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11/03/05(Sat)10:11 No. 46496 Stickied

File 129931628336.jpg - (60.00KB , 433x648 , 1274905481782.jpg )

How does one maximize their bottoming skills?

Practice is important, of course, but what are some tricks I can do right from the get-go? I figure I should prepare myself as I might be hooking up with someone in the next week or two.

## Mod ## 11/03/05(Sat)10:38 No. 46498

I'm gonna sticky this because the world needs more good bottoms. Advise away, gents.

11/03/05(Sat)11:26 No. 46499

File 12993207689.png - (272.49KB , 359x433 , zevran.png )

Try moving your hips against his thrusts to deepen the penetration or something.

Ya-Ya 11/03/05(Sat)15:20 No. 46509

I would love it if every guy was versatile. Have you ever gone to hook up with someone who says they're versatile but then you get there and you're like "ok, can I top now?" and they're like "well I'm not really much of a bottom" or "I don't really do that so..."

Practice does make perfect but so does the right lube. And also knowing what rhythm works best for you. I don't like for the guy to pound away like I'm not a person because it overwhelms my asshole but then I don't think many guys like this in general. The only exception is when the guy just has good topping skills (e.g. he naturally just knows how to move his body and guide his dick and read the bottom's body language) in which case if he knows what he's doing he's free to fuck me however he likes. But for each guy it's different. Some guys don't like for the top to pull all the way out and then go back all the way in, they like for the top to stay in and do short thrusts. As well, some tops don't like to pull all the way out or don't like short thrusts. So you just have to sort of jump in and make it work. Sometimes there's a little compromising that must happen before you're both enjoying yourselves.

epilohunk!3GqYIJ3Obs 11/03/05(Sat)21:25 No. 46531

we don't need more stickies.

11/03/06(Sun)03:44 No. 46591

File 129937948399.jpg - (105.22KB , 468x419 , ISHPMA.jpg )

11/03/06(Sun)06:08 No. 46613

Im versatile and love it up the butt, but I often have a problem with brown on the dong. I douche with warm water before hand, but it seems like all that does is give me diahreea, and then I'm spending the next 20 minutes in the bathroom rinsing myself out and trying to stop the wrenching stomach aches. Can any /fag/ help me?

11/03/06(Sun)06:58 No. 46620


If you've pooped earlier that day and rinse out a few times before having sex, there's no reason you should have a mess.

Personally, I just put some water in one of those fleet enema bottles and rinse out, and then hop in the shower and use a soapy finger. That's probably over-doing it, but I'm really anal (see what I did there?) about cleanliness.

As for OP's question, the only advice I have is to go slowly, use fingers first, and use lots of lube. If you have a top that's impatient, it's probably going to hurt.

TheMadMiner 11/03/06(Sun)08:28 No. 46636

love mod for sticky!!!!

11/03/07(Mon)00:10 No. 46697

Much interest. I'm not terribly experienced in general, but have never bottomed before. Topped a few times, but my tastes are changing and I want to be fucked silly by the guy I recently started seeing. My topping experience has only really come down to one night stands and I'm not really in the situation to ask them "how do I make my ass awesome". What are some really basic considerations? Is it a good idea to get a dildo?

Sorry for the noobishness, I just didn't want to make a new thread but will be using all of the more seasoned advice as well.

11/03/07(Mon)01:37 No. 46715

I too am interested in this. Psychologically I'm a total bottom, and when I fap I think about my boyfriend fucking me. But when he actually does fuck me, it hurts, I can't get turned on and it honky-tonk heterosexual up doesn't feel good. He goes slow and shit too ughhh why does this seem to work so well for everyone else?

11/03/07(Mon)02:43 No. 46726

Here are a few things to remember when you are bottoming:

Regarding cleanliness:
First and foremost, shit happens. If you are embarrassed about the possibility of having a little mess, then you should just stick to oral sex. Focusing too much of your energy on whether or not you are properly clean/shit-free while you are getting fucked will make it NOT FUN. I have never used an enema, but I have bottomed countless times. Sometimes it gets messy, 95% of the time it's fine. I also don't eat food that makes me shit liquid, and I don't let someone fuck me if I feel shit inside of my bowel.

Regarding the pain:

Practice. Practice. Practice. Finger yourself in the shower. Finger yourself in your bedroom. Finger yourself in the morning, noon, and at night. Find your g-spot and jerk off while you finger fuck your prostate.
Most people know this, but just start with one finger, then two, and then start sticking things up your butt if you want. Don't use anything dangerous (I am thinking about that video where the fat dude sticks a jar up his ass and probs dies because of it. Don't do that). Gradually you will get used to two things: 1) Your butt is very accommodating 2) It feels really good

Also, when it comes time to take a huge dick remember to BREATH when it is going deeper into you (assuming you have already fingered yourself and your partner has joined in). Take a deep breath, and let him push in more. If it hurts don't hesitate to tell him to slow the fuck down and wait for the pain to go away for a second. Take deep breaths, and remember to think about how fucking amazing it feels to have a dick pounding you. If you focus on the fact that it hurts, it will only hurt, if you let the pain just be a minor inconvenience then, at least in my experience, it goes away.
BREATH IN DEEP, and then BREATH OUT and let it relax your ass hole.

Anymore questions? I have links to sites that have more extensive explanations, if you are interested.

11/03/07(Mon)04:00 No. 46731

I've gotten fucked by more than a few guy that ranged from average small (less than 3 inches and dear god that was a dull experience) to large (over a foot and at least 6 inches in circumference).

No matter the size, it hurts a bit at first as you get yourself adjusted. The key though is always relax. A problem you can run into at first when trying to bottom is, that you don't know how to relax. A lot of guys thinking they're relaxing are really just relaxing every part of themselves except that inner sphincter (versus outer; there are two) and then experiencing pain that their partner picks up on which makes them slow down, when really the whole thing isn't gonna be enjoyable until the guy picks up a bit in speed. As having something sit inside you will just make you feel like you need to pee, versus getting rubbed inside which makes you feel like you're being masturbated from the inside.

11/03/07(Mon)04:04 No. 46733

Links would be cool. Also, how do I find my g-spot? Just explore?

11/03/07(Mon)04:08 No. 46735

Also when a guy is actually inside you, it isn't gonna be as enjoyable for them if you're just as loose as can be. So you can tighten up around them a little as they're rocking back and forth to help them along a bit (or if you're just wanting to go to bed already by getting him off early).

Thinking about it, the best metaphor for the pain when getting fucked is a bandaid. Tearing it off slowly can hurt quite a bit, so you want to get it over with by getting into full swing. If you're relaxed and he just goes right into pounding nicely (and isn't hung like an elf) then it should feel nice enough to make you not think about the pain (which subsides). So the usual advice about asking your partner to slow down if it hurts usually seems like bullshit to me since you're then just prolonging the most unpleasant part of the night.

Another thing, try doing squats with a bit of weight as a general daily exercise. A lot of guys hate fucking a flat ass, especially if they're a bigger guy. Since bigger guys like to go in and out a lot more than smaller guys. So if you're into getting into bed with some bigger guys, it seems worth making their night a bit nicer by giving them a nicer ass to fuck. At least from what I've been told, they generally like it when you are rocking back and forth with them, and doing some squats will give you the strength in the right areas to help with doing just that.

11/03/07(Mon)04:35 No. 46737

lol 12+ inches/6 inch diameter. Were you fucking a horse?

Sometimes its good to just get the pain over with, but for people who want advice (aka are beginners), then they should probably learn how to get over the pain and make it more tolerable as opposed to more quick/intense.

Also, it's worth noting that that pain is your asshole stretching parallel to the structure of the inner wall of the bowel. These are how tears occur, and this is how you can get extremely sore the next day. Tears are bad because they just love getting filled with STDs and HIV.

11/03/07(Mon)10:32 No. 46768

>lol 12+ inches/6 inch diameter. Were you fucking a horse?

No, just one of those fabled black guys that ends up being super hung. Ending up sucking on it for at least 30 minutes before getting down to business so the memory of it has stuck with me.

11/03/08(Tue)02:58 No. 46862

>trying to stop the wrenching stomach aches

ME TOO! Whenever I have tried to douche myself, I always end up with TERRIBLE cramping/aches.

Can /fag/ help us?

CandleJack 11/03/08(Tue)04:16 No. 46877


Long story short, you are probably just using way too much water. You need half a cup at the most, enough to rinse out the rectum; there's no need to wash out your entire colon. Warm/cold water doesn't make a difference, and it doesn't have to be soapy. Shooting chemicals up your insides is another way to cause severe irritation.

HoodyGuy 11/03/08(Tue)04:17 No. 46878

Lube + Dildos = Fun Practice Time!

11/03/08(Tue)12:18 No. 46946

Mmm thanks for some tips...

I have been wanting to bottom for my BF for a while now...again...but the last time I did it, which was a while, it got to a point say 30 mins later he was not able to cum and I think the lube was running dry lots of friction... felt ok at the time...

But then the next day I did my poop and noticed some blood and freaked the fuck out...

Now that has been in the back of my mind for a while...

We recently tried some silicone lube and that seems to work better...

Some lubes tend to give me a burning sensation.... Sigh :(

11/03/08(Tue)13:29 No. 46947

The lubes that are giving you the burning sensation are glycerin-based. Some people just have an intolerance to them. To overcome this I recommend Maximus or the Durex brand if in the UK. Good luck.

11/03/08(Tue)17:28 No. 46962

I personally recommend this. Fucking fantastic lube, never found anything that beats it.


It doesn't contain glycerin, it stays the same consistency for a long ass time, and you really don't need much of it. It's safe for use with toys too.

Poggie!mTDkrbOTxY 11/03/08(Tue)17:45 No. 46966


Bleeding is, well, not -normal- per se but isn't abnormal either. Obviously the digestive system is intended to be one way and here's a foreign object entering and thrusting hard inside it; there's bound to be some lining tearing now and again. I've noticed blood in my stools maybe twice ever after anal sex, and this is twelve years of being sexually active. Don't worry. Make sure you use a condom though, especially now you have a tear there. It should heal itself in time but if you keep noticing blood after a couple of days, tell your GP.

I recommend Gun Oil for decent lube.

