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Anonymous 19/06/30(Sun)16:14 No. 1519 ID: a49bc1 [Reply]

File 156190405856.png - (867.46KB , 6300x7000 , ffaf6319-9152-43b7-8a7d-2493daf88c9a (1).png )

Behold, The New Roman Empire of Africa. (aka The United States of Africa)

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Anonymous 19/07/02(Tue)13:52 No. 1523 ID: 050a29


Anonymous 19/07/14(Sun)15:42 No. 1547 ID: c55e7f

If you help get the white left to integrate nationalism into their politics, it would help you become independent from whites.

Anonymous 19/09/25(Wed)16:58 No. 1702 ID: 9409fa

Sometimes I so desperately wish Rome had survived to the modern era. Not been reincarnated or reinterpreted by some cunts who were never Romans, no, but the actual Roman Empire. I know the history; I know how and why it failed... I just wish it hadn't.

They had it all figured out, for a little while.

Anonymous 19/07/05(Fri)12:42 No. 1529 ID: 97f293 [Reply]

File 156232336526.jpg - (91.82KB , 962x547 , 409CCCF200000578-4539206-image-a-21_1495659550246.jpg )

How about allowing unlimited immigration but only as long as they're young girls?

Anonymous 19/07/10(Wed)04:19 No. 1531 ID: a115ac

Jeffrey Edward Epstein, cut that out. You know they monitor all communications into and out of jail, this isn't going to help your case at all.

Anonymous 19/01/11(Fri)18:55 No. 1181 ID: deb816 [Reply]

File 15472293336.png - (244.44KB , 793x794 , 28bba05f71fb0cb4452ec1ec2f624f1d3a0d1ac85c61eeade3.png )

You wake up with a rocket launcher hanging in your wall, next to your gigantic weed farm for your company called KushFarmsInc which has made u a shit ton of money that u can keep to yourself since u won't need to pay taxes. Then you log into the internet to your online gun shop and see that you've made over 200 bitcoins over night, then you trade your bitcoins for a shit ton of Hentai and get high. What about that sounds bad?

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Anonymous 19/01/15(Tue)01:21 No. 1204 ID: 5b79b8


Anonymous 19/07/05(Fri)12:39 No. 1528 ID: 97f293

Sounds fun, count me in

Anonymous 20/02/10(Mon)05:28 No. 1797 ID: 61c133

I unironically prefer natsocs and marxists to ancaps. Ancaps cannot take anything seriously, and so I cannot take them seriously.

Anonymous 19/05/18(Sat)13:25 No. 1440 ID: 9a3531 [Reply]

File 155817873966.jpg - (451.71KB , 1600x1038 , 146703532487.jpg )

You: Pick up some retarded, bullshit Trumpian policy that can only destabilize the world, undermine western society, and eventually leave the planet in ruin.

Someone with a higher IQ: Confronts your idiocy with reality.

You: Demand sources to prove that reality is real.

Fool who thinks this argument could go somewhere: Provides sources that prove reality is real.

You: Doubt those sources, demands sources that you trust--which have only ever regurgitated the idiocy you wholeheartedly believe in.

Fool who still thinks there's a possiblity you could be convinced otherwise: Gives an anecdotal example from real-life, personal experience proving that reality is real and you are stupid.

You: Dismiss anecdotal evidence as irrelevant, purport that no one has attempted to oppose your point of view; disregard sources you disbelieve and anecdotes you also disbelieve as having ever been part of the argument.

Fool who would beat you to death with a hammer if he could find you: Tells you to kill yourself for the sake of humanity.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 19/05/24(Fri)22:47 No. 1450 ID: a115ac

File 155873085519.jpg - (155.68KB , 570x1191 , Wolves.jpg )

True. In order to use Google one needs a certain level of insight to how search engines work in order to get it to spit out the results you want. His gerbil is more efficient at using Google than he his.

