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I have real tresure. Historian 23/07/01(Sat)01:51 No. 15664

File 168816908434.jpg - (544.28KB , 1774x1774 , 20211031_084335.jpg )

This is some real life treasure I have. I know it's Masonic, 32nd degree maybe. It is clearly handmade. I am going to calculate the specific gravity soon. That is all I am going to say for now, unless someone else has meaningful info. But this is real tread I found while looking for actual treasure.

Historian 23/07/01(Sat)01:51 No. 15665

File 168816911852.jpg - (473.35KB , 1474x1474 , 20211031_084405.jpg )

Historian 23/07/01(Sat)01:52 No. 15666

File 168816915789.jpg - (541.12KB , 1684x1684 , 20211031_084356.jpg )

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