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Breaking Bo Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 13/12/08(Sun)21:03 No. 20427 ID: 0550d2

[male, gay, high school]
Usually I'd write a more specific set of tags, but I want this story to be an open-ended work-in-progress. Although I do have a basic plot outlined for 8-9 chapters, I'm always open to suggestions from you guys about what direction you'd like the story to go. Feel free to suggest something in the comments. All suggestions are appreciated, but please remember it's simply not possible to satisfy them all. =(

This story is set in an all-boys boarding school for Grade 8-12 students (13-17 years old). The main characters are students who live within the 5 different boarding houses, one house for each year of students. The school itself is in a big city on the edge of a river. Beyond the boarding houses, but still part of the school grounds, there is a peninsula of forest/scrub land known as the Hook.

Breaking Bo Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 13/12/08(Sun)21:05 No. 20428 ID: 0550d2

Chapter 1 – The Champ

The boy took a deep breath, bent his knees and leaned forward. Smooth, lean legs tensed as his firm young butt swayed side to side. He wiped hot sweat from his brow and brushed a few stray hairs from his eyes, as they focussed on the challenge ahead. He knew it would be coming in hard and fast...
Thwock! The tennis ball rocketed down the centre service line and raced past the frame of his racquet, slamming into the fence behind.
Bo tapped himself on the head with his strings as he walked to retrieve the ball.
Should've known he'd try one down the middle at 15-40.
He scooped up the ball and whacked it back under the net to his opponent.
Still got one match point.
Bo sprung over to the ad side and tensed, his face a mask of determination.
He'll try another down the middle for sure.
His opponent began his serve.
No mercy.
Thwock! The tennis ball rocketed down the centre service line once again - straight onto the middle of Bo's strings. His breath caught in his throat as he watched the ball soar back over the net, fly across the court, and bounce on the baseline; before beating his opponent's outstretched racquet and racing away to the fence.
I did it!
He clenched his fist and exhaled in relief. The final score was 6-4 6-7 7-5. At the age of just 15 he had now proven himself to be one of the top tennis players in the school.
He jogged to the net and shook hands with his rival. The older boy congratulated the younger boy as they thanked each other for a great game. Bo's bright blue eyes gleamed and he couldn't keep the grin from his normally reserved face as he walked off the court to his fellow Grade 10 team mates.
“Bo that was an awesome match!”
“You beat a Grade 12!”
“Man! Josh is one of the best players in the state and you smoked him!”
Usually a very shy boy, right now Bo was floating on a cloud. Even though his young body was yet to fully develop, he was easily the best player in his year group, and had been since joining the school in Grade 8. Two lazy coaches in his first years meant he was never given the chance to see if he could compete with the seniors. His coach hadn't even considered the option this year, until Bo defeated him in a practice match at training. After such a long wait it felt great to finally prove himself.
“Thanks guys,” said Bo, softly. He shuffled nervously, staring at this shoes. “It means a lot that you stayed behind to cheer for m-”
“You boys, training finished 30 minutes ago! Grab your gear and go home. I don't want to deal with any angry parents tomorrow,” said a gruff voice from behind. Bo spun around to see Coach Thorne standing there with his arms crossed, wearing a stern expression. He was a tall, rangy man with chiselled features and a hard edge to his face.
“Well I still wasn't real sure you were up to it little Bo.” His steely face broke into a grin. “Guess I was wrong huh? Josh is no push-over, and you didn't let him break you even once. Well played today young man.”
“Thanks for giving me the chance Coach.” said Bo.
“My pleasure.”
Bo turned to move back to his team.
“Wait a minute,” said Thorne. “Before you go, starting next Monday you no longer train with us – you'll be playing with the 1st Team. ” They discussed the details for a few minutes until all was said and organised.
“Well Bo, unless I take up a supervisors job in your boarding house, I won't be seeing much of you any more.” Thorne let his eyes rove as he slowly looked the cute boy up and down, making him blush, and then smiled. “Bit of a shame really.” Bo turned bright red.

Breaking Bo Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 13/12/08(Sun)21:07 No. 20429 ID: 0550d2

He headed back to collect his gear. Most of the team had left for home by now. Two members remained chatting amongst themselves; Ben and Azza. They were the only other boarding students in Grade 10 who played tennis, and as a result of this, his closest friends. Grins appeared on their faces as Bo approached.
“Nice game Bo,” said Ben. “You alright? You're kinda red in the face.”
The trio began walking back to their boarding house.
“You'd be red as well after a two-hour workout under this sun.” said Bo, glancing back at a receding Coach Thorne.
Then his face broke into a cheeky grin.
“You know you didn't have to wait for me guys, it is kinda hot out here.” He paused. “Even for the champ.”
The two other boys laughed at this. Normally a serious, introverted boy, it was rare for them to see Bo come out of his shell.
“Ah, but we have to walk you back to the house to stop your head from swelling up like a balloon!” said Ben, with a smirk on his face. He had large brown eyes, and was of a similar build as Bo. Smooth skin, lithe legs and a firm body. Except Ben had messy brown hair while Bo's was a wavy dirty-blonde.
“Exactly,” said Azza with a chuckle. “If we just left, you'd probably be found by the janitor in the morning, halfway back to the house with your head all blown up. Or right off. Maybe both.” Azza was bigger than the other two boys in all respects, built with a wiry muscular frame and short black hair; but always with a grin on his face and a joke on his lips.
“Or maybe you'd never be found at all,” added Ben. “Maybe you'd go full hot air balloon mode and just sail away over the horizon.”
“Actually Ben,” said Azza. “I think I can see his head growing already!” He leaned in for closer look. “Look at those massive ears! Has his nose grown bigger? Help me ground him before he launches into orbit!”
The two laughing boys pounced on Bo, using their combined bodies to wrestle him to the ground. Bo played along, pretending to struggle valiantly against the assault. What the other two boys didn't know was that Bo was secretly enjoying this new sensation of having two fit young guys writhing all over him.
He could feel smooth skin touching and sliding across his own. The warmth of their bodies as they held him down. The sweet smell of the two sweaty boys mixed with his own. He could feel a familiar stirring begin in his shorts, as his young dick began to harden. Bo let out a small gasp.
Why does this feel so good?
Sadly, the moment was gone too soon as the two sweaty boys disentangled themselves and released him. Azza leaned down and examined Bo's head from up close.
“Well Ben, I think his head looks normal again,”
“Indeed,” said Ben. “Guess it's your lucky day Bo. You made the 1st tennis team, and most of all, thanks to us you didn't float away with a disfigured head!”
Bo lay there on his back looking up at them.
“Gee thanks guys, you're both so good to me” he said with a wry smile.
Ben reached down a hand to help him to his feet. Bo suddenly found himself checking out his friend's young body. He was seeing Ben in a totally new light, like he was seeing him for the first time. He found himself admiring the tanned legs, which ran up smooth thighs to join onto a firm round butt. Soft brown hair, those big brown eyes, slightly red cheeks, soft pink lips and-
What the hell is happening to me?
Bo shook his head and steadied himself as he found his feet. They resumed their journey.
“Thanks Ben,” said Bo softly. Ben turned and raised an eyebrow in question. “For the help up I mean,” he quickly added. Azza snorted.
“Ben you're a spaz sometimes I swear. What else would he be thanking you for?”
Before Ben could reply Bo jumped in.
“I guess I should really thank you both. You know, for making me even dirtier and smellier than I was. And messing up my shirt. And giving me grass burn.”
“Yeah yeah,” said Ben, smiling and looking back. Then added in a sly tone “You know you loved it.”
Bo's laugh died in his throat and he began to stammer a protest. Ben grinned. Azza laughed and clapped the other two boys on the back.
“Come on you dorks, we're all as filthy as pigs in shit. Time to hit the showers!”

Breaking Bo Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 13/12/08(Sun)21:08 No. 20430 ID: 0550d2

The three boys entered their home, Boarding House Ten. Or as they just called it – Ten. A rectangular building, containing four separate wings of six rooms each, one for each boy. Each wing had its own bathroom, which had three shower and toilet cubicles each.
Azza peeled away and headed straight towards his wing, which was also Bo's.
“Ya might wanna hurry up Bo,” called Azza over his shoulder. “Doubt there's much hot water left since we're the last two back.”
“See you at dinner Ben,” said Bo.
Ben grinned and headed off towards his own wing at the other end of the house.
Bo entered his room and let the heavy wooden door close behind. He kicked off his tennis shoes and flopped face-first onto the bed. His tight muscles ached after his tiring afternoon. He had started to doubt himself after losing the second set, but he had been mentally tough and held on to come out on top. The victory should've had him feeling elated, but right now he was feeling confused.
Winning his tennis match against Josh should've been the highlight of his week. It opened up an incredible opportunity to train with the best players at school and greatly improve his game. Instead, his minute of wrestling with his two friends kept bubbling to the surface of his mind. Images of his two friends floated through his head. Ben's warm, soft body. Azza's toned muscles, coated in coarse dark hair. Bo rolled onto his back and let his mind wander. His brain replaying the event.
His left hand roamed under his shirt, brushing lightly against his flat stomach, as he remembered the feel of Ben's silky skin against his own. Bo's right hand slipped down into his shorts, and he began to fondle his balls as his soft dick slowly hardened. He could feel the weight of Azza's body on top of him. He began to rub his swelling shaft. He remembered the smell of being so close to the two other boys, their combined body-heat igniting his skin as they wrestled, pinning him to the ground. Making him feel helpless. Bo let out a sigh.
Damn that feels good...
His dick was now rock-hard, and he began to slide his hand up and down. His other hand moved under his top at a steady speed, exploring and massaging his chest. Drops of pre-cum came oozing out of his slit. Bo spread it all over his shaft and used the smoothness to increase his action into a solid rhythm. He was quickly becoming overwhelmed, and he could feel a familiar sensation building in his groin. His jerking picked up speed, making his smooth round balls bounce up and down.
Bo paused for a moment to slide his shorts halfway down his creamy thighs. First exposing his smooth waist. Then a few short, soft blonde pubes. Then finally revealing his cute small dick. Free of the shorts it was now twitching, begging for more attention.
He let out a soft moan as his hand resumed stroking. His dick was throbbing like crazy. He he could hear the blood pounding in his ears. Faster and faster. His mind was in overdrive, replaying images and sensations over and over.
Oh shit I'm getting close...
Bo's entire body tingled. His hand worked his dick as fast as he could go. He could feel his load building up in the bottom of his bouncing sack, welling up into his shaft. He lifted up his shirt, exposing his firm chest and small pink nipples. His breath came in ragged gasps. He pumped harder and harder until finally he couldn't take it any more. His small balls were aching, begging for release. Bo's entire body tensed. His back arched, thrusting his hips into the air. His hands froze, his mouth hanging open in ecstasy.
Ohhh fuuuck!
Bo's body shook. He gasped as a thick line of cum shot out of his cock and splattered onto his chest. His dick pulsed and two more ropes of hot jizz landed on his stomach. Bo resumed his furious jerking and another lot of cum spat into the air. His pace slowed as the intense orgasm started to fade. Bo slowly milked his softening dick, forcing the remainder of his load to dribble out. The last of his perfect white cum trickled through his hand and pooled together where his shaft joined his body.
Holy shit.
Bo took a moment to catch his breath. He gazed down at the sticky mess he'd made all over himself. He ran a finger through the mess on his stomach, up to his nipples, leaving a slimy trail of jizz where it went. It was the biggest load he'd ever seen.
Of course it wasn't his first time jerking off, but it was definitely the first time he'd thought about guys to get off. Not just any guys either. He let out a satisfied sigh. One thing he knew for sure - he had never cum so hard in his life.

Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 13/12/08(Sun)21:13 No. 20431 ID: 0550d2

Hope you liked the start! I have roughly half of the second chapter written and edited. Should be finished in a couple days.

Nice! Lickit 13/12/08(Sun)22:13 No. 20432 ID: 49e734

> Bo slowly milked his softening dick

Breaking Bo Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 13/12/11(Wed)01:58 No. 20444 ID: 7e382c

Chapter 2 – The Winner Takes It All

The sound of the bathroom door slamming snapped Bo out of his post-orgasm trance. He looked down at his jizz-covered body.
Yeah I should go shower now.
He slid his shirt over his head and slowly sat up, causing warm cum to run down his stomach. He swung his legs to the side of the bed and quickly reached for some tissues, wiping away as much as he could. Once he was satisfied semen wouldn't drip onto the dark blue carpet, he stood up.
Really not a good colour floor for a boy's boarding house.
Be wiggled his legs to make his shorts slide to the floor and stepped out of them, now completely naked. A small step and he stood in front of the mirror, examining himself.
Bo ran a hand through his wavy blonde hair. He was for the most part happy with his young body. It was fit and lean without being skinny, and had nice round features without being chubby. Very little body hair. He turned side-on and lifted up his dick, giving it a little jiggle. He reckoned it was about three inches long, while going out to maybe four and a half inches when hard. Just average in thickness. Bo sighed.
The Toyota Corolla of dicks.
Sneaky glances in the gym's changing rooms had shown him that the more developed guys his age were all longer and thicker than him. He wondered if many of the other boys had noticed his smaller package, although no one had ever made fun of him. It sucked being a late bloomer.
The squeal of taps and the sound of running water echoed from the bathroom. Bo grabbed his shower gel and blue towel, wrapped it around his waist and stepped out of his room. The bathroom was at the opposite end of the hallway, the other five bedrooms making up the wing were in between. Most were silent as he walked past, though he could hear the muffled sounds of boys laughing in one room.
Bo quietly pushed open the heavy bathroom door and looked around. The room was filled with steam, it's white tiles dripping with condensation. He could just see the empty toilet doors to his left, and in front of him three sinks below a large mirror. He headed to his right, where he could see the top of a familiar black haired-head inside the first shower. He walked past the closed curtain and into the middle cubicle. Hanging on the wall which divided the two showers was a fluffy red towel, which Bo also recognised.
“Hope your not gonna boil to death in there Azza? I could barely see through all the steam.”
He heard Azza draw a sharp intake of breath and curse, and then the sound of his hand slapping onto the tiles in frustration.
“Jesus Bo, didn't someone teach you not to sneak up on people while they-” He voice trailed off and fell silent. Bo let out a small giggle as he hung his towel on the wall.
Guess I wasn't the only one in the mood.
“While they what,” asked Bo innocently.
Azza grunted.
“While they're [/i]showering[/i] you little twerp.” He quickly changed the subject. “Anyways, what took you so long? We gotta head down to dinner in 15 minutes.”
Azza couldn't see Bo blush, as he looked down at his sticky, glistening chest and remembered what had delayed his trip to the shower. He quickly turned the taps on and let the hot water begin to cleanse his body.
The boys fell silent. Bo got busy rubbing shower gel onto his body, washing away the last of his jizz. The sticky spots stood out on his lightly tanned smooth skin. After a while he'd covered the rest of his body with gel, and stood there for a moment to let it seep into his skin. He became aware of how quiet the bathroom was. All Bo could hear was the rush of running water.
Hmm, normally Azza never shuts up.
He flicked his wet hair to one side and put his ear against the dividing wall. He could hear short, heavy breathing, and when he really focussed, the slippery sounds of soapy skin rubbing together. The images from Bo's little session earlier came rushing back to his head, to join the new ones forming in his mind. He pictured Azza standing naked in the shower, one hand leaning on the wall. Tense muscles showing under glistening skin as soapy water ran down his body. Slightly hunched over, as his right hand jerked off a long, hard cock. Big hairy balls bouncing up and down.
Bo's dick gave an involuntary twitch as it began to grow. For the second time in half an hour his hand slipped down to his groin and unconsciously began rubbing his rapidly hardening pole. He closed his eyes and leaned one shoulder into wall, as though trying to get as close as possible to Azza. Wishing the wall wasn't there.
Then he slipped.
His still-soapy shoulder lost all friction, causing Bo to spin around smack back-first into the wall, and slide down into a sitting pose. Ears ringing from the impact, Bo took a moment to recover before climbing back to his feet. The sexy noises coming from Azza's stall stopped, and he heard another muttered curse.
“What the hell man?”
“Uh, I slipped,” said Bo quickly. “I was, uh, trying to rub my, uh, back and I lost my grip on the wall.” He hoped Azza wouldn't guess what he'd been doing, just call him a moron and then carry on rubbing one out himself. Instead he heard Azza burst into laughter.
“Hmm, not a very convincing story Bo.”
Uh oh.
Suddenly Azza's grinning face appeared just above the wall dividing separating them, peering down at Bo.
“When you snuck in and caught me jerking off I put the idea into your head huh?”
Bo cheeks flushed red and he quickly covered himself with his hands and spun so he was facing away. Azza laughed.
“Don't worry Bo, I didn't bring my magnifying glass.” He winked, then disappeared back below the top of the wall.
Bo released his arms, letting them hang by his side. He slowly turned back in Azza's direction, his limp dick flopping against his thighs. The fall and his subsequent embarrassment had made him go soft.
“Please, don't tell anyone?” he asked quietly. He heard Azza chuckle from over the wall.
“Bo, every single guy in this boarding house – hell, every guy in the school jerks off. You're not the only one. Nothing to be embarrassed about.”
Maybe he didn't really see my..”
“In fact, maybe we could -” Azza stopped and cleared his throat.
“We could what?” said Bo.
“I couldn't suggest it to the other guys cos they wouldn't understand,” said Azza, his usually jovial voice now serious. “But I think maybe you might.”
“Maybe I might what??” said Bo louder, feeling slightly nervous.
“Well we were already jerking off at the same time.” Azza paused. “Maybe you'd be up for a jizz race?”
Bo pubescent mind whirled as he guessed at what Azza meant.
Does he mean..?
“If you mean what I think you do I-” His voice trembled slightly. “Sounds like fun.”
Suddenly a third person in the bathroom spoke up.
“Well well,” said the mystery voice. “What I have walked into here?”

Breaking Bo Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 13/12/11(Wed)01:59 No. 20445 ID: 7e382c

The gushing of water through the showers was the only sound Bo could hear. He was frozen in place, too scared to respond. Judging from the silence in Azza's shower, clearly he also had no idea how to react.
The patter of bare feet on tiles sounded, as the unknown person padded past the first two showers and entered the last. Bo heard the shower curtain close, and saw a white towel flop over his wall. The new boy turned on the taps. The only noise in the room was running water. Finally a hesitant Azza spoke up.
“So uh, who's that?”
Silence. A few seconds passed. Nothing, except the sound of a shampoo bottle being opened. Azza began to lose patience. He banged on the wall.
“Hey! Who just came in?” he asked again, louder.
Still silence. Then suddenly laughter, as though the person couldn't stifle it any more. Bo recognised it instantly, and couldn't help laughing himself.
“Ben! You jerk! Why'd you have to do that to us?”
A slap of hand on wall rang from Azza's shower, and his head appeared above Bo's wall. He scrambled to cover himself again.
“Cheeky rat, you had us for a moment there Ben,” said Azza, chuckling. “Why are you in our showers anyway?”
“Mine are all full,” said Ben. His grinning face appeared above the other wall.
“Oh hi there Bo!” His eyes turned towards Azza. “Most of my wing are in the rowing team, and they got back late from training too. I thought you might have an empty shower here.”
“Fair enough,” said Azza. “Dick-move not to knock though!” Ben sniggered.
“A dick-move? Isn't that exactly what you two were about to do?” Before Bo or Azza could interrupt he continued. “Well I'm down for it. This “jizz race” thing sounds kinda fun.”
Bo gulped. It all seemed too good to be true.
“Okay then,” said Azza. “The game is easy. We all start jerking off, the first guy to jizz wins the prize.”
“What's the prize?” said Ben. “Do I even want to know..?”
Azza grinned.
“Dinner starts in about ten minutes right? We get pudding on Fridays, so the winner takes all the puddings!”
At the moment Bo couldn't care less about a stupid puddding. Just the thought of this jizz race with Ben and Azza was making him hot and bothered.
I can think of a better prize than pudding.
He felt his dick starting to swell under his hands. He shifted slightly, hoping the two boys wouldn't notice.
“Seems simple enough I guess,” said Ben. He smiled then quickly disappeared back into his shower. “Your puddings are mine losers!”
“You got no chance mate!” said Azza. His face vanished as well, giving Bo the privacy to uncover himself. His thoughts turned to the boys either side of him. His dick was now hard, beginning to throb. Bo imagined their glistening naked bodies, hands stroking their long thick cocks. Big balls flopping around with every jerk.
Right next to me. Only a thin wall between us.
Bo could hear short, heavy breathing coming through his walls as the the two other boys worked their dicks. Since deciding to take part in the jizz race, they no longer cared about keeping silent. Low moans were coming through the wall from Azza's shower.
Bo turned to Ben's wall and put his ear against it, now quickly jerking his dick. He could hear a continuous slapping, no doubt made by Ben's hand smacking into his balls as he furiously worked his cock.
Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap.
He heard Ben groan, the sound making Bo shudder with pleasure.
I wonder who he's thinking about.
His stroking picked up speed until he was at his limit. His whole body beginning to tingle.
The slapping of hands on balls resonated through the bathroom. It seemed all three were gradually building to orgasm. Bo could hear the other two moaning in pleasure. He pictured their veiny, swollen cocks. Pulsing like crazy, ready to burst with hot cum. He let out a soft moan of his own.
Bo heard Azza's breathing get shorter and lighter.
Fuck, Azza's about to blow.
Bo slowed his jerking and listened in.
“Ohh yeah I'm close,” moaned Azza. Bo heard him take a huge breath. He pictured Azza's muscles tightening, back arched as he hunched over. His mouth loosely hanging open as he neared climax. Bo wished he was tall enough to peek over the wall.
Azza let out a gasp, and the slapping noise stopped. His breath became stunted as his big cock spasmed, shooting a thick line of cum onto the wall tiles. Bo heard the slaps start again, as he imagined Azza pounding the big cock. Bo could actually hear more ropes of jizz splatter onto the wall with soft thuds. He listened in as the sounds faded, the room growing quiet. He could hear no sounds from the end shower either.
Ben must be listening as well.
Bo could almost see Azza slowly rubbing the last of his cum out of his dick, making it dribble down his thick shaft onto a big pair of balls. Bo's dick twitched. Even though he'd stopped jerking, he could slowly feel his second load in such a short time begin to build up in his balls.
Azza let out a big sigh.
“Well boys, your sweet little puddings are now mine.” Bo saw the fluffy red towel slide back over the wall as Azza wrapped it around his waist and yanked open his shower curtain. “See you both down at dinner.”
“Wait,” called Ben. “How do we know that was for real?”
Azza laughed.
“Seriously?” If you want more proof I left some all over the wall. Enjoy.” He walked out of the bathroom.
Bo heard Ben sigh.
“Damn,” said Ben. “I fucking love those puddings..”
He then heard the taps turn and Ben's water shut off.
“Well, that's it I guess,” said Ben. “Only a few minutes 'til dinner and I gotta go see the Housemaster first.”
Bo saw his slim fingers grab his white towel off the wall. Ben opened the curtain and stood outside Bo's middle shower. He could Ben's silhouette as he wrapped the towel to his waist, and gave Bo's closed curtain a tap with his arm.
“Don't be too much longer in there you horn dog. See you at dinner Bo.”