As for the cleanliness debate, shit happens! Occasionally you can pull out and the condom will be covered in faeces which you just have to get over. If you're clean, you usually won't see anything when you pull out / a tiny minimal amount. It's a bodily function, it has to occur.

11/03/09(Wed)01:11 No. 47015

Hahahah, Oh.

Please no laughing, but the last time I did it, I used around 500 mL.

So 125... then what? I mean once I get the water in there, what do i do? >.>
Awkward turtle, I know, but I have no experience here.

11/03/09(Wed)03:05 No. 47026


shake your booty and then push it out (?)

11/03/09(Wed)22:26 No. 47125

yes, put the water in and then out.

11/03/10(Thu)00:40 No. 47140

what kinds of foods should a bottom eat?

11/03/10(Thu)01:23 No. 47144

Fruits, grains, fiber supplements. Although usually just eating healthy will do. Most of those food pyramid things are a pretty decent guide to go by.

I find that smoking weed helps me pass more out when I poo (not clinically proven and taken only out of my own observation). Go easy on the alcohol.

11/03/10(Thu)07:39 No. 47235

> Go easy on the alcohol.why?

Cor!dv0zwbGXX. 11/03/10(Thu)10:12 No. 47247


even beyond the cleaning-out aspect, someone new shouldn't be too heavy on the alcohol. pain is pretty important and if you aren't as aware of when it hurts you could do some damage.

11/03/10(Thu)12:21 No. 47257

If you need alcohol or any other drug youre doing it wrong lol

11/03/10(Thu)20:26 No. 47273

For me a bit of Blood afterwards has been pretty much the norm.... usually no pain though, or it goes after a day or so at worst.

Is this normal?

11/03/10(Thu)20:32 No. 47274

maybe youre too tight o rhes too big or both, more patience and lube should work ^^

11/03/10(Thu)20:34 No. 47275

maybe youre too tight or hes too big or both, more patience and lube should work

11/03/11(Fri)03:59 No. 47339


More lube.

11/03/11(Fri)04:13 No. 47347

I second the double posting fag above me. Moar lube. Make sure he is stretching you enough before, too.

11/03/11(Fri)21:52 No. 47395

I'm a top, but I do believe alot of the stigma towards bottoming has to do with the issue of pain and discomfort. I think many might view it as a chore or that they're sacrificing their pleasure for their partners. As much of a hardcore top as I am I know that getting fucked in the ass feels amazing if you do it right. I make sure my bottoms are pleased and that their comfortable. Sadly I think many bottoms are missing out on it because of a lack of knowledge. There should be some sort of a "bottoms rights" group that spreads awareness about proper anal penetration.

11/03/12(Sat)06:11 No. 47442

File 129990671841.jpg - (118.64KB , 360x284 , buttseps.jpg )

>yfw bottoms are more common than tops

SheerInsanity!EgAGtoQKoM 11/03/12(Sat)06:56 No. 47448

Make sure you have a good day at work

toxxy!DY3OtDn8D. 11/03/12(Sat)09:40 No. 47464

File 129991925423.gif - (190.09KB , 390x273 , vapidwhore.gif )

>Make sure you have a good day at work

11/03/12(Sat)21:35 No. 47511

File 129996215348.jpg - (27.05KB , 413x550 , 1292469375113.jpg )

>or have a bad day to tighten up the whole experience

11/03/12(Sat)22:32 No. 47519

File 129996555760.gif - (593.07KB , 100x100 , 4c5f803d_cfed_1420_big.gif )


echelon_house 11/03/13(Sun)02:08 No. 47545

I have a related problem, but one nobody else has brought up. I don't have any problem with width at all, things can get in there just fine. For me, it's a problem with length, it's like it eventually just hits a wall and it ain't gonna go any deeper! It's pretty deep too, they can get in okay but can't really do any of the thrusting action that makes it, well, fucking.

11/03/13(Sun)02:23 No. 47548

i don't have time to read through and see if anyone else has mentioned it:

drink lots of water during the way. you should do this anyway, but esp if you think you might be getting fucked that day. it helps you to shit a little easier and i feel like the lube is more effective if i'm not dehydrated.

11/03/15(Tue)04:13 No. 47811

I know we should always use condoms when being penetrated. I'm meeting a guy from my college to finally hook up; should I make him wear a condom when I blow him?

Poggie!mTDkrbOTxY 11/03/15(Tue)15:35 No. 47868

If you like the taste of condom.

11/03/15(Tue)19:14 No. 47885

File 130021289398.jpg - (54.24KB , 461x523 , not upset at all.jpg )

Now I really want to suck a dick

11/03/15(Tue)22:16 No. 47914

But it's not a necessity? Next to no STD risk, right?

I may try one of those flavored condoms. They look delicious.

Mouser!3PVFB7FLCI 11/03/16(Wed)02:09 No. 47960

There are several STDs that can be transmitted via oral (Link from CDC about oral: http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/resources/factsheets/oralsex.htm)

Condoms aren't used very often though, and if you do it the guy might be a bit offended, so be ready for that and use your best judgment...

11/03/19(Sat)23:46 No. 48504


Hey, if this is developed to detect AIDS, in time it could prob be made into a not very expensive Over-the-counter test you could buy and check partners with. Not that it would fully eliminate risks, as I am sure some would go undetected, and people would be ass-hats and spoof it to convince people they are clean. Also, there are plenty of other STDs. Eliminating fear from AIDS would lead to more rampant sex, spreading other STDs further. This happened when AIDS drugs were created; a huge spike in other diseases occured in the MSM (Men having Sex with Men) community since "Oh it isn't so bad now. It isn't a problem." YOU ARE SPREADING SO MUCH DISEASE YOU GODDAMN WHORES.

OK. This is now a bad idea.

11/03/20(Sun)19:09 No. 48636

I've always topped, but lately I have really wanted to get fucked.

Invaluable thread, /fag/

11/03/20(Sun)20:30 No. 48649

yeah we're probably 10 years out from all in one on site std tests. at which point I will be an old 20s something guy with hiv already :(

CandleJack 11/03/21(Mon)01:09 No. 48690


You're either extremely bad at math, or an underage B&. Possibly both if you're in an American high school.

11/03/21(Mon)04:13 No. 48717




CandleJack 11/03/21(Mon)05:52 No. 48729


Someone who is 18 is not going to refer to their 20's as when they are going to be "old".

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 11/03/21(Mon)08:26 No. 48744


You're right.
Everyone knows 18 is old.

11/03/21(Mon)10:48 No. 48747

All this advice is sound, but no one has mentioned the trick where you push as if you were shitting and you loosen up immediately. Make sure you're 100% cleaned out or you WILL shit.

Also PROTIP don't practice with a huge dildo or you'll be too loose. Fucking someone who is too loose is horrible.

11/03/21(Mon)16:46 No. 48759


That'll help you loosen enough to let someone in, but it won't help you loosen so that you don't feel pain period.

I still feel like people wanting to bottom for some big boys should just let them start humping a bit faster earlier on so that the pleasure offsets the pain.

11/03/21(Mon)17:23 No. 48764

after hearing this, I'd like to ask if there's anything I can do to a, well... overworked anus? My fear is that it's gonna feel like a huge cavern.

11/03/21(Mon)19:51 No. 48782


You can always just squeeze those muscles up a bit. Basically kegal exercises (or however you spell it), you just tighten up that anus and relax, tighten and relax, tighten and relax, and so on.

A lot of guys actually enjoy fucking someone a bit loose so you know. Fucking a guy that is too tight can probably seem annoying since you can barely even get into them. If you feel like you're a bit too loose it isn't as though you can't tighten up a bit while they're still in you.

11/03/22(Tue)04:21 No. 48851

Yup, this. Also, once you gain more conscious control over your anal muscles, you can selectively tighten in time with each thrust in. They'll love it.

11/03/22(Tue)17:21 No. 48903

Actually, I heard you were supposed to relax while top is on the way in, and tighten when they are going out. Otherwise you are making them work against you, thus lowering the pleasure for your top. Is that wrong?

11/03/22(Tue)22:36 No. 48920

File 130082971258.gif - (1.42MB , 173x128 , tim and eric universe.gif )

just so you know
my asshole is exPLOding with pleasure right now

11/03/23(Wed)00:04 No. 48926

>you are making them work against you

The pressure against them is what feels good.

I doubt you could close up your ass so hard as to push a dick out that was already inside you, so you probably wouldn't be hurting them.

11/03/27(Sun)01:27 No. 49445

I think it's more about hurting yourself. If you're a beginner, what he said is probably a good idea. After a while, you will get a feel for it, and won't have to think about it anymore.

11/04/01(Fri)02:24 No. 50331

when my partner pushes deeply in it feels like hes hitting a dead end and the pressure hurts
what do?

11/04/01(Fri)03:07 No. 50345

happens to me too..

11/04/01(Fri)05:32 No. 50412

File 130162873246.jpg - (21.68KB , 252x210 , pillow biting.jpg )

practice makes perfect

11/04/03(Sun)00:48 No. 50764

Yeah I also get that. With me, whether it's a dick or somethin else, it always gets to a point where it feels like they're just hitting a brick wall and if it goes any further, the pain is soooo bad. I've obviously tried a few times to just ignore the pain and push it in further but I can't...

11/04/03(Sun)01:14 No. 50776

Practice Kegels, they are invaluable. The practiced ability to tense and loosen your anal sphincter gives you a degree of comfort when receiving, and gives your top a degree of pleasure when he penetrates. buck your hips into him when he thrusts, and alternate periods of tightening and loosening (IE six thrusts tights, three looser)
If your top is longer and thicker, you may feel an obstruction when he goes in deep; this is the end of your rectum, the sphinter between your intestines and anus. DO NOT LET HIM THRUST INTO THIS!
this sphincer takes practice to open up, and without opening it up this fragile ring of muscle will tear, making internal hemorrhaging, leading to infection. however, with Kegel practices, you can make your anus feel deeper and tighter, giving your top the pleasure he needs to NOT pound this sensitive area.
Lube: try Boy butter. its thick and cream based, so it stays nice and slick for hours. other water-based lubes are good, but you need to re-moisturize them periodically, using a spray bottle or such.

11/04/03(Sun)12:14 No. 50891

Pretty much this. The sigmoid colon is about 6-8 inches in, depending on the person, and it takes training to get past it. If you need to be able to take a long dick to the balls, then start out with a long, thin dildo and slowly work your way up in size.

