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Underappreciated Superheroes Anonymous 18/09/17(Mon)16:44 No. 25292

File 153719547291.jpg - (63.80KB , 429x640 , 4394-1406-4804-1-mystery-in-space-1.jpg )

Adam Strange has taken down the entire Justice League, fought the Thanagarians, and goes around fighting with a rocket pack and a cutlass. On top of all that he has to fuck the Rannian race back into existence. Adam Strange is a badass. Give me your favorite underapperciated heroes.

Anonymous 20/08/05(Wed)12:46 No. 25721

FightMan is one of my favorite heroes just for being a horrible hero who is basically a manchild in the body of a superhero and solves everything by punching it while his home city hates him for causing property damage, he doesn't have many appearences in Marvel only appearing in 5 comics with his first appearence being a Bill and Ted comic and his last major appearence being in Agent X issue 10 and 11 but I seem to have a fondness towards characters with short legacies and minor appearences

Respect the American Eagle! Anonymous 22/05/31(Tue)17:45 No. 26038

American Eagle vs. Bullseye.

Marvel comics' American Eagle is a superhero to be given appreciation!

Anonymous 22/05/31(Tue)20:28 No. 26039

Red Wolf and Tigra battle the Super-Skrull!

Unafraid to fight the Super-Skrull, Red Wolf and Tigra are IMO superheroes to be given appreciation!

Respect the Masked Marvel! Anonymous 22/05/31(Tue)20:49 No. 26040

Speedball vs. Terrax!

Struck by Terrax only to bounce back AND striking Terrax with more force than Thor's hammer (having learned to manipulate his kinetic energy as a form of attack) leads to appreciation for the masked marvel Speedball!

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