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Anonymous 23/02/23(Thu)17:57 No. 27820 ID: 18f491

Seeing Roommates again reminded me of a story I cannot find, I would love it if you could help

The general outline is the same, a dude lives with or very close to another person and a girl that isn't main character's responsibility. The scene I remember most clearly is the main character spanking the girl for smoking (some/all?) of his marijuana

Anonymous 23/02/24(Fri)19:35 No. 27822 ID: 18f491

it was >>23514

Anonymous 23/03/16(Thu)16:20 No. 27835 ID: 724220

I was curious if you know the name of the story posted either on here or alt sex stories website that goes like this:

Zombie apocalypse comes but only turns men, women get transformed into their younger selves and their brains start changing. The main character is a guy who is immune and gets a party of girls. It is quite a long story that has a sad ending.

The main girl is a blonde, and the second is an Asian scientist who tries to figure out a cure.

I spent ages finding it and could not, I also chose not to post this on /elit/ as each post pushes out a great story.

Anonymous 23/04/11(Tue)03:30 No. 27847 ID: 1819eb


Anonymous 23/04/11(Tue)03:32 No. 27848 ID: 1819eb

Series is called new world order

Anonymous 23/04/11(Tue)10:04 No. 27849 ID: 80bc83

I wish I could kiss you right now. I have been looking for it for so long. Thank you, kind stranger.

Anonymous 23/04/23(Sun)06:40 No. 27857 ID: 00441a

Looking for a story that was online relatively recently. A guy puts some sort of mind control chip in his sister that makes her obey him and allows him to control his arousal. He only does anal because he doesn't want her to get pregnant. By the end, he reveals that the battery in the chip had run out and she'd been obeying him out of habit and lust for the past few weeks before putting in a new one.

Anonymous 23/05/29(Mon)12:38 No. 27866 ID: 0152f7

This is Brother Trouble by Danaume Rook


Anonymous 23/07/03(Mon)13:22 No. 27872 ID: cc5b89

I'm looking for - hannah the adopted daughter by solarboy

Anonymous 23/07/03(Mon)20:36 No. 27873 ID: 86835c

can i find a full version somewhere

Anonymous 23/07/24(Mon)11:26 No. 27890 ID: 70f428

Cookies (W.I.P. MF, minor) The Clockwork Corpse

Cookies (W.I.P. M/F, minor) The Clockwork Corpse 09/04/10(Fri)00:46 No. 85
Gentelmen, my fellow /elit/e, I am the Clockwork Corpse, and I come to you today to offer a tale of mine.

I hope you like it. Keep in mind, It is a work in progress.


I’m a big fan of cookies.

Chocolate chip, peanut butter, raisins, oatmeal, whatever. The make of the cookie doesn’t matter at all, I just love cookies. However, there was a time where I couldn’t bear looking at the baked goods. I was born and raised in a rural podunk town. My mom upped and left me at a young age, and my dad followed a few years later, leaving me in the care of my grandmother.

My grandma was a nice old biddy, took good care of me and has a considerable amount of money. She was the town’s ‘Baking Queen’ back in the day, and once owned a small store. She sold that store at a high price when she was near retirement. But that did not stop her from baking.

Every morning I wake to the smell of cinnamon rolls or something in the nature, and every night I go to sleep with the smell of the day’s baking clinging in the air. For a time, it was like my own little piece of paradise.

But after several years of it, I grew sick of it.

She baked, and baked, and baked. She baked for her neighbors, she baked for the fireman and cops, she baked for her hair stylist. Hell, she baked for her damn dog. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Cookies, cakes, breads, rolls, anything and everything.

Nothing was going to kill her love for baking, not in this life or the next. But, I had to grin and bear it. After a while, as I grew older (Around seventeen), I became her delivery boy. It seemed like once an hour I hear “Nathanael, take this to Police Chief Gordon” or “Nate, be a dear and take this to Ms. Marian down the street”.

Drove me nuts.

But, on one day, my grandma was invited to our next-door neighbors to help them with some baking. Our neighbor was just like my grandma; a giddy old biddy who enjoyed baking. She and my grandma were close friends in the old days. Grandma wanted me to come with them too, so I went.

However, I didn’t know of who was staying at the neighbors at that time. When my grandma knocked on their door, a small kid opened it. Instantly, both me and her looked at each other…
Cont. The Clockwork Corpse 09/04/10(Fri)00:51 No. 86
She was young, looked to be nine-ten years old. She had long dirty blond hair, a gap between her front teeth, freckles all over her face, and the greenest eyes I have ever seen. It made me curious, since I lived next-door for most of my life and not once had I noticed someone else living here other than the old woman.

Grandkid, perhaps?

She showed us in, and into the kitchen, where the old woman (Ms. Veronica was what we called her), was busy stirring up something in a bowl. She greeted us, asks my grandma if she can help her out, and asked Nikki (The little girl) to go play in the next room.

I was left to stand there for a bit before my grandma addressed me and asks me to go ahead into the next room. So I did.

I entered the living room, looked down, and saw little Nikki playing a game on the TV. Looking at it, it looked to be BioShock. It kinda surprised me that a girl her age was playing such a game, and that her grandma was ALLOWING her to play such a game. But nonetheless, she sat there on the floor, controller in hand, fiddling with the buttons, and making her character swing the wrench at an incoming Splicer.

She stopped real quickly when I entered, looking up at me.

“Sit.” She patted the area next to her, scootching her butt to one side so I can sit down.