As for lube, I can second Boy Butter. It's awesome stuff, you don't need too much, it lasts nicely, and it cleans up easily. The original stuff is NOT latex safe, but they make a water-based one that is. Another one I will recommend is Pjur Eros power cream. It's a silicone-water mix cream, it's condom safe, and it works very well.

11/04/04(Mon)09:41 No. 51138

and remember as a bottom dont just lay there and take it like a bitch, actively join in. Fucking isnt as fun when your humping a moist hole than when that moist hole pushes you down and rides your dick like your the one on the bottom

11/04/06(Wed)01:54 No. 51464

I was just wondering if anyone here could say something on the rather unpleasant topic of haemorrhoids. Obviously those are a problem when you want to be a bottom as they not only look very ugly but also make sex more painful and dangerous.

Any advice on how to prevent or treat them?

CandleJack 11/04/06(Wed)06:17 No. 51519


First of all, realize that it's a total myth that they are caused by anal sex. Hemherroids result from straining to push OUT, not pushing something IN.

Anyway, I've seen evidence showing that sitting during a bowel movement makes things much more difficult due to the awkward position. Changing to a more natural squatting position, in some cases, has resulted in relief of symptoms from some cases I've read about. Short of surgery, it's something you can try for a few weeks and see if it gets any better. There's nothing to be lost from giving it a shot, anyway.

11/04/06(Wed)08:00 No. 51530

File 130206962413.jpg - (25.11KB , 548x400 , -squat-toilet.jpg )


I agree. I squat on the toilet. It's easy to do and always comes out clean for me anyway.

11/04/06(Wed)18:49 No. 51604

true true. Squatting is much more healthy when pooping and cuts down on hemmorhoids and diverticular disease often associated with sitting.
related: http://www.cracked.com/article_19121_7-basic-things-you-wont-believe-youre-all-doing-wrong.html

Azirafail!IRYD97KN2. 11/04/07(Thu)21:03 No. 51963

O-O makes me wanna go try it.

11/04/07(Thu)22:42 No. 51979

Been doing it for the last few days, lets see if we'll see any improvement.

11/04/08(Fri)21:32 No. 52182

File 130229117722.jpg - (82.55KB , 522x652 , 1999_11_10-preparation-h-522.jpg )

Now I've never been a fan of bottoming. I'm a fan of the idea, but when it actually happens, its all just pain to me; I also do a pretty good job topping. I'd rather be versatile though.

I know it becomes easier with practice and what not, but every time I try, I end up with hemorrhoids out the wazoo (get it?) that don't go away for weeks. How am I supposed to practice and get better at it, when I need to take such long breaks in between bottoming sessions. Also, the occasional boyfriend that wants to top me doesn't like waiting for me to heal up and get the urge to bottom.

Wickk 11/04/09(Sat)23:52 No. 52267

The fuck? Are you bottoming with no lube?

CandleJack 11/04/10(Sun)04:13 No. 52297


You probably have hemherroids already, and the anal sex just makes them much worse to the point where you actually notice it. Try eating more fiber and using a squatting position on the toilet for a couple weeks, and see if it gets any better.

Oh, and use lots of lube and loosen yourself up with fingers/dildo before the fucking.

11/04/10(Sun)10:40 No. 52385

I find that eating heavy fiber foods a day or so before sex helps with the whole "getting the shit fucked out of you" scenario. Also the day it happens is gonna play hell with your stomach if you're REALLY looking forward to it, so you might try taking some digestive enzymes to calm your stomach down.

Also, don't eat a lot the day its going to happen. This helps minimize the "please stop i hafta poo" during sex.

11/04/11(Mon)13:58 No. 52646

An suggestions on high fiber food? I often hear this and that is supposedly high fiber stuff, but I'm more confused by these recommendations, so I'd like to hear what people who really put them work have to say.

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 11/04/11(Mon)16:02 No. 52656

If I don't come, does it make me look like a blaming breeder?
And is it ok to feel more fulfilled by his cumming than mine?

11/04/11(Mon)17:03 No. 52668

Broccoli is a great high-fiber, low-calorie source. Cook it right, and it tastes good.

11/04/12(Tue)02:35 No. 52730

so... last time i got fucked i had absolutely no feeling of shit in the rectum. then halfway through i feel it coming and i start clenching like shit and hop off him, running to the bathroom. liquid feces start pouring out (i eat well and drink lots of water, haven't had the shits like that in a except for basically that). any advice to avoid this?

oh and ps. i'm mentally way into bottoming, but physically i find it sucks. it feels like i have to piss, shit, and have blue balls all at the same time. essentially i tense up a bit (sorry can't help it) and lay there til it's over... i don't want to give up on anal forever but currently i just am not a fan.

pps. bleeding is fine, you just got an anal fissure. don't squeeze so tight (push out!) and go easy on the white bread/cheese/meat for a while til you heal.

11/04/12(Tue)03:45 No. 52743

Stress can cause abnormally premature/accelerated bowel movement by activating the sympathetic nervous system, generally tightening muscles throughout the body (including those controlling bowel movement). Your negative physical reaction to bottoming probably precipitated the incident.

That said, if that's really what's happening, you just need to get past your stressed reaction, which is probably part physical and part mental. Have you bottomed much before? It sounds like you're relatively new to bottoming; if that's the case, you should feel more relaxed toward it with more experience. Just take it easy and don't rush yourself.

Othello 11/04/13(Wed)06:09 No. 52950

I find it sad there's so much anxiety and stress about bottoming :/

That said, thanks for this thread. Twas much needed.

11/04/14(Thu)02:14 No. 53058

How long would you suggest to be in a monogamous relationship with a guy before making the shift from condom to barebacking?

CandleJack 11/04/14(Thu)04:07 No. 53071


As long as it takes for the STD results to come in the mail.

11/04/14(Thu)05:38 No. 53081

Ok, I have a question. I topped a guy last week, and as we were getting into it, I smelled shit. It was a real turn off, but I was like, fine, I've already gone this far, and I have a condom on at least. I got him off, and jacked myself off after.
This was a "spa" (rundown ass place, but anyway) so later I hooked up with another guy who also wanted to bottom. I was a little spent b/c the "rooms" there were half the size of my bathroom with like this vinyl bench thing, and my legs were weak from being so cramped. Plus I was having like flashbacks to stankbooty, and it just killed my hard on, so we went to j/o.

Is it normal for it to smell bad when you top a guy, or is it just that he really should have taken a dump before he came to the spa and eaten high fiber foods and shit.

Because I'm sensitive about smells, and if it's going to smell like that more often than not, that isn't going to work for me. The first guy I topped didn't smell, so I figure the guy was just careless. Thoughts?

11/04/14(Thu)07:31 No. 53094

To those who have fecal incidents or anxieties, how about an enema / anal douche? In certain circles, there's a lot of preachy disapprobation directed toward the practice, but I find the downsides greatly exaggerated. I think it's one of those memes (in the original sense) that people just parrot because they've heard it and it sounds insightful and pragmatic.

The concerns can be boiled down to possibility for dependency, which only occurs with habitual use or use to facilitate movements, and dryness due to washing away "natural secretions" which is an erroneous translation of a valid argument against vaginal douching.

To me, it's worth the slight inconvenience and minimal risk for the additional cleanliness. I know some people consider such a concern a "hang-up" and something to be overcome, but who's to dictate to me what aesthetic concerns are important to my own arousal? Let's be very frank and honest. Shit is a disgusting, repellent substance. I do not want it to be involved in any of my sexual activities. Washing out empowers me to greatly minimize that possibility.

11/04/14(Thu)08:06 No. 53098

I think it's obvious that, given what is going on, there is always a possibility of unpleasantness. That said, unless you're especially sensitive to smells (like, if when you're hanging out with friends, you can tell when someone ate onions with their breakfast or something like that), it shouldn't ever be that bad. He was probably just less clean than preferable.

11/04/14(Thu)16:45 No. 53157

when im nervous, i need to go a lot. sex for the first time = nerves. fuck me with a brick :( :( :(

11/04/15(Fri)18:18 No. 53324

File 130288428981.jpg - (115.62KB , 520x431 , enemasupply_2150_3585257.jpg )


TheMadMiner 11/04/16(Sat)03:01 No. 53391

I am 16... But I need your expertise. As young as I am how can I make my first time special for both me and my partner? I obviously can't go acquire toys or lube without stealing them which I'm against. Should I just wait till I'm older?


11/04/16(Sat)18:47 No. 53477

I love the smell of underage b& in the morning.

suggestion Anon 11/04/19(Tue)02:26 No. 53735

My Rectal Doc told me to "push like you're trying to squeeze one out" when he was doing an exam. Made a world of difference. I've made that suggestion - successfully - to more than one partner!

11/04/19(Tue)04:21 No. 53763


push when?

All the time?


11/04/19(Tue)21:52 No. 53829

File 130324272527.jpg - (26.12KB , 360x386 , Krusty endorse.jpg )

It really works! Apparently the male asshole doubles as a chinese finger trap.

11/04/20(Wed)01:15 No. 53845


It basically helps when initially having the guy enter. Once they're in you get the feeling for what you need to relax and can go from there. I mean when someone is in you it's hard to force it out just with your ass.

11/04/23(Sat)22:40 No. 54388

thank you, /fag/! one of the best threads ever.

gonna share a small bit of advice about the whole brown dong thing: if it is smelling, stop it right away. if it's not, proceed to the relaxing, open up your rectum and things like that. basically you're gonna start enjoying it pretty soon after resting assured about that.

11/04/24(Sun)17:24 No. 54496

If you are getting cramps during the enema it is probably because the water is too cold. Also if you eat some Chocolate Exlax the night before it will clean out your system and you can make yourself totally clean.

11/04/29(Fri)11:52 No. 55134

I often get a problem when I just ass play (dildos, or more than 2 fingers)... I feel feverish and weak for a few days after, I check temperature, just only a mild elevation...

11/04/29(Fri)23:06 No. 55208

you're turning into a woman.

