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Captions Closet Homosexual 22/04/13(Wed)09:17 No. 109040 ID: 9f0ba0

File 164983421953.png - (5.80MB , 2880x3840 , C60981E4-63B7-4266-8C3E-35342F1E7459.png )

151 posts omitted. Last 50 shown.
Anonymous 23/07/18(Tue)00:14 No. 109519 ID: 3caad6

File 168963205537.png - (1.11MB , 2048x1152 , IMG_5325.png )

Closet Homosexual 23/07/23(Sun)09:56 No. 109535 ID: d93186

Anyone got a compilation or mirror of these style caption?
>there used to be whole bunch on 420 chan that are now gone

Closet Homosexual 23/07/25(Tue)01:37 No. 109537 ID: e0d744

Nice work

I deleted my older ones but, I found some of them online, honestly flattered to see them reposted, bc I'm fairly certain it wasn't me who posted them there. I think someone archived them from a different chan I used to post them to. It's a real trip down memory lane reading some of those. They're interspersed throughout the whole thread, most the thread is sissy/trans stuff but my titboy stuff is definitely in there.

Go to tranchan, on the top left side there's a section called porn/general. At this moment about the third thread down on there (No. 327) has about 1189 posts. I'd link to it directly but I think to combat spam these boards generally don't allow hyperlinks. Click reply to expand the whole thread.

Closet Homosexual 23/08/23(Wed)21:00 No. 109563 ID: 61578b

Bumping cause it was about to drop off the first page. Let’s not forget our glorious gay titboy content!

Closet Homosexual 23/08/26(Sat)01:47 No. 109574 ID: 03f31c

The mutual ones are good

Closet Homosexual 23/09/05(Tue)06:12 No. 109627 ID: e0d744

Closet Homosexual 23/09/06(Wed)03:41 No. 109628 ID: 2a3f51

Thank you for both, and the first one is a classic. Which artist did the Pam pic tho? I’m or was it AI? Cause it gotta say *he* turned out looking a little creepy lol.

Closet Homosexual 23/09/08(Fri)05:24 No. 109635 ID: e0d744

There's a link in the top right of the image and the artist's signature in the picture too. I think I got it off rule34 or imagefap, I don't recall, but it's not AI. I think the artist most likely takes photos, composites them and then 'traces' over them digitally painting on a layer above the reference images, if I had to guess. I think Pam looks fine but I imagine he might look a little uncanny because he probably wasn't sticking his tongue out originally (but for sure he was definitely surrounded by a bunch of dicks, that part can't be fake, I'm sure of it!)

Here's a few more

Closet Homosexual 23/10/31(Tue)09:05 No. 109697 ID: 9120b7

I have a request, a prison or freshly paroled would be greatly appreciated.
>imagine hiding being made a bitch then returning home

Closet Homosexual 23/11/05(Sun)01:17 No. 109708 ID: e0d744


Here you go, I tried to go with the jail theme with 3 of these, let me know how you like em ;)

Closet Homosexual 23/11/05(Sun)21:25 No. 109710 ID: 38a3b6

Not the requester but I love ‘em. Maybe he gets his dick&balls (and nipples I guess) voluntarily removed so he can be even more of a gay whore and flaunt his body to men in public without going back to prison because he’a not technically showing anything. Or maybe he doesn’t even need to remove the nipples, because there’s nothing wrong or illegal about a man showing his chest in public, right?

Closet Homosexual 23/12/02(Sat)04:24 No. 109725 ID: aa50ca

More like this, also as a request for stories about tradwife themes

Closet Homosexual 23/12/24(Sun)16:32 No. 109747 ID: 638e71

I just want a beautiful gay titboy for Christmas 😖 life is cruel and unfair

Closet Homosexual 24/01/07(Sun)04:06 No. 109755 ID: e0d744

How's these?

Closet Homosexual 24/01/07(Sun)07:09 No. 109756 ID: e0d744

heres some more. Let me know what you like

Closet Homosexual 24/01/08(Mon)23:23 No. 109757 ID: d0ea82

Thank you so much! What I like as far as what I prefer? Well I’ve loved all the gay hooters caps I’ve seen so far, but I’m not a big fan of involuntary. A homophobic guy learning to love to be gay is hot tho. Still even in that scenario I like it best when they’re living their best lives and just showing the world how great it is to be gay.

Love the father/son ones, but my favorites are when they’re both feminized and dad is the top

The secretary/bully ones had the hottest model, but again not that into involuntary or revenge stuff. It’s better for me if they were just perverted faggots the whole time (and maybe they were!) That’s why these are still hot but not my favorite of the lot

The best was definitely the two bros loving their gay shemale (b)romance.

Anyway those are just my fetishes tho and overall these were creative and well written just like all the good titboy stuff. I look forward to more ideas - almost everything you come up with is hot

Closet Homosexual 24/01/11(Thu)03:36 No. 109759 ID: e0d744


Ah I remember you saying you don't like non-con.

