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"Dark Reign" - text-based simulator of the Dark Lord Adeptus 22/08/10(Wed)09:24 No. 146746 ID: 81edff [Reply]

Game Trailers - Toggle Video

  Hello! I would like to present my text game/interactive fiction. „Dark Reign” is a strategy text game in which the player takes on the role of a Sauron-style Lord of Darkness with the goal of conquering the world. He will carry out his plans by making various decisions. He will build his army and send it into battles, weave intrigues and deceptions, create secret spy networks and sectarian cults, recruit agents and commanders, corrupt representatives of Free Peoples and sow my mother's fax machine among them, collect magical artifacts and perform sinister plots. Link to download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/otp6ihqnjz0672j/Dark_Reign_1.66.html/file . This is an html file that opens in a browser, but You can play offline. Note – one game takes about 1 hour, but the premise is that the game can be approached several times, each time making different decisions, getting different results and discovering something new. Feedback is very much welcome. Very, very much.

Also, itch.io version: https://adeptus7.itch.io/dark-reign

21/05/22(Sat)15:56 No. 146403 ID: e7568b [Reply]

File 162169178917.jpg - (127.79KB , 1280x720 , pikina.jpg )

Is there a more interesting and consistently awesome franchise out there in vidya land than the Pikmin games?
Where the fuck's ma Pikmin 4? Will we see it at E3 2021?
What did y'all think of Pikmin 3 Deluxe? Not a bad package imo..

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22/07/24(Sun)18:35 No. 146730 ID: a5bed8

i dont go on rnb, wrong guy

22/07/24(Sun)18:35 No. 146731 ID: be9b39

That is a lie.

22/08/09(Tue)15:49 No. 146745 ID: 28d62e

I am fan of lucky games. For example its https://onlinebest.ca/ ince you’re trusting the site with your personal and financial information, it’s important to do your research and make sure that other players have had positive experiences with the site. I have plan to get some cash oneday.

22/08/08(Mon)15:00 No. 146744 ID: 870f8e [Reply]

File 165996362961.jpg - (425.32KB , 1280x2160 , generation leaps.jpg )

There are people that unironically think the 7th gen was a bigger leap from its predecessor than the 6th.

Deltarune Thread 22/08/07(Sun)17:02 No. 146743 ID: 1e3119 [Reply]

File 16598845668.jpg - (82.89KB , 720x960 , __kris_lancer_jevil_spamton_g_spamton_and_rouxls_k.jpg )

Put on your manditory Undertale/Deltarune fan kneesocks and butt plug.

22/08/06(Sat)23:16 No. 146742 ID: f62710 [Reply]

File 165982061747.jpg - (161.11KB , 1030x564 , mazza.jpg )

>No original Mario Kart title for Switch.

What gives?

game - rpg 22/08/04(Thu)05:27 No. 146741 ID: 93bd05 [Reply]

File 165958367991.png - (105.09KB , 1030x358 , hey.png )


Heavy Rain 22/07/29(Fri)23:45 No. 146740 ID: 838b0b [Reply]

File 165913113423.jpg - (23.77KB , 675x325 , wj56ke678.jpg )

This game got so much talk about it a long ways back but I got it as a joke. It rains very heavily in my area as I live in a very volatile climate zone. However it fucking sucks and I hate it.

What do yuns done up and think about it?

22/07/29(Fri)19:19 No. 146739 ID: 96077b [Reply]

File 165911515616.png - (276.91KB , 1214x1251 , 1628785836755.png )

Fuck Epic for abandoning Save the World

22/07/23(Sat)15:51 No. 146690 ID: a1c2e1 [Reply]

File 165858430981.png - (231.61KB , 626x748 , baammargerapbtmp.png )

You should pirate Tony Hawk's Underground 2.

Make sure you check out this website in case blur doesn't work: https://community.pcgamingwiki.com/files/file/108-tony-hawks-underground-2-blur-bug-fix/

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
22/07/24(Sun)19:27 No. 146733 ID: 3d42f1

you're a retard

22/07/25(Mon)13:22 No. 146736 ID: 1c8402

how so

22/07/25(Mon)13:24 No. 146737 ID: 1c8402

nope. i just think the game is awesome and the reason why I posted that link was because Windows Vista and on have the problem with the game in which it gets all blurry when you activate focus mode.

22/04/18(Mon)21:26 No. 146573 ID: c17bb1 [Reply]

File 165030998361.jpg - (324.83KB , 1400x1400 , Return_to_Monkey_Island___Coming_2022_0_40_screens.jpg )

>First Monkey Island game in 10 years
>It's the 3rd and final game Ron Gilbert always wanted to make that picks up at the carnival where 2 left off like 25 years ago.
>Tim Schafer isn't involved with it.


3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
22/07/22(Fri)03:49 No. 146675 ID: a5bed8

who's 3.3 man?

22/07/22(Fri)03:56 No. 146676 ID: 3d42f1

What's 3.3 man?
WHEN'S 3.3 man?!

22/07/22(Fri)04:10 No. 146678 ID: 838b0b


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