11/05/06(Fri)13:00 No. 55986

File 130467964374.jpg - (3.70KB , 126x121 , 1301264729992.jpg )

well this thread made me reluctant top to an allstar bottom(or so Im told)
but yeah now receiving is fucking AMAZING, thanks for all the help guys

11/05/06(Fri)20:35 No. 56031

File 130470690056.gif - (1.16MB , 288x216 , 3d goatse.gif )

this thread taught me how to bottom
now get in mah belleh
all of you

11/05/06(Fri)22:23 No. 56044

File 130471339511.gif - (55.72KB , 565x483 , anatomy_rectum[1].gif )

I don't think what I do is necessarily 'healthy' but I always tend to want to completely clean out. So I'll use the end of a shower hose on very low pressure to douche. Although getting the flow past the transverse folds can feel similarly weird, I think there's a definite sensation you can feel when water turns and enters the sigmoid colon. That's the bit to avoid if you're in a hurry because in my experience, any water in the colon means you will have to wait for a couple of hours to completely expell it. And it usually isn't pretty; at all. So personally if I know I'll be bottoming I'll douche once 4 hours beforehand, wait 2 hours, then douche lightly again, wait an hour, and then check first with fingers, then with a longish dildo. As nasty as it is, I think the mechanism of sex tends to draw shit out, so I think it's best to check with a dildo beforehand.

As far as the actual act is concerned, I don't think relaxation is as important as knowing your anatomy. The internal (involuntary) sphincter normally only has about 30 seconds of fight in it, but you still want to overcome it slowly. Stretching out, like stretching any muscle, is about constant but slowly increasing pressure. Beyond that, it's just important to remember that the rectum isn't a long expandable cigar tube. It has folds, which can be maneuvered through slowly, and a definite end, which you shouldn't let a blunt object slam into, unless you want to end up like Mr.Hands.

11/05/06(Fri)22:45 No. 56046

I think your douching routine is somewhat excessive.

CandleJack 11/05/07(Sat)04:57 No. 56113


Where do you get that 30 seconds figure? I can relax my internal sphincter practically in an instant.

11/05/07(Sat)06:04 No. 56137

I've heard it somewhere before, but the first result from google is:
"...constant, gentle pressure on your internal sphincter. Generally, within 30 seconds to one minute the internal sphincter will tire and relax involuntarily."

I don't think you can relax an involuntary muscle instantaneously. Although I believe bottoming experience effects it to some degree.

Yeah I know. A lot of fibre the day before and then skipping breakfast is probably a better idea.

11/05/09(Mon)01:41 No. 56461

Lol. I can't believe my uni produced an article about buttsex.

11/05/10(Tue)00:43 No. 56645

"Do not insert your fingers into the anus. Fingernails can sometimes cause more damage than a well-lubricated condom-covered penis. If the condom-covered penis is sufficiently lubricated, you will not need to use your fingers to lubricate the inside of your anus."

Uhhhh... so, don't finger yourself beforehand and just take the dick slowly?

CandleJack 11/05/10(Tue)03:25 No. 56670


I think it's ridiculous. That article (and pretty much all the similar ones that exist) make the rectum out to be this delicate membrane with all the toughness of a piece of wet tissue, and you have to pussyfoot around in there or you'll tear open a gash like the iceberg tore a gash in Titanic, and bleed to death. Trust me, you've probably taken some really horrible shits (embedded kernels of partially-digested corn, perhaps...) that prove that it's not so weak.

As long as your fingernails aren't very long or very sharp, there won't be any problem. Just be a little careful, but don't be terribly afraid, either.

11/05/10(Tue)23:43 No. 56810

>and you have to pussyfoot around in there or you'll tear open a gash like the iceberg tore a gash in Titanic, and bleed to death.

Many people have Colitis, Hemmorhoids, etc. It may be true for many guys not to jab things up there.

CandleJack 11/05/11(Wed)00:11 No. 56820


That's completely irrelevant. You probably shouldn't be having sex if you've got a heart defect, but that does not mean sex is inherantly dangerous for everyone. If someone has problems that bad, they shouldn't be anally stimulating themselves in any fashion.

11/05/11(Wed)02:21 No. 56841


First off "anal" isn't sex, and either is "oral". The only "real sex" is when a dick enters into a vagina. But the anus is sensitive. Many people can have unseen ulcers, sores, and whatever up there.

11/05/11(Wed)02:41 No. 56846

Sex-sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse.

Sexual Intercourse- sexual contact between individuals involving penetration.

Welcome to the dictionary.

11/05/11(Wed)04:15 No. 56865

>"anal" isn't real sex. There is no exchange of energy between a male and male on any level, there is no benefit and nothing can be created from it. It's sex for soulless zombies with no purpose in life, aka faggots.
>"anal" isn't real sex
>It's sex
Try again, and get it right this time.

11/05/11(Wed)06:20 No. 56900

First, no need to use the angry language, it just makes you seem unhappy, and that's not the point of these boards.

Second, let's get into this a bit deeper, hopefully to school you, and maybe rile you some more.

What we are referring to is sex. It may not be the act of inserting a penis in a vagina, but it still is sex. If we choose the specific word for "anal" then it is sodomy, and I would like to introduce you to the definition of that word. "Sexual intercourse involving anal or oral copulation."

The origin of the word copulate is from the Latin 'copulat' meaning fastened together.

the origin of the word coitus is from the latin 'coire' meaning go together.

If you could point out the masculine and feminine roles in these definitions that would be great, because right now it seems as if whenever two people come together, then sex is happening. Penis in ass, mouth, vagina or wherever=sex.

Third, no one ever brought up sexual procreation. By using the word procreation, you have automatically defined that specific sexual interaction as producing life, something gays cannot do with each other, for obvious reasons,and therefore don't care about it in the least.

Fourth, if you are going to use the definition of sexual intercourse provided, notice the word 'commonly' denoting, thanks to grammar and the English language, that while it is most common for sexual intercourse to refer to vaginal sex between a man and woman, it is not always the case.

Fifth, don't even start bringing in the whole 'exchange of energy' argument, because then your whole validity goes out the window and instead of sounding like and rude, but possibly intelligent person, you start to seem crazy, and while everyone enjoys a crazy person, no one ever takes them seriously.

So, in conclusion, you're wrong, I believe you do not have a full grasp of the English language in either use or interpretation, sex is broader than you think, and why do you care so much? Sex is sex. You might be a honky-tonk heterosexual nervous that if the word sex is re appropriated, which it already has been, to mean more than your small scope of sexual experience, then the world will spiral out of control and the gays will take over the world, but get over it, that's already happened.

11/05/11(Wed)06:45 No. 56906

From your own example:

>The definition may additionally include penetrative sexual acts between same-sex pairings, such oral intercourse, anal intercourse, and fingering, which are also commonly practiced by heterosexual couples.

11/05/11(Wed)22:06 No. 56983

Well, back on topic.

A tip for the beginners: Riding, lets you control how much dick you take in your ass and its speed. Start in the position and then move from there.

And, as a matter of fact it's still my preferred bottoming position as I can bounce up and down pretty fast and squeeze real tight when I want to, I love it, they love it.

11/05/14(Sat)01:00 No. 57298

What about sucking? How do I improve my sucking skills?

Wickk!SEGdJtzfsU 11/05/14(Sat)04:34 No. 57320

Seriously, ask him what he likes

11/05/14(Sat)14:44 No. 57388

riding will also help you loosen up for if he takes control
after a while of riding your ready to take on a fucking of a lifetime :P

11/05/18(Wed)00:19 No. 57886

Another thing a lot of would be bottoms forget about, is buttplugs. An excellent way of loosening up a bit if they're nervous about not being able to take a guy in too easily.

You can then take the time loosening yourself up as much as possible and relax with a buttplug in yourself for maybe 20-30 minutes before sex, and won't have issues with a guy being able to enter you.

11/05/23(Mon)00:50 No. 58701

brilliant :D
this is why i love these boards

11/05/23(Mon)01:21 No. 58703

File 130610648367.jpg - (34.38KB , 567x816 , 1292310479061.jpg )

Nothing turns me on more than the THOUGHT of having the shit fucked out of me. Ive always considered myself a bottom, but whenever I use a dildo, I lose my erection almost instantly. Any tips on staying hard while bottoming?

11/05/23(Mon)02:59 No. 58709

Try doing it once with prioritizing stroking your erection over getting the dildo in. You might learn to balance the two better, or it could just be that you're one of those guys who can't keep hard (but I suspect most guys who lose their erections when getting penetrated only are like that because they focus too much on the penetration).

CandleJack 11/05/23(Mon)03:41 No. 58719


Just keep playing with your dick the entire time. It's not going to stay hard all by itself just hanging there in space.

11/05/23(Mon)05:13 No. 58733

File 130612039775.jpg - (24.45KB , 361x271 , 1263323973196.jpg )

Even when I continue to jack off while using toys, I go flaccid.

11/05/23(Mon)10:09 No. 58758


Basically need to relax your anus a bit so the bloodflow to the area isn't so great that you can't maintain an erection, as well as actually ahve whatever is penetrating you get in far enough to hit your prostate so that you can get an erection.

11/05/23(Mon)19:47 No. 58810

If you have to take so many precautions just to have butt sex..than maybe you shouldn't be doing it.

11/05/24(Tue)00:54 No. 58852

when I bottom, I come while flaccid, and rarely do I get an erection that I can maintain while I bottom.


11/05/25(Wed)01:25 No. 59122

>come while flaccid

wat. as in orgasm, ejaculation, or both?

11/05/25(Wed)03:00 No. 59153

Both. While flaccid.

Not poster you are referencing, but I have done the exact same thing. Usually after a few hours of edging, and taking a break. This means I am still fairly close and I can orgasm and ejaculate before I am even half hard. Shit's fucked up, but still feels like an orgasm.

Need+dem+/fag/+points+u+no 11/05/25(Wed)03:02 No. 59154

What are good foods with fiber (or whichever parts are good)? I'm trying to envision a day of fiber-y stuff before the next planned day for hoobituhoohah, but I am the worlds worst nutritionist.

Also some acne @ 19 / yellowish teeth. Not pertaining to bottoming though.

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 11/05/25(Wed)05:41 No. 59220


Celery, fiber cereal.

For the acne, try benzoyl. Most people probably won't care much, though. Yellow teeth? Brush. Mouthwash. Use whitening stuff if those don't work.

11/05/25(Wed)07:01 No. 59236

Broccoli is a very good source. Actually, pretty much all dark green vegetables are good sources, but the "tougher" feeling ones are best.

