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Charlene silhaifen 20/01/05(Sun)04:40 No. 26555 ID: c0cf30

Hello all!
I have never posted one of my stories before and thought it might be nice to share one and see what people think. I don't write much but tend to enjoy it when I do. Depending on what people think of this one I might continue it tonight. Please give it a read and let me know what you think, and if this break any rules, I do apologize.

I'll use the tags I think pertain to this story are: ped, lesbian, voyeurism, incest, masturbation

This story is a work of fiction and should be considered as such. If you are offended by any sexual depictions of minors please stop reading now. Any resemblance to any persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. I do not advise or condone any sexual activity with children or anyone who does not or cannot give proper consent. I do not condone abuse or neglect.
That all being said, please enjoy my very first story:

Her breath came in short spurts and tiny gasps, her little hand touching and teasing in ways that she had only just discovered. Charlene Mason, age 12, laid on her bed, only partially covered up in her bedspread as she explored the warm and moist treasures between her legs. She found that touching herself induced a pleasure she had never experienced before and had found entirely by accident. One morning in the shower she rubbed herself while cleaning up and found that she got a spark and a warm feeling between her legs. Ever since then she'd tried to replicate the accidental burst, but had failed until this morning.

Last night she had a dream about something she had only heard about in the whisperings of her friends at school, a penis. She had never seen one before but from the descriptions she was getting from her friends, it was certainly something she wanted to find out about. Her mind spent the full day wondering what it would feel like, taste, and smell like to have one in person.

In this day and age of the internet, Charlene knew that it would only take a cursory internet search to find out what they looked like. She also knew that doing that at school would get her talked to by the administration and her father. Looking that up at home would have also been a no-no since she didn't want her father to catch her and his was the only computer in the house other than his phone. There would be no way to get her hands on the phone and no alone time with the computer.

When she got home that afternoon she felt her little girl parts oozing with something sticky and needed to clean herself off. In that cleaning in when the small girl found the spark she'd been testing for. She finished her homework and went to bed only to be prodded by her dream and awakening with the urge to touch herself. The feeling was so strong she didn't even realize what she was doing until she woke up all the way. Waking up to sticky hands and a dripping wet pussy, she touched and tickled her way up and down the outside of her puffy vagina lips through her panties, the feeling of dampness spreading slowly from her pussy into the gusset making them slippery against her skin.

Not knowing what would feel best, she touched the outside lips and rubbed up and down on them, moving her little hips in response to the feelings she generated. As she explored, she also found that touching the space around her anus was fairly exciting, especially as it got wetter and wetter from the juices draining from her frustrated crotch. She yanked her nightie up and over her panties so that she could have a little more direct access. As she ruffled with herself she slipped her hand directly under the waistband to feel the warm, smooth skin of her mons and slipped right into touching her own bare skin.

The blanket on top of her moved and twisted as she rolled around, rubbing her pussy and trying to find the best angles to work on it, not knowing as she did so that her sister, Hailey, who was 10, had awoken in the bed across the room. Hailey sat up in bed and glanced around the room, a smallish square which the two had shared all their lives. Toys and clothes strewn about the floor and hanging on the dressers and spilling out of the closet. Hailey liked her room and her things, but what she liked most of all was her sister. They were the closest of friends and shared just about everything together.

As Hailey glanced over to her sister's bed, she noticed that she was twisting and turning, and got worried. They had never really been prone to nightmares or anything like that, but Charlene was known to walk in her sleep if she didn't get enough of it. Concerned, Hailey got out of bed and wandered over to her sister. As she got closer, she could her the frustrated moans and gasps Charlene made as she played with herself.

"Are you ok?" Hailey asked her sister.

Those three words made Charlene jump just about right off the bed.

"OH MY GOD!" Charlene hollered as she attempted to cover herself. She haphazardly covered herself up with her blanket, missing the fact that her legs and crotch were still plainly visible. Her sister didn't seem to notice that her nightgown had been pulled up above her waist at all. She was more interested in the wet spot between Charlene's legs. Hailey had felt wetness down there before, but never thought anything about it.

"Did you pee?" she asked her older sister innocently.

"Of course I didn't wet the bed! What are you talking about?" Charlene demanded. Hailey glance at the still obvious wet spot Charlene had left by rubbing her panties into her crotch. Hailey blushed.

"Your thingie is all wet."