But to me, that's the sexiest kind. These captions are usually called "Forced feminization" or "forced fem" caps. Keyword being forced. Now, I don't condone rape or anything like that... but I like in a fantasy context when basically any regular straight guy could become a gay titboy. They get feminized and despite their objections they end up liking it. The whole process of transforming and being forced to accept it, and then enjoying it is erotic.

And especially with that concept it enforces that this individual truly identifies as a man, they didn't even have an intention of transitioning. But now they're like a super model quality bimbo and they realize they like everything that comes with that.

Anyways here's 2 new ones where the titboy is happily gay and voluntarily became a titboy out of the depravity of their crossdressing hearts

Closet Homosexual 24/01/12(Fri)00:56 No. 109767 ID: 505809

I get where you’re coming from, because the aspect of any given “normal” straight guy loving being a big-titted homo is also hot for me too, actually a twinge of regret that they could have ended up “normal” but chose this life just cause it’s so hot would be a nice touch.

So I’m torn. Straight from the beginning is better, but I guess that’s why I like caps about the straight guy going through a kind of self-discovery with another (hopefully dominant) titboy. But a little bit of non-con of them missing their former normal life (but being too addicted to go back) or regrets about what could have been (maybe they had a girlfriend or whatever) are I think elements we’d both like? Idk. Appreciate all this stuff! And very much always glad to see shops accompany it! Thank you!

Closet Homosexual 24/01/12(Fri)01:02 No. 109768 ID: 505809

Forgot to add that the first cap is basically the perfect way to do it from the other side of things - where being a big titted bimboi is just the ultimate expression of being super fucking gay. I really liked it!

Closet Homosexual 24/01/12(Fri)05:32 No. 109769 ID: e0d744


Okay, here's a story from an angle maybe we can both enjoy. The main character transitions by their own choice, but realizes later that they are a man inside and blew their chance at a straight relationship with a normal woman they could have had if they didn't become a gay titboy. A big tinge of regret but dealing with it and realizing they are a guy with tits forever now.

Closet Homosexual 24/01/13(Sat)00:49 No. 109770 ID: cde64f

Thought these were great, but the only criticism I have is end the end he still wants Lexy so he’s not TOTALLY gay… maybe Lexy had a secret about “her” gender identity that “she” kept hidden, and that means our protagonist was actually gay all along! The fact that Lexy turned out to be a boy with boobs is probably the reason “she” broke up with the best friend in the first place… just a thought lol

Closet Homosexual 24/01/13(Sat)00:49 No. 109771 ID: cde64f

Thought these were great, but the only criticism I have is end the end he still wants Lexy so he’s not TOTALLY gay… maybe Lexy had a secret about “her” gender identity that “she” kept hidden, and that means our protagonist was actually gay all along! The fact that Lexy turned out to be a boy with boobs is probably the reason “she” broke up with the best friend in the first place… just a thought lol

Closet Homosexual 24/01/16(Tue)04:25 No. 109775 ID: e0d744

File 170537550917.jpg - (1.29MB , 3200x1800 , 23432423.jpg )


Nah, Lexy being a girl is necessary for the straight to gay arch in this one. But I've done you a solid and made a part 3 even though it was originally going to just be a 2 parter. I really gayed it up lol.

Closet Homosexual 24/01/23(Tue)20:39 No. 109787 ID: dadd83

I love it! Keep em coming if you continue to come up with ideas. Seeing new ones of these really warms the cockles of my cock.

Closet Homosexual 24/02/14(Wed)18:37 No. 109805 ID: fabd36

Happy Valentine’s GAY! Wish I had some slutty big boobed gaybois to spend mine with…

Closet Homosexual 24/02/21(Wed)10:44 No. 109807 ID: 6c840f

Any more black or non-white ones?

Closet Homosexual 24/02/21(Wed)19:01 No. 109809 ID: ac581d

As far as non-white goes, I really love some of the gay titboy caps that use the Asian ladyboy theme. I’ve legit spoken with Thai ladyboys that are actually this in real life - effeminate gay men who couldn’t find work in rural areas (partially cause they were limp-wristed faggots/femboys who couldn’t do the labor lol), who found money in sex work but also ended up kinda liking it, and realized breast implants = more sex. I know these caps are wild and played up for humor a lot of the time, but this identity actually exists in some cultures. The ladyboys I’ve been with embrace “ladyboy,” they like the money they make but also have grown to honestly love the lifestyle, and would agree with the description that they are gay men who like how they look as women, but don’t think of themselves as women, and just got implants to complete the look.