11/05/25(Wed)22:09 No. 59325

>rarely do I get an erection that I can maintain while I bottom
Strange, rarely can I bottom without getting an erection.

Breakfast: muesli & banana
Snack: nuts
Lunch: wholemeal chicken sandwich
Dinner: something light like homemade popcorn

11/05/26(Thu)01:19 No. 59348

Popcorn isn't going to fill anyone, especially after just a sandwich for lunch. Geez, you fags.

All this preparation for anal sex advice is completely unnecessary and completely unsexy. Just stay clean and have sex. You should be eating fibre anyway.

11/05/26(Thu)03:19 No. 59364

My BMI is thirtyfuckingfive and that seems fine for me. If you can't fill up grazing on a bowl of popcorn, well that's a problem.

>completely unnecessary and completely unsexy
...really though.

position Thompsonthompson 11/05/26(Thu)04:52 No. 59373

On an important and undermentioned side note DO NOT FORGET ABOUT POSITIONING!!! Seriously that can make a world of difference arch your back down if its doggy (only way i've done it ) it makes it feel natural and great.

position Thompsonthompson 11/05/26(Thu)04:52 No. 59374

On an important and undermentioned side note DO NOT FORGET ABOUT POSITIONING!!! Seriously that can make a world of difference arch your back down if its doggy (only way i've done it ) it makes it feel natural and great.

11/05/26(Thu)05:01 No. 59375

>completely unnecessary and completely unsexy
Ever have a guy kinda just stop talking to you in the days after you have sex for the first time? Perhaps that's why...

Nah, I'm just nitpicking. But seriously this thread is just to ease the fears and worries of the more obsessive gays who want to try bottoming. It's not supposed to The Guide that everyone absolutely must follow.

Calpico 11/05/31(Tue)23:34 No. 60547

Teehee, I always felt weird for maintaining a hard on, whilst getting the life fucked out of me...

Would you think the top finds it sexier when their bottom has a raging hard-on whilst he's fucking him?

11/06/01(Wed)01:00 No. 60569


Calpico, post your MSN! I used to talk to you, but I can't remember which account I even used to speak with you. :(

Calpico 11/06/01(Wed)01:30 No. 60574


See new hook-up thread.

Otaner 11/06/05(Sun)05:59 No. 61605

This guy who wanted me to fuck him was too fucking tight for my cock. We tried a few times but it just wouldn't stay in. He started sleeping with a butt plug and a week later I fucked him like a champ.

11/06/05(Sun)07:56 No. 61625


and now he has to wear that butt plug regularly just to keep his poop in?

11/06/07(Tue)23:28 No. 62297

Believe it or not, erection, orgasm and ejaculation are things that normally go together for a human male but don't necessarily have to.

Being drained without touching my cock is intense and amazing, but it takes a lot of work to get to that point and afterward I kind of feel somebody "hacked" into my body and made it do weird things it wasn't meant to do.

11/06/08(Wed)14:25 No. 62399

I can't stay hard while being fucked, despite how much i enjoy it. And it usually drains me so much i need a few minutes before i can get hard again after it, and by this time, sexual momentum is practically dead. I don't really mind not being hard/not coming (anal sex is great in itself) but some guys just get slightly offended, or wrongly think they've been shit in bed. Meh.

(also, unrelated, but last time i got fucked, afterwards it felt like someone had pumped up air in my bowels, and i spent most of the following morning passing gas with bad cramps. WHY).

11/06/08(Wed)16:06 No. 62404

It doesn't bother me. Come on over.

11/06/09(Thu)07:31 No. 62483

My bf and I have this really submissive friend that always wants in on the action so last weekend we both fucked him silly then stuck a big dildo in his ass and jacked him off until he came all over the place. It was really hot to have basically a little fucktoy that wants nothing more than to be your cock warmer.

With my bf though it's different and I feel bad if he doesn't cum because we both know each others bodies really well and can usually time things so that we both cum at the same time no matter who is on top.

11/06/14(Tue)23:10 No. 63482

I am from the school that you prepare for anal sex by completely cleaning your colon. It takes about one hour of repeatedly squirting about a litre of water up your ass, probably 5 times in all.

You must not wipe, because you will tear up your butthole. You should PAT the poop off your ass instead or better yet, get in the shower.

Then wait one hour after your colonic, because on rare occasions, water will go WAY up there, and let loose suddenly. You will shit all over someone.

Don't eat anything spicy the day before, it will tear your ass apart.

If you do this, you will be fine. I think half of the pain comes from the anxiety of shitting on someone. You can totally relax because you know there is nothing to worry about.

The only people that can pull of anal sex without rinsing are anorexics and people that have their diet down to a fucking science. The rest of us need an enema.

CandleJack 11/06/15(Wed)01:37 No. 63489


I'm from the school that believes you're a complete idiot that has no clue whatsoever how the human digestive system functions. An enema is required but only about 1/4 cup, or ~50mL. Unless you're being fucked by a guy that's the size of a horse, there is no need to wash out anything more than the rectum, which is 6-8 inches long.

11/06/15(Wed)02:28 No. 63495

That's total bullshit. I've never used an enema when being fucked, but I never had any shitty problems.
Just go to the toilet one hour before you're gonna have sex, and you should be just fine.

11/06/15(Wed)02:40 No. 63496


But what if what I ate isn't digested yet? You can't just expect to go to the toilet an hour before anal, and expect for a shit to come out. It doesn't work like that.

11/06/15(Wed)04:31 No. 63522

You are overdoing it.

50ml to 100ml, 3 or 4 times.

Enough to get fucked for the next 6 hours.

11/06/15(Wed)06:46 No. 63544

I've of the school that a tiny little bit of shit on your dick is nothing to be afraid of and that having completely spontaneous sexual shenanigans with my boyfriend are the best thing in the world.

11/06/15(Wed)15:18 No. 63576

If that's the case, you'll feel it one hour later. And then you might need an enema indeed; I don't allow my boyfriend in there when I feel like it's not clean. And indeed, sometimes I go to the toilet and then 1 hour later I don't feel clean anyway. But usually that's not the case.

11/06/15(Wed)15:20 No. 63577

And can anyone explain how I replay to someone? The post above was an answer to post #63496. I clicked it to reply but that doesn't seem to work very well.

11/06/15(Wed)15:39 No. 63578

File 130814518226.jpg - (65.65KB , 300x300 , 1294239692314.jpg )

You're trying to clean your entire rectum with a shotglass full of water?

11/06/15(Wed)19:04 No. 63606

Click their post number.

11/06/16(Thu)02:37 No. 63680

File 130818463587.jpg - (36.07KB , 500x500 , PS_0207_DUE_RESPECT_RK.jpg )

Dear candle jack--

Why are you attacking me? You are one of the people that has their diet down so well that they are that regular. Like I said, not all of us are perfect. Stick a dildo up my ass before I rinse, and sometimes it will look like a chocolate pudding pop. EXCUSE ME for being human, asshole!

This complete idiot (me) has had sex with more than one hundred beautiful men and women, and that's no accident. How? Because I take care of myself. It's called HYGIENE motherfucker. People don't smell or see shit when they fuck me, my balls don't smell like tacos, I don't give people diseases (and yes, hepatitis can be a shit-borne STD), etc. etc. My reputation as a good lover is intact.

In other words, I care about my partner's experience, so what the fuck is wrong with that? That's my personal preference. You don't need to attack me. Fuck off your self-righteous, narcissistic asshole.

11/06/16(Thu)02:45 No. 63685

Exactly. If you don't mind pooping one someone, and that person doesn't mind either, then no worries.
But I think the vast majority of us are severely turned off by shit as this is hard-wired into our biology.

CandleJack 11/06/16(Thu)05:23 No. 63736


Neither your experiences in the bedroom, nor your impressive(?) number of sexual partners, change anything. You could still acheive the same results using less water and a lot less discomfort or effort. I'm trying to inform people that your method is severe overkill, and unneccesary.

I'm not fastidious about my diet, either, but at least I don't have chronic diarrhea like you describe. Perhaps you ought to see a doctor about that chocolate pudding you call feces - it's supposed to be SOLID waste.

11/06/16(Thu)20:08 No. 64205

Overkill? Tell that to the guy who says that he rinses but still is having problems with "brown on the dong." Obviously your brand of anal douchery works great for you but doesn't work for everyone, hence your are fucking WRONG.

So get your head checked, it's so big that someone might knock it off your fucking shoulders.

11/06/16(Thu)20:21 No. 64209

CANCEROUS THREAD ALERT. This needs to be unpinned.

11/06/16(Thu)20:54 No. 64230

How is this cancerous? Its about bottoming and tips on how to do it. I would say that its directly related to a gay board. Lord knows I picked up a few good pointers here.

11/06/16(Thu)21:42 No. 64252

It's just a troll, he's posted in the other stickies with similar shit.

11/06/16(Thu)22:52 No. 64276

Squirting a litre of water up your colon isn't hygiene, it's borderline retardation.

Calpico 11/06/16(Thu)23:30 No. 64287


It's actually dangerous, too, it can totally fuck up your Gut flora, not to mention incontinence!

11/06/17(Fri)22:58 No. 64469

and btw you should use saline, not water
to be safe, get the ready-made enemas in sqeezable bottles
they're saline and you can't put too much this way

11/06/18(Sat)20:45 No. 64649

I never douche, unless I recently took a dump, mainly because I eat a shitload of fruits and vegetables and I stay away from candy and all that crap. So my shit is never too "messy" If I were to stick my finger up my ass now, it would be clean, although it would smell a little. I do, at least, wash my asshole before fucking, though.

And I don't like the idea of using HUEG dildos and buttplugs too, since i don't like the idea of making my ass too loose. I don't like things going far up my colon too, I just like it when my prostate is being pushed back and forth.

I think if you're too conscious of your asshole during sex, it totally kills the whole experience. You gotta relax and learn to take it like a bitch. When you have a dick up your ass with 180 pounds or so of flesh attached to it, you can't be too demanding, unless you start bleeding or something.

