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Climate change Anonymous 21/10/22(Fri)22:11 No. 2115 ID: fae231

File 163493348056.png - (311.11KB , 751x717 , 1634445934112.png )

Is bad, mmkay?

Anonymous 21/10/24(Sun)05:58 No. 2117 ID: 9ae865

I'm just happy I will not have to live to hear the inane bullshit deniers will be saying as New York and other costal cities are washed out around the world.

What's your plan? Blame China? Will your hard on for the second amendment save you from extreme weather?

The planet is fucked, we fucked it, there is no debate.

All that's left is to see how hard you morons are determined to die and take everyone with you.

And I will be old and then dead before the worst of it, thankfully.

Anonymous 21/12/04(Sat)02:31 No. 2163 ID: 6f8a99

I would begin by blaming Hussein Obama's incompetent nigger-lead EPA for illegally dumping corexit 9000 into the gulf of mexico to cover up for his good friends at british petroleum. That substantially reduced the strength of the gulf stream, which is the actual reason why a lot of warm water tends to build up near NYC, which is roughly about up the coast where it really starts dying out.

But an actual great flood would most likely come from something cosmological, which it's an orbital anomaly, disorganization of the magentosphere, some huge celestial body swinging through the solar system, an asteroid impact, or something else like that. Ice ages and warming periods don't occur because humans do or do not drive cars or shoot guns. The climate always has and always will change, and if you view that as a danger then you should learn some actual fucking science and think about how best to be able to adapt to whatever changes the future might bring.

Anonymous 21/12/09(Thu)06:20 No. 2166 ID: 7cb4c3


*revs engine*


Anonymous 21/12/16(Thu)15:13 No. 2170 ID: 12d9db

Can we be serious?

On the one hand you are not entirely wrong. The onus was never on us as the consumer. Car exhaust is nothing compared to industrial air pollution. The plastic bottle you chucked out the window is nothing compared to the tons of plastic dumped in the ocean because there was nowhere else for it to go.

On the other hand, not being the biggest asshole doesn't mean it's okay to be an asshole. You could try to reduce your carbon footprint anyway, or at least try not to contribute money to corporations that don't care if your children will have air to breathe, water to drink, or food to eat.

No one's asking you to go be a hermit in the woods or live off nothing but soybean paste. Just try to give a shit about the human race.

We're going to have to leave this planet some day anyway, before the sun explodes. That may be a long way off, but right now we're on course to die out before we develop the technology to establish even a temporary presence on Mars.

Anonymous 21/12/20(Mon)07:43 No. 2174 ID: 7cb4c3

Hate the world, and love God

Anonymous 22/01/10(Mon)16:44 No. 2177 ID: 6f8a99

Plastic and industrial pollution is one thing. Carbon is entirely irrelevant.

Anonymous 22/01/11(Tue)23:12 No. 2181 ID: 3ffdd5

File 164193915986.jpg - (56.85KB , 623x386 , FHT2pdhXIAYV7gw.jpg )

Lizardperson who doesn't breathe oxygen detected

Anonymous 22/02/24(Thu)23:00 No. 2185 ID: 8bcc12

Not that Anon, but then why are they trying to re-cycle communism with thirdie romanticism for the n:th time? :-/


Anonymous 22/03/16(Wed)12:16 No. 2186 ID: 94380b


What it feels like in that picture.

Anonymous 22/03/23(Wed)02:30 No. 2190 ID: 0dbae0


Shame on you posting music only nigger faggot losers like.

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