Anonymous 19/05/27(Mon)01:34 No. 1452 ID: a57521

>he his

Anonymous 19/05/31(Fri)22:04 No. 1460 ID: b0f049

File 155933309927.jpg - (54.94KB , 576x587 , Hurr.jpg )

>grammar nazi on a chan

Anonymous 17/09/24(Sun)05:47 No. 429 ID: 11862f [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 150622482221.png - (837.09KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2017-09-24 12-44-58.png )

>Well, Donal Trump had it all wrong.
>It was actually me, who was born in Kenya.

This joke is funny because she is white racially and culturally and that she was obviously therefor not born in Kenya. The part that's a jab at Duck for perpetuating the "birther" conspiracy isn't what people will be laughing about when they hear this.

Hillary makes this racially charged joke on mainstream TV and no one calls out her shit?

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Anonymous 19/01/31(Thu)06:17 No. 1235 ID: 7278e8

Interesting to see an attempted joke from an obvious 9 year old.

Anonymous 19/01/31(Thu)10:31 No. 1236 ID: 77dbf0

You're going to have to be a little more specific, unless you mean Shillary is a nine year old, or that her joke was written by one. It might have been written by one, it was a shitty joke; but Hill-dawg is geriatric, yo.

Anonymous 19/02/02(Sat)03:51 No. 1237 ID: b774b1

File 154907588534.jpg - (94.75KB , 750x602 , Ask Not.jpg )


Anonymous 18/11/07(Wed)14:19 No. 1076 ID: e2a530 [Reply]

File 154159676612.jpg - (862.06KB , 4032x3024 , 1485082085.jpg )

Red won!

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Anonymous 19/06/01(Sat)12:57 No. 1463 ID: b0f049

File 15593866791.jpg - (82.48KB , 512x768 , Dystopian.jpg )

>they never mention voting for anyone other than the two major parties
Yes, because they don't want you to throw your vote away on a candidate who's not going to win, who most of the time doesn't even embody the ideals and goals you want.

Like it or not, contrarians like yourself aren't a sizable voting bloc, nor ever will be. We want to vote for someone who represents what we believe in, not just voting different than other people to prove how edgy you are.

Anonymous 19/06/15(Sat)17:52 No. 1487 ID: 2ec585

>We want to vote for someone who represents what we believe in
If the people you believe in are Republicans or Democrats, you must be pretty gullible.

Anonymous 19/07/01(Mon)06:51 No. 1522 ID: bd6755

File 156195667570.png - (134.59KB , 500x500 , Norway.png )

If you think voting for some random third party just because they're a third party is actually voting your interest, you're just as simplistic and idiotic as the american libertarian party.

Here. You want to vote for a third party? How about this. Actually get off your ass, leave your residence, and join that party. Do grassroots work for it. Find out what it actually stands for. Work for a candidate's campaign. Make an actual commitment to someone you believe in. Or, more likely, get disillusioned by them the same way you're disillusioned by everyone else and end up slitting your wrists. Either way you're set for the rest of your life.

Because you know what? That's what a lot of us have done. We're not wasting time on some half-dead site railing about how everyone else sucks because they're not throwing their votes away on unelectable candidates just to assuage your autism. That's why so many of us know that the whataboutism you've bought into, that both parties are exactly the same, is complete and utter bullshit.

Anonymous 18/10/22(Mon)10:48 No. 1047 ID: bd488c [Reply]

File 154019813996.jpg - (29.27KB , 300x250 , 15.jpg )

Technically speaking, giving the choice of two genders based on either observable genitalia or genetic testing is insufficient: there are a range of hermaphrodites, and a number of chromosomal variations that should be accounted for.

That said, I support the administration's position that sex is not to be defined by how one feels, but by clinical fact.

Being transgender is a matter of identity, which the freedom of each individual to define when and how they see fit shall not be curtailed by requiring a medically sound description of their genetics and physiology for official uses.

You can still be whomever you want to be with a birth certificate that accurately describes the body you were born with.