11/06/20(Mon)16:01 No. 65006

I don't understand not douching but washing the arsehole. Shit isn't stored on the arsehole, so what's the benefit. Unless you're going to be rimming, but then jesus christ that would be horrific with an unclean partner. D:

11/06/21(Tue)01:23 No. 65106

Worked collecting samples for STDs at a free youth clinic in my post doc days. The big q-tip up the ass test was the worst. It almost always came out fucking BROWN, the only time it didn't was one time where the lad specifically pointed out he came "prepared for the test this time". Always rinse yourself out first.

CandleJack 11/06/21(Tue)01:32 No. 65108


That's a bit unfair. A cotton swab is absorbant and white, and even then mucosal secretions of the lower colon have a slight dingy yellow color. It'd come out brownish even if they guy was as clean as logically possible.

11/06/23(Thu)10:40 No. 65690

You guys need to remember to drink enough water to match the intake of fiber. High intake of fiber without proportional water intake can be less than beneficial.

Poggie!mTDkrbOTxY 11/06/23(Thu)11:17 No. 65695


Don't forget that large quantities of fibre actually inhibit calcium uptake so you must be eating dairy or other high-calcium foods at the same time if you plan to keep up with it. Vegetarians are often found by be hypocalcaemic.

11/07/04(Mon)05:25 No. 67328

I have a different question. I appear to be a bottom. I mean, I can take a huge dick with little to no 'warm-up' required.

But when I try to top I go flaccid as hell because I can't feel my dick inside the guy's ass.

WTF? Fix plz.

CandleJack 11/07/04(Mon)07:27 No. 67350


Masturbate less, and with a gentler grip.

Also, invest in a fleshlight and practice. Spend a couple weeks only using it to get off; don't use your hands no matter what during that time. It worked for me.

11/07/04(Mon)15:33 No. 67375


Yep, mastubation acts as positive feedback for all your sexual circuitry. Try not to masturbate for a couple of weeks and when you start again use anything that simulates a guys anus. Whatever you have access to, a fleshlight, a glove wrapped in a towel, as long as it doesn't feel like fingers wrapped round your shaft.

11/07/04(Mon)23:00 No. 67401


Thanks. This does make sense!

11/07/09(Sat)05:34 No. 68000


Not masturbating for two weeks is already fucking torture @ day 5.

11/07/09(Sat)15:08 No. 68034

Yeah when I tried I had to keep starting over because I'd wake up in the middle of the night after a sex dream and masturbate while still half asleep and only remember I was supposed to be quitting when it was time to wipe my hand on something.

CandleJack 11/07/09(Sat)21:30 No. 68059


I think this indicates an addiction problem a little further beyond advice threads on 7ch-an...

11/07/10(Sun)01:22 No. 68079


Seems normal to me. Sex dreams get really bad after not masturbating for >3 days.

CandleJack 11/07/10(Sun)05:21 No. 68102


Oh, sure, I have sex-dreams all the time, even when masturbating regularly. But jerking off while nearly unconscious so that you don't even realize you're doing it? That's pretty messed up.

11/07/10(Sun)06:58 No. 68106


I guess...but isn't that a little like wet dreams? I've never had one but I think they're pretty messed up. How do you get off while asleep and not notice?

11/07/11(Mon)04:40 No. 68187

He doesn't mean he doesn't actually know it's happening. It's kinda like scratching your nose while working or whatever -- you don't do it with an active "oh and now I must scratch my nose" thought; it's subconscious. You know you're scratching your nose, but you don't really "realize" it, per se.

And regarding wet dreams, you most certainly do notice when they happen. You just don't have conscious control over them.

11/07/11(Mon)19:20 No. 68252

so i've been trying to relax, and practice more at home. i've even been working on muscle control (a few months ago i did some damage because i was with a guy who was pretty rough and i clenched up). so i was with a guy who was average size, going in slow (he agreed to help me practice, was not expecting to finish). i had his thumb in my hand and i'd squeeze it if he was going to fast, etc.

anyway. it felt fucking awesome everytime he slid in. but when he'd go to pull out it felt horrible, not quite painful, just bad. he says he's been with bottoms who have a similar problem, and think it's from the condom. i plan on using condoms until i'm with someone, so any advice for the time being?

11/07/12(Tue)02:11 No. 68267




11/07/12(Tue)20:13 No. 68347

Not that guy, but I'm likely to bottom for anal for the first time soon. Where can I get some lube easily?

11/07/13(Wed)03:54 No. 68372

I guess I'll just ask this here.

I have some unsightly back hair growing around my shoulder blades, shaving it is too difficult. Would waxing be worth it?

Most places here charge 50 bucks for the back, having to flush that much down the toilet every month is gonna suck :(

11/07/13(Wed)05:11 No. 68380


Where do you live?

CVS in the states (or probably Wal Greens or some shit like that) sells lube. You just have to dig through the mess of tampons and pussy products to find it.

11/07/21(Thu)09:23 No. 69122

Does anyone have any blowjob tips? I gave my first blowjob and it was kinda awkward :x, I couldn't stop gagging, and I didn't know if I should've focused on the head or the shaft.....

Also size isn't to blame (he was asian)

11/07/21(Thu)16:28 No. 69142

don't blow asians?

11/07/21(Thu)17:18 No. 69146

File 131126150943.jpg - (358.19KB , 1104x827 , 1306617602692.jpg )


11/07/24(Sun)01:35 No. 69506

a little bit of teeth ain't that bad

11/07/24(Sun)01:46 No. 69508

>if you lick here it's super effective

Most sex ed stuff is very clinical and off-putting but for whatever reason I find that image ridiculously cute.

11/07/24(Sun)07:38 No. 69566

I'd also like tips. I'm worried I'm making too much teeth contact, and what makes it worse is that the back of my bottom teeth has a perma-retainer. It's nowhere near the presence of braces, but if somehow it were to touch a penis it wouldn't feel great.
Practicing with a banana whatever would be better if the banana could respond to pain.

11/07/24(Sun)21:15 No. 69614

File 131153495822.jpg - (133.85KB , 500x714 , 12fcaa93cd9673d9f2c3316572fb600d.jpg )


You shouldn't use your teeth at all... If you can train your mouth that'd be good. I mean, it looks easy but your jaw'll get so tired why you're doin' it.

Something I like to do is, (after I've been blowin' 'im for a few minutes), use the saved up saliva and let all slide down his shaft at once. (That's not the good part), then while it's temporarily lubricated I make my index finger and thumb into like a ring and slide up and down the shaft while my mouth attacks the head.

And as for bottoming skills, there's verly little skill, stay clean and don't be lazy even though you're the one takin' it. It sorta pisses me off how many people claim to be bottoms, then you get 'em into bed and that can't take dick worth shit. Sometimes it hurts a little, so don't whine about it. Use lube and if you can, get a top who knows what he's doing or it'll be unnecessarily painful.

11/07/26(Tue)04:01 No. 69801

File 131164568751.jpg - (35.89KB , 280x289 , Thread Direction.jpg )

11/07/26(Tue)07:17 No. 69817


Thank you very much hun.

Arpheus 11/07/27(Wed)02:08 No. 69862

Well, I did't read all of this thread but its damn interesting. In any case I will like to share my experience as a bottom.

First of all, I like men, I fucking love masculine, muscle, atletic men, rude, straight acting guys (I just like them that way, don't start with the "what's wrong with afeminate gays guys" cuz it's just a fetish, no need to get all defensive), thing is, most guys like this i found them to be top, so I always assumed bottom role, at first I didn't liked it, but i got used to the feeling and soon I would make me crazy to have a man fucking me, dominating me.

Sure I love bottoming, but sadly, it took me a while to admit to myself that I'm not fit for bottoming. I suck at topping, plus Im more twinky and muscle guys dont like to get fucked and smaller guys than me dont really turn me on to fuck them. So I'm stuck with bottoming.

Why I'm not fit for bottom? Well, first, it hurts, almost allways; then, it takes days for me to get the swelling to go away; I often get anal fisures; everytime I did it in the past only contributed to worsen my hemorrhoids, and even knowing this, i keep having sex because it kind of became a necesity for me so last time, I spend a whole month in bed because I couldn't bear with the pain.

For the past years I learned how to bottom, I did all that is need to be done in the book of how to be a better bottom. Still, not everybody it's fit for bottom, and I will like to share my experience to help guys how think they can live like that, but they are just fooling themselves.

The advice I will like to share for better bottoming, it's to never, NEVER... have sex after having a enema, the water usually remains inside the anus and when fucking, washes away both natural mucosa (which it's kind of lubricant) and washes away most lubricants. Also the water hidratates the tissues making them more fragile. That adding to the water taking away lub can cause you some severe burns from friction even anal fisures.

11/07/27(Wed)03:04 No. 69865

You don't have to fuck, of course. Develop a mean bj technique (and avoid teasing guys with your ass) and you'd be good to go.

11/07/27(Wed)07:31 No. 69894

I always had sex a couple hours after enemas and never had a single problem. On the other hand I never use too much water, so theres never residual water and I always remember to use lots of KY, so friction is never an issue.

11/07/28(Thu)00:23 No. 69976

for lube search maximus liquid silk on amazon...enough said.

11/07/31(Sun)09:13 No. 70281

So when I got with my current bf I was still a virgin, we tried anal sex for the first time using a shitty lube and it didn't work out that well..

Anyway we discovered the beauty of saliva and went used that for our lube for about 6 months and then one day my asshole decided that it didn't want dick in it anymore and I began to hurt a hell of a lot more than I used to. We went about 6 months without anal sex and then the other day we tried with saliva not only did it work but it was the least amount of pain i've had. So what was wrong with my ass? Did it just decide it wanted to be celibate for a few months or what?

11/07/31(Sun)23:03 No. 70323

You probably got an anal tear or something that couldn't heal until you let it rest for a few months.

11/08/03(Wed)04:06 No. 70611

So my bf was fingering me yesterday and when he pulled his fingers out they were covered in a clear sticky liquid that smelled like semen (except it was clear). There was a -lot- of it.

My guess is that it was prostate fluid, but is it normal for prostate fluid to leak out the ass? I was really into it this time, if it matters, and it had a really lubelike quality to it because there was so much.

11/08/03(Wed)04:44 No. 70614

Probably just a mucous lining; it's produced by irritation in the bowels, like, say, a penis.

11/08/03(Wed)19:23 No. 70684

I was gonna say it might be candida yeast but this sounds more like it....

