias in this book?

Historian 14/12/20(Sat)10:31 No. 14491

Google Karamzin.

Historian 14/12/21(Sun)08:52 No. 14493

Can confirm, Karamzin is awesome.

Historian 14/12/31(Wed)08:23 No. 14495

didn't someone, like tolstoy write books that were about it but in a hidden manner because he was in tzarist russia?

Historian 14/01/05(Sun)14:13 No. 14095 [Reply]

File 138892763696.jpg - (26.30KB , 430x492 , 77.jpg )

umm... holy shit?


tell me this isn't real? anyways, herut merged into likud in 1988 apparently, about 25-26 years ago, likud being the current reigning party under netenyahu

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Historian 14/10/16(Thu)13:40 No. 14449


oh I actually like it, I'll check out "ideas and opinions" sometime, I mostly checked out quotes in wikiquote and other quote sites a couple years ago on various characters/people/figures/whatever, so I'm half-confident I've got the right impression but I'm definitely interested in getting it right

anyways, the "tell me this isn't real" thing was actually me saying "pinch me am I dreaming?" I'd been aware of some brutal behaviour by israel to gaza for some time and was happy to finally find some information that puts zionism on the backfoot through appeals to authority, as well as examples of people who didn't hold to it's views that it would claim to represent

Historian 14/11/29(Sat)17:52 No. 14474

yes, ablert einstien was a legimate socialist, mostly pacifist, and dedicated anti-facist.

There is no diffrence between the origins of what is now likud, and litteral facism, this is a fact.

>It is almost certain that the signer was not "the" Albert Einstein.

if it was not, then it echos his known sentiments exactly.

Zionism is litterally Jewish National Socialism, while the left zionism might have been far more on the socialist side, the founders of likud's only critique against actual Fascism was "it was against the jews, otherwise we'd support it",

Einstien was a labor zionist, that broke pretty early against zionism as a whole, for obvious reasons.

Appreciate Wilem Dafoe Historian 13/08/28(Wed)04:17 No. 13892 [Reply]

File 137765626264.jpg - (37.73KB , 1024x720 , 1356731690_Willem_Dafoe.jpg )

Historically, the best actor ever.

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Historian 14/10/15(Wed)09:10 No. 14446

That was pretty great.

Historian 14/11/09(Sun)06:03 No. 14461

I liked it too. What's with the recurring joke that Dafoe is someone you want to avoid?

Historian 14/11/15(Sat)04:52 No. 14465

no he is not.

Historian 14/04/04(Fri)05:25 No. 14242 [Reply]

File 139658190169.jpg - (72.13KB , 634x409 , article-2507837-196DFE4A00000578-0_634x409.jpg )

How much money does America and the EU give to second/third world countries to give people jobs in maintaining/developing their forests and such?

Imagine if we gave all our war budget to countries to renovate their shit and regenerate all the things that we are losing

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Historian 14/10/21(Tue)17:40 No. 14450

File 141390605328.jpg - (31.45KB , 300x450 , 11aa068845e5f73c16322e5206e19ae7.jpg )

I always find it really weird that Americans like JFK so much. What exactly did he do that was so different?

He wasn't interested in social reform - Johnson did that.

He wasn't interested in rational diplomacy, and pushed any aggressive angle he could in foreign policy, including violating missile treaties, which is playing with fire, and pursuing an escalation in the war in Vietnam to defend a nasty like dictatorship in the south.

Also, he was corrupt as hell, and only got into politics because of his family ties, which included a lot of mob money and union bribing, etc.

I may have been swallowing bullshit (its possible) but I haven't heard anything good about him. It seems at least possible that he is only applauded out of the idea that he died tragically young. "Oh, he would have done such great things!" Yeah, like what? We could speculate anything here.

I agree with most of the rest of your post though. Just the JFK bit that got me itchy.

