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Goddamn Hippie 23/06/21(Wed)14:53 No. 361

File 168735201967.png - (181.41KB , 466x427 , 190b3f6a-227a-4f9d-93e0-4ed175f9775d.png )

Hello. I've done, a heroic dose of DMT, and for years I've been chasing a successful experience and by god it really has hit me with all its beauty, and more.
Now the issue I have is, it was too successful, I feel very satiated by it but I want to do MORE.
But again, the issue is, I'm satiated. It's like mentally I am very hungry for it, but in some sense I can't explain, I feel a weight off of it. I am full.

How do incite in myself this hunger again? Has anybody experienced this? I know for a fact the more successful you are with it the less you want to do it but I really, really want to. Yet I feel this blockade, imagining myself hitting the pipe right now, I feel like I wouldn't be able to do it with the same desire, I feel I wouldn't be able to hit it as hard as necessary.
I think I'm just going to wait for a while but damn it, it's solstice today :D

Any and all suggestions appreciated.

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/21(Wed)19:57 No. 362

File 168737022536.jpg - (247.79KB , 779x758 , 1655965833485.jpg )

Slow down boy, it hasn't even sunk in yet

And it's gonna be sinking in your whole life

Don't mean it will never be relevant to blast yourself right back into the middle of it, but if you are anything like me - it'll keep dawning to you year after year and with every year you will be more and more astonished.

Going back is a good idea. But the truth is that the lessons that you have been given could probably easily last you for 10000 years until really integrated.

The old masters usually want their pupils to utilize and integrate what they have already been given before they come asking for more.

Refreshers are good, but if the experience was really of any significance to you - your mind won't be able to help it, but ponder and wander there. And it will slowly begin to dawn on you. That you blew your fucking head off. Clean off.

Goddamn Hippie 23/06/27(Tue)12:11 No. 369

friend I have listened and took these words in, honestly, all I can think of is going back, but as I said, I feel this completion, too much.
I just think, would it be in any way disrespectful if I did just try and jump back in?

halp, what do

Goddamn Hippie 23/07/01(Sat)01:58 No. 376

File 16881695371.jpg - (26.95KB , 310x233 , 1392230730626.jpg )

I see no disrespect in that act itself, only the attitude can be disrespectful and only you through self honesty and transparency can determine what you actually think about all that and thus what your true motivations are

If you find that it has to do with curiosity - IMO there is probably no nobler reason for anything

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