Closet Homosexual 24/02/24(Sat)15:11 No. 109812 ID: e0d744


Oh yes I love how there are actually asian titboys. I wish I read these comments about race ones before I made these two caps. Maybe I'll visit those themes next (black or asian). There are a few asian titboy caps in this thread if you view the entire thread. One of them I did in a japanese looking font, even though it was hard to read i thought that would be funny.

But I decide to make a few more Pam/Office themed ones. Although most the Pam one's I've done have been unrelated one-offs, I guess this one is technically a two parter with a consistent story. I found a great gallery of some AI pics of Pam, some of them with dicks, but these two particular images I photoshopped the dicks in. I like how busty and sexy he looks in these.

Closet Homosexual 24/02/26(Mon)14:44 No. 109814 ID: 2a3a4b

It’s ok, gay pervert Pam is a classic, but I would like to see some ladyBOY! ones if you have any ideas knocking around

Closet Homosexual 24/02/29(Thu)05:32 No. 109819 ID: e0d744


Here's your black/non-white ones. Enjoy. Let me know how you like them.

Closet Homosexual 24/02/29(Thu)22:37 No. 109821 ID: 1b6501

I love the black one, both the concept/writing and the model you found are really hot. If you ever get the hankering to do a shopped one, I’d love to see something similar but with a huge bulge for a fat black cock. Maybe they got it enlarged as part of their racial transition + a bigger cock made them feel more MANLY lol

The ladyboy ones are great too. I like that they all center around gay love - the one guy didn’t wanna fuck men at first but came to love it, the Japanese guy loved gay sex from the beginning and now is getting loads of it, and the other one ends with a touching gay marriage. So yeah kudos all around. One complaint is typically I don’t like the AI upscaled ones as much as I like the ones with real models like the black one. But I know they make it easier to get a penis in the image without worrying about the shop looking unconvincing.

Closet Homosexual 24/03/02(Sat)15:52 No. 109827 ID: e0d744


The AI images were ones I i found (I didn't generate them) and it made it easier all around because I didn't have to spend the time to shop them. I think they still look good.

These images on this current batch I found online and didn't shop them myself. Continuing the themes of black, asian and transracial.

By the way, transracial is a thing. There's this guy named Oli London who was a BTS fan who had surgery to look asian and he also became a transwoman. But even interestingly enough, he later detransitioned back to male after regretting being transgender and transracial, which means he was a transracial guy with tits.

So as absurd and silly as these captions are there are a basis of reality to them in some way.

Also I bet you would have never guessed Tifa Lockhart was really a black man.

Closet Homosexual 24/03/05(Tue)01:31 No. 109829 ID: 5523a8

All I can say is more please? Like omg please more lol

Closet Homosexual 24/03/06(Wed)18:24 No. 109832 ID: c44653


Closet Homosexual 24/03/06(Wed)18:27 No. 109833 ID: c44653

I’d like to see one with a titboy taking a guys virginity. Like the guy grew up thinking he was gonna have sex with women, but now he’s never going to because the gay romance is too good, and the titboy is so hung that he’ll never even really use his penis. I think it would be hot to fit into a dad/son scenario, and maybe the son becomes a titboy himself

Closet Homosexual 24/03/09(Sat)01:36 No. 109838 ID: e0d744


Alright, I made one that caters to this prompt. Originally, I meant for it to be just 1 caption but it got so long that the text would be too tiny so I split it into 4 parts.

Part 3 going into 4 kind of has a twist to it, so if that isn't your bag just pretend it ends at part 2. But I think you might like how it ends lol.

Closet Homosexual 24/03/12(Tue)03:30 No. 109844 ID: e0d744

Closet Homosexual 24/03/12(Tue)20:03 No. 109846 ID: 33d828

Story and background on this was so good, keep it up please! Only thing I didn’t like was I want no removing of implants ever lol. All boys are meant to be titboys! But you are right it made it very gay so I loved that.

Only thing the dad one could have used is more description of him pumping all that sperm into his son. Otherwise omgggg

I also don’t want these comments to be all criticism, so just know that if they addressed all the things you did right they’d be like 8 paragraphs long, so that’s why I don’t include it lol. Great work as always, and as always wanting to see more.

One piece of news: I finally tried my hand at some of these but haven’t been able to pay attention to them because I’m changing jobs and moving. Hopefully in a couple months you’ll have another creator to back you up.

Closet Homosexual 24/03/15(Fri)15:48 No. 109853 ID: cb05ad

As always, I’d like to request the occasional castration one. I think my ideal would be a father/son model where a beautiful hung big-breasted dad makes his son-wife fall in gay love with him, and to be a bottom bitch titboy, and takes the “family jewels” instead of wedding rings. All voluntary and romantic, of course

Closet Homosexual 24/03/17(Sun)05:15 No. 109856 ID: e0d744


I had a feeling you wouldn't like the reversing the transition bit. I thought it would be a fun way to amp up the 'gayness' aspect of it.