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Anonymous 18/11/22(Thu)11:47 No. 1094 ID: 1d613b

>They did not prevent you from having the sex you want with women.
Maybe it is so because I had escaped
>Your parents should have been there to protect you and you had to learn to stick up for yourself.
My parents can't be around all the time as well as police (which does not serve and protect us well here in Ukraine)
>Of course, knowing the part of the world you come from, I'm surprised you weren't sold to a "child modeling" agency at age four.
There was no such organised agencies when I was 13 so lucky me.

>I think you need to deal with your insecurity regarding trans people.
There is no some major insecurity. It is just minor disgust like something I fell for mentally broken people with Down syndrome for example.

>If your argument was that gender dysphoria were a mental illness I could understand it
Gender dysphoria is not normal. It is in fact a desease. And I think it is somehow more complex than pure _mental_ disorder. It is more like schisophrenia which still does not understood by science and more likely to be some hereditary disease.

>but you aren't separating genetic variations from people who just feel like a different gender than they were born.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 18/11/24(Sat)17:14 No. 1095 ID: c259d7

>Maybe it is so because I had escaped
You have a point. Had you been captured and raped repeatedly for long enough to come to like it, you'd probably be faggot now.

>There is no some major insecurity. It is just minor disgust
You're pretty defensive for a person with no major insecurity.

>Gender dysphoria is not normal. It is in fact a desease. And I think it is somehow more complex than pure _mental_ disorder. It is more like schisophrenia which still does not understood by science and more likely to be some hereditary disease.
That's like, your opinion man.

>Not all mental disorders are purely mental. Some of them is more like brocen genes we still cannot fix.
True. Perhaps one day we will find a genetic source for some cases of gender dysphoria; I don't think we can account for all cases this way however. I'm also not saying we should cater to people who make up whatever "gender" they want to be. My point is that we are already aware of some variations in our genome, and whether or not they are diseases we should probably write down the whole truth on people's birth certificates so they can make and informed decision on how to live when they come of age.

>If you born with a crippled arms it does not mean you have a legitimate reason to demand "alternatively armed" status.
Have you seen that guy who plays piano with his feet?

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 19/01/01(Tue)21:26 No. 1176 ID: 822d20

>There was no such organised agencies when I was 13 so lucky me
I'm pretty sure there were organized groups of the kind he was referencing when you were 13.

He's talking about being sold into child sexual slavery.

Anonymous 18/08/13(Mon)14:57 No. 882 ID: bade33 [Reply]

File 153416506939.jpg - (48.22KB , 644x445 , antifa-dead-cops-644x445.jpg )

Antifa is fake, run and organized by the very right-wing groups they claim to be fighting.

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Anonymous 18/09/26(Wed)22:23 No. 961 ID: 8164ff

The reason we can't have nice things.

Anonymous 18/10/18(Thu)03:55 No. 1044 ID: a870df

Thanks to stepped up efforts to stop citizens from exercising their right to vote, don't be surprised if that map has no red or blue by 2018 or 2020.

The question then becomes when do people throw off the shackles of the .1%? It won't be a pretty response.

I'm honestly not sure if the people stripping citizens of their constitutional rights have actually thought that far ahead. Being born into more wealth than one could actually spend in one's lifetime doesn't make someone intelligent.

Anonymous 18/10/18(Thu)07:01 No. 1045 ID: 2be6c8

File 153983886313.jpg - (6.07KB , 239x211 , TuckingItBack.jpg )

>Being born into more wealth than one could actually spend in one's lifetime doesn't make someone intelligent.
Case in point.

Anonymous 16/11/13(Sun)06:06 No. 15 ID: 7676eb [Reply]

File 147901357253.jpg - (41.55KB , 624x351 , _92387384_obamatrump.jpg )

I’ve been thinking a lot about the meeting between Trump and Obama at the White House, and here’s the thing.

Obama used to be a law professor. This is key.

Law school is so, so different from college.