Ehh, what the hell. I got nothing better to do, so why not? I sat down next to Nikki, and watch her play her game. By the looks of it, she started the game not too long ago, and wasn’t very far in the game. It wasn’t long until she came down a corridor, and froze when she heard the iconic groan of a Big Daddy. Hesitantly, she moved forward, only to walk into an explosion and a flying Big Daddy body.

It then turned into a cut scene of a Splicer threatening a Little Sister for Adam, before being shot by a woman named Tenenbaum. After a short argument between Atlas and the Doc, it was time for Nikki to choose what to do with the Little Sister.

She sat there with the controller, looking at the choices, her eyes wide and her mind thinking. She looked up at me nervously, then back to the screen, then back to me.

“W-what do you think I should do?” She asks me, her voice just above a whisper.

I have played the game, having pirated it for my computer, and I seen both endings. I figured, since it appears it’s her first time playing, she should get the happy ending.

“I’d save her.” I told her. “Besides, you get rewards from them.”

She nodded her head and turned to press the button, but then stopped. “W-what will happen if I harvest her?”

“She’ll die.” I told her.

Nikki looked up at me with wide eyes. “R-really?”

I nodded. It looked like it hit her hard when I told her that (Apparently, she’s not paying attention to the story line). She looked back the screen, and quickly pressed the button. After the sequence of saving the Little Sister, and the praise from her and Tenenbaum, Nikki looked back at me a smiled.

“I did good?” She asked.

“If you want to be good.” I laughed.

We sat there for a few minutes, Nikki fighting her way through Splicers and such, the smell of baked goods permeating from the kitchen.

It wasn’t long until there was another Big Daddy groan, and Atlas saying it was time for her to fight one of the Daddies. Nikki’s small body seemed to lock up at that and her eyes wide. She sat there, listing into the thumping footsteps and the singing Little Sister.

I chuckled to myself, leaning down to her. “You want me to fight him for you?”

She quickly looked up at me and briskly nodded her head, handing me the controller. I only played the game on my computer, so I had to get myself prepared with the controller, trying to figure what did what. Situated now, I was ready to engage the Big Daddy.

I ran up and shot it in the head with an electrical shotgun round, backing away while it was stunned. I switched to the normal buckshot and shot at it, switching to the bolt plasmid to stun it again. While I was fighting, Nikki slowly scooted closer to me, and without breaking my view of the TV, sat on my lap.

I was ignoring it, preoccupied with the fight. It wasn’t long until The Daddy let out a pained groan and fell to the ground, the Little Sister begging him to get back up.

“Who’s Mr. Bubbles?” Nikki suddenly asked.

“That’s what the Little Sisters call the Daddies.” I told her. It then dawned on me that Nikki was in my lap. I didn’t mind, wasn’t bothering me, so I just shrugged it off. I gave her the controller (After saving the Sister for her), and just continued watching her play the game.

It wasn’t about a minute when Ms. Victoria came in with a plate, setting it down on the table behind us.

“Would you kids like a cookie?” She asks us.

I was about to refuse the offer, until Nikki bounced off my lap and to the plate, saying thanks to her grandma. Ms. Victoria walked off, just as Nikki plopped a cookie in her mouth and grabbing two more, returning to her spot on my lap and she looks up at me.

“Cookie?” She then held up one of the cookies to me.

The thought of refusing it didn’t cross my mind. Looking down at her green eyes and her smile, I just couldn’t say no. So I took it, and bit into it. Chocolate chip, not bad. She smiled again, picking up the controller and continued her game.

She eventually got into the game, moving her body around like she was actually trying to dodge the bullets and such. But, while she was moving, her little butt was rubbing against me, and my body reacted to the stimuli…
Cont. The Clockwork Corpse 09/04/10(Fri)00:52 No. 87
I kept taking deep breaths to calm myself, trying to ignore it. She stopped her movements, and was still.

Oh shit, I thought, she found out!

She looked back at me, her eyes wide and her green eyes shining, and held up the controller. It took me a quick second to realize she wanted me to do something, and I looked up to see the advancing Big Daddy. I took the controller.

I did the same strategy I done with the last Daddy, blasting it in the head of the electrical buckshot and unload lead in him. I sat the controller on Nikki’s lap so I didn’t have to hold it up. When the Daddy hit me with the drill, it caused the controller to vibrate violently from the blow, and Nikki jump.

“Is it bothering you?” I had asked her. She shook her head no.

I went back to the fight, but kept looking down at Nikki. It was an interesting reaction from her when I was hit, so I decided to test something. I pretended to let my finger ‘slip’ off the stick, and the Daddy took a good swing at me. The vibration from the controller made Nikki jump again, an odd sound coming out of her mouth.

I did this one more time, keeping a good look on her face. When I got hit and the controller vibrated, Nikki jumped again and made the noise, and her face heated up. Oh my god, was she enjoying the shaking?

I made a devious smile to myself, but it was then my body reacted again. I felt myself harden underneath Nikki’s little butt, and I once more tried to calm myself down, and I finished up the Daddy fight. I gave the controller back, and let her continue.

It didn’t take long for her to go back to her movements. After a few minutes, she paused the game and hopped off my lap, heading to the plate of cookies. She grabbed two of them, popping one in her mouth and heading back on my lap, handing me the other one. I ate it without even realizing it.

I then heard something behind me. When I looked it was my grandma.