Stools normally contains a small amount of mucus, but passing stools with visible amounts of mucus could be from one of several different diseases or conditions. Mucus in the stool is a common symptom of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and ulcerative colitis, and is seen to a lesser degree in Crohn's disease. A bacterial infection, anal fissure, or a bowel obstruction may also cause the passage of mucus along with stool.

Go to the hospital for an anal exam ASAP!

11/08/06(Sat)07:22 No. 71097

Lots of eye contact and kissing. Don't get all crazy and mushy.. just make sure that the physical contact is met by something other than lame moaning.

11/08/08(Mon)01:50 No. 71274

Am I doing it wrong?

I used a 7 inch cucumber to use as a dildo and I was playing with it and I didn't feel any pleasure. Also, this was my first time sticking something big up my ass, so i'm not loose or anything. Am I a natural born size queen?

11/08/08(Mon)02:04 No. 71278

try warming it up....???

11/08/08(Mon)02:32 No. 71283


Warming what up? I can get it in, I just don't feel anything.

11/08/08(Mon)03:51 No. 71297

Cant you feel anything or cant you feel any pleasure? Also, how thick was the cucumber?

11/08/09(Tue)06:57 No. 71481

put it a couple seconds in the microwave (careful you don't burn yourself though)

11/08/09(Tue)10:13 No. 71494

What does one do after bottoming? I have sex with my boyfriend without condoms and we both were new to sex so had to figure out a lot of things on our own. What's weird though is after we cum. The bottom's left with cum all up his ass. I've been with one person who told me to go to the bathroom and try to 'poop' it out if you will. But another person ive hooked up with back in the day just had me keep it in while we slept... Just wondering what the rest of /fag/ does

11/08/09(Tue)11:46 No. 71514

File 131288317091.gif - (3.13MB , 400x213 , 130862080653.gif )

>had me keep it in while we slept.

11/08/10(Wed)03:08 No. 71606


It was sized like a regular penis.

11/08/10(Wed)03:54 No. 71629

I dont bareback. But usually I cuddle if theres the chance for it. Or proceed with oral sex and masturbation until the next penetration session.

11/08/10(Wed)04:06 No. 71634

What, kept it in? Wtf. I cuddle for a while and then go to the bathroom to get it out.

11/08/18(Thu)08:11 No. 72682

File 131364788026.jpg - (128.14KB , 480x640 , 7mm111111111111.jpg )

I haven't pooped in 5 days, and I've had about 3 guys cum in my ass :x

But I know a girl who's done the same, except with the cum of different guys in her vagina for several days (which I believe is worse)

11/08/18(Thu)10:02 No. 72690

>that post
>that picture

Of course that's what you'd look like.

11/08/18(Thu)10:24 No. 72693


>implying even with all of his clothes on, you wouldn't want to cum in his ass too

Yahweh 11/08/21(Sun)00:06 No. 73023

I prefer the top to cum in my ass. It's hot to feel it dripping out afterwards.

11/08/22(Mon)03:06 No. 73232

this is the truth.

11/08/22(Mon)03:19 No. 73235

usually it stays in me until i wake up the next morning. only once has it come out when i went to go clean up and pee directly afterwards.

i don't know if it is b/c i have a tight anal muscles or the semen is shot really far up there, but it usually stays in until the next morning.

11/08/22(Mon)03:23 No. 73236

this is a correct post.
are you trollin' us?

11/08/22(Mon)05:14 No. 73249


No, I'm not trolling you guys. Of course I've already pooped since then, but not before 4 loads from 3 different guys shot up my ass.

If I told you I let guys pee while they're inside me, would you think I'm trolling too?

I'll be honest. It does sound gross. But maybe you should try it out sometime, maybe you'd like it. But please don't let guys fuck you bareback unless they can medically prove they're disease-free (i.e. HIV)

11/08/23(Tue)03:21 No. 73338

i don't think it's gross at all.

i love having men shoot cum up my ass.

11/08/24(Wed)14:41 No. 73524

I love a guy shooting his load deep in my ass. And for about a year I jerked off to the thought of having a guy piss up my ass when he was fucking me, but I never actually got to try it. Still makes me hard thinking of it!

11/08/29(Mon)17:52 No. 74119

Halp me /fag/. Recently I tried fucking a guy for the first time but we encoutered a problem. Not only I couldn't get solid rock hard but he was very tight. Even after fingering I couldn't get it in.

What is the best position to penetrate a tight ass?

11/08/30(Tue)21:26 No. 74278

File 131473241333.jpg - (115.34KB , 1024x683 , 1313008877004.jpg )


This one has worked best for me.

11/08/31(Wed)01:41 No. 74297

Welcome to my life. My boyfriend's ass is like an impenetrable fortress. It's actually sometimes been so tight I can't get in without some amount of bending, which causes the instinct reaction of getting soft. I find the only things you can do are really easing it open slowly via fingering/rimming/using a toy. Also try the position that >>74278 said.

CandleJack 11/08/31(Wed)02:15 No. 74302

The best position for a very tight bottom is actually for him to be on top. If he squats over the top's penis (basically like taking a shit in the natural position) he will relax more than in any other position. It also helps that he is in control of the depth and speed of penetration.

Also, like >>74297 said, slow and gentle stretching over a long period of time also helps.

11/09/03(Sat)08:39 No. 74765


I'm also really tight, and for me >>74278 and >>74302 have worked really well to get sex started. Another good position is to go in while you're laying on your side where his back will eventually be up against your chest. It works for me all the time.

11/09/08(Thu)10:28 No. 75660


Haha I think you just fucked me. I just let a guy fuck me for the first time and he was fingering me like crazy and had 4 fingers in me at one point which had me moaning like a bitch, and he still couldn't keep his dick from popping out of me.

11/09/11(Sun)09:43 No. 76043

So I think I found out I got internal rhoids after playing with my toy and noticing that no matter what, thrusting doesn't work for me. Probably happened due to the bad habit of excessive straining.

Now, they don't bother me during day to day life but I'm going to bottom in a few months and I want to get rid of them not only because it would make things painful for me, but disgusting for him too.

So, erm, halp :<

CandleJack 11/09/11(Sun)10:36 No. 76048


Hemorrhoids ARE caused by the straining (which increases blood pressure that making the veins bulge and swell) not by shoving anything in there.

So... um. Stop doing that?

11/09/11(Sun)14:54 No. 76055


Well, yes, I know, and I'm trying to do things the right way now. What I want to know is if they'll go away on their own or if I need to go for treatment or something. Basically wat do.

CandleJack 11/09/11(Sun)22:56 No. 76079


They should go away in time provided you do things more naturally (squatting instead of sitting on the toilet helps bunches, I'm sure they what they say about fiber helps, too) but I really don't know how long that would take. I've never had 'em myself so I can only guess a few weeks to a couple months.

11/09/11(Sun)23:38 No. 76085


Does squatting help that much? I mean I don't strain anymore if I need to go and when I sit my knees end up slightly higher than my rear anyway.

But from what I understand roids are just distended veins, and I don't know if those can heal back to their regular shape without easily bulging back when they encounter pressure.

I'm just hoping they don't come back if I start playing with toys again later on. When I relax my anus they show up, and while they're probably not that bad of a case I feel horrible about it.

11/09/21(Wed)03:44 No. 77357

i find that doing doggystyle is the best position to start off in.
for me it seems to hurt the least and opens your hole up wider so you can then other position much easier

11/09/23(Fri)15:10 No. 77775

Thrusting seems to hurt no matter how much lube I use. I don't know why, I don't hurry stretching but I haven't taken anything amazingly girthy toys. The toy's surface is smooth too.

11/09/24(Sat)18:54 No. 77918

I find that anal sex is only painful and hurts when the guy goes really slow. When they go fast and pound me like a bitch, it doesn't hurt as much and feels really good.

11/09/26(Mon)09:40 No. 78048

File 13170228529.jpg - (33.34KB , 344x384 , 1283769716742.jpg )


11/10/05(Wed)21:31 No. 78957

honestly in my first experience, we didnt have lube so we used conditioner and it worked perfectly. Just start by rubbing the hole, then one finger, when youre comfortable then, use two fingers, then three etc to fit to the top's dick. then from there you should be good to go. Just take it slow and use plenty of lube

11/10/05(Wed)22:31 No. 78958


But DON'T use conditioner if you are using a latex condom. Latex and most conditioners don't mix (because conditioners have oils and petroleum/petro by products in them and this degrades latex).

11/10/09(Sun)10:01 No. 79332

I had sex for the first time about a week ago. I gave him a blowjob and he rimmed me and then put it in (no lube) and it was _perfect_! Didn't hurt one bit and I came without him touching my dick 15 minutes later. Does anyone else have same kind of first-time-experiences?

Unamericano 11/10/09(Sun)19:25 No. 79369

From what I hear that's very rare.

Calpico 11/10/09(Sun)20:35 No. 79383

File 131818531816.gif - (434.07KB , 385x248 , hfhfhgfg.gif )


Were you, like, totally dreaming and shit the entire time, like?

11/10/10(Mon)07:33 No. 79462

Can kegels work to keep the anus tight? Or if your hole is loose, Will it be permanently loose?

11/10/10(Mon)22:35 No. 79527

Tired of hearing this question.

The anus is a muscle. Assuming it isn't damaged/torn beyond its capacity to heal, you will NEVER become loose. When you yawn really wide, is your mouth forever stuck open at whatever point it opened to? No, because it works both ways. Same thing with the anus, although again, that is assuming you don't tear the muscle or severely damage it.

Looked at another way, if your anus became loose whenever it was opened, you would already be loose from whenever you had a BM. Kegels are just bonus tightening ability.

11/10/15(Sat)05:03 No. 80042

Uneducated virgin here, realistically, how concerned should I be about STDs if I were to hook up with a younger guy I met at a con?

CandleJack 11/10/15(Sat)06:11 No. 80056


There is no point crunching numbers to calculate statistic probability of things like that. Very few people get struck by lightning, true, but you still wouldn't walk around holding a ten-foot metal pole during a thunderstorm. It's stupid.

Use a condom, every single time, until you're in a committed relationship and have both been tested.

11/10/15(Sat)13:43 No. 80087


The statistics can't take account of activity though, if your rectal walls are hurt by rough sex or not using enough lube, the transmission rate would likely be higher.

