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Propaganda Cities The Red Barron 23/03/10(Fri)14:00 No. 2269 ID: fff4f2

File 167845321643.jpg - (114.24KB , 850x1133 , __phoebe_i_became_a_god_in_a_horror_game_drawn_by_.jpg )

Hey so you know how people online make fun of places in China and South Korea being basically desolate despite having skyscrapers and shit? So I found some places in America that do the same thing.

The goal of such places is to keep a segmented, evil group of the populace protected from the throes of daily life, like niggers. I didn't know that before I stumbled onto one right here in America, but when I arrived in this town I stopped because of one reason--no niggers! I saw all of three niggers in the town in the several days I was there.

How do they do it!? How could they keep niggers out!? Niggers, the festering and evil plague, the disease of the world that spreads without end until God Himself intervenes, kept out so easily? You guys should have seen how free these people were, I actually had a male kid around 16 or 17 go streaking at night around 1AM in front of me. The women there were somehow not raped, not wearing prostitute's outfits or anything of the modern sort.

The answer is by making sure every piece of land is completely fucking unavailable. I looked online for a place to rent, mind you this is so far outside of normal civilization the gas station was the super market and there was no walmart, most place like this have fucking HOUSES available for 400$ a month. The cheapest room to rent? Well the first site said UNAVAILABLE hilariously, the next said;


Holy fucking shit! It was a single story crack house, for TWO AND A HALF THOUSAND FUCKING DOLLARS a month! I realized I was in a den of thieves here, this was no ordinary town filled with billionaires. The downtown area had all of two viable businesses--a tavern that didn't care to renew its liquor license because it preferred the virgin children, and a pizza shop that smelled of sillicates. Rent for these places must have been around 5k$ a month which would make it literally impossible in a town of five thousand people to survive at all. I started talking to the locals about their lovely town...

They were almost all vets. They all looked hilariously like feds, buff, in shape white men slightly taller than me. There were TWO gun shops in the same area, downtown. The only other shops were insurance and a funeral home. That's when I realized this place really doesn't want me here at all, they live here to stay away from reality, from America, from the people they force to live with niggers as they rob us of our tax money.

Anonymous 23/07/06(Thu)18:15 No. 2301 ID: c94efc

Yeah it always perturbed me that people complain about this in NK and China with their planned economic systems, yet, when the free market does it it's magically ok.

Anonymous 23/07/10(Mon)12:33 No. 2302 ID: 283da3


Yeah, it's is strange is not.
Have you ever tried explaining this to people.
I have and no matter what thier background, left, right, in the middle, poor or rich, dumb or clever?
Not one one of them can get a handle on it.
Western brainwashing is more brain damage.
I still did it ever now and again.
Yet no western, european where I am ever understands.
It' a trip for sure.
Hey hope you have great day anon

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