I'm not as big of a fan of the dick/balls removal but I do see how it can be hot. I catered these caps to that.

I always like the positive feedback so no need to skip over it lol. And yes I would appreciate more people contributing their own gay titboy caps, so please feel free to add your own.

I like to typically make these at a 16:9 aspect ratio so they look decent on a full screen. Sometimes I format them to 1080p but sometimes I'm lazy about it. I've been trying to be better about making the text too small, so I had to break up the first one into 3 pieces.

Closet Homosexual 24/03/19(Tue)16:23 No. 109862 ID: 709e67

I mean, they’re beautiful! You found great models for the bois and I always love the tees with “BOY” or “FAGGOT” on them. “WORLD’s BEST DAD” on a bikini in one of these caps is a true favorite of mine. The writing and content is basically perfect for what I find hot. The only thing that could have made it better is an actual dickless/balless shop. I also would still like to see ones like these where the dad is also a titboy, but the hung dog in the relationship who turns his son into a castrated bottom titboy. You really nailed the tone I would like to see in a cap like that though. The dad still did the convincing and the boy was totally into it in the exact way I’d like to see. The “secret gay crush” on his dad would just develop from how hot he thinks his dad looks now that he’s a big-breasted shemale bimbo instead.

Also never hurts to get Gay Hooters or one of the other gay franchises, or celebs involved in these types of caps. I think you could find a way to mix it all together with incest and castration and come up with a pretty potent cocktail haha. Or maybe it’d just be all over the place, idk

Closet Homosexual 24/03/19(Tue)16:24 No. 109863 ID: 709e67

Hung top* I meant not dog, lol

Closet Homosexual 24/03/19(Tue)22:12 No. 109864 ID: 60b51e

Oh, I also want to give props to these multi-parters. The stories are great and I love them being fleshed out - in more ways than one lol. Maybe some in the future can include any number of “updates” on the lives of any of your “characters” and their gay journey.

Closet Homosexual 24/03/20(Wed)16:45 No. 109872 ID: 709e67

Oh Christ one more thing lol (I keep coming back to this one if you couldn’t tell), the whole junk in a jar and the phantom dick and cumming from his ass were all absolutely perfect and super hot details. Bravo

Closet Homosexual 24/03/27(Wed)01:30 No. 109880 ID: e0d744

Glad you liked the latest ones. I too like the "faggot" tops and stuff, it's pretty easy for me to make those.

Here's a fun new celebrity one.

Although I didn't use it on this one, I have a fun idea about all the hot female pop-stars are secretly castrato singers. It's a practice where they used to castrate boys in the catholic church so they'd have higher singing voices.

I wanted Britney to have both a dick and balls in this one though.

Closet Homosexual 24/03/27(Wed)22:33 No. 109881 ID: 7363ba

Wow, you’ve been inspired lately. Love these and love the idea about the castrato choir. It wouldn’t just be to maintain their voices, but in this case their femininity as well

Closet Homosexual 24/04/07(Sun)03:39 No. 109891 ID: e0d744

Here's some new ones. Hope you like them. Always look forward to the critique lol.

Closet Homosexual 24/04/09(Tue)23:10 No. 109893 ID: 23597c

Love these as much as any other! Definitely hit it out of the park with the gay bikini tops and the neck tattoo. I’d love to see a part 2 and 3 to the gay nightclub one, part 2 where he announces it and part 3 being the aftermath. Maybe in part 2 it turns out the dad was actually a qualified surgeon before becoming a gay titboy, and he does the honors of cutting off his son’s junk right on stage to massive applause. No pain, but I’d definitely prefer if the son were awake too see it (and loves it, of course)!

But my ideas aside, mainly I’m just always hungry for more of these, whatever ideas are in your head. You’ve been on a roll lately, and even the ones that don’t cater to every last detail of my kink with this have all still been super hot.

Closet Homosexual 24/04/10(Wed)04:37 No. 109894 ID: 868df3

Oh wow, I wasn’t even looking for it, but I think I stumbled on something perfect. Elizabeth Hurley (of Austin Powers fame) recently filmed a sex scene that her *son* was directing. Added bonus - her son kinda looks just like her??? Check out the instagram pic at the end. And he is also even a makeup model!


Closet Homosexual 24/04/14(Sun)14:55 No. 109900 ID: e0d744

File 171309934068.jpg - (561.47KB , 1920x1080 , 43242.jpg )


You've got great ideas, you should try your shot at making some of these! I like the Elizabeth Hurley idea, it could turn out that Elizabeth is a gay tit-boy dad and his son finds out about Elizabeth's penis when filming the sex scene. The son should get tits too and instead of just directing they'd have sex with eachother to show how it's done, and then of course they wouldn't be able to stop. Maybe even have a high profile celebrity wedding where they get married to eachother.

The live surgery idea is interesting but a little gruesome lol


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