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Anonymous 17/05/22(Mon)10:57 No. 25108 [Reply]

File 149544342989.jpg - (98.93KB , 300x392 , Superman-Batman.jpg )

Batman is a much better than character than Superman. I understand that Superman's main appeal is that he is a perfect man and his goody persona is heartwarming. But this can only go so far until it gets boring. Batman on the other hand is a self made hero that has many flaws to make him an intriguing complex character. This is because Bruce knows if he gives up being Batman he will find happiness but his vengeance is what drives him. Also I dont know why anyone would root for Superman to beat Batman in a fight. Superman beating Batman is something very realistic and predictable. Watching a god pummel a man dressed as a bat isnt something that would be interesting in a comic book setting. Rather the underdog and the one that relies on brains instead of brawn should be the victor. I am not a batfag, I just know that Batman is a superior character to Superman.

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Anonymous 22/06/01(Wed)21:35 No. 26058

The anger is on point. The DC Extended Universe began in 2013. I have my fingers crossed that in 2023 (10th anniversary of the DCEU) "The Flash" will mark the end of the CURRENT DCEU.

Let 2024 be the beginning of an All-New DCEU!

Anonymous 22/06/02(Thu)16:37 No. 26061

2008 MCU & 2013 DCEU comparison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRsBxtB3uec

Anonymous 22/08/05(Fri)01:28 No. 26220

DC Will Have 10-Year Plan Akin to Marvel’s Playbook, Says David Zaslav https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/dc-movies-follow-marvel-playbook-1235193077/

Captain Marvel who's secret identity is Billy Batson Anonymous 13/06/29(Sat)00:03 No. 23609 [Reply]

File 137245699315.jpg - (105.31KB , 418x600 , CMA.jpg )

“It’s just such a great idea – you say a magic word, and suddenly you can fly, and bullets will bounce off you. Just a really, simple, great concept.

“I think the key is that magic word, ‘Shazam.’ Magic words are something that go back in fiction, back to myths and legends and The Arabian Nights. It’s just something that resonates for us, I think. And it’s such a good magic word – it sounds like ‘Alakazam.’

“Even Gomer Pyle was saying it. Dave Chappelle was saying it on his show. I’ve heard it in rap videos. Everyone knows what it means, it’s ‘Shazam!’ It’s the transformation into something else, like ‘Let’s go!’ It’s a call to action.

“And the costume – the red outfit with the lightning bolt. How many times in our lifetime have we seen generic parody superheroes, whether in an advertisement or anywhere, with a lightning bolt on their costume? The lightning bolt has almost become the generic symbol for a superhero, and it has its roots in Captain Marvel.”

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Anonymous 22/07/23(Sat)22:58 No. 26151

SHAZAM! FURY OF THE GODS - Official Trailer 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwFOa3qV5Sk

Anonymous 22/07/29(Fri)09:02 No. 26174

Director David F. Sandberg on the Dragon, Villains & What He Learned From Test Screenings

Holy Moley! Anonymous 22/08/04(Thu)23:06 No. 26217

File 165964720859.png - (4.46MB , 3536x1661 , CMBB&MMCD.png )

Billy Batson (Captain Marvel) wearing a Ms. Marvel shirt, and Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) wearing a Captain Marvel shirt.

Two and a half Marvels! Anonymous 22/06/01(Wed)19:22 No. 26044 [Reply]

File 165410414585.jpg - (604.24KB , 961x1363 , 2023 The Marvels.jpg )

2023 will be a celebration of 15 years of the CURRENT Marvel Cinematic Universe, spearheaded by Ms. Marvel, Vers and Captain Marvel!

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Anonymous 22/07/15(Fri)18:31 No. 26144

What 'Ms. Marvel' Means for Muslim Representation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XA2V-iGsOJI

Anonymous 22/07/29(Fri)09:01 No. 26173

MUTANT FUTURE! Iman Vellani EXCLUSIVE Interview! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfIg4Z6pCHo

Anonymous 22/08/04(Thu)23:03 No. 26216

Ms. Marvel Pitch Meeting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yvYfzW_AGA

Comics based on television shows Anonymous 22/06/03(Fri)13:14 No. 26082 [Reply]

File 165425488199.jpg - (529.81KB , 1200x628 , list of comics based on tvshows.jpg )

In modern Hollywood, studios look to the comic book industry for ideas. It used to be the other way around.