Historian 14/10/23(Thu)04:32 No. 14451

but everyone loves griffith! or at least used to
he's got a shining city on a hill and doesn't afraid of monsters in the wilderness

nevermind that he's causing the problems half the time, and you know that kind of annoying JFK conspiray quote post? I did some research and found that he wasn't talking about some illuminati conspiracy blah blah blah but rather communist teachers


Historian 14/10/23(Thu)08:40 No. 14452

Relevant link from an economics thread here. Planet Money gives a handy overview of explaining our "Foreign Aid":


Greek Stefano 14/10/11(Sat)14:12 No. 14441 [Reply]

File 141302954846.jpg - (39.75KB , 480x360 , image.jpg )

Hello there /hi/storians, I have a question for those of you who know Ancient Greek: how didi the people of Ancient Greece called the Latin language? I could't find a clear answer...

theheirtoilium 14/10/15(Wed)05:07 No. 14442

It would depend on the era of Roman history in which you would be talking about. This however is a good question. I'm never come across an actual answer to this myself. I just know that throughout majority of their timeline majority of the people under Roman control spoke Greek. Even when Rome was still just a kingdom on seven hills.

Historian 13/07/30(Tue)01:37 No. 13860 [Reply]

File 137514103456.jpg - (124.26KB , 880x701 , world-war-ii-women-at-work-in-color-1.jpg )

Seeing history in black & white makes it seem kinda foggy and hard to imagine. It really changes how real it seems when you see the history in color.

I'm pretty amazed that we're able to see these films in color:

Japan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EsW_uvnSao
Germany: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEerqYY8N4U
Allies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aj1kkK_1JPo

Thought you might appreciate em too.

Historian 14/10/07(Tue)20:49 No. 14438

Youtube  The third link is telling me it's unavailable. I'm watching through the Germany one now, good stuff.

Historian 14/10/09(Thu)06:26 No. 14439

I think that colored junk is heresy, I'd rather perceive the material as the people of the times did, or as closely as possible... except blu-rays of old movies, that shit is awesome

Historian 14/10/10(Fri)03:27 No. 14440

People at the time didn't perceive what was happening to them in black and white.

I'd rather perceive the scene as the person who saw the scene and captured it did. ...not someone who saw a crappy b&w photo of it reprinted in newspaper three days later, wtf.

Historian 13/10/07(Mon)06:17 No. 13953 [Reply]

File 13811194464.jpg - (19.86KB , 348x310 , 137790381173.jpg )

how should i begin my essay regarding class struggle? i have many ideas that i can integrate into my writing, however, starting it off seems to be rather difficult. thank you

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Historian 14/09/10(Wed)05:12 No. 14394

Part of a single lecture that covers Marx's writing in the context of Russian literature, out of a total of 26 lectures (the rest of which don't cover Marx's writing), constitutes "teaching Marx?"

Normally when you say "teaching X" that means X is the focus, not some ancillary topic that's covered as part of a ranging discourse on a wide variety of topics.

That's quite the corner you've backed yourself into there.

Historian 14/09/30(Tue)12:28 No. 14430

File 141207293273.jpg - (744.17KB , 1126x1600 , 70266-050-9304F1A5.jpg )

check out wildcat, it's a set of anarchist comics and marvel ones, so you might have to differentiate through search terms


so I found out that thomas paine had a sister that died as a child, is consistently shown with scissors, and seems to be a tailor

"At the age of 13, he was apprenticed to his stay-maker father. Paine researchers contend his father's occupation has been widely misinterpreted to mean that he made the stays in ladies' corsets, which likely was an insult later invented by his political foes."

here's the reds (socialists, who don't belong in the yellow area - yellow meaning liberalism), america, and fascism (the grey guy who was wearing a brown cloak and hiding like he was an afrikaaner), I don't particularly agree with this propaganda but I found it insightful into the phenomenon of colours as references

the third one shits class war, see political colours and note references and viewpoints, for instance the courtroom in the dark knight rises has a certain french revolution feel to it
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Historian 14/09/30(Tue)12:55 No. 14432

attack on titan's a great example of the concept with giant people eating others, and if you feel like it, there's a great intro at least to tower of god on the matter, since class war is about dealing with those who rule above you and in essence climbing the tower is in the comic, and the first bit is similar to gurren lagann in a sense too although they have differences, the first thing about class war you have to understand is that for the people who rise up, they start fighting because they feel suffocated by the impositions of their masters


ah, I found a few wildcat cartoons, simple is good for an opening on a complex subject, I'm not talking about simplifying the concept entirely, but rather begin with a general premise
this is a *particularly* good one since phrases like "no war but class war" find themselves mostly supported by the anarchists, and politics, personal matters and philosophical matters all are important under a mature understanding of society in their view from what I've seen

now, I watched kill la kill after I noticed the transformers thing, and I knew someone who was as shallow and chipper as the yellow character, and they classified themselves as liberal basically, so that's how I kind of flipped out and started really associating kill la kill with class struggle once I saw this freeze frame

oh and I think I see calvin from calvin and hobbes in the picture, calvin, and hobbes the actual people might be a good reference point too, it might be good to reference a game on the matter, mass effect 3 certainly has aspect but it's a bit pre-blowup as a cultural addition, fight club's a pseudo example if you talk about the movie, but you could bring it up, and reference the beginning part about the boring job, consumerism etc etc etc, or the matrix with the leech machines, the animatrix had a good one about class war through that one short about blowing up the UN or something with an apple