“Me and Victoria has to run into town real quick to get some ingredients. Can you watch Nikki for her?” She asks.

I nodded, and she gave me a thumbs up, and she left. I looked back to the TV, watching Nikki shoot a Splicer, her butt moving around. I placed my hands on her waist, as a silent way of telling her not to move so much. She didn’t catch it, and kept moving around.

Soon, there were the sounds of thumping, and another Big Daddy showed up. Nikki didn’t hesitate to stop and hand me the controller. I got ready to fight, but, slowly sat the controller on Nikki’s lap again, watching her face heat up and her breathing changing…
Cont. The Clockwork Corpse 09/04/10(Fri)00:54 No. 88
This time, I figured I would prolong the fight, so I only went at him with the shotgun with regular buckshot (She was low on ammo on it). The Daddy lunged at me after the initial shot, punching me. The vibrations once more made Nikki jump and utter that odd noise once more. It sounded like an airy sigh. Her face turned a shade of red, her breathing heavy. Looking at this, I decided to have a little fun with her.

“Nikki?” I suddenly asked. “Are you okay? Your face is red.”

Nikki shook her head briskly. “I-I’m fine.”

I smiled to myself, and got an ingenious plan. I mutter to myself that I wanted a cookie, and took my left hand off the controller to reach for the plate of cookies. When I did, I let the left handle of the controller drop and let it fall on the crotch of Nikki’s denim shorts she wore. At that time, ol’ Big Daddy gave me a wicked hit from his drill.

The vibrations made Nikki jump with more force, and the sound coming out louder. It surprised me as I set the plate of cookie by me.

“Are you okay Nikki?” I asked with a feigned worried tone.

She shook, and made that sound again when Big Daddy hit me again. “I-It feels weird.” She stuttered out.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean too.” I said to her, raising the controller off. But as I did, Nikki’s hip made a certain movement that caught my eye. It was slow, sensual. I sat the controller back down, letting the Big Daddy punch at me.

She made a stuttering sigh, leaning forward. The vibrations continued, Big Daddy slamming at me with all his burly might. However, wanting to watch Nikki’s reaction more, I failed to hit the med kit button, and the final blow was made and I was dead.

Nikki panted, leaning back against me, her face bright red and her breathing abnormal. She looked up at me, her eyes shaking.

“W-w-what happened?”

“I died.” I told her, holding up the controller. “He killed me.” It was then I realized the moister on the left handle of the controller. It wasn’t from the sweat of our hands. I looked at Nikki, smiling. “Want to retry it?”

She slowly nodded her head, I continued. I tried to hand the controller to her, but she shook her head.

“You can play.” She said to me.

So I did. I played with the controller on her lap, making sure I kept getting hit by Splicers. Nikki made a soft moan from the vibrations, her butt pressing into me. Soon I ran into a Big Daddy, and I charged into him blindly. I did the same move I did before; I let go of the controller and reached to get a cookie, listening to Nikki’s sigh and her feeling her body shaking form the onslaught. I picked up a cookie, reached around, and popped it into Nikki’s mouth as she moaned. I made sure to hit the med kit button this time, as I continued to fight. I beat the Daddy, saved the Sister, and went on.

I could tell Nikki was waiting anxiously for the next Daddy, so I hurried on, not wanting to disappoint her. I bit down on the cookie in my hand, crunching it while running around, trying to find a Big Daddy. I found one, sans the Sister, so I attacked anyway.

This time, I focused on Nikki’s face, her eyes becoming dark and her skin flushed. I leaned into her, whispering in her ear.

“Do you feel good, Nikki?”

She nodded slowly. “It feels, warm.”

“Where?” I asked.

She panted, and surprisingly took the controller from me, pressing it into her crotch. The rumbling made her squeak and shake against me, her head falling back on my chest. I reached out and grasped the controller in her hands, pressing the med button to prolong the fight, and pushed it against her, rubbing it on her denim covered cunny. My other hand snaked its way into her loose fitting tank top, rubbing the flesh of her chest and her small erect nipples.

She let out a long moan, her head falling back to look up at me. Her mouth was open in her panting, her yes half lidded and dark, her skin sleek with sweat and her face a whole different shade of red. I thought it looked cute like that, but it made me react again. This time, I didn’t fight it, and the sound she mad told me she could feel my hardened erection against her butt.

I hit the med button again to make the guy live, and I reached down to the plate, picking up a cookie and popping it into Nikki’s panting mouth. She bit down on it, keeping it between her teeth, trying to eat it, but couldn’t. I leaned forward and claimed her mouth on mine, the cookie in between us. She made a content moan, her butt moving up and down against my dick.

I made sure to hit the med button again so I won’t die, kissing Nikki, our tongues around the cookie in our mouths.

Suddenly, she made a loud moan, her back arching up and her whole body shaking violently. I felt back, letting her lay on me while she rode her orgasm. She rode it for a few more moments, before collapsing on me, dropping the controller. She lied the, panting, her body still quivering. She left to cookie in my mouth so I quickly ate it, reaching up and wrapping my arms around the panting girl.

“Are you okay?” I asked, feeling a little worried.

There was a slow yes from her as she sat up on my lap, turning to look down at me. “T-thanks.”

“For what?” I asked.

She didn’t answer, only looked back at the TV screen and groaned. “You died again.”

“Ehh, I’ll retry it.”

Everything went back to normal rather quickly after that; she sat on my lap and we played the game. But we made no other advances on our other ‘game’ we played. After a while my grandma came back and we left for home.

