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/777/ - gardening
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horticulturist 17/05/31(Wed)15:53 No. 2

File 149623883517.jpg - (320.59KB , 1072x804 , 101_0220_1-sm.jpg )

Some tiger melons and tomatoes I grew a few years ago.

I really want to get started again; but it's so much work!

horticulturist 17/06/01(Thu)10:16 No. 5

I've never gardened myself, but I love eating home grown fruits and vegetables when other people grown them.

horticulturist 17/06/02(Fri)02:33 No. 9

There are these local farmer markets out in the country where I live. The fruits and vegetables they sell might not look as nice as the supermarket's, but the price is always better and most of the people aren't using much pesticide, etc. because they are grandmas and grandpas growing things in their spare time. Great stuff!

horticulturist 17/06/02(Fri)23:43 No. 11

When I lived 50 miles out from the city I could pick up fruit and veggies from roadside stands, which were run by the farmers managing the endless fields I drove through to reach my home. Of course I could only pick them up on my days off because it took so goddamn fucking long to get to and from work due to all the country drivers doing 20 in a 50 (so when I drove by them on a normal day the stands were closed).

My parents maintained a small garden but it perpetually had issues because the back of their yard was a trash pit that a previous owner had covered over with dirt and my folks were content to let sit, leeching crap into the soil. All the trees around that area were dying and their garden had very low yields, yet they couldn't connect the dots.

Zed 17/06/03(Sat)02:38 No. 14

In that case I'd suggest building raised beds completely cut off from the bad soil. Basically a big box.

horticulturist 17/06/03(Sat)09:15 No. 15

After they died we let the bank have the place. The bank sold it to some jackass who bought it to flip it, only to realize he couldn't, so now some drunken hillbillies are renting it and driving everyone else out of the neighborhood.

Still, a good idea. Too bad they never tried it and the hillbillies have parked a busted car over where the garden was.

Zed+ 17/06/04(Sun)04:26 No. 16

That's depressing...

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