Breaking Bo Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 13/12/11(Wed)02:00 No. 20446 ID: 7e382c

The door swung closed behind Ben as he walked back to his own wing. Bo looked down with disappointment at his glistening dick, now shrinking in his hand.
Well that ended all too quickly.
Bo felt robbed. It had gone so fast from being his hottest fap ever, to being the most frustrated he'd ever felt. Bo had wanted to hear Ben orgasm, and it seemed like he was close to cumming when Azza blew. He wondered how Ben was able to just stop, pack-up and walk out like that. Surely he'd have mega blue-balls? Suddenly Bo remember what Azza said about leaving his “proof” splattered on the shower tiles.
Maybe right now Ben isn't as frustrated as I think.
Bo shut off his water, and poked his head out of the curtain, checking he was alone. Leaving his towel, he quickly stepped out naked and straight into Ben's shower. First thing he saw was Ben's shampoo bottle sitting on the floor, and made a mental note to take that back to him later. His eyes slowly looked around, but he couldn't see any cum on the walls or floor.
Maybe Ben just wasn't as excited as I thought.
The shower head was dripping slightly, so he grabbed the tap with his hand and shut it fully.
What the hell..
His pulled his hand away, dragging with it a sticky line of white cum. It was still warm to touch. Bo was transfixed by the sight of it. His dick was growing hard yet again, as he stood in the place where only minutes before the hottest boy he knew had blown his load.
I wonder if Azza cumming was what put Ben over the edge?
He was about to step back into his own shower, when he remembered. Azza's jizz, just sitting there in the first shower. The thought of it alone made his dick start throbbing, and he used the hand sticky with Ben's cum to start working it.
Another quick naked jaunt and he was in the first shower. He began jerking furiously as he spotted Azza's load. It wasn't hard to find. Six huge trails of cum ran down the tiles, with lots of little white spots scattered everywhere. Way bigger than the best load Bo had ever shot.
His breathing got shallower. With every stroke, the pressure building in his balls was getting stronger. Already, Bo could feel his desperate need to cum. He could hardly believe he was nearly ready to blow again after his earlier session. His hips moved closer the wall and he began to slowly rub the head of his dick into Azza's thick cum. It was so smooth, and still felt hot to Bo's touch.
His heart was pounding, dick twitching uncontrollably as he jerked off as fast he could. His quivering legs gave way and he fell on his knees.
He began bucking his hips, rubbing his whole cock against the jizz-covered tiles. He moaned, his mouth hanging open as his breathing became shallow. His cum-filled hand flipped over and became a fist around his cock. His hips began pushing through it, forcing the head of his dick to mash up against the cum-smeared wall. Every thrust made a huge squelching sound. His motion picked up speed, sliding in and out of his jizz-lubed fingers.
Finally Bo couldn't hold back any longer.
His cock fucked his hand at a blinding speed, then suddenly stopped. His body shook, eyes becoming unfocussed.
Another moan left his slack jaw as the first spurt of hot cum burst from his slit. It slammed into the tiles and spread, mixing with the remainder of Azza's load, running down towards the floor. He kept fucking his hand as more cum spat from his cock onto the wall again and again, until finally he was completely spent.
Bo leaned backwards, making his little cock slide out of his fist with a slurping noise, as his cute butt connected to the floor tiles. He looked at the wall through bleary eyes, surveying the sticky mess he'd made. There was cum smeared over nearly half the wall. Columns of it ran downwards, pooling where the wall met the floor.
What an afternoon..
Feeling completely exhausted he staggered back to his feet and turned the water on. Wearily, he began washing all the combined jizz down the drain. He finished that and began cleansing himself of semen for the second time.
It had been a minute since his mind-shattering orgasm and Bo's mind began to clear. He became aware of footsteps pounding down his wing's hall towards the bathroom.
Oh shit.
The bathroom door flew open.
“Jesus Bo! I was just coming back for my shampoo, and you're still in here!” said Ben.
Bo tried to play it cool.
“Yeah, I was uh, just finishing washing my hair.”
Ben snorted.
“Sure sure. Well if you're done washing your hair, go get dressed. Dinner's started and Azza's no doubt waiting for his stupid puddings.”
“O-okay, I'm gonna come right now,” said Bo.
Good choice of words idiot.
Ben was a silent a moment, as though deep in thought. The he grinned.
“Just hurry up 'Bo-zo'.” He pushed back through the door and Bo could hear him jogging back to his wing.
Bo quickly rinsed himself, shut off the water, grabbed his towel, and headed back to his room. He had just dried off and pulled on some boxer shorts when he froze. A terrible thought had just occurred to him.
When Ben came back for his shampoo, there's no way he didn't notice I was in a different shower. The shower full of Azza's cum.

Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 13/12/11(Wed)02:03 No. 20447 ID: 7e382c

I'll be away for a few days this week, probably won't post the next chapter until next Monday or so.
Thanks for reading.

Anonymous 14/02/07(Fri)08:04 No. 21066 ID: 252bb0

Hey, OP, dunno if you're still around but I'd really love to read more.

Anonymous 14/02/13(Thu)00:19 No. 21123 ID: cdd1ee

Real life interferes, as always. Sorry for the delay.

Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 14/02/13(Thu)00:21 No. 21124 ID: cdd1ee

Chapter 3 - Beginnings

Bo stood there half-naked, frozen by shock. His mind raced. He replayed in his head the moment when Ben returned.
Ben barging back into the bathroom.
His own shitty excuse as to why he was taking so long to finish up.
Ben snorting and saying “Sure sure...washing your hair
His stammering of “I'm gonna come right now” when told to hurry up.
Ben's long pause as he no doubt realised Bo had moved into Azza's jizz-splattered shower, and was probably jerking off.
He knows. He fucking knows. Fuck.
Bo slumped backwards onto his bed, a horrible sinking feeling in his stomach. He felt his eyes begin to well up with tears, imagining everything that would surely happen next.
Ben would race down to the dining room to tell Azza what Bo had done. Outraged, Azza would tell everyone else. Bo's life would be over. He'd have to tell his parents, change schools, and try to start fresh somewhere else. Some place where people didn't know that he liked guys.
Bo lay there for a while, trying to process everything that had happened today. He discovered that he found some guys extremely hot, in a way that he'd never even thought about girls. Then in the same afternoon, this revelation would now be displayed to the world before he even had time to come to terms with it himself. He replayed the afternoon's events over and over in his brain, hoping he'd missed some crucial detail that he could use to save himself. Then he remembered something.
Bo thought back to when Azza was about to bust his nut in the showers. How all the slapping noises of jerking off had stopped when Azza came, and he'd realised Ben was also listening to Azza blow his load. At the time he just assumed Ben was listening to make sure Azza wasn't faking it to win the puddings, because as soon Azza was done Ben also left the showers. Then Bo had found hot cum all over the taps in Ben's shower.
He guessed at what could have happened. Ben had been close to cumming when he stopped jerking off to listen to Azza. Then Azza blew his load, loudly, which pushed Ben over the edge as well. Despite his anxiety about this situation he was in, Bo felt his dick beginning to harden as he imagined Ben unable to control his lust, shooting cum all over himself to the sound of Azza's orgasm.
Bo sighed. He couldn't know anything for sure. Maybe he was over-thinking it all. It was a theory based on many assumptions. But he now felt there was a glimmer of hope, albeit a tiny one.
Only one way to find out.
Rubbing his eyes, he sat up and glanced at his clock. Dinner would be over in 15 minutes. He jumped up and threw on a singlet, some shorts, and slid into his flip-flops. After a deep breath, he opened his door and headed out towards the dining hall.

Bo pushed open the front door of Ten. The setting sun was right in front of him, streaming onto his face. One hand shielding his eyes, he started down the path towards the dining hall. Through the glare he could see guys from the other boarding houses, making the most of their remaining free time before the compulsory study period. To his left, down near the river's edge, there were some older dudes just messing around. On his right, a few younger boys were kicking around a football, while nearby another group played half-court basketball - “Shirts” versus “Skins”. Bo turned his head, checking out their shirtless bodies. Admiring their smooth torsos as they jumped and stretched. Seeing them made him remember the reason he was so nervous.
I should've packed my stuff. I'm about to get exposed, humiliated and kicked out.
Bo staggered, slightly winded, now painfully aware of the two boys walking past him on their way back to Ten. Bo looked up and saw his two least favourite people; Sean and Chris. Two big and strong guys, both in the top Grade 10 rowing team. They were almost identical - except Sean was smooth black while Chris was a freckled white redhead. They also shared a cruel streak in their personalities and enjoyed pushing around their smaller house mates, and for reasons unknown to Bo, especially him. Azza was the only boy in Ten big enough for them to leave alone. After trying to mess with him once they had both received black eyes for their trouble.
“Watch where you're walking idiot,” sneered Chris. Bo looked up at his spotty face, wondering why it was even his fault.
“Sorry,” said Bo quietly. “I didn't see you.”
“Of course you didn't see us you little fag,” said Sean. “You were too busy checking out the basketball boys.” Bo face burned red, and the two bullies laughed and resumed walking back to the boarding house. He stared at their backs.

Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 14/02/13(Thu)00:22 No. 21125 ID: cdd1ee

He hurried on into the dining hall, grabbed his dinner and bowl of pudding, and looked around for Azza and Ben. Finally he spotted them up the back with a table to themselves. He slowly walked towards them, staring at the ground and dragging his feet. That last comment made by Sean had awoken all his fears of rejection. As Bo got closer he looked up and saw Ben notice him, then whisper something to Azza. Bo felt like just dropping his food and running away. He took a deep breath and sat down.
“Well well well. Bo finally arrives,” said Ben with a straight face.
“Yeah what the hell man?” said Azza. Bo gulped.
Run away and never come back.
“What?” asked Bo softly.
Azza grinned, reached over and snatched the fresh pudding, putting it on top of two empty bowls.
“You took ages! I thought I wasn't gonna get my victory prize.” A moment later Azza was shovelling pudding into his mouth, too busy to talk.
...so Ben hasn't told him anything?
“Someone pass me the choc topping please,” said Azza with his mouthful. Both Ben and Bo reached for the bottle simultaneously, and their hands touched. Their eyes met. Bo whipped his hand back as though it had been electrocuted, and quickly looked down at his plate. Ben just grinned.
Bo started on his dinner. He was still way too nervous to really taste it. As he ate he noticed Ben was studying his face, almost searchingly. As Bo glanced up, Ben quickly looked down and kept eating. A few minutes later the siren blared, declaring it was time for all boys to go back to their boarding houses. They kept eating, trying to quickly finish their meals. Finally Azza let out a huge burp and pushed his bowls away, leaning back in his chair.
“Thanks boys, those puddings were b-e-a-utiful,” he said. Ben pushed his own plate away and grinned.
“Fatty McFatterson. I don't like those puddings anyway.”
“Yeah yeah, sure you don't,” laughed Azza. Bo was silent as they stood and headed to the door.
“So Bo,” said Azza as they slowly walked back up the path. “Are you all stiff from your afternoon's work?” He slapped Bo on the back, nearly knocking him over.
“Huh?” Bo whispered.
“From your tennis match stupid,” said Azza with a grin. “You know, the biggest match you've ever played at this school?” Bo glanced at Ben who was watching him with an amused expression.
Wish I could read your mind right now.
“Uh yeah a bit I guess,” Bo eventually said. “Nothing a good sleep won't fix.”
Reaching the front door to Ten, they found the night supervisor was waiting for them with arms crossed.
“You're the last ones back boys,” he said. “You already missed the nightly meeting and the study hour has started. If this happens again there will be consequences. Go straight to your rooms and keep quiet.”
“Yessir,” they all mumbled.
Azza and Bo went off towards their end of the house, while Ben went the opposite way. Bo looked back at Ben, just as he also glanced back, and they caught each other's eyes. Ben give him a quick smile, before he turned and bound away up the stairs.

Bo sat at his desk, trying really hard to concentrate. To express onto paper how he felt about all these events. He was finding it a difficult task.
Why does Iago do such awful things? Does he want Othello's position? Does he just want Desdemona for himself? Maybe he thinks Othello slept with his wife? Or is he just an agent of chaos? Is Ben involved?
He sighed and snapped shut his library book on Shakespeare. The essay for English class would have to wait for another time. It was impossible to study, his treacherous brain kept turning his thoughts towards Ben.
Bo leaned back in his chair, stretching his arms above his head. Lost in thought.
He knows my secret. For sure. But he hasn't said anything. Just smiled at me.
He exhaled and slumped back down into his chair.
What does he want? Is he eventually gonna tell everyone? Blackmail me? Or...could he like me? At least enough to not tell anyone?
Bo looked at his clock. The study hour was almost over. At any moment the bell would ring, then the boys had some free time to kill before bed. He went to his door and peeked out, making sure the supervisor wasn't around. No sound or movement.
Ding ding ding!
As the bell sound echoed, doors banged open along the halls as the waiting boys were finally released from their boredom. Bo saw Azza heading his way.
“Bo! Come get Ben and we'll play pool or something.”
They headed into Ben's hall. Bo tapped on the door. A voice called out.
“It's ope-”
Azza shouldered past Bo and burst through the door.
“You. Me. Bo. Games room. Pool. Now.”
“Okay okay,” said Ben with a grin. He glanced at Bo. “Just gotta finish packing up my video camera.”
“What's it for?” asked Bo.
“My English teacher wants us to a video journal every Friday night,” said Ben. “Kinda like a diary I guess.” He looked straight at Bo and grinned. “Or just talk about anything interesting we noticed.” Bo didn't dare to look back at him, and kept staring at the camera.
Wish I knew what Ben was just saying to you.

Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 14/02/13(Thu)00:24 No. 21126 ID: cdd1ee

They left Ben's room and sped down into the games room. Luckily no one else had claimed the pool table yet. Azza grabbed the pool gear from a cupboard.
“Hmm. Cues aren't here,” he said, dumping stuff on the table. “Set up the balls and I'll grab 'em from the supervisor's office. Decide which one of you is playing me first.” He disappeared back into the lobby. Bo and Ben met each others gaze.
“You can go first,” said Bo quickly. “I'll set up the triangle for you.”
“Thanks,” said Ben with a smile. Bo tried to look casual as he set up the game, wishing Azza would hurry up and get back. A moment later it was done, when suddenly something shoved him away from the table, pushing him into the floor. He groaned and looked up.
“Look it's Bo, playing with balls. Thanks for setting our game up you homo,” spat Sean, a mean look on his face.
“Yeah real kind of you,” said Chris, walking towards him.
Great. It's Dumb and Dumber again.
“Leave him alone you dickheads!” said Ben, jumping across so he was in front of Bo. “We were here first.”
“Too bad,” sneered Sean. “What are you two little boyfriends gonna do about it huh?” laughed Chris.
Sean and Chris spun around. Azza stood there holding a pool cue in each hand, a hard glint in his eyes.
“Like Ben said – we were here first.” Azza glared at them both. “Get lost or I won't go easy this time.” Sean snorted in disgust. Chris just eyed off the pool cues. Like all bullies they were cowards at heart.
“C'mon Chris.” muttered Sean. The two of them left the room. Bo sighed and began getting to his feet when two hands appeared in front of him.
“You alright Bo? asked Ben. “That was a pretty heavy fall.” Bo grabbed Ben's hands and let him pull him to his feet. He looked up at Ben's concerned face. He gave a small smile.
“I'm okay,” he said. Then added softly “Thanks for sticking up for me.” Ben just smiled, and slowly released his hands.
“Okay,” said Azza. “Who's up first? Winner stays on.”

Ben and Azza started their game, leaving Bo to lean on the wall and watch. He wasn't really paying much attention to the game. Just zoned out, replaying the last few minutes in his head. Ben sticking up for him when Sean knocked him down. The look of real concern on his face when Bo was on the floor. His soft hands pulling Bo to his feet. Their quick smile they shared. Bo thought back to what Sean had called them both.
He looked up, now closely watching the game of pool. Listening to his friends talking smack as they played. Watching as Ben flicked his messy hair away his eyes and leaned over the table, face determined as he lined up his shot. Bo could feel his heart softly fluttering. Butterflies in his stomach.
You're crazy Bo. Just 'cause he hasn't told anyone doesn't mean anything. Does it?
Now he couldn't get the thought out of his head. He found himself staring at Ben as he walked around the table. Wondering. Ben seemed to sense this and glanced across, catching him out. Bo quickly looked away. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Ben smile, then move to line up his next shot.
I have to find out.
A few minutes later an oblivious Azza sunk the last ball and the game was over. He let out a victory cry and turned to Ben, a huge grin on his face.
“Winner stays, loser leaves! Hahaha!”
“Isn't it obvious?” said Ben, smirking. “I let you win. I gotta go finish my stupid video journal before bed time.”
“Sure you did,” said Azza. “See ya tomorrow then.”
“Actually I'm going out with my brother tomorrow,” said Ben. “Getting picked up early. Won't be back 'til Sunday night I guess.” Bo's face fell at this bit of news.
Great. Two more days in limbo.
“Have a good one bro,” said Azza. He began setting up the pool table again.
“Thanks. See ya Bo,” said Ben, looking at him with a grin. Bo snapped from his reverie and looked at Ben. He gave a small smile.
“See ya Ben.” Ben held his gaze for a moment. Then he winked at Bo, turned and left the room.
I can't wait for two days.
Bo wasn't really paying much attention to his game of pool. Between every shot all he could think about was Ben going away for the whole weekend. Being forced to wait in this hell of uncertainty was going to be torture. He was finding it hard not to show all this emotion on his face. Eventually Azza potted the black and declared himself the champion, and his shirt over-the-head victory lap around the table managed to get a laugh out of Bo. The bell rang once again, signalling it was time to get ready for bed.

Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 14/02/13(Thu)00:25 No. 21127 ID: cdd1ee

The night supervisor's voice reverberated through Ten. Doors banged as rushing boys went to and from the bathrooms, relieving themselves and brushing teeth.
Bo spat out the last of his toothpaste and rinsed, enjoying the cool, fresh feeling you only get right after a good clean. He walked back to his room and stripped naked. He briefly examined his young body, then bent over and pulled on the silky boxer shorts he used as pyjamas. Weary muscles aching after his long day, he finally collapsed into bed. Normally this was a great feeling when feeling so worn out, but not tonight. Bo couldn't stop thinking about Ben, and everything that had happened so far.
The bell rang for a final time and lights flicked off all through the house, leaving it in darkness. The only light coming in from the moon through the windows. Bo lay there for a few minutes, trying to sleep while his mind kept whirling. He heard the night supervisor do his final round then lock the doors and leave for the night, leaving the boys alone until morning.
Half an hour passed and Bo was still wide awake. Doubts and worries were eating at his mind, denying him rest. Finally he couldn't stand it any longer. He had to find out, now.
I have to know.
His quickly thought up a plan. Sneak into Ben's room, borrow the video camera, come back to his room, and watch his video journal of the days events. Then one way or another, he could finally sleep.