Now it was Charlene's turn to blush as she realized that her sister had seen everything, but not understood it all. If she didn't explain things to her sister she would just run to Daddy and ask him about it, which would put her into trouble. Probably. She actually didn't know what her father thought about things like this. She never met her mother and so the only education she got was her friends and her father, and he wasn't exactly the most forthcoming with them about adult issues.

She decided what to do instantly.

"I made it wet. I had a dream that felt so good and made me feel so good, I woke up doing it. I've never tried it before,``she explained. "It feels really good with you touch it when its wet"

Hailey, always one for a challenge, wanted to find out just how good it felt. She blushed and patted her mons a little, hoping for a little bit of what her sister had mentioned. Nothing happened. She blushed again and shook her head.

"Maybe I need to wait until I'm bigger like you" She said.

"Maybe. I really don't know yet. Do you want to steal some computer time and find out?" Charlene thought to herself that this might actually work out best for her. If she is helping her sister out, or playing on the computer together, then Daddy will leave them alone since they tend to get in less trouble together than they do apart. A plan started forming in Charlene's mind.

She asked her sister about her idea: "How about this; today after our chores and stuff are done, we can try and get some time on the computer. If Daddy leaves us alone with it we can find out what we are doing and how to do it better. Then we can try it out together tonight at bedtime. Deal?"

"Deal!" Hailey responded instantly. She was very excited and couldn't wait at all for later that day.

"But you can't tell anyone about it Hailey. No one. Not your friends or Daddy. I don't want to get us in trouble before we even know what we are doing."

"OK!" Hailey agreed. She had the biggest smile on her face and she bounded out of the room on her way to breakfast, questions flying out of her head as she went. Charlene had a plan and hers were the best plans, so she just left it at that and concentrated on the feeling between her own legs.

Sighing in relief to have hidden her new discovery from her father and kept her sister in on the loop at the same time, Charlene decided to get out of bed and clean up a little. It was Saturday morning, so she had plenty of time before her father woke up to let her into the computer. She stepped into the bathroom and began to wash the sleep away and get herself presentable.

As she disrobed she took a moment to look at herself in the mirror. She was an average height compared to the other girls her age and had lost a lot of her baby weight a few years previous. She didn't have a puffy belly, but was starting to get a little puffy around her nipples. She had noticed it before today of course, but today had been different. They were harder than normal and a little pointier than they had been the day before. She touched one and gasped at the feeling of skin on the hardened flesh. The moisture returned between her legs and she decided to make sure to tell her sister about that too. Not only does it feel good to touch your pussy, it also feels great to touch your nipples!!

She continued looking at herself in the mirror for another few moments. She always enjoyed looking at herself naked and wished more than once that she could just be naked all the time. She turned and admired her backside, the way her long legs joined to the shapely bottom that had also been growing a little at a time. Her long black hair hung to just about right above her bottom, tickling her in the crease at the top of her bum when she shook her head naked. She loved that feeling, silky hair tickling her private skin.

Charlene stepped into the shower, cleaned herself off, then stepped out and wrapped a towel around herself. Walking back to her room, she could hear the TV blaring saturday morning cartoons and noticed that her father's bedroom door was still closed. When she got into her room she dropped the towel and chose some lazy clothes for the day. They wouldn't be going anywhere that day, so it was best to just change into something comfy. Armed with sweatpants and a big t-shirt, she made it to the breakfast table.

After eating and watching cartoons with her sister for an hour or so, their father made it out of his room.

"Morning girls" He said.

"Good morning Daddy~" They both chimed together.

Mark walked into the kitchen to pour himself some cereal. Then he plopped down to sit with his girls and watch some cartoons. After finishing his breakfast, he got up to clean up a bit from himself and the girls, but was stopped by his oldest.

"Daddy, could we use the computer for a little while? TV gets boring" Charlene asked. She gave him the medium-sized puppy eyes, so as to not over do it.

He nodded as he dumped things into the sink and padded over to the computer. The machine itself was fairly new, but they way they kept it pushed to the side always made him feel like they were gathering around an old radio, or telephone when they first came out, in awe of the new technology. The real reason was that it wasn't possible to see the screen from the girl's hallway, so Mark could use it all he wanted when they went to bed and they couldn't see what he was doing, even accidentally.

Mark turned the computer on and typed in his password. They all shared the same account, since it was far easier to do than setting up a different account for everyone. The girls weren't to that privacy age yet, so they didn't care. He grumbled a little bit as the normal crap popped up on the screen, asking him to sign into this and that, which he closed as if on auto-pilot. One of these days he'd get around to fixing all of those so that he doesn't have to turn them off every time he boots up, but today wasn't the day.

