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John Smith 22/11/07(Mon)02:17 No. 48440

File 166778386577.jpg - (7.32KB , 204x247 , download (4).jpg )

Harvey Dent: Can we trust him?

John Smith 22/11/07(Mon)09:22 No. 48441

Only half of the time.

John Smith 22/11/07(Mon)10:34 No. 48442


John Smith 23/02/19(Sun)00:13 No. 48570

"Well, he seems to be the best that we got......"

John Smith 23/02/19(Sun)09:59 No. 48571

File 167679719422.jpg - (176.08KB , 850x1441 , __hina_blue_archive_drawn_by_superpig__sample-ec8d.jpg )

Didn't he end up being two-face or something

John Smith 23/03/11(Sat)02:22 No. 48611

File 16784977209.jpg - (59.93KB , 471x703 , EXB-HjhVcAEawyu.jpg )

You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain

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