Quietly climbing out of bed he walked over to his door. Slowly opening it, he slipped out into the hall. Moonlight shone off his bare skin as he tip-toed past the windows and entered the hall where Ben's room was. He gripped the cool doorknob and gradually turned it, careful not to make a noise, then pushed open the door and went through.
A standby light on the camera bathed the room in a very dim, blue light. Bo could just make out Ben lying on his back in bed. Could see his chest swell up and down and hear the rhythmic sound of his soft breathing. Bo shook his head, remembering why he was here. He crept over to the desk and examined the camera. It seemed to be hooked up to its charger. Bo gently picked it up, looking for the cord to pull. After a moment he found it and yanked it out. The dim blue light flickered and went out. Then the plan went to hell.
Beep-beep. Beep-beep. Beep-beep.
Fuck fuck fuck fuck. What sort of fucking camera does this shit?
Bo thought he heard Ben stirring in his sleep on the bed behind him. He was desperately trying to get the plug back in. The absence of the blue light making him fumble with the cord in the darkness. Finally he found the socket and jammed the charger back in. The awful beeping stopped. The room was faintly blue again, and dead silent. Bo held is breath, frozen, too afraid to turn around.
Please still be asleep..
Silence. Then the long intake of breath of a person waking from sleep. Bo felt the bottom of his stomach drop to the floor.
“What the..” whispered Ben. “Who's there?” Bo slowly turned around. Ben was still on his back, but propped up on his elbows, staring at Bo. His eyes gleaming in the dim light.
“Bo..?” said Ben. Bo started shaking. He spun around and gripped the desk as panic gripped him. He felt like he couldn't breathe.
No no no no no no no no no.
Suddenly he felt a firm hand spin him around. Ben gripped him by his bare shoulders and brought them face to face.
“Bo!” he said again. Bo flinched and turned his head away, tears welling up in his eyes.
“Don't hurt me!” he pleaded. Ben's eyes went wide and he let go. He guided Bo so he was sitting on the edge of the bed, then sat next to him.
“Bo.” said Ben gently. “Why would I want to hurt you?” He paused for a moment as he studied Bo's quivering frame. “I know why you're here.” Bo sniffed and wiped his eyes, before looking up at Ben.
“I'm sorry Ben.” he said softly. He closed his eyes and hung his head. “You know m-my secret. I just couldn't stand it any longer. I just wanted to look at your video. To know how you f-feel about it. If you're gonna tell everyone.” Ben was silent. Bo began shaking again, dreading what he was about to hear. Then he felt a soft hand lift up his chin, turning his face towards Ben.
“This is how I feel Bo.” He leaned in and gently kissed Bo on the lips. Bo was frozen, and Ben lingered for a few seconds before pulling away. Bo slowly opened his eyes. Ben's face was still close to his, covered in a big smile.

Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 14/02/13(Thu)00:26 No. 21128 ID: cdd1ee

“Feel better?” asked Ben, smiling. Bo's heart pounded in his chest.
Am I dreaming?
He let out a small sigh and smiled.
“Yes.” He started laughing. “I've never been so scared in my life. Now I feel so stupid.” Ben couldn't help laughing as well. Eventually they settled down, and Ben raised a finger to his lips.
“Shh now,” he whispered. “We'll wake everyone up.” Then he leaned over and kissed Bo again. This time Bo was ready, as they shared his real first kiss.
As they made out, Ben began roaming his hands over Bo's arms and chest. The bare skin felt so soft and warm to touch, small muscles tensing underneath as his hands moved over smooth skin. Bo moved a hand onto Ben's back, running it all over the lightly-tanned skin. His fingers explored lower, sometimes rubbing down onto Ben's silky boxer shorts, before moving upwards again. His other hand was exploring Ben's thigh, moving back and forth inside his shorts. He could feel goosebumps appearing wherever he touched. Sometimes his fingers moved too high, nudging the head of Ben's dick, each touch making it throb and stiffen. Bo's own dick swelled each time as well, until both boys were rock hard.
Ben increased his pressure on Bo's chest, slowly pushing him down onto the bed. Bo put both of his arms around Ben, pulling him down on top of himself. Eyes still closed, their lips never parting as they settled into this new position. Ben swung his leg over so he was straddling Bo, their cocks only separated by two thin layers of silky boxer shorts. Bo could feel them grinding together, as Ben began rocking back and forth on top of him. He'd never felt anything so good in his life.
Bo ran his hands down Ben's back and onto his soft butt, enjoying the feel of his body through the silk. His fingers grabbed the waistband of the boxers and gradually slid them down. His hands slid over the exposed cheeks, loving the smoothness of them. He tentatively ran his hands around the perfect butt until his fingertips felt the tip of Ben's throbbing cock.
Wow it's so hot.
His hands slid from the head down to the base and fondled the balls, then back again. Bo felt Ben pull his face away and groan in pleasure as he began rubbing up and down. Bo opened his eyes. He could see Ben's were still closed, his mouth hanging open, gasping at each of Bo's strokes. He felt Ben's hands move off his body down to his groin. They began rubbing his dick through the boxers, the sensations making Bo close his eyes again and softly moan. The hands moved to his waist and slid his boxers down to his knees.
“Ben,” said Bo softly. Ben opened his eyes, looking into Bo's.
“I've never done...” whispered Bo, trailing off.
“It's okay Bo,” said Ben. “Close your eyes.”
Bo let out a gasp as Ben's fingers pushed up against his balls, before starting to slide up and down his shaft.
Bo felt Ben lean in and kiss him again as they jerked each other off. For the first time all day he felt no anxiety. Lost in total arousal, Ben grinding on top of him. Both dicks throbbing, oozing pre-cum. His skin felt so hot, every touch felt like it was burning him up. It wasn't long before Bo could feel his load beginning to build up, his balls tightening. He pulled back from their kiss.
“...Gonna..cum..soon,” he gasped as Ben's fingers kept working his dick. He heard Ben let out a few ragged breaths.
“...Me..too..” Ben suddenly let go and grabbed Bo's wrists, pinning them to the mattress above his head. He started frantically grinding, making their cocks rub together at high speed. He leaned in and they kissed again, before resting his forehead on Bo's. They stared into each other's eyes, mouths hanging open, gasping as each breath grew shorter. Bo began quickly thrusting up against Ben, completely lost in ecstasy. He could feel Ben's hot breath on his face.
“Oh fuck Bo!” moaned Ben. He slid his head onto Bo's shoulder and gasped, then suddenly he stopped grinding. Bo could feel his whole body vibrating on him. He felt Ben's cock pulsing on top of his as it began shooting rope after rope of cum. The hot jizz splattering on his skin sent Bo over the edge.
His body shook as he gave one final thrust. He felt the cum surge up his dick and blow all over his stomach. Spurt after spurt, splashing and mixing with Ben's. Bo felt a hand grab both of their cocks at once, milking a few more squirts of jizz before their last drops trickled down onto his belly. He could feel some of Ben's hot cum running down onto his slowly softening dick. He felt Ben release his arms and shudder, collapsing onto him, their bodies mashing together. Both boys were still, chests heaving as they gradually caught their breath. A few tears trickled from Bo's eyes.

After a while Ben lifted his head from Bo's shoulder, and he noticed the tears. Bo could see his large eyes shining in the dim light.
“Are you alright?” asked Ben, looking worried. “Did I hurt you?” Bo shut his eyes, taking a deep breath.
“No.” He let out a sigh, his face breaking into a big smile. “I'm just happy. So happy.” He saw Ben's white teeth flash in the dark as his friend broke into a huge smile. He leaned forward and gave Bo a long kiss.
Ben pulled away and rolled off Bo, their bodies separating with a squelch. He sat next to Bo, resting on his elbows, while jizz trickled down his stomach. Bo sat up and did the same, looking down at their cum-smeared bodies.
“We kinda made a mess didn't we?” said Bo. Ben look at him and grinned.
“All you're fault. You're too hot. I couldn't help myself.” He started laughing, making Bo laugh as well.

Anonymous 14/02/19(Wed)21:02 No. 21179 ID: d3390e

beautifully written. i'm really enjoying your development.

Lickit 14/02/20(Thu)20:28 No. 21191 ID: 49e734

>>All you're fault. You're too hot.
I'm in love with Bo ... and Ben, fap fap fap!!

Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 14/03/12(Wed)23:47 No. 21347 ID: c5c02f

Chapter 4 – Bananas And Bruises

A siren sounded through Boarding House Ten. The morning supervisors chirpy voice crackled through the house's old intercom speakers.
“Good morning boys! What a great day to be alive! On your feet and get dressed, breakfast starts in 15 minutes!”
Bo groaned and rolled onto his back.
How is it morning already?
He slowly opened his eyelids..
Gah, fuck!
The morning sun exploded through his open curtains, assaulting his eyes. Bo scrambled to get his head under the blanket.
How can the damn supervisor be so cheerful this early?
He lay under his blanket for a minute, letting his bright blue eyes adjust to the light filtering through his covers. Finally he deemed it safe to try again, slid off his blanket and began sitting up. He winced as this small movement caused his tired body to ache in protest.
Seems like yesterday has caught up to me.
Bo couldn't pinpoint exactly which areas were sore. He could feel every muscle in his body gently throbbing, one place in particular. His gaze methodically moved down his torso, noted the dried jizz on his stomach, leading down to his groin. His dick was completely stiff under the boxer shorts, pushing the silky fabric into the air like a tent.
This morning wood he was sporting quickly reminded him of the previous night spent with Ben. His initial nervousness that turned into frantic lust, leading up to the moment where they had cummed together. The exhaustion after they were finally spent, just laying together for what seemed like ages. Eventually finding the energy to stumble back to his own room and crash into bed. Bo let his fingers play over the boxer shorts, teasing his throbbing erection, a big smile on his face.
Feels like a dream.
With a big sigh he heaved himself out of bed and examined himself in the mirror. His dirty-blonde hair was even messier than usual, and there were big bags under his bleary eyes. Heavy cum stains were just visible on his smooth belly. He grabbed his towel and slid out of his boxers. He gave his dick a slap, grinning as he watched it wobble side to side, before wrapping the towel around his waist and heading for the showers.
Outside his room the first thing he noticed was Azza striding out of the bathroom towards his room, fidgeting with the towel wrapped around his waist. Unfortunately, Azza's room was next to Bo's. He hoped the light was too dim for Azza to notice the bulge in his towel and the cum stains smeared on his skin.
“Mornin' Bo,” said Azza, glancing up. Before Bo could answer he added “You look you fell out of a tree.”
“Yeah yeah good morning to you too,” replied Bo. He gave a nervous grin. “You missed some soap on your left shoulder by the way. See you later.”
Azza turned his head to the left, trying to spot the offending bubbles, giving Bo the chance to quickly slip past him into the bathroom, and enter the first shower. He stripped off his towel and turned on the taps, letting the hot water cleanse his body.
Phew. Too close.