Here is a list:

24: Legacy
The Adventures of Puss in Boots
The A-Team
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends
Adventure Time
Angel Cop
Æon Flux
Alfred J. Kwak
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Fat 50 years of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids (1972-2022) Anonymous 22/08/04(Thu)21:47 No. 26215

Wow! It lasted 12 years! http://www.humormilltv.com/on-this-day-in-comedy-in-1972-fat-albert-and-the-cosby-kids-premiered/

The Flash Season 3 Finale Thread Anonymous 17/05/25(Thu)06:16 No. 25115 [Reply]

File 149568577221.jpg - (167.57KB , 825x464 , the-flash-season-3-finale-ending-barry-speed-force.jpg )

Did The Flash just all go to crap? Explain to me why I shouldn't drop the series right now. Also, will Barry come back? Or is the show now "Blacked"?

2 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
WAH-HOO!!! The Flash is DONE and thus the Arrowverse is FINISHED!!! Anonymous 22/08/01(Mon)21:38 No. 26199

The Flash CONFIRMED To Be Cancelled AFTER Shortened Season 9

‘The Flash’ to End With Abbreviated Season 9 on The CW

Anonymous 22/08/01(Mon)23:29 No. 26202

Is this the guy who was touching up kids at a "friends" place while drunk off his ass, and waving guns before and after the event? If so that's why it was canceled.

If not it's because there's not enough black people in the series.

Reverse Flash Origin Anonymous 22/08/02(Tue)00:21 No. 26203

Cold-Blooded Arch-Nemesis Of Flash, Who Has Killed 1000s In A Blink Of An Eye

Anonymous 18/10/22(Mon)07:04 No. 25346 [Reply]

File 154018469552.jpg - (12.77KB , 180x169 , Peter_Parker_(Earth-616)_from_Amazing_Spider-Man_V.jpg )

Why is he so Amazing?

22 posts and 16 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 22/07/31(Sun)14:58 No. 26176

The Entire History of Spider-Man in 70 Minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IA3-8dnOY_g

AUGUST... Anonymous 22/08/01(Mon)12:22 No. 26177

File 165934935177.jpg - (2.65MB , 1500x2812 , 08 marvel-comics-memory-album-calendar-1977-august.jpg )

is a Summer SPIDER-MAN Festival

Anonymous 22/08/01(Mon)21:55 No. 26200

Heck yeah!

2024 All New MCU...Grey Hulk? Green Hulk? She-Hulk? Anonymous 22/04/19(Tue)19:38 No. 25960 [Reply]

File 165038993316.jpg - (125.37KB , 960x540 , Grey Hulk Green Hulk She-Hulk.jpg )

An opportunity for Marvel Studios to have Grey Hulk be a founding member of an all new Avengers superhero team (to debut simultaneously with the superhero team X-men?) when the Marvel Cinematic Universe begins anew (with the superhero team Fantastic Four now being the corner stone of the MCU instead of Iron Man which happened in 2008?).

Or maintain the Green Hulk as a founding member? Or have She-Hulk be a founding member instead of Green Hulk (which happened in 2012) in the all new MCU?

24 posts and 23 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 22/08/01(Mon)13:08 No. 26187

File 165935209546.jpg - (518.62KB , 990x1439 , RCO030_1469401636.jpg )

Part 5: The End of the Hulk?

The soldiers pile on the Hulk, but he shakes them off. He grabs Betty, lifts the side of the house, and drops it back in place once he's outside. At Banner's lab, Betty asks, "Who are you?? Why do you hate us so??" The Hulk says, "Hate you?? Why shouldn't I hate you? Why shouldn't I hate all mankind?? Look what men have done to me!" Rick appears, but his efforts to calm the Hulk fail. Before the Hulk can attack Rick, the sun rises, and the monster transforms back into Bruce Banner.

Anonymous 22/08/01(Mon)13:08 No. 26188

File 165935212788.jpg - (490.98KB , 990x1431 , RCO032_1469401636.jpg )

Told of the situation, Banner realizes that he must turn his Gamma Gun on the Toad Men fleet. No one knows how gamma beams and magnetic fields will interact, but it's the only weapon that may work. With soldiers breaking down the door of his lab, Banner readies the gun. They break through. Jones holds them back with a fire hose. The gun fires! The gamma beam reverses the polarity of the Toad Men's magnetic propulsion, "sending the Toad ships spinning across the void of space, helplessly out of control... forever!"

