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John Smith 20/12/18(Fri)14:38 No. 47659

File 160829873361.jpg - (117.13KB , 1440x960 , sourdough-pizza-crust-closeup.jpg )

Hello John,

I've recently taken up making sourdough pizzas as a hobby; although not particularly complex by any means, it is still nonetheless fascinating to realize that you can produce such an intricate dish using nothing but flour, water, salt, cheese, and tomatoes.

John Smith 20/12/24(Thu)06:48 No. 47664

I'm jealous, my bread always comes out terrible. I always try and use as little ingredients as possible, just natural stone ground flour and water, I tend to be a great brickmaker and a poor baker

John Smith 20/12/24(Thu)21:21 No. 47666

pizza is more forgiving, because if your dough doesn't rise then you just end up with a flat crust pizza instead.

John Smith 21/01/19(Tue)05:44 No. 47690

I would like to take this moment to thank the native murrucans for cultivating the tomato during their great agricultural revolution along with other tasty veggies. Just imagine what Italian food was like before the discovery, exploitation, genocide and ransacking of the Americas. The Dpice Islands, India, the Americas, mmmmm. medieval colonialism may have been evil, but it sure is tasty.

John Smith 21/01/19(Tue)05:47 No. 47691

On the other hand, considering the vastness of the British Empire, it completely fails to explain the abomination that is British cooking and raises several new questions about hereditary taste bud defects.

John Smith 21/01/22(Fri)02:52 No. 47697

British culture is mainly parts of their (former) colonies.
Hell, even Britiah rock is mainly inspired by American blues.

John Smith 21/03/16(Tue)13:33 No. 47737

I love your mug brownies they are amazing and have saved my life in the most extreme of times when there was nothing sweet at home (◕ᴗ◕✿) you are amazing

John Smith 21/06/20(Sun)11:36 No. 47833

File 162418177935.png - (797.13KB , 1000x667 , delish-shortbread-cookies-horizontal-1541977640.png )

I made shortbread for the first time the other day. I was also amazed that it only takes butter, sugar and flour to make something this nice.

John Smith 21/10/30(Sat)21:49 No. 47955

White people enjoy real-life bestiality yet no one says anything about it.
Also, kemonomimi isn't bestiality.

John Smith 21/10/31(Sun)01:49 No. 47956

Are you feeling okay, John?

John Smith 21/10/31(Sun)06:01 No. 47957

I'm not sure I'd like sourdough pizza. I think I'd find sourdough better for sandwiches.

John is having a psychotic break, John.

John Smith 21/11/03(Wed)01:16 No. 47970

Wrong thread. My bad.
Yes. John_Smith.exe has encountered an error.
>Shut down
(CNTRL ALT DEL doesn't exist in this programming)

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