Bo was the last boy walking back from breakfast, and was trying to think of things to do with his Saturday. Normally at this time he'd be putting on his tennis gear, getting ready for the week's match against a rival school. This weekend, all sporting teams had byes in their inter-school competitions, which resulted in the 120 boarding boys getting an extra weekend day to mess around and get into trouble. It was the perfect day to slip off to somewhere quiet with Ben and explore their budding relationship further. Except Ben had gone out with his brother, and wouldn't return until Sunday night. Bo dragged his feet as he entered the door into Ten. At least he knew how Ben felt now, so the wait caused no anxiety for him, but it was still frustrating.
Bo looked around the lobby, seeing if anyone was doing something interesting. After a moment he headed into the games room, where he found Azza trying to connect the house's Xbox to the television.
“Mind if I join you?” he asked. Azza wearily looked up from trying to untangle a huge knot of cords.
“One condition - sort this mess out will ya?”
They agreed to play some co-op Halo, and soon the hours were flying by as they methodically cleared the levels. Normally Bo couldn't play the same thing for so long without finding it repetitive, but Azza always managed to keep things interesting with his amusing commentary. Finally, after a few attempts on Legendary, they reached the end of The Maw in their warthog and celebrated beating the game. Azza looked down at his watch.
“Holy shit dude, it's two o'clock. Let's run down the the dining hall and see if there's any lunch left.” For some reason Bo didn't feel real hungry yet.
“You go,” he said. “I'll just go get some fruit from our kitchen. Not that hungry.” Azza scoffed, as if a teen boy not being hungry was the stupidest thing he'd ever heard.
“Whatever man, see ya.” He bolted out of the room at a speed that would put a hungry Ethiopian to shame. Bo just chuckled at his antics.
He went to the kitchen and looked at the fruit bowl. There were only two bananas left, so he grabbed them both and headed upstairs, munching on one of the yellow fruit. Bo entered his room and threw the spare banana onto his desk, got out his school books and laptop, and made a start on all his homework. A couple minutes later Azza barged in with a plate and hot dog in each hand. Bo just raised an eyebrow in question.
“Yeah yeah I know. You're not hungry,” said Azza. He tossed one hot dog onto the desk and grinned. “We all know you love eating sausage so here you go.” Bo was temporarily lost for words.
“You're wel-come,” said Azza in a fake high-voice. “Also I'm going out tonight with my parents, so I'll see you tomorrow alright?” He turned and left the room.
“Uh right,” called Bo. “Thanks for the food.” The door clicked into place. Bo stared at the hot dog for a moment, before picking it up and eating it.
The next few hours saw him get his homework done uninterrupted. The siren blared, signalling it was dinner time. He decided against going down to the dining hall. After having a banana and scoffing the hot dog fairly late, Bo didn't feel like eating again so soon. There were a few hours to kill before lights out, so he went down to the TV room to see what was on. He found a couple of boys about to watch a movie called Swordfish.
What better way to waste a Saturday night?

Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 14/03/12(Wed)23:49 No. 21348 ID: c5c02f

After the movie Bo messed around with the other boys in the games room for a while. Eventually the siren rang signalling lights out, so he went back to his room. He sat in his chair, thinking about the movie they'd watched.
Wasn't too bad in the end I guess.
One scene kept popping up in his head. The main character was, like Bo, sitting in a chair, but unlike Bo, was receiving a blowjob. All he could now think about was what would it feel like, to get a blowjob like that from Ben? His soft dick began to stiffen as he thought about Ben's lips sliding down his shaft. He reached one hand into his shorts to play with his now hard cock, his other hand flipped open the laptop and opened up a web browser. As he opened up the search engine, Bo had a realisation.
I've never actually searched for gay porn before.
So he did what any reasonable horny boy would do – typed into Google “gay porn” and hit enter. His laptop whirred as a plethora of results flashed onto his screen.
Jesus Christ.
A couple links seemed okay, but to Bo's virgin eyes most of them looked too horrific to touch. He quickly hit the back key and did a new search - “young guy gives blowjob”.
That's more like it.
He quickly found a video of what looked like a young guy giving head to a nice smooth dick. Bo quickly stood up, sliding out of his shorts and tearing off his shirt, then sat back down. Goosebumps appeared on his skin as it became exposed to the cool night air. The video began, and Bo licked his fingers and wrapped them around his dick. The guy in the video wrapped his lips around the head of the cock, and slowly began sucking, moving his mouth up and down the shaft. Bo started stroking himself, his slippery hand matching the speed of the video. Bo couldn't tear his eyes off this new sight on the screen, his dick throbbing like crazy as he jerked himself off.
After a while the guy in the video sped up, now fondling the balls with one hand while he continued slurping cock, causing the owner of the big cock to moan in pleasure. Bo imagined it was him in the video getting his dick pleasured, and accidentally let out a loud moan of his own.
Fuck I hope no one heard that.
The guy in the video slowed, giving the cock long, heavy strokes. Bo could almost feel those soft pink lips massaging his dick, the hot wet tongue sliding all over his shaft. He imagined it was Ben's tongue, Ben's lips wrapped around his dick.
He groaned, his eyes now closed. He didn't even need to see the screen any more, just hearing the sounds from the sloppy blowjob was enough. In his head it was Ben sucking him off, playing with his balls. He paused for a second to drool some more lube down onto his knob, then continued jerking himself off, faster and faster. He could feel his cum begin to leave his tight sack, getting ready to blow.
No no no not yet.
He opened his eyes again, watching the young guy take the entire cock in his mouth and gag on it, then continue sucking. Bo's dick gave a big twitch, and he knew he was very close to cumming. He didn't want to jizz until the cock in the video did first, but his hand kept pumping away, the feeling too good to stop. In the back of his horny mind he wondered how the young guy was able to fit a whole cock in his mouth so easily.
He spotted the leftover banana from earlier sitting on his desk. Curiosity got the better of Bo, his body shivering as he grabbed the banana and held it to his mouth. His other hand was still furiously sliding up and down his dick. He opened his mouth as wide as he could and slowly wrapped his lips around the banana. He could just fit it in his mouth, and he began sucking off this fake-cock, mimicking the young guy in the porno. The feeling of cum still building up at the base of his dick was overwhelming, and another moan pushed past the banana filling his mouth. He imagined it was Ben's hard cock fucking his mouth. It felt so right, and Bo couldn't tell what was making him hornier – imagining Ben sucking his cock, or imagining sucking Ben's cock.
Suddenly in the video the young guy's head stopped bobbing up and down. A pair of hands appeared on the back of his head, pushing his face balls-deep onto the big cock, which began pumping into the soft pink lips. The unseen guy grunted as he began to shoot his load deep inside the throat of the young cock-sucker. Eventually with a final spasm the cock withdrew, dragging trails of white cum over the young guy's trembling lips and onto his chin.
Bo copied the action with his banana, making him gag as it hit the back of his throat. But he didn't stop, loving the sensation as he imagined gagging on a mouthful of Ben's cock. His small ballsack was already straining, and this new pleasure pushed him over the edge. He gasped, leaning back in his chair, feeling the semen rush up his pulsing shaft and burst out of the tip of his cock, splattering onto the skin of his chest. Moaning, as more squirts shot out of him, some of the long ropes of hot cum reaching his face and splashing onto the banana that he was still hungrily sucking off. As it slid into his mouth yet again, Bo got his first taste of boy jizz. He found it not really bitter or sweet but just nice. It was making him even hornier just thinking about it. One final spurt left his cock, leaving the last of his cum dribbling out onto his shaft and hand.
Bo let the banana slip from his mouth, gasping for air after having it fill his throat for so long. He could see a streak of his jizz running along its skin. He looked at himself in the mirror, seeing his breathless, flushed face. Cum smeared around his mouth and dripping from his chin. Spattered all over his torso, pooling at the base of his now soft dick. He ran the tip of a finger through the puddle, then brought it to his mouth and sucked it clean. After a few moments he processed everything he'd just done.
I just ate my own jizz...and sucked off a banana.
He giggled at the absurdity of it all. Eventually he calmed himself and stood up, semen oozing down his skin. He used a few tissues to wipe away what he could see. Satisfied, he grabbed the filthy banana and threw it in the bin with the tissues. He was closing browser window with the finished video when he noticed something - the runtime on that porno was over 30 minutes!
Wow. Didn't feel like more than five.
As he lay in bed after his sticky fap session, two thoughts raced through Bo's mind. He loved how his own cum-smeared face had resembled the young guy's face in the porno. And he couldn't wait for Ben to get back tomorrow.

Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 14/03/12(Wed)23:50 No. 21349 ID: c5c02f

Sunday morning arrived, finding Bo too tired to even get out of bed. He drifted off back to sleep. Lunch time came around. With a groan he stumbled out of bed and into the showers. Once he'd finished washing off the previous night's fun he went down to the dining hall. Late to arrive, he found himself eating lunch with the whole room to himself. Dessert for the meal was banana cake and ice cream. The lunch lady seemed surprised that he didn't want any.
As Bo returned to Ten, a voice cried out from one of the couches in the lobby. He looked over and saw Azza sitting with two other boys, waving his arms.
“There he is guys! Go get the others ready and we'll be right out.” The two boys with Azza jumped up and jogged outside.
“Eh what's this?” asked Bo.
“Football!” exclaimed Azza. “You're our eleventh player. It's our wing and the one across from us playing against the guys from the other side of the house. And we are not gonna lose this.” Bo didn't have to think too hard. Being great at tennis meant being co-ordinated, fast and agile, which also made him very good at most sports.
Should help pass the time until Ben gets back too.
“Of course I'm in,” said Bo.
“Like you had a choice,” grinned Azza, standing up. “Anyway it's gonna be a proper game, the supervisor is gonna ref for us. Hurry up and get your shoes!” He jogged out the door.

A few minutes later saw a Bo jogging down the path to the football field. The afternoon air was fresh, though he could feel the sticky heat of the summer sun on his skin. As he rounded the final bend he saw the rest of his house mates on the field, kicking the round ball amongst themselves. His breath caught in his throat for a moment as noticed that half of them were shirtless.
Oh boy.
The supervisor spotted him approaching, and yelled for Bo to hurry up. With a sprint he reached the rest of the guys.
“Finally,” said the supervisor. “Alright boys it's real simple. Normal rules, and I want a clean game. No dirty tactics. I don't want to end up taking one of you to the school nurse. Okay?” A few of the boys grinned. Bo saw Sean looking at him, then turn and whisper something to Chris. Bo reckoned it didn't take a genius to guess what was said. However, the two bullies would have trouble getting to Bo in a game of soccer. Sure they were big and strong, but Bo was much faster.
Not gonna happen dickheads.
“Hey Bo,” yelled the supervisor. “You're on the “Skins” team. Take your shirt off.” Bo looked around, noticing all the shirtless boys were his from his side. He slipped out of his top and threw it to the side.