Charlene grinned and plopped down on the computer chair, motioning her sister over to sit next to her on the stool. Hailey bounced over, still munching on a breakfast bar, and sat on the chair, knees up to her chest and arms wrapped around her legs to keep balance.

They spent an hour or so just giggling and watching silly things on youtube until Mark announced that he was going to have a shower and get dressed. He always takes so lon gin the shower, they decided now would probably be about the best time they could do what they wanted. Charlene blushed as she typed the first words in, excited to even type them, like an erotic admission. "Penis" she typed.

The results from the image search were more than she had expected. Charlene and her sister were so fascinated by the towers of flesh they were seeing, a first time for both of them. As they scrolled through them all, Charlene noticed that some of them looked different than others. She clicked on a picture of one of them to see if more close up, and instead of opening the image alone, a new page popped open which showed them not only the picture she had clicked on, but the whole collection of which it was a part.

Gasping, they were both amazed now, not only at the larger pictures, but amazed at the introduction of a new element; the woman in the shoot. As they scrolled, they could see the man with his penis, then the woman putting it in her mouth. Then they saw the woman's vagina, spread and moist and, of all things, hairy! Charlene slid her fingers down beneath the elastic bands on the legs of her panties and felt around a little. She didn't have any hair! She looked at her sister who was coincidentally doing the same thing, and Hailey shook her head. Neither of them knew what the deal with the hair was, but they knew neither of them had any. Shrugging that information off, the two continued to browse the set of pictures, getting more and more drawn in as they went.

As they continued, hand returned to panties, this time from the top. Both of the girls and pulled their nighties above their waistbands and slipped their hands under the soft panties to the treasure beneath. As they scrolled, now one-handed, Charlene cupped her puffy lips and pressed them together, the pressure sending tingles up her spine and making her nipples harder.

The girls were introduced to penetration shortly thereafter. As they scrolled, they saw pictures of the woman touching her own pussy while she held the man's penis in her mouth. Charlene recognized what the woman was doing right away and pointed it out to her sister. Moving farther down the page they then saw the piece d' resistance. The pictures showed the man slowly entering the woman in the gallery, stuffed all the way up to the hilt. The final picture was of the man with his penis above the woman's face, with white stuff all over it.

Shivering with excitement, the girls decided to search for more pictures, and maybe a video to see how it's done. They stumbled across a site called "pornhub" and started looking around. It was a lot more than they expected and the girls got overloaded rather quickly, finally just clicking on a girl who was dressed like they were (nightgown and panties) and letting that play.

The video started with the girl from the picture, and she was touching herself just like Charlene had that morning. As the video progressed, they learned that they could put their fingers inside their pussies!! As astounding as that was, the real surprise was closer to the end of the video. The woman had put something inside herself and was making the same bucking motions Charlene had that morning alone, but this woman was very loud and finally a jet of liquid came out of her crotch and she screamed.

Charlene slipped a finger into her own pussy to see how it felt. Then she pulled it out a little bit and felt how that felt. She moaned a little and told Hailey to do the same thing. She tried but had a hard time finding where to put her fingers, so Charlene said she would help with that part later, but to just keep rubbing to make it feel good. Now fucking her own finger, Charlene decided to look somewhere else, just in case.

She minimized the window and brought up the built-in search on the computer. The young girl tried a number of different things that she thought might bring something up if there was anything ont he computer, "cock", "tits", "sex", but nothing was coming up. She had recently learned during the course of her online education that the white stuff was called "cum" so she typed that in and there it was. Bingo, a folder.

She opened the opened called "Cum Time" and started looking through the files. Videos, images, and text files filled the screen. Neither of them wanted to read anything, so they went right for the videos.

Starting the first one, the girls could make out that the girl in the video was dressed like a schoolgirl, like the ones you see on TV. She was bent over near a bike rack trying to undo her bike lock. The images on the screen showed a cute, young girl, maybe only a little older than themselves, bent over with her skirt beginning to ride up the back. The crotch of her panties was just barely visible and as she bent lower, more and more showed. They were the strangest pair of panties the girls had ever seen, mostly just a string, but there was a little cloth in the front part where they could see it was covering the girl's pussy. The video zoomed in on the girl's panties and the sisters could immediately see her lips pushing against the tight fabric, and a little moisture starting to collect in the lace on the edges. Then it ended.