For saving the world, Banner is cleared of treason. Betty tries to tell Ross that Banner is a good man, but Ross still suspects there is a connection between Banner and the Hulk...

Continuity Notes Anonymous 22/08/01(Mon)13:12 No. 26189

Starting this issue the Hulk has green skin as opposed to the gray skin monster seen last issue. Production wise, this was an editorial decision as it made for easy coloring. However, this was worked into continuity. Some of the following facts about these early transformations were later explored:

Incredible Hulk #324 reintroduced the Grey Hulk.
Incredible Hulk #377 revealed that the Grey Hulk was one of many parts of Bruce Banner's fractured personality.
Incredible Hulk (Vol. 2) #19 theorizes that the Hulk's transformations at night might have been the night-time transformations stemmed from Banner's childhood fear of the dark.

The Toad Men are actually members of the Tribbitite race, their real name was identified in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #11.

Anonymous 22/04/19(Tue)19:54 No. 25964 [Reply]

File 165039085035.png - (640.98KB , 901x984 , wqe3.png )

Multiverse of Madness is the only MCU film worth to watch for now.

1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
JULY is... Anonymous 22/07/04(Mon)20:08 No. 26135

File 165695810277.jpg - (2.72MB , 1500x2812 , 07 marvel-comics-memory-album-calendar-1977-july.jpg )

demons, druids- and DR. STRANGE

Anonymous 22/07/28(Thu)18:28 No. 26171

File 165902571285.jpg - (204.40KB , 1077x606 , Doc Strange in Spider-Man Freshman Year.jpg )

SDCC: Doctor Strange Joining ‘Spider-Man: Freshman Year’ https://www.murphysmultiverse.com/sdcc-doctor-strange-joining-spider-man-freshman-year/

Anonymous 22/08/01(Mon)12:36 No. 26178

The Original DOCTOR STRANGE In The Multiverse Of
Madness Was TOTALLY Different | Scott Derrickson

Heroes For Hire Anonymous 22/06/03(Fri)21:28 No. 26091 [Reply]

File 165428452763.jpg - (115.49KB , 636x982 , Marvel Comics Heroes For Hire.jpg )

From Harlem to K'un L'un...
they've got bad guys on the run!

They are...Heroes for Hire!

10 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 22/07/03(Sun)11:19 No. 26133

File 165683999885.jpg - (304.43KB , 938x1478 , RCO035.jpg )

At the United Nations in New York, several top scientists are taken hostage with the Hulk somehow involved and Danny goes to free the hostages. He is joined by the woman in white who reveals herself to be the White Tiger. They agree to work together and observe the U-Foes, with the Hulk downloading the knowledge of the scientists. Hercules smashes his way in and Fist and Tiger leap in to help him. While WT battles Vector, IF confronts the Hulk and removes the control disk from his neck. With the Hulk free, the four heroes defeat the U-Foes who then flee.

Anonymous 22/07/03(Sun)11:21 No. 26134

File 165684007461.jpg - (285.87KB , 952x1436 , RCO038.jpg )

Following the incident, it's revealed that the control/knowledge-transfer disks were a product of the Controller. While being interviewed, Iron Fist proclaims the creation of Heroes For Hire; a group which act as hired employees to those needing help for a nominal fee donated to one of Oracle's charitable causes. Heroes For Hire's first three members are Hercules, White Tiger and Iron Fist.

Sript by Roger Stern (plot) and John Ostrander (script), pencils by Pascual Ferry, inks by Jaime Mendoza

Anonymous 22/07/29(Fri)16:14 No. 26175

>>26132 POWER Man and Iron Fist Disney+ TV series titled “Heroes For Hire”, directed by Edgar Wright https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffw2JnAjTs8

Scoody Doo 18/01/30(Tue)03:45 No. 25207 [Reply]

File 151728034848.jpg - (11.53KB , 250x250 , 1517274633640s.jpg )

Which was better?

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 18/04/09(Mon)19:01 No. 25234

Both are great but as someone who is born in the 21th centruy I prefer Gravity Falls.

Anonymous 20/08/02(Sun)00:17 No. 25701

Hello, how is everyone doing? Honestly, I've never been a fan of the Scooby-Doo TV shows. For some reason I've never liked them, but I do like A pup named Scooby-Doo. Is anyone here familiar with the show? I think I enjoy it as much as I enjoy Gravity Falls.

Anonymous 22/07/29(Fri)05:14 No. 26172

not bad

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