That night, I just couldn’t keep my mind of Nikki. Such an amorous little girl, allowing me to do that to her. It was HOT! I even found myself jacking off at the very thought of her, writhing in my lap, being pleasured form the rumbling controller.

The next day was slow. Very slow. Grandma decided to drive into town to buy some more groceries and make a few stops at some places. Around noon, there was a knock at the door. When I opened it, I happened to see Nikki standing there, looking up at me with blush and a smile.

“Umm… Grandma made these for you.” She nervously said, holding up a plate covered with plastic wrap. It was cookies. “I…I told her how much we loved them, yesterday… so she made more for you.”

I smiled, taking the plate from her. I then noticed the large bag over her shoulder, and I eyed it confused.

“Going to school?” I asked.

She shook her head, and her hands shakily reached for a pocket on the side. She brought out a game case, showing it to me. It was BioShock.

“I…I was wondering…I-I-If you would… liketoplayagain?” She blushed heavily, averting her eyes form her and sifted her feet on the ground.

I smiled, standing aside from the doorway. “Come on in.”…

(Sorry mates, I a bit tuckered right now, I’ll finish this bright and early in the morning.)

Anonymous 09/04/10(Fri)02:25 No. 94
Anonymous 09/04/10(Fri)04:26 No. 99
Do want.
Cont. The Clockwork Corpse 09/04/10(Fri)07:13 No. 104
Okay, I'm back, and ready to get on with the story. Also, >>89>>90>>91>>92 Struth! Grammer Nazis!

Okay I'm done.


I set the Xbox up in my room, hocking up the cords and such. I flipped to the channel for the games/VCR and sat on the edge of my bed. Nikki sat on the ground, but kept looking up at me. After the third time she looked up, I looked down at with a raised eyebrow, curious of what she wanted.

She patted the space next to her. Pretty self explanatory.

Now situated on the floor, Nikki took her spot in my lap, and we started the game. She saved it right after fighting a Big Daddy. I could tell because of the sudden pained groan the cries from the Little Sister. She took him down by herself? I noticed that her health was critical and had only one med kit left.

Either, she wasn’t very good at fighting the Daddy, or she fought just fine but got ‘distracted’.

“You beat him?” I asked Nikki.

She nodded her head, saved the Little Sister, and looted the Big Daddy. When she was done with that task, she looked up at me, her face red and her eyes nervous, and handed me the controller. “Y-you can play, if you want to.”

I smiled and took the controller from her. I held it up for a few minutes, making Nikki shift around in my lap with annoyance. But slowly and gradually, I placed the down on her lap, and she stopped her fidgeting and sat still.

She was still annoyed, because she noticed I was playing the game more better then yesterday, avoiding attacks and thus avoiding the rumbling. But soon, we came upon a Sister-less Daddy thumping down a corridor. Nikki seemed to tense up, her face turning red, and a small smile on her face. She looked back at me.

“G-good luck.” She said.

I said and thank you, and prepared to engage. Unfortunately, an overzealous Splicer decided to see if he can take on the Daddy himself, and I found myself going “Aww fuck, he’s mine!”

I unleashed a fury a lead on the Splicer, a stray bullet catching Daddy’s attention. The Splicer down, the Daddy began focusing on its next threat, me. I let him have the first swing, making Nikki jump by the vibrations.

I kept firing at the Daddy, strafing from side to side, once in a while getting hit. Nikki once more made that airy sigh, which told me she was enjoying herself. However, I wasn’t really focusing on the Big Daddy fight; I was more interested in the girl on my lap. I dipped one of the handles down on her crotch, and let Big Daddy lay into me.

Nikki sighed and shook, leaning back against me, looking up at me with that red face and green eyes of hers. The vibrations stopped, and I looked up to see that I had died failed to heal myself. Nikki made an annoyed huff, sitting up.

“You died.” She told me.

I didn’t answer, and she looked back at me confused when I sat the controller down. I placed my hands on hips, making her lean against me once more, looking up at me with perplexity. I moved my hand down between her legs, rubbing her. She squeaked, and her legs shut close my hand, her eyes wide.

“W-what are…?” She looked down at my hand, her body trembling.

“It’s okay.” I reassured her, moving my fingers against her denim covered cunny.

She sighed, her legs shaking as she slowly opened them. I twiddled with her, my other hand finding its way into her shirt, rubbing her stomach and chest. She made a soft moan, her body relaxing and her eyes fluttered closed, her mouth open in panting. The sound of her short’s zipper reached her ears and her eyes flew open, looking down as I slipped my finger through her fly, rubbing the skin there.

Wait, skin? It then dawned on me; Nikki isn’t wearing panties!

I smiled when I discovered this, my finger moving to her wet folds. She twitched and moaned, her eyes squeezing shut from the feelings. I pushed her shirt up, feeling the flesh of her chest and her nipples. My finger slowly traveled up and down her slit, pushing in just the smallest of bits, making Nikki twitch and tense.

I don’t intend on going very far with her, enough to make her fluster and anxious. I removed my hands form their spot, receiving a disappointed moan from her. I told her to lie down, and she didn’t, pushing herself forward and letting her head fall back on my lap. She looked up at me, her eyes dark a hazy, her face a red as a beet, panting and starting to sweat.

“Liked that?” I asked her. She slowly nodded her head. When she did she rubbed against my hardening erection in my pants.

She suddenly made a small gasp, sitting up and holding the back of her head. “Something poked me.”

