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Need help finding a story! Jimmy1 19/11/20(Wed)03:12 No. 26492 ID: c4ae3c

Hello, I was remembering the other day a story i read but i can't for the life of find it - i've search the web for nearly 2 hours. I'd appreciate it if anyone here can help me with this one.

It went something along the lines of a 13 year old boy at school who was disciplined by his female teacher after class. She would spank him with a paddle, as she had permission from the boys mom.

Its a fairly long story, but ends up with the boy screwing his mom at the teachers house without the boy or mom knowing until the teacher removes the moms blindfold.

Has anyone heard/read that one or know where to find it? I thought it was on asstr but have looked there in depth.


Anonymous 19/11/24(Sun)07:23 No. 26496 ID: bbf80b

A thread died for this.

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