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so uh roblox shadow 22/08/31(Wed)03:19 No. 146767 ID: 284ce9 [Reply]

File 16619087798.png - (14.26KB , 232x199 , sister_proof.png )

its a game i enjoy, but not that much. after i got robux i basically just did nothing, just played games and walked around with my new outfit. plus the mods, OH THE MODS, they are worse than youtube mods. so roblox, you might not be seeing this bc this forum is fucking dead, but if you are for some reason, fix your game man

also are we gonna talk about the fact that fave, a child diddler, is still on the game and roaming free?

yes shadow 22/08/31(Wed)03:21 No. 146768 ID: 284ce9

File 166190891918.jpg - (105.18KB , 524x697 , IMG_20220805_220005.jpg )

and if you were wondering, yes im tired

Roblox is wack 22/09/01(Thu)16:33 No. 146771 ID: 08f36d

Microsoft shills the game like crazy, to the point of not only offering Robux on Bing, but also pushing it onto a bunch of Windows users.

SSF2X 22/08/21(Sun)12:43 No. 146757 ID: 0d44b4 [Reply]

File 166107861910.gif - (973.63KB , 365x498 , 202208.gif )

Do youse all still play Street Fighter?

1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
22/08/26(Fri)15:37 No. 146765 ID: a6ed4a

File 166152103762.gif - (575.19KB , 125x73 , 202208.gif )


22/09/01(Thu)11:07 No. 146770 ID: c289d0

File 166202324594.jpg - (63.60KB , 1158x320 , bria (5).jpg )

I like the competitive versus side of Street Fighter.

Xenoblade 2 is an OK game! 22/09/01(Thu)03:51 No. 146769 ID: eea033 [Reply]

File 166199706574.jpg - (117.79KB , 608x689 , q3ay43.jpg )

Neon red boobers. How nice of Japan to do this.

Haven & Hearth wilko 16/02/16(Tue)17:21 No. 144496 ID: c2e18f [Reply]

File 145563967351.png - (240.86KB , 650x430 , mjlg81.png )

I haven't played this game in years, have no idea if it is still a thing, but I miss Seventh Haven. Good memories. SeVenezuela on eRepublik was fun as well.

I miss you all.

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Rodrigo 21/12/14(Tue)04:43 No. 146532 ID: 473627

really? what kind of mechanics? the main reason i haven't even considered going back is the constant fear of cheese eating russians tearing down my palisades with their bare hands.

22/08/23(Tue)20:41 No. 146762 ID: 5d0b54

World 14 just started a couple weeks ago!

22/08/23(Tue)21:09 No. 146763 ID: 838b0b

Firefox Can’t Open This Page

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Nimin Bimin Bik 22/08/22(Mon)20:02 No. 146760 ID: 838b0b [Reply]

File 166119134325.jpg - (54.04KB , 736x414 , adg44g4.jpg )

I'm able to play this game just by installing it locally from the fitgirl repack. It runs at 33fps on my machine that I don't have OC'd right now. My computer outperforms the Switch in spades so I will just have to set priority and OC to get it working better.

I mean really, it was the easiest emulation I ever fucking did. Just install and play. If you want some anime slut game with cool music just go dl it. I can give you a link to the legit stuff if you're interested.

22/08/19(Fri)21:00 No. 146749 ID: 1bc1ec [Reply]

File 166093564174.png - (1.68MB , 1920x1080 , mariortx.png )

Would you play a very violent Mario game?


22/08/19(Fri)23:30 No. 146750 ID: 838b0b

I wouldn't play
Mario game

Crowmilk101 22/08/20(Sat)01:02 No. 146751 ID: a13b18

your missing out on it

22/08/20(Sat)02:28 No. 146756 ID: 838b0b

breh the only good mareeoh games were the ones that he wasn't the star
Doki Dokli
DK (gb)
Yoshi's Story

22/02/21(Mon)16:24 No. 146553 ID: c5fd05 [Reply]

File 164545706283.png - (200.71KB , 1280x815 , FNF-Logo_svg.png )

What do you say 7channers? Vs. Pepe?

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
anon 22/08/20(Sat)01:10 No. 146753 ID: a13b18

friday night misery

22/08/20(Sat)02:12 No. 146754 ID: 2f94a0

7chan vs 4chan mod when?

22/08/20(Sat)02:26 No. 146755 ID: 838b0b

File 166095517799.png - (502.86KB , 736x693 , q4hw454.png )

>7chan mods
You can't say 4ch*n without a ban
>4ch*n mods
Can't say nigger, faggot, complain about mudsharks, complain about trannies, complain about jews, etc. etc.

For it is here, on this site, that we raided the kike bastids for lols. On 4ch*n they're so very very scared of being seen as rasis QQ.

22/05/03(Tue)19:39 No. 146583 ID: df1873 [Reply]

File 165159954896.png - (251.04KB , 951x845 , 1650393339469.png )

Postal 4 was such a disappointment

6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
22/06/22(Wed)11:15 No. 146628 ID: 94380b

I wonder if Uwe Boil made the games better?

22/07/25(Mon)14:13 No. 146738 ID: 1c8402

Uwe Boll would make a Better Resident Evil movie because Netflix Show looks cringe

anon 22/08/20(Sat)01:09 No. 146752 ID: a13b18

"hi there, would you like to sign my petition?"

22/08/19(Fri)12:06 No. 146748 ID: 0599a7 [Reply]

File 166090360241.jpg - (137.01KB , 452x640 , pimmin4.jpg )

I dunno will it ever see the light of day, gang...

Minecraft Java Edition Anarchy Server TheMutinyMC 22/08/11(Thu)06:08 No. 146747 ID: 168830 [Reply]

File 166019090126.png - (827.43KB , 1920x1080 , 2022-08-10_15_12_32.png )

IP: themutiny.org
my mother's fax machine Server: https://my mother's fax machine.gg/7C2GwSE
Version: 1.12.2

This is a Minecraft server with no rules and the map will not be reset. While the server is based on Java Edition 1.12.2, you can join on newer clients. The server does not support Mojang/Microsoft's bullshit chat report feature.

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