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

military great general 14/09/07(Sun)07:05 No. 14386 [Reply]

File 141006630959.jpg - (9.42KB , 301x167 , images-2.jpg )

What if battle:

Alexander The Great VS Julius Caesar

Who do you think was the better general? Both conquered. Both succeeded when the odds were against them. Both fought in battle (frontline commanders) who would win?

Neutral ground. Open field with hills on both sides.

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Historian 14/09/10(Wed)09:06 No. 14395

Alexander was one of the four greatest military geniuses in history; Caesar was much more of a political manipulator than a soldier, and his conquests came from the fact that he was fortunate enough to command Roman legionaries, the finest army the world had yet seen. Caesar was not worthy to have carried Alexander's gloves.

Historian 14/09/11(Thu)12:20 No. 14398

So what you are saying is they would team up and rule the world?

Historian 14/09/30(Tue)12:04 No. 14429

both were great at what they did, caesar was more political and alexander was more militaristic, but alexander had some serious issues with maintenance as did caesar, both possibly got themselves killed by the people "on their side" because of it

if they teamed up, caesar would enjoy being associated with alexander the great who would receive many many troops over and above what he could have gotten for himself and for a longer period of time, don't forget that alexander was well aware of how to engage in larger overall strategies while caesar was envious of him and despaired at not having done anything at the same age alexander died since the latter had "conquered the world"

just fucking admit it, it's patton and ike without montgomery shitting things up

Academia Historian 14/02/06(Thu)16:42 No. 14139 [Reply]

File 139170133677.jpg - (88.15KB , 356x500 , thirion.jpg )

Do any of you study History at undergraduate level or higher, or are you thinking of studying it at this level? I would be interested, if there are any of you, to hear your experiences, what you think of your course and syllabus and whether you think it is a waste of time or useful.
I personally am in my final year of Undergraduate study and I am doing my dissertation on the Nuremberg Trials. Although I enjoy modern history, the module choices for it were poor, so I am mainly studying medieval history as well as one module on Farming and society in Victorian Britain.

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Historian 14/09/22(Mon)08:56 No. 14418

I just got my BA in History this past May.

there's actually quite a few options open for History graduates because it's such a general field, but the two biggest and most obvious choices are Teaching and Law.

I chose the Law route and entered a Paralegal certificate program. When that's done hopefully I can land a cozy state job making 42K a year along with benefits and retirement plans. I would have become an attorney, but 100K+ in loans wasn't worth something that I could possibly fail out of. If the big money and big risk is more your speed, best of luck to you buddy.

Paralegal is actually pretty practical for historians. most of the job is researching the history of stare decisis cases and applying them to current cases. If you like studying the history of law, you can make good money simply reading law history books and writing motions/briefs.

There's other jobs and such applicable, museum curators, book preservationists, archivist, etc. But the livable wages are with Law and Teaching.

>I am doing my dissertation on the Nuremberg Trials.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Historian 14/09/24(Wed)07:09 No. 14424

I had a friend at uni who got a job at the state archives, but that was mainly because she had a few referrals from state government officials.

anything's possible I guess. But I never heard of preservationists being in super high demand. I guess the place to start looking are the larger libraries or just walk into the archives and ask the curator if you live near the capital.

Historian 14/09/30(Tue)11:44 No. 14428

a vague and general benefit probably, I've not heard of it often conferring direct benefits (although there are notable benefits but these might be more easily served by amateur research into history)

a few exceptions exist for the top of the class, people who know people when there's openings, and even these are of course, mostly for something like teaching in the field you were in

although I've never been myself


Historian 14/09/21(Sun)04:22 No. 14416 [Reply]

File 141126615239.jpg - (61.45KB , 515x678 , wtKFnvL.jpg )

What's your favorite present-day sovereignty and why?

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