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Cartoon series that need to be made/brought back Anonymous 18/10/08(Mon)18:14 No. 25308

File 153901528644.jpg - (39.01KB , 720x340 , splash_780-1849-720x340-1.jpg )

A Star Trek animated series set in the Lost Era or post-Nemesis would be amazing.

Anonymous 19/08/30(Fri)04:06 No. 25567

No one would watch it in this day and age

Anonymous 19/09/20(Fri)03:46 No. 25574

ignore the faggy anon. i totally would!

A continuation of.... Anonymous 20/09/24(Thu)09:22 No. 25754

...Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors! Just pick up where they left of after the first season.

Anonymous 20/09/24(Thu)22:24 No. 25755

Holy shit I forgot all about this cartoon!!

A continuation of.... Anonymous 20/12/21(Mon)20:23 No. 25795

...M.A.S.K.(Mobile Armored Strike Kommand)!
Just pick up right after season 1!
Completely disregard season 2 (which is utter crap!).
Maintain the secret identities!
V.E.N.O.M.(Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem)agents are NOT to know the true identities of M.A.S.K. agents.

Anonymous 22/02/19(Sat)20:01 No. 25937

A live-action M.A.S.K. theatrical film is currently in development by Hasbro Studios and Paramount.

A continuation of.... Anonymous 22/05/22(Sun)22:34 No. 26022

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light! Just pick up where they left of after the first season.

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