She then looked down, and saw the bulge in my pants, her face heating up more. She then looked up at me confused, then down to my pants, then back up. And then, her hands slowly reached out gingerly…
Cont. The Clockwork Corpse 09/04/10(Fri)08:29 No. 105
Unsure of herself, she kept freezing and looking up at me, wondering if I was going to do something. I patted her on top of her head, smiling.

“If you don’t want too, you don’t have to.” I told her. Hell, I wanted her to, but I wasn’t about to rush this.

She nodded, taking a deep breath, reached out and grabbed the bulge. She fondled it through my pants, curious of what to do with it. It twitched under her touch, which made her nervously giggle and her eyes averting it, a smile creeping on her face.

“It’s so hard.” She murmured, looking back to me. “Does it hurt?”

I was about to shake my head no, but then had a devious thought. “It does a little. It’s trying to push out. Can you help me?”

She froze, looking down at it. She licked her lips, grabbing the hem of my pant, and pulled them down, revealing the front of my boxers. She could see a bit of flesh peeking out from the fly, so she reached out to the button, undoing the strained article. She let out a loud gasped and recoiled a bit when my cock sprung out, pointing skyward.

I sighed. “That’s better.”

She looked at the pulsing organ, unsure of what to do. She nervously looked up at me, her eyes half lidded. “Does it still hurt?”

Another devious thought passed my mind. “A little. Maybe if I rubbed it, it would lessen the pain.”

I was about to reach for it, when Nikki suddenly sat up. “I can do it.”

Just what I wanted. I took her hands and made her hold my dick by the base, moving her hands up and down. “Do it like this.”

She nodded her head and slowly jacked me off, her eyes transfixed on my meat. I leaned back against my bed, and let her do what she wanted, watching her. Her small hands squeezed the flesh, moving up to the head and back down to the base. One of her hands trailed down too far, taking my balls in her hand and squeezed them gently. Her other hand set to rubbing the head, moving it around in slowly circular grinds.

She looked up at me, her voice just above a whisper. “Does it feel good?”

I nodded my head. “You’re doing well.”

She returned to my dick, continued rubbing it. She then stopped, looking up at me, then back down, and then a smile appeared on her face. She turned and picked up the controller, retrying the game. I looked at her confused, one of her hands controlling the guy’s movements while her other hand slowly pumped my dick. She rushed until coming to another Big Daddy that must have just spawn and shot him, inciting his rage. Nikki turned back and placed the controller down on my balls, just as the Daddy hit her. I made a groan from the vibrations, laying my head back. The controller vibrated against my balls, while one of her hands held the controller in place and the other rubbed the head of my dick.

“Feel better?” She asked me. I nodded and groaned. She made a giggle. “You sound like Mr. Bubbles.”

“Then I guess that makes you my Little Sister.” I smiled at her.

She giggled, her eyes averting me, and continued to toy with me. She was so shy; it was adorable. The fight wasn’t going to last longer, as the Big Daddy pounded away. She had no med kits, so that sucked. I enjoyed it while it last, until she died and placed the controller aside. She continued pumping me with more force and vigor, obviously enjoying the sounds of my groans.

She leaned forward, looking up at me, and slowly her tongue brushed against the head. She licked up and down my dick, her hands massaging my balls, squeezing them. When she reached the head, she popped it in her mouth slightly, sucking it. I placed my hand on her head to encourage her, coaxing her to suck more. She did, bringing more of cock into her mouth, her head twisting around it and her hands grabbing the base.

She pulled back and looked up at me. “Do you like it?”

“I love it.” I growled and reached for her, picking her up and setting her on my lap, her denim covered butt rubbing against my dick. I reached down and grabbed the hem of her shorts, unbuttoning it and pulling them down to her knees.

She didn’t object to it, only wrapped her arms around my neck and panted anxiously. I felt the hot wetness of her young pussy on the meat of my dick, so I grabbed her hips and made her rub against it. She moaned, her hips following my lead, her slick wetness traveling up and down. Her movements increased, my hands grasping her butt to help her, her panting breath blasting in my face.

She suddenly kissed me fervently, her tongue shooting into my mouth, wrapping around mine. She made a pleased groan when my own tongue wormed its way into her mouth and almost down her throat.

She twitched, her breathing becoming more heavy. She was going to cum soon.

But, dammit all, I heard something and stopped. She looked at me confused and annoyed. What I heard was the front door, the sounds of plastic bags, and footsteps heading down the hall.

My grandma! We both panicked, figuring out what to do. I had an idea, a bit of a doozie at that. I turned Nikki on my lap so she faced the other way and sat up. I quickly handed the controller as she looked up at me with fear and panic. I told her to remain calm. Soon, my door opened and my grandma peeked in…
Anonymous 09/04/10(Fri)09:20 No. 108
moar dammit
Cont. The Clockwork Corpse 09/04/10(Fri)09:37 No. 109
The door stood adjacent to my back, so when my grandma looked in she couldn’t see what was happening in my lap.

“Oh hey there Nikki. I didn’t know you were coming over.” She smiled. God bless my grandmother’s weak eyesight.

Nikki jumped and nervously nodded her head, too afraid to say anything.

“She wanted to come over and play.” I told my grandma. “She brought cookies over.”

“That’s sweet of her. You kids go ahead and play your game. I leave you along.” With that, my grandma left.

