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Dork Diaries Anonymous 22/02/01(Tue)04:44 No. 25928

File 164368705362.png - (55.76KB , 342x500 , dork-diaries-15-702-342x500[1].png )

Does anyone else here really like Dork Diaries? It is like Diary of a Whimpy Kid, but it has more appeal for adults and anime fans. It is about the adventures of Nikki Maxwell in middle school. There is even a spoiled alpha rich girl Mackenzie Hollister frenemy character.

The 15th book in the series. "Tales from a not so Posh Paris Adventure" was supposed to come out, but it just kept getting pushed forward during COVID, and it still isn't out

Anonymous 22/06/01(Wed)20:52 No. 26054

File 165410953976.jpg - (93.48KB , 735x762 , DDkiddystuff.jpg )

HELP! I Still Love Stuff That My Friends Say Is For Little Kids!

Anonymous 22/06/23(Thu)20:35 No. 26123

Naah it's for guys that wanna be girls. Dork diaries was the shit back in high school

Anonymous 22/07/08(Fri)18:22 No. 26140

File 165729737440.png - (26.06KB , 502x588 , illustration-1.png )

I haven't ever know this until now
but she is cute

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