The game began. Boys charged up and down the field chasing the ball, each team trying to penetrate the other's defence. Bo had a some good runs, deftly manoeuvring past the defenders to get a few shots at the goal. Sadly the opposing keeper was quite skilful and had saved everything. Sean and Chris were both trying to shove Bo onto the grass whenever he got possession, but he was proving too quick for them to reach. The match went on, shirted and shirtless boys glistening with sweat as the sun seemed to get hotter and hotter. A couple of times Bo nearly missed a pass, busy checking out one of the fit, shiny guys.
Half-time came and went, and before long there was only minutes left before the final whistle. Still neither team had scored, and each effort was more desperate than the last, as the boys from Ten fought hard for the bragging rights.
Azza was the keeper for team Skins and had the ball. He laid a huge kick and sent it up the field and over the heads of nearly all the boys. Bo saw his chance. He got possession near the box and turned for goal, to find only the large figure of Sean blocking his path to the goalkeeper.
This is gonna be good.
Bo faked to his left, then flicked the ball up and straight over Sean's head, and then sprinted into the penalty area to retake the ball. However, now Sean had finally managed to get in reach of Bo, and with a huge lunge he smashed his elbow into Bo's side, knocking him off his feet and slamming him to the ground. He lay there for a moment, stunned.
Fucking. Ow.
The ref's whistle shrieked, awarding Bo the penalty kick. One of his team mates pulled him to his feet, shooting a dirty look at Sean, who was laughing as he gave a high-five to Chris.
“Man. You okay?” Bo's fingers probed his side, looking at the big red welt forming on his skin.
“Yeah I'm good,” gasped Bo, still winded.
“Well go win us the game then,” said the boy with a grin.
Still slightly out of breath, Bo took his position facing the other team's star goalkeeper. He could hear the other team yelling things at him as he prepared to shoot, trying to break his concentration.
Top left top left top left top left top left.
Taking a deep breath, he began his short run up, then he threw his foot at the ball. It soared and curved...and flew past the keeper's outstretched fingers into the top left of the goal. The rest of team Skins were cheering as they rushed in and surrounded Bo, slapping him on the back and ruffling his hair. He found himself enjoying the feeling of being squashed in between the hot, sweaty bodies of his ten topless team mates.
A minute later most of the laughing boys dispersed, grabbing their stuff and beginning the walk back to Ten. Bo couldn't keep the grin from his face as he looked over saw the supervisor yelling at Sean, who had his eyes on the ground, too afraid to look up.

Azza and Bo grabbed their shirts, talking about the game, laughing as they pictured Sean's confused face while the ball soared over his head. As they trudged along the path back to Ten, the adrenaline began to fade, and Bo became aware of the sharp pain radiating from his sore side with every breath. He grimaced, looking down at his swollen skin. Azza noticed his sudden change in demeanour, glancing at the huge red welt.
“That doesn't look so good man,” he observed. “You should go see the nurse, make sure nothing's broken okay?” Bo figured it was probably a smart idea. As the excitement from winning faded, the more his side was hurting. He told Azza he would and left the path, heading up to the nurse's office.
After a quick discussion, a cold stethoscope, and some painful prodding, the nurse decided there were no broken ribs, just some very heavy bruising. A relieved Bo sat there rubbing some type of cream into the big red mark, as the nurse wrote a note for him to give the supervisor. She explained that the welt will slowly turn into a big purple bruise, then sent him away with instructions to take it easy for a couple days.
Arriving back at Ten, the sound of showers running could be heard all over the house. Bo wearily made his way upstairs until he was outside his door. He could just hear the sound of music coming from inside.
Huh? I didn't even turn on my speakers on today...
He slowly pushed the door open, his eyes widening in surprise. The cute boy laying on his bed looked up and smiled.
“Hey Bo,” said Ben.

Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 14/03/12(Wed)23:51 No. 21350 ID: c5c02f

“Ben!” Bo quickly shut the door, then turned around, a big smile on his face. He couldn't help notice Ben was wearing just a singlet and pair of very small shorts. “I didn't think you'd be back yet.” Ben just grinned and sat up, patting the empty space on the bed beside him. Bo dropped his shirt on the floor and sat down, as Ben leaned in they shared their first kiss since Friday night. Ben began to eagerly run his hands over Bo's shirtless body, until his fingers pushed into the sore area on his side. Bo let out a pained gasp, his mouth pulling away. Ben gripped his shoulders and gently rotated Bo's body, looking at the heavily bruised ribs with concern.
“Sorry Bo,” he murmured. “Who the hell did that to you?” Bo just shrugged, recounting the afternoon's soccer game. He saw Ben's face darken in anger as he reached the part where Sean deliberately smashed into him.
“He's lucky I wasn't there,” scowled Ben, as Bo continued his description. Winning the game for team Skins, seeing Sean get into trouble, finding out from the nurse his ribs will be fine.
“So everything turned out okay,” finished Bo. “I'm just a bit sore all over after these last few days.” He watched as Ben's face lit up with an idea.
“Okay” said Ben, standing up. “Lie down on the bed, face-down.” Bo did as he was told, resting his chin on his forearms. He felt Ben climb back onto the bed, moving around on top of him until he felt one of Ben's legs settle on either side of him. His bum resting on Bo's thighs. Suddenly he felt Ben's fingers in the elastic of his shorts, slowly pulling them down, exposing his pale butt.
“Ben wait,” said Bo quickly. “I've never done...I've never tried that...” Ben laughed, giving one of Bo's exposed cheeks a light slap, leaving a red hand print.
“Bo you've got a sick mind!” He grinned, his hand now gently rubbing the soft skin. “You said you felt tight and sore, so I'm gonna give you a full body massage to get you relaxed. I'm good at it too, don't worry.” Bo liked the sound of this much better than his previous thoughts.
“Full body?” asked Bo. Ben leaned forward and whispered into Bo's ear.
“Full. Body.”

Ben started his therapy at the top, massaging the back of the neck and shoulders. Bo sighed with immediate relief.
Oh that's so good.
The kneading hands slowly moved out to Bo's arms, working over the small but tight arms, releasing tension wherever they touched. Then moving to the upper back, rubbing the tired muscles into relaxation, being careful to avoid the large angry bruise covering one side. The hands slid down onto the small of Bo's back. Ben leaned forward, giving himself more leverage to soothe the pressure that had built up there. As he did Bo could feel Ben's firm package, grinding onto his bare butt through the thin pair of shorts, causing Bo to let out a soft moan.
“Hmm, starting to feel better are we?” asked Ben. Bo could only groan in approval. He felt his dick, trapped under his body, beginning to stiffen with every touch. Ben leaned back slightly to massage each butt cheek, rolling the firm flesh beneath his fingers. The pressure was pushing Bo's cock into the mattress, making it harder and harder. After a while Ben shuffled further down the bed, giving himself room to rub up and down the length Bo's smooth legs, who was beginning to squirm with every touch, his dick now rock hard and aching with it's own need. As the massage drew closer to ending, doubts began to surface in Bo's mind.
He never really saw my dick last time. What if he thinks I'm too small?
“Roll over so I can do your other side,” said Ben, kneeling at Bo's feet. Bo slowly turned over his trembling body, spreading his legs slightly, allowing his dick to spring up. It was twitching with every beat of his heart. Ben's face show no surprise as he watched the dick moving, then he grinned.
“See? I told you I was good.” He crawled in between Bo's thighs. “Now I'm gonna use my secret relaxing massage move.” Ben reaching forward to explore Bo's goods in the light for the first time. His hands moved all over the balls and shaft, examining them thoroughly. Then he leaned in and gave the tip of the dick a light kiss, while looking up at Bo, who was staring down at him with a worried expression.
“I love your dick,” said Ben simply. Bo tilted his head back and breathed an inward sigh of relief. Then felt something soft and warm on the head of his cock. He gasped and looked back down, seeing Ben's mouth slowly wrapping around his pole. Ben's eyes were closed as he began sucking on Bo's cock, his head slowly bobbing up and down.
Bo tilted his head back again, eyes closing as he got lost in the feeling. Ben's mouth felt so hot and wet, it was so good he could barely stand it. He felt Ben begin to push further down, forcing the head of his cock to push deeper into Ben's throat.
“Oh my god Ben,” he breathed. “Oh my god don't stop.” Ben continued his deep sucking, gradually increasing his speed until Bo was gasping, with every stunted breath he slid further inside Ben's lips. Bo could feel his climax rapidly approaching, his balls beginning to tighten, semen building up in his dick. He groaned in pleasure, once more looking down at the brown-haired boy sucking on his dick.
Bo's body grew tense and began to vibrate as he tried to hold off the orgasm as long as possible. He looked down and saw Ben's big eyes staring up at him, still sucking him off. Ben increased his speed again, now sliding the cock in and out of his throat as fast as he could. Finally Bo reached the point where he simply couldn't hold on any longer. Without a word he began thrusting his hips into the air, quickly pushing his dick even deeper into Ben's throat, making him gag slightly as he was caught-off guard.
Bo grunted and froze mid-thrust, body shaking, as his cum started shooting inside Ben's mouth. Feeling the semen building up around his cock, he quickly continued thrusting as more spurted from his dick. Cum oozed out between Ben's lips with every push, running down his chin. The cock slipped out of his mouth and flopped onto Bo's stomach, one last shot of cum splattering onto his skin. Both boys stayed still for a moment, trying to catch their breath.
Bo looked down at Ben, kneeling over his dick with a mouth full of cum, and plenty on his face. He watched him swallow, then lean down and take Bo's now soft dick in his mouth once again, slurping up every last drop of boy semen. After a while Ben was satisfied with Bo's dick, and moved onto his stomach, licking up all the drops scattered on his stomach. He crawled up level with Bo, on top of him so their faces were only a inch away, and planted a sloppy kiss on his lips. Once again Bo sampled the bitter-sweet taste of his own cum as it was smeared on his face. Ben pulled slightly away, his sticky face grinning.
“That's what you get for not telling me you were gonna cum Bozo.” Bo said nothing, instead gripping Ben's shoulders and pulling him down into another kiss. They parted once more, a big smile on Bo's face.
“Some punishment Ben.” He grabbed Ben around the chest and they rolled over, Bo now laying on top. Once again they shared a long kiss. Bo eventually pulled away and rolled onto his side, facing Ben, one arm draped over his chest. They lay there in silence for a while, just enjoying being close to each other.
“So,” said Ben, looking sideways at Bo. “Did my secret relaxing massage technique work?” As worn out as he was feeling, Bo couldn't help smile as he looked back.
“Hmm, I'm still a little tensed up. Maybe you should try it again?”