We both sighed in relief, Nikki leaning her head back and dropped the controller. She then looked down at my cock sticking out between her thighs, and then looked to me. She smiled, and shifted her hips around, feeling my dick against her cunny.

I place my hands on her hips to stop her. My grandma may not see well, but she’s got the ears of a fucking fox. I told Nikki that, and she looked disappointed. However, she continued the game, without putting her shorts back on, my dick still between her thighs.

The sounds of the gunfire made a good cover for her sighs and moans as she shifted her hips around, but she had to remain quiet and still when the game quieted down. The Big Daddy fights were torturous for her. She wanted to ‘play’ when she fought him, but she would make too much noise. After a while of playing and moaning and sighing, she stopped and placed the controller down.

“I-I-I need to stop.” She whimpered.

When I asked why, she looked up at me with dark eyes. “I-I-I can feel it. I need to stop…or I’ll…I’ll.”

I smiled and patted her head. “It’s okay Nikki, we can stop.”

She stood up from my lap and slipped her shorts back on, just as I had to fight my dick to get him back in my pants. She saved the game and packed up the Xbox, looking over at me.

“Y-you think I can come back again, t-tomorrow?” She asked, fidgeting.

I gave her a hug. “Of course you can.”

She left after that, and I found myself sitting at the kitchen table, absently eating the cookies she brought over. I thought to myself, seeing this amorous little girl enjoyed to ‘play’ with me. What can I do to make it more fun? A thought passed my mind, and a smile crept on my face.

I had an idea.

The next morning I rode my bike into town, not only to deliver some baked goods to some people, but to go shopping. I stopped at a clothing store and browsed around until I found what I was looking for.

By afternoon, I waited patiently for Nikki. When it looked she wasn’t going to show up, there was a knock at the door.

It was Ms. Victoria with Nikki. Ms. V had to head into town for a few hours to get some things done and wanted my grandma to watch Nikki. Coincidently, my grandma was a lot heading into town.

What are the odds?

So, it was just me and Nikki, and she brought along her Xbox. I set it up in my room once more, but before she could sit down on the floor, I called her over to me. I handed her a box, and I asked her if she could do me a favor and try this on. Blushing, she nodded her head and left the room to go change in the bathroom.

She came back, dressed in a yellow sundress and her long hair tied back in a low ponytail. Just like a Little Sister. I also noticed she had a plate in her hand. It was more cookies, the ones I didn’t eat yesterday.

“I-I grabbed these for you,” She smiled and blushed. “Mr. Bubbles.”

We sat down the on the floor, Nikki in my lap, and started the game. She let me play first, fighting Splicers and such. She was anxiously waiting for a Big Daddy to show up, obviously. We soon came to one, and her hands grasped mine, letting me set the controller down on her lap…
Cont. The Clockwork Corpse 09/04/10(Fri)11:09 No. 111
Man, I was really sucking at this game today! That Big Daddy was laying into me like I was a ragdoll!

Nikki shook on my lap, her head falling back on my chest. She started to pant, and slowly rose the front of her dress skirt up. She wasn’t wearing any panties again, so I dropped the handle of the controller on her cunny, letting the Bid Daddy wail on me. She moaned and twitched, her face red and her eyes distant.

I was dying, but luckily I had a full nine med kits, and I intended to use them all. Unfortunately, a small group of Splicers showed up, one of them having a sentry bot following him. All hell broke loose as gunfire and Daddy groans exploded from the TV, the controller shaking violently in my hands. I had to keep pressing the button every few seconds to make sure I lived, Nikki gasping and shaking on my lap.

As luck would have it, I died, leaving the panting girl to look at the TV annoyed. “Quit dying!”

“I’m trying, but I got distracted.” I dropped the controller on the floor, my hand snaking between Nikki’s legs. She stiffened, and moaned, looking up at me.

Amused by her annoyance, I picked up a cookie from the plate and popped it in her open mouth. She chewed and swallowed it, and sucked on my finger like she done my dick yesterday. I felt myself get hard, so I reached down and unzipped my pant, letting my cock spring out. Nikki looked down at it and wrapped her hands around the base, pumping up and down and rubbing her cunt on it.

We both groaned, I grabbed her thighs and spread them apart, squeezing the flesh in my hands. It didn’t take long for me to growl.

“I can’t take it.” I groaned, lifting the girl up and tossing her on my bed.

Nikki sat up surprised, but squealed giddily when I grabbed her hips and raised them in the air, her arousal filling my nostrils. I tossed her legs over my shoulders and surrounded my head between her warm thighs, my breath blasting her soaking wet twat. I kissed her lips, making her jump and squeeze my head with her legs, a shuddering moan escaping her open mouth. She moaned softly to me, twisting her hips in pleasure as I licked her slit, pushing in slightly. I tasted her juices, and I surprised at how such a little girl could get so wet. She arched her back when I found a sensitive spot, lashing at it with my tongue. She bucked uncontrollably when I licked her clit, a long moan escaping her lips.

While I licked her cunny, I snaked my hands to her chest, pinching her nipples thought the dress. She started to say something, though I couldn’t understand her. It sounded like she was begging me not to stop. Her whole body was shaking, and a long stream of moans could be heard. I knew she was getting close, and it was going to be a fierce one.

I stopped licking her, and went to her face, where she looked up at me hazy lust filled eyes. I kissed her, causing her to let out a satisfying moan in my mouth, and I rubbed her clit.

