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Anonymous 12/09/03(Mon)16:24 No. 112 ID: 2c814c

File 13466822895.jpg - (10.42KB , 264x191 , Pirate.jpg )

What's with all the 80's movies?

The_Sandman 12/09/06(Thu)05:54 No. 115 ID: 035d79

They're good movies?

Anonymous 12/10/29(Mon)07:15 No. 199 ID: 57658d

The 80's was modern man's darkest times. If only we could forget. Truly the were the harbinger; the beginning of the end of our society.

Anonymous 12/11/28(Wed)17:53 No. 237 ID: 0359ef

Actually that would be the late 90s, have you seen the kids born then?

Anonymous 13/04/02(Tue)02:04 No. 317 ID: 9bf506

The difference was that in the 80's there was a very real chance that the world would end in a bang. The 90's kids will just lead us all to a slow decay.

Anonymous 13/04/02(Tue)03:10 No. 319 ID: 2b9b73

I'd ask what's with all the dubbed anime.

Anime in English sounds awful. Especially when they for some weird reason don't translate the names so they still say them in Japanese, which makes everything just sound even worse. Other than that they always fake their voices and never use normal speaking tone. Sure it's comfortable not having to read subtitles but those faked tone-of-voice makes me cringe.

Anonymous 13/05/16(Thu)09:03 No. 348 ID: 3aef6a

to be fair 90s kids have to deal with the shit storm the 80s made, not like they had a chance

Anonymous 14/03/30(Sun)10:45 No. 428 ID: 852d82

to be fair 90s kids have to deal with the shit storm the 1789, 1969 made, not like they had a chance


Anonymous 14/05/15(Thu)01:22 No. 435 ID: 8eaf37

Why no more channel 7?

Anonymous 14/05/21(Wed)02:21 No. 437 ID: 10d6c2

Perhaps you're not online during it's streaming window.

Last night was Flash Gordon and Masters of the Universe.

Anonymous 14/12/13(Sat)19:37 No. 468 ID: 1560f0




Anonymous 15/09/05(Sat)12:05 No. 505 ID: 25fc56

I don't know what the heck I just watched, but it was brilliant.

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