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Hnnngggh, I've had to bookmark this page.
Good job, and please. Keep updating this story. Much love.

Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 14/03/22(Sat)21:25 No. 21400 ID: 8175a1

Thanks, it's nice to know someone enjoys what you write :)

Shorter chapter up next, as I'm still deciding where to go from here.

Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 14/03/22(Sat)21:26 No. 21401 ID: 8175a1

Chapter 5 – Oblivious

The blaring house siren woke Bo from his slumber. Opening his eyes he realised he was still lying naked on his bed, his shorts around his ankles and one arm draped over the boy lying next to him.
“Welcome back to the world Bo,” said Ben, smiling. Bo blinked wearily, looking around for his clock..
“How long was I asleep?”
“About half an hour,” replied Ben. “You looked so cute laying there I didn't want to wake you up.” Bo returned his smile.
“Cute am I? Were you perving on me while I slept?” demanded Bo in a fake-serious voice. Ben just laughed and pulled Bo on top of him, kissing him deeply before pulling away.
“Yeah I was perving on you,” he said, running his hands along Bo's body. “What ya gonna do about it?” Bo briefly pondered that question, before suddenly breaking into a fit of giggles as Ben began to tickle him mercilessly. Bo writhed around on top, laughing as he tried to escape Ben's relentless fingertips. However his fun was cut short as a terrible pain lanced through his torso, making him gasp.
Ben quickly stopped, allowing Bo to roll off him while holding his bruised side. Ben propped himself up, concern on his face.
“Bo I'm so sorry,” he murmured. Bo gingerly probed his injury as he regained his breath.
“It's alright,” he said, looking up at Ben with a wry smile. “Your special 'massage' was so good I'd forgotten about it too.” Bo looked over at the clock, noting it was almost time for dinner.
“We gotta go shower soon,” he said. Ben quickly agreed, giving Bo one last peck on the lips before heading back to his own wing.

Bo closed the curtain of the furthest shower, hanging his towel on the rail. He closed his eyes and relaxed as the hot water began running down his body, washing away the sweat and dirt of the day. The creaking of the door being opened rang through the bathroom, and he heard someone enter the middle shower. Taps were turned, water began flowing, and looking up he saw a familiar white towel fall over the dividing wall.
“Showers are full in your bathroom again huh Ben?”
“No,” said Ben, his dripping face appearing above the wall. “For some reason I felt like showering in here today.” Grinning, he dropped back down, and the room was quiet as they both scrubbed themselves. A few minutes later Bo was done, his body feeling the cleanest it had been all weekend, and the pain in his side reduced to a dull ache. His mind began to wander, picturing Ben in the shower next to him, soaping himself and rubbing his soapy hands all over his skin. The lustful thoughts inevitably turned back to the blowjob Ben had given him earlier, causing his dick to twitch as he relived that moment. Bo suddenly realised that just after he blew his load he had fallen asleep, without even helping Ben get off. He wondered how frustrated Ben must have felt, lying there next to a naked boy, unable to do anything while he slept.
I just blue-balled my best friend.
Not the kind of person to let a debt hang over his head, Bo quickly hatched a plan.
“Ben?” he called, tapping the thin wall separating them. “You finished washing up yet?”
“Yeah,” replied Ben. “Why?”

Dick still semi-hard, Bo made his move. Peeking his head through the shower curtain, he made sure the bathroom was empty. Then leaving his water running, he quickly slipped through his curtain and into the middle shower. Ben heard the swish of the curtains and spun around.
“Bo what are you doing?” he whispered. Bo just grinned at him.
“I owe you one,” he said, dropping to his knees. Bo gazed at the smooth cock in front of him, thinking it looked slightly bigger soft than his own did. Reaching forward he started to play with Ben's balls, his other hands massaging the soft shaft, marvelling as it began to swell at the touch of his fingers. Soon the cock was fully hard, pointing straight at Bo's face, gently throbbing in his grip. He guessed it was roughly an inch bigger than his own, maybe a tiny bit thicker too. As he began moving his mouth towards the tip, Ben's hands appeared on his head, holding him back. Bo looked up in confusion.
“Wait Bo,” whispered Ben, a torn look on his face. “Don't get me wrong – I really really want this.” He let out a sigh. “But we're in the showers man, someone could come in and catch us! Maybe later we-” With a loud bang the bathroom door flew open.

Sonder!!AwZTHlMTWv 14/03/22(Sat)21:28 No. 21402 ID: 8175a1

The two boys froze as they listened to the unknown person jump in the remaining shower and turn on the taps. Then they heard the familiar sound of Azza's voice echo through the room.
“You in here Bo?” he called. Bo looked up, his eyes wide, Ben's dick still staring him in the face.
“Uh - yeah, how did you know?” he called back.
“You weren't in your room,” said Azza. “Who else is in here?” Ben nervously looked down at Bo, who mouthed at him to say something.
“Errr it's Ben,” he said. Bo knew what would happen next and quickly fell to the floor, just before Azza's face appeared at the top of the wall.
“Ben, here again!? Are your showers broken or something?” Ben forced himself to smile casually, trying to ignore the naked boy at his feet.
“Nah just full, and I couldn't be bothered waiting for people to get out so I came here instead.” Azza just smiled.
“Fair enough I guess,” he said, dropping back behind the wall. Bo stared up at Ben from the floor, both boys sharing a relieved grin. Ben started gesturing with his hands at Bo to quickly get back in his own shower. Bo had clambered back to his knees, his face again level with Ben's groin when Azza spoke again.
“How was your weekend by the way?” With another frantic wave at Bo, Ben began telling Azza what he did during his time away. Bo knew he should quietly slip back to his own shower, but the sight of Ben's still-erect cock only inches from his mouth was making him incredibly horny. His own dick was already stiff, and he hadn't even touched it.
Fuck it.
As the two other boys continued talking, Bo leaned forward and wrapped his lips around Ben's cock, causing him to stop mid-sentence.
“Then we went to – ohhh...” he trailed off, gazing down at the cute boy sucking his dick. Bo was enjoying the sensation of the cock filling his mouth, and the hot salty taste of skin. He slid his mouth all the way down the shaft, the tip of Ben's dick pushing into his throat, before sliding it back out again. Ben softly moaned, closing his eyes as Bo started blowing him.
“You went where? I didn't hear you,” called Azza. Ben was struggling to even think straight, let alone form sentences. He tried to pull away, but Bo grabbed his butt with his hands and held him close, still sucking on his cock. He was loving the feel of Ben's dick in his mouth, so much that his own was still rock hard and oozing. Ben gave up trying to get away and surrendered to Bo's mouth, while still attempting to talk.
“We went to the – ohhh – the beach,” he stammered. “Eventually it was – ughh - was time to come – ahhh – back here.” Bo could taste pre-cum in his mouth as it leaked from Ben's cock. He started sucking faster and moved one hand off Ben's butt to start jerking off his own dick, feeling his balls beginning to tighten as his own pleasure built. His first time sucking a cock, along with Azza being so close by and yet unknowing was quickly pushing Bo to his limit. Over the running water he could hear Ben's short stunted breaths, and could feel growing vibrations coming from the cock in his mouth.
Ben must be getting close too.
Azza's voice cut through the air.
“Hey you alright Ben? You sound a bit funny.” Ben gasped, his face flushed, trying to ignore the immense pleasure for a second to answer back.
“I'm okay I just – ohhh – just got a bad cramp.” Bo was now sucking as fast as he could, trying to bring Ben to orgasm, still furiously tugging on his own dick.
“Hmm that sucks,” continued Azza, completely oblivious. “Try stretching it out as far as you can.” Ben moaned and mumbled something back, while at the same time thrusting his hips forward, pushing his cock all the way into Bo's throat and making him gag.
“Okay I'll – hnng – try that now...” With a huge groan, his whole body shook as he began shooting his cum deep inside Bo's mouth. Bo could feel spray after spray of the hot jizz hitting the back of his throat. His own dick pulsed as he finally blew, his load squirting out in long ropes all over Ben's legs. Ben's head fell forward, his eyes closed and mouth hanging open as his orgasm finally subsided. Bo slowly let the cock slip from his mouth, dragging along trails of jizz with it until it was dangling in front of him, dripping from the tip. Bo could feel the hot cum smeared all over his lips and chin. He looked up at Ben who let out a big sigh as he looked down at Bo. Then once again Azza's voice carried over the wall.
“Sounds like you fixed it yes?” The two spent boys simultaneously broke into wide grins, before Ben managed to reply.
“Yeah that did the trick. Thanks.” The sound of running water ceased from Azza's shower as he grabbed his towel and moved towards the door.
“No probs Ben, see ya at dinner,” he called. “You too Bo.” Bo quickly gulped down the cum still in his mouth, amazed at how easily it slipped down his throat.
“See ya Azza.” As the door swung shut the boys stared at each other for a moment, before bursting into laughter. Bo staggered back to his feet, leaning his back on the wall and sucking in deep breaths between each laugh. Eventually they both regained control of themselves, allowing Ben to step forward and pin Bo to the wall with his body, their bare chests touching. He gave a quick sloppy kiss, tasting his own load on Bo's lips.
“That was incredible,” he breathed. “I thought you were gonna get us caught, but he had absolutely no idea!” Bo couldn't help chuckling again, as he looked Ben in the eyes.
“So you liked it?” he asked quietly. “I wasn't really sure what I was doing.” Ben rolled his eyes.
“Pfft. You're the best ever.” He pulled Bo off the wall and turned him towards the shower curtain. “Now we gotta clean up again, thanks to you.” He landed a cheeky slap on Bo's ass as it left his shower, before turning and starting to wash away the cum on his skin. Soon he was clean once more.
“Okay I'm done,” he called out, turning off his water and leaving the shower. “See ya down at dinner okay?”
“See ya.” Bo finished up washing the last of Ben's jizz from his body, before heading back to his room. He wondered what would happen next in his relationship with Ben, knowing only one thing for sure.
It's gonna be awesome.

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Sonder 19/10/18(Fri)19:43 No. 26430 ID: b8abec

man its been so long.

i had written, edited and proofed 5 new chapters and was working on another when my hdd died and took the story with it. yes i was an idiot with no backups at the time, and it pretty much killed any desire i had to finish the story.

i havn't visited 7ch much in ages, and was surprised to still find this thread up, so im going to post more soon. it will be with a new trip tho, cos i cant for the life of me remember what my old pw was

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