When she came, her eyes shot open and her whole body began jolting and convulsing wildly underneath me, a long strange whimper escaping into my mouth. I kissed her as long as she came, and it last a while.

When she finally stopped, I kissed her a few times on the neck and rubbed her clit gently before backing away from her. I stood up and looked down at Nikki, her face a mask of post-orgasmic bliss.

“Are you okay?” I couldn’t help but ask.

A smile appeared on her face as she sat up, still panting. “That-that was…cool.” She then eyes my dick, pulsing for the little girl. She blushed, reaching for it and grasping it. “C-c-can I?”

I smile, sitting down on the edge of the bed and telling her to sit in front of me. She knelt down before me, her tiny hands wrapped around the base of my meat, looking up at me and smiling. She licked the head slightly, trailing kisses up and down, nibbling every so often. She dragged her tongue from the base to the tip like it was a frozen treat, kissing the very tip.

Hesitantly, she opened her mouth and brought it around the head, sucking on it gently. Her tongue wriggled against the underside, as I placed my hand on top of her head to encourage her. She was inexperienced, but she was good. Her mouth was small, warm and tight, her lips soft and her tongue active. It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep myself from blowing in her throat. Her head started to twist around and slightly bobbed, making me groan and grip her hair. Her tiny hands grasped my balls, massaging them as her head continued their circular motion, my meat slowly creeping its way further and further in mouth.

My breathing was becoming heavier and ragged, groaning Nikki’s name while I stroked her hair. I felt a pressure in the pit of my stomach. Aww hell, not now, not yet!

It was too fast for me to react, I couldn’t give a Nikki a proper warning, only managed to say her name. I shot a large wad into her throat, and she made a loud gasp, popping my dick out of her mouth in time for another large blast to hit her in the face.

She turned away and coughed, my sperm splatter on the ground. I rubbed the nape of her neck soothingly, apologizing to her. She whipped her mouth with her hand, looking at the strange white substance and feeling it on her face.

She looked up at me with wonder. “Is this your cream?”

I chuckled nervously. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself.”

She smiled, feeling the sticky cum on her face. I reached for a box of tissues and whipped her face, giving her a kiss once she was cleaned up. She stood up, but stopped to look at my still hard dick, her fingers tracing it musingly.

“Want to play some more?” I asked her.

She briskly nodded her head…
Cont.(End) The Clockwork Corpse 09/04/10(Fri)13:02 No. 114
She bounced over to the plate of cookies, grabbing two of them and headed back to the bed. She crawled up and straddled my lap, holding up a cookie for me. I opened my mouth and she fed me, and I did the same for her.

She gasped when I started to peel the dress off of her, tossing it to the ground. Her face flushed as I held her naked body against me, my erection pressing against her bum. I ran my fingers through her hair, making her sigh in pleasure and undoing the ponytail, her long brown lock cascading down her back. Her head hung back limply in a sigh, leaving her neck open for my kiss. She shuddered, her whole body becoming limp in my arms, melting like butter.

I turned and laid her down, tossing off my shirt and kicking off my pants in the process. She looked at me with her dazed eyes, panting as I climbed over her, kissing her and groping her flesh. She felt my cock prod at her and tensed up, looking up at, her eyes now fearful.

“I won’t do it if you don’t want me to.” I told her.

She shook her head. “I-I want too.”

I told her that it will hurt, but she still shook her head, her lower body pressing up against me. I positioned myself, hovering over her and leading my cock to her wanting pussy. She panted and stiffened when I pressed into her, slowly and agonizingly entering her. I stopped when I felt a barrier.

I reached down and held her close to me, her head dipping into the crock of my neck. I told her to be ready, and she nodded her head, and I push forward. I broke through her hymen, and Nikki suddenly convulsed underneath me, her nails digging into my back and she bit down on my shoulder, hard.

I groaned with pain and pleasure, pushing down more. I wasn’t fully in her; I had stopped when I felt something else blocking my path, something that moved. It was her cervix. She shook in my arms for a few short minutes before her head fell back to the bed, panting heavily, tears running down her cheeks.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

She nodded her head slowly, her legs hooking around mine. “I-I’m fine.”

“I’m going to move now, okay?” I asked her. She nodded again. I pulled back slowly, making the girl quiver and moan. When the head was only left in her, I push down gently, making her shake and a groan escaping her lips. My hips stayed this slow rocking, letting Nikki get used to it. But soon she was lifting her little butt up to match my movements and I started to pick up my speed.

She moaned out my name as I fucked her softly, her body falling to the bed limply and her back arching up. I leaned down and kissed her, making moan in approval, her tiny hands feeling the muscles of my chest.

My speed increased, and so did her moan’s volume, her breathing erratic and raspy. I leaned back from her, grasping her hip, and drove my dick forward. I bumped her cervix, which made her body lock up and her mouth to open wide in a silent moan. Turned on by this reaction, I drew back and dove in again, making her body stiff and her backed arched up ridiculously.

I reached down and took her in my arm, picking her up and sitting down on the edge of the bed, impaling her on me. This time the head of my cock dove in deeper, barely entering her cervix. Her whole body shuttered uncontrollably as her wet muscles tightened around me, an orgasm tearing though her young frame.

I felt her cervix pulse against my head, making me groan and barely on the brink of exploding. I couldn’t take it, it was too much for my. I swiftly turned around and lied her back down on the bed, grabbing her legs and throwing them over her head.

