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Historian 14/03/09(Sun)21:12 No. 14202

File 13943959345.jpg - (141.44KB , 749x546 , freidrich-750.jpg )

We need a giant battlefield movie, set in any period with gunfire... preferably the Seven Year's War, this would be the best way to vicariously live in the most interesting parts of all of history

With all the funds... GoPro's in the actors playing the cavalry, artillery, officers, rankers, battlefield observers.. jumping to the king's point of view ( in some cases the General himself ) showing BOTH sides of the conflict. or third parties like nearby villagers or deserters

The scale will need to be huge, 40,000 ideally...

With so many perspectives (goProCams) you'd get a like a movie in the third dimension, you wouldn't necessarily sit down and watch it, though it could be edited that way for multiple movies within the battle, or you'd click on different cameras while the movie is playing throughout time and choose what you are watching and from who's point of view

6 hours worth of a continuous acting on a battlefield with high tech special effects and scripting would produce the most content ever

If Europeans are considerate to their ancestors they could work together to make it happen, i mean by god! they've been doing it for 300 years, this is a minor project to them!

Anon 14/03/14(Fri)00:01 No. 14209

File 139475166884.jpg - (15.94KB , 500x500 , 1337141304171.jpg )

I totally agree. I thought I was the only one. The last good battlefield movie set around that time period was Waterloo. That movie was a job well done. It will just take so much time to do something like this. All the choreography and money...

Seven Years war would be eh. The battles get huge during the Napoleonic era. So something like battle of Austerlitz, battle of Jena or battle of borodino would be sick and would suffice for an epic battle.

But 40,0000 is more realistic I guess.

Historian 14/03/15(Sat)21:19 No. 14213

What about naval battles?
Coral Sea

Historian 21/02/14(Sun)06:55 No. 15447


Historian 21/04/13(Tue)22:48 No. 15518

The expense with live actors would make such a project absolutely impossible, these days. I doubt you could make 'Braveheart' today. CG could take up a lot of that slack, but only if it was WELL done.

As for the conflict, I always enjoyed the Kurasawa flicks, and would love to see a sprawling, stormy, action-packed treatment of Sekigahara...especially if it made Tokugawa Ieasyu into the vicious, treacherous bastard he really was. As OP mentioned 'Waterloo', I will note that the real trick, apart from tens of thousands of trained troopers to the the marching, fighting, and drying, is finding actors of the calibre of Rod Steiger and Christopher Plummer. Could Japan prodyce a Takashi Shimura or a Toshiro Mifune today? Big boots to fill, chief.

Historian 21/12/22(Wed)15:14 No. 15533


Historian 23/05/06(Sat)04:43 No. 15642

File 168334102589.jpg - (24.47KB , 474x266 , 1783286639287077.jpg )

I'm following the Russia-Ukraine war (2022 to present)

Historian 23/05/25(Thu)13:03 No. 15655

When's China gonna take back the island of Taiwan?

Historian 23/07/17(Mon)22:25 No. 15668

Never, that place Is going to burn to the ground before China ever takes it back. China needs it intact and undamaged cause they can repopulate it but they can't rebuild it.

Historian 24/06/24(Mon)15:54 No. 15698

There's Barry Lindon but it doesn't have a lot of battle scenes.

Historian 24/06/24(Mon)20:21 No. 15699


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