Charlene decided to try some of the pictures. As they flipped through each set, she started to see that they all followed the same pattern. In the first couple the girls would be fully clothed, sometimes making faces at the camera. Then they would start taking their clothes off, one article at a time. Sometimes they wore skirts and so they tended to just start with their top and use the skirt rolled up to hide parts of themselves as the pictures continued. In the final picture in each set, the girl would be naked and showing her pussy off to the camera.

All of the girls were younger and all of them had long black hair. Some were taller and some shorter, but all of them seemed like they were barely older than the sisters. Charlene had known that some girls will take pictures of themselves and send them to people, but she never imagined that some of them would end up on her Dad's computer! She never thought that there were people out there just taking pictures of sexy young girls and sharing them online. There was so much she just hadn't known before. And her Dad liked all of it.

By now both sisters panties were completely soaked through and smelled like their juices. Charlene was curious though and decided to taste her finger that she put inside of herself. As she licked the fluid off of her finger, she immediately got wetter and could feel it. It tasted musky, but sweet, and mostly water. She offered the same to her sister, but found that Hailey had already licked all of her fingers clean.

"It tastes to good!" Hailey said, pretty impressed with herself for trying it at the same time as her big sister.

Nodding, Charlene decided it would be best to close everything for now and go play in their room for a little while. She led her sister to their room and closed the door, pulling her nightgown off of herself and tossing it on the ground. The internet search had done its job in that now she knew what she had to do. She decided that Hailey could help, watch, or leave and any of those options were going to be fine.

Charlene laid on her back on her bed and started touching her nipples with one hand while she led the other to her dripping girl-cunt. She rubbed the outer lips up and down and then finally spread them apart a little. She rubbed the inner lips up and down and started to buck her hips a little every time she hit the top of her slit. The curious girl started to rub only the top part of her slit and pinching her nipples like the girls she saw in the video. It was astounding, and for a second she had completely forgotten that her sister might still be watching.

Between panting breaths she said "Ooooh Hailey, rub the, top of your slit. Oooooh it feels so good"

Raising her leg just a little bit, Charlene pushed one of her fingers into her opening and tensed as the feeling came over her. She pinched her nipples harder and started to push and pull the finger in and out of her tight hole. Images of the men and women she had seen came flooding back to her mind as she penetrated herself over and over again. She thought about what a penis might feel like inside her. Would it be like her finger but bigger? Would it feel totally different? Then, as she started humping her hand harder and harder, she felt something knew. Something wet, and warm, and it pushed her right over the edge.

While she watched her sister, Hailey had pushed her panties down to her ankles and was rubbing her pussy just like her sister told her to. It felt nice, but wasn't anything special, so after a while she stopped to watch Charlene again. She was panting and sweating and really going to town with her hands, and just as she looked away, Hailey had an idea. She had seen one of the women on the computer do this, and wanted to try it too. The little girl slowly crept up in between her sisters legs and watched as Charlene jammed her finger in and out of herself.

The wetness returned to Hailey's pussy as she thought about what she was about to do, so she slipped her hand back into place over her pussy lips, squeezing them and sliding her finger up and down the slit. Slowly, she stuck her tongue out and thought about how good it tasted when she tasted her own juices, hoping it would be the same with her sister's. She was right, the moment that Hailey's tongue touched Charlene's pussy lips, she had a strong urge to bury her face into the warm, wet folds of her sister tight pussy and just never let go.


Eyes wide open, back arched and mouth open as if she was about to scream, Charlene came hard. When her sister's mouth touched her pussy, Charlene came. Every flip of her sister's tongue up and down her slit, Charlene came some more. She didn't spray so much as leak all over her bed, but she came a lot. The feeling was intense, like electricity running from her tight little cunt all up and down her body. She had to hold Hailey's head to get her to stop

Panting, sweating, and covered in her own cum, Charlene sat up and kissed Hailey on the forehead. Confused, her sister just looked up at her and smiled. She was happy to have made her big sister feel so good and excited that she got to be part of it! Hailey wanted nothing more than to curl up with her sister and cuddle.

Charlene certainly didn't have the energy to argue and held her younger sister for a time as she recovered. Today had been fairly interesting already and she was now in the mood for a nice warm nap. She pulled the covers over herself and Hailey and they dozed together until their father got out of the shower, the sound of the bathroom door startling them both awake.

Anonymous 20/01/06(Mon)03:57 No. 26558 ID: 110a31

This is good stuff. I definitely want to see more.

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