I reentered her, and she screamed out in pleasure, her whole body shaking violently as I pounded into her. With each deep thrust I felt my dick enter and exit the opening of her cervix, and it drove me crazy with lust and desire. It was too much for poor Nikki as another painful orgasm tore through her, making her writhe and moan and squeal underneath me, my balls slapping against her ass.

When I was finally came, Nikki was already riding her third orgasm. Her eyes flew open, wide in what can be best describe as terror, as her looked up at me with dilated pupils, hot tears running down her cheek while I filled her womb to the very brim with my cum.

I stayed like that for a few second, looking down at the shaking wide eyed girl, panting like wild animals. It then occurred to me what I had done, and I pulled away from her in fear. I stood back and watched her whole body convulsed as her little pussy expelled out a combination of juices and blood onto the bed.

I freaked out. It went from passionate sex to downright rape! I looked down at the whimpering Nikki, hoping she was okay. Her whole body shook as she looked up at me, whimpering in pain.

“Oh god, Nikki! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean too!” I freaked. I had to do something. I picked her up in my arms and rushed her into the bathroom.

I laid her into the bath tub, turned on the showerhead, and sprayed her down with warm water, carefully washing away the sweat, cum and blood. She kept looking at me with distant green eyes, whimpering. She reached up and placed her hand gently on my cheek, making me stop.

“Nikki? Are you okay? Please say something.” I panicked. Her response was a slow nod, laying her head back and closing her eyes. She fell asleep.

I hurriedly cleaned her up, but was careful with her. I dried her off as she mumbled out something in her sleep. I found where she put her shorts and shirt at, dressing her up and carried her back to my room. I stripped my bed and replaced it with new covers, lying Nikki down and covering her up with my blanket.

I let some incense to drown the smell of sweat and other such things from my room, got dressed and carried the bundled sheets to the washing room, tossing them into the washer. When I returned I saved and shut off the Xbox, unplugging it and packing it back in her bag.

All I could do now was wait.

An hour passed and Ms. Veronica came back, but Nikki hadn’t woken up. They thought it was cute that Nikki was nice and tucked in my bed, and I had to carry her and her game back over to Ms. V’s house.

I couldn’t sleep that night, I was wrought with guilt. How could I do that to her? It made me sick. The next morning, my grandma came to woke me up to tell me she was going into town (again) and won’t be back for an hour or two, maybe more.

I sat down in the living room couch, and thought of going next door to apologize to Nikki (If she was okay). There was a knock on my door. When I opened it, it was Nikki. She looked up at me, her face bright and happy, and held up a plate.

“My grandma made more cookies. Want some?” She asked in a very chipper tone.

I felt relieved that she was okay, but still left guilty. Before I could say anything, I noticed that Nikki wasn’t alone. Standing next to her was a girl around her same age and height, with short blonde hair and blue eyes, looking up at me with a blush on her face.

Nikki pointed to the other girl. “This is my friend from school, Alice. She’s visiting me today.” She then set the large bag down on the ground and brought out BioShock. “She wants to learn how to play this, and I told her you can teach her. You’re really good at it.” She gave me a knowing look, a devilish smile on her face.

I briefly wondered what the hell I got myself into.

Now, about a couple times a week, more on weekends, I will get on knock on the door, and it will be Nikki wanting to play. Sometimes she’ll bring Alice along with her, other times she won’t even bring the Xbox over.

One thing that never changed though, was that she always brought over some cookies, and it had become our favorite meal after a long bout of ‘gameplay’.

Anonymous 23/07/30(Sun)02:25 No. 27894 ID: 7fc19e

There's a story I've been looking for for years, without luck. Here are the few details I remember

- Told from the point of view of a young girl visiting an older male relative
- For whatever reason, they have to share a bed
- Each night he waits until he thinks she is sleeping, then touches her
- Over several nights, things progress, eventually to full sex
- To avoid waking her, he used some kind of anesthetic gel or cream so she couldn't feel what was happening, and wore a condom so it wouldn't affect him.
- But all the while she is awake and pretending to be asleep, and the whole thing is told from her perspective
- At some point he stopped using condoms and gel because he figures she's not going to wake up
- One night they're in bed, she's pretending to be asleep, but he seems conflicted, agitated. He's having second thoughts. She asks him what's wrong and ends up admitting that she was awake the whole time, and that she enjoyed it.
- Much sex follows

This would have been about 15 years ago. I can't remember where it was posted. I've searched ASSTR and storiesonline without luck. You'd have thought uncommon keywords like "anesthetic" would narrow the search down sufficiently on those sites, so I think it was most likely posted here.

Does anyone remember it? I'd be eternally grateful if so!

places for new content? Anonymous 23/08/29(Tue)02:12 No. 27909 ID: 6df1f3

Could anyone recommend good places for new story postings besides here or 99chan? Asstr doesn't seem to allow new uploads and most other sites don't permit certain content, nifty is ok but mostly focused on teh gay. Just wondering if there were any other places.

Anonymous 23/08/29(Tue)20:54 No. 27910 ID: 40e76e

Archive of Our Own.

Anonymous 23/08/31(Thu)04:02 No. 27912 ID: 3ca58d

Here is a meta reccomendation to everybody looking for an old story they read
1) save stories that you read
2) spending your time looking for new stories that you will like will serve you much better

Anonymous 23/09/10(Sun)20:10 No. 27914 ID: 3ca58d

Does Bernd_Lauert from asstr have another account somewhere are is there anybody like him who writes weird almost surreal dark humor in a speculative fiction setting.

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