In college, everyone expects there to be a “syllabus day,” kind of a grace period where they can show up and get the lay of the land, figure out the bare minimum that they can get away with, the TA gives everyone their office hours, there’s an introductory lecture, and everybody leaves a few minutes early to go take a nap or something. You do the bullshit assignments, you say something in class now and then to get your participation check mark, and figure out how badly you can do on the final and still pass.

But see, in law school, all the methodologies you’ve spent the last 17 years operating under go out the window. Day one of law school is you being thrown into the deep end of the pool—you’ve had a homework assignment for two weeks now, and it’s to read the first 200 pages of your casebook. And now it’s you and the teacher (who is usually as smug as Alex Trebek) gauging and assessing what you managed to absorb while you skimmed through all those pages of reading so you could hurry up and get to the other 150 pages of reading for your next period class, in front of 50 people who are all smarter than you. And if you fuck up, or you didn’t do the reading, you are at the mercies of not just the professor, but the silent satisfied judgment of your peers.

Law school is hard, and it will make you feel stupid and tongue-tied and like you don’t know anything and can’t form an argument—because you don’t, and you can’t. Everybody there has had a 4.0 since birth. Everybody there was the smartest kid in their class, and you’re all rabidly competing for a sliver of a chance at something down the road. It’s petty, and savage, fiercely entrenched in a culture of formalities and ceremony, and exactly like Washington DC.

Yesterday when I was driving home, the NPR reporter talking about the Oval Office meeting mentioned that Trump had thought it was going to be a “getting to know you” type meeting, but that he was surprised when Obama stretched their talk out to 90 minutes before sending him along to the Capitol building where he met with congressional leaders for more lengthy meetings and stuff he didn’t want to do.

And he hasn’t even gotten to the actual job yet.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

18 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 18/05/29(Tue)08:03 No. 799 ID: e7aae7

That's pretty much what I posted, except to point out that there's nothing new about it. Yeah, the "everyman" shtick is old, but at least before mass media I could excuse people for not really knowing much about the candidate's personal lives. Now it should be the most embarrasing and shameful ruse that no politician could ever pull off with a straight face, but it seems to work even more effectively than ever now that they can smear that bullshit all over the country in nanoseconds.

Anonymous 18/05/29(Tue)17:45 No. 801 ID: 7274a1

Mass media has been around since the 50's, but it used to have a censor for lies and inappropriate opinions.

Since the internet anybody can spread whatever bullshit they want about anything across the world and some people will believe it because they're stupid or biased or gullible or too lazy to do they're own research.

Anonymous 18/05/30(Wed)20:24 No. 802 ID: ead321

Actually no, it really started in earnest in the 80s when the Fairness doctrine was abolished by Raygun. Without that the entire right wing media fantasy bubble would never have been allowed. The internet was just the cherry on top.

Anonymous 18/04/04(Wed)06:44 No. 597 ID: 58fd5a [Reply]

File 152281704547.jpg - (22.29KB , 446x330 , images (2).jpg )

Every three days or so, there's dire news about Tesla's future, followed soon after by glowing sales reports or new innovations.

This stock is being manipulated by the media in a really predictable way. I'm thinking about investing at the next cycle.

Anonymous 18/05/18(Fri)16:45 No. 763 ID: ea6eb9

not worth it, buy stock in ceiling fans, i predict they are all the rage in 2044.

Anonymous 18/05/24(Thu)02:19 No. 775 ID: 2be65b

yesterday's headline: Tesla must sell expensive hi-spec 3s before mass-production type can roll out, or die!
today's headline: Finally, good news for Tesla! Tariff reduction in China likely to boost Tesla sales; Ys coming.

I'm on the fence.

Assuming there's any /civ/ilization left to use them.

Anonymous 18/08/12(Sun)14:01 No. 881 ID: cbc430

In 2044 a ceiling fan will be an indentured child you attach to your ceiling, who waves their limbs around to cause air movement on command.

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