Herpy Dooves 11/10/15(Sat)18:13 No. 80104

I don't wanna derail here but this is about my mate who's a bottom.

I've been with him for roughly 3 years now and we rarely had sex because he has this anxiety or obsession with keeping himself clean.

He has low self-esteem regarding his body, so he always complains about his ass being unclean, to the point he douches himself at least twice a day. Even when sex is not there.

I've been lecturing and advising him against it, because not only he has gotten too tired from the cleaning, he has lost alot of libido and I fear more about his anal health.

Like I said, he's stubborn to change his habit until tragedy strikes. So what do you /fag/ suggest to stop this? Has alot of people had this impression of feeling unclean? I opt for condom as always but I still believe he's worried about accidents.

Compulsive Cleaning & Libido Loss 11/10/17(Mon)06:31 No. 80332

>I've been lecturing and advising him against it, because not only he has gotten too tired from the cleaning, he has lost alot of libido and I fear more about his anal health.
Does your mate exhibit any other OCD behavior? Have you two had a one-on-one talk about his sexuality and any issues he is having with being gay? Loss of libido and compulsive douching go hand-in-hand with some deep underlying issues. If there are ANY other compulsive behaviors, it would be wise to seek some professional counselling. Sooner would be better than later, especially if he is in his early 20's.

Herpy+Dooves 11/10/18(Tue)19:27 No. 80518


Thanks for being so helpful.

As far as I know, he developed this habit way before we met. We're first love and we've never been with anyone else before, so I guess he probably cared about me in a way that he wants to make himself clean that much.

Otherwise, I did talked to him and he always said the same thing: He just wants to be as clean as possible. I also did told him that we can't be completely spotless clean, he didn't take it.

So, we rarely had sex because of this and as far as I can tell, he's very, very shy about things. He even had issues with me playing around with his body, especially his cock, so it's pretty hard to deal with things like that. His reasons are pretty much the same: He felt ticklish or he felt uncomfortable being touched.

He has no issues fapping to porn though, so that's what irked me. While I honestly do too, but it was only because of him being dodgy about sex.

11/10/18(Tue)22:26 No. 80523


what you have described is just SCREAMING characteristics of someone who was sexually abused. he needs professional help.

Herpy+Dooves 11/10/19(Wed)16:58 No. 80598


Eh, he was never sexually abused or at least not that I know of. He's happy go lucky on the outside and inside, but when it comes to things like sex, he just gets shuts out.

I talked to him today and I can tell he just doesn't like spontaneous sex. Problem is, if it wasn't spontaneous (because I can pick the time where I feel it's convenient for us both) he'll say he's not in the mood or he's still not clean.

Look, I've been with him for 3 years and I can tell he's a perfectly normal guy with just certain issues about sex, nothing beyond the whole "I got raped or molested" thing.

11/10/19(Wed)18:34 No. 80600


My case grows stronger with every one of your responses.

11/10/23(Sun)18:32 No. 81032

To throw my two cents in, I stopped having sex with my bf because I lost all interest in him shortly after we got together. All the reasons that eventually led to me dumping him after three years were the same reasons I stopped having sex with him after one. I just stopped finding him attractive. And I would always say I'm not clean, or too tired, or my favorite, I'm not in the mood.

So... just something to think about.

11/10/23(Sun)18:48 No. 81034


You dated someone for three years you didn't find attractive? Looks like the troll's on you!

11/10/23(Sun)20:31 No. 81040


No I tried to make it work for three years. Looks like you don't know much about commitment.

11/10/24(Mon)05:27 No. 81083


No, you wasted three years of someone's life.

11/10/24(Mon)06:28 No. 81090


Commitment is not about clinging on lost causes that you are not really trying to fix and feeding bad emotions as consequence. Its you who dont know what commitment is.

11/10/25(Tue)05:16 No. 81183

It's so funny when a bunch of fags online think they know exactly what's going on in someone else's life or relationship. Like they know all the in's and out's of this guy's situation.

Lol. Assholes.

11/10/25(Tue)07:18 No. 81193


You must be new here.

11/11/01(Tue)12:28 No. 82104

I know it does not fit the general discussion as it is about being a better bottom.

BUT I have been really tired of being only bottom lately. When I had my first boyfriend it had been the other way around - i topped. Then came this guy that most likely only topped whereas I eventually turned into a complete bottom.
By now I don't know if I were to do it right. I know how to stick my cock in. Problem is just that the few times I topped throughout the last months I came too fast and did not really know how to pound it out right. Whilst when I first topped (with my first guy) we could fuck for quite long and also it felt "right".
Has anyone got advice how to extend stamina? Maybe also some impressions what other guys want in a top would be nice.

11/11/02(Wed)04:16 No. 82190


May just be that you aren't used to that much penile stimulation after getting pounded for so long.

11/11/06(Sun)18:15 No. 82994

File 132059974936.jpg - (375.39KB , 560x420 , taryn's ass.jpg )

Quick question guys. Recently I tried being bottom and it didn't go as planned. Just having the head in me hurt and it was coupled with the feeling that I'm gonna shit myself any second. The experience wasn't in any way pleasurable.

Is it possible to find the pleasure after some practise (with toys) or am I doomed to be a top forever?

11/11/06(Sun)18:39 No. 82996


Some guys just don't enjoy it. You could always try using smaller things (like fingers, especially during a blowjob) to see if you just need to work up to a cock, or if it's all anal stimulation you dislike.

Intergalactic+Planet+Faggot!E0aIGro6wo 11/11/06(Sun)18:39 No. 82997

Best thing to practice with is a real cock. The discomfort is just something you get used to, yeah.

11/11/06(Sun)21:34 No. 83026

Start with dildos. When you manage to take one larger than the average penis, a real dick is a piece of cake. No dildo is as soft as a real penis, so is harder to shove them.

11/11/15(Tue)03:27 No. 83815

OK so my boyfriend has fucked me a few times now and I do still generally just lay there and jack off while he does whatever. We usually end up missionary-style - it gives him the best footing and it's pretty intimate - but we have moved around and shit. One problem with other positions I've had is when I'm on top - do I move up and down, back and forth, etc? the movements don't come naturally to me at all and generally his dick'll just pop out or I'll lose momentum even if i build up decent movement. I think it's a shame that I'm never the one to do the work, even when I try.

Also, how does one work their muscles? I've tried clenching, but he doesn't seem to notice, and that's the only ass-muscle movement i seem to really know how to do.

11/11/15(Tue)07:36 No. 83839

I find cowgirl to be easiest. Just plant yourself on his dick, slouch forward, and lift your ass up and down. Simple as that.
If your partner wants something else, let him tell you. Or just ask.
Problem solved.

11/11/21(Mon)05:17 No. 84332

This literaly just happened to me and i thought i should bring it here.
I was playing with my dildo a few hours ago and I really got into it. Everything was fine until i felt something slip out of my ass. I thought I shat out lube or something but when I went to the toilet and it looked like my ass jizzed in my pants-pretty sure it was mucus. Is that in any way normal?

11/11/21(Mon)06:15 No. 84336


It is normal. The lining of the colon naturally produces mucus to help the shit slide through without damaging anything. If you rub something around in there, it'll produce more mucus to compensate for a sensation it probably thinks is constipation.

Some guys produce more, and faster than others, though. Some guys don't even notice the stuff, while others (like me) produce so much that we're practically self-lubricated.

11/11/22(Tue)23:08 No. 84431

File 132199970080.png - (76.17KB , 269x265 , derp.png )

>others (like me) produce so much that we're practically self-lubricated.

ummm, have fun with that...

11/11/23(Wed)01:14 No. 84441


Thank lucifer, I thought I was the only one

11/11/30(Wed)03:45 No. 84957


Are you my ex? I said exactly the same thing to my ex, who I was with for 3 years, and he had a tendancy to recite things I said as if they were his own, when they clearly weren't. And I introduced him to chans, so he (or you) might be lurking around here.

If you aren't my ex, maybe we should hook up? Then we can not have sex together.

11/12/06(Tue)07:00 No. 85456

Need help on my mate who's a bottom:

Because of my mate's cleaning habit, he has to get himself clean in the morning if we're gonna fuck. So there's really no way to get spontaneous sex like how it is with girls, it kind of becomes a problem with me because I tend to want it out of the blue when we're alone but he refuses cause of anal hygiene. So does /fag/ who bottoms do this? Do you like, schedule your sex? And he complains a lot about making it hassle free because he technically just use hose, should I get him an enema set?

One more thing is how much me and him are fapping almost once daily and kinda ruins our libido. I can stop myself but my mate has this OCD-ish habit on it, I just want him have sex instead. I tried talking him out but he got bitchy at it saying he can't.

11/12/06(Tue)15:11 No. 85495

I wake up a bit early without waking my boyfriend to do that.
HE WILL NEVER KNOW THE EFFORT I PUT IN, but I like it like that yes?

11/12/06(Tue)15:25 No. 85496

I seriously don't understand your issues. I don't care about anal hygiene and no guy whose fucked me has ever complained about me being dirty down there. Even when I had the flu once and was shitting diarrehea for a week, I got fucked by my BF. If a guy wants to lick, eat, and fuck my ass he should be prepared to taste some shit or get some on his dick. Seriously.... fags need to lighten up. Your fucking and licking the ass for godsakes. SHIT comes out of there. Get use to it, or do other vanilla things other than anal.

11/12/06(Tue)15:27 No. 85497

It's the same with blowjobs, or you gonna wash your dick after peeing just incase you get a BJ and your dick happens to taste like piss? Grow up..

Calpico 11/12/07(Wed)06:36 No. 85584


What I would do is; give you the most awesome blowjob ever. Right underneath the table in a fancy restaurant, especially when it's crowded.

Or have a quickie in the coatroom during a wedding or whatever kind of social gathering.

And the best thing?! You don't even have to use your ass! (I mean I would, because I'm cool with that, but w/e.) You can jack eachother off, do some frottage, blowjobs, really sensual kissing... Whatever floats your boat really. I mean if you want to be spanked, by all means!

Also. You appear to be the top in this relationship, which to me should mean that you kind of have a dominating personality, which makes me question why you haven't been spontaneous and slightly forceful in a charming way yet... I would've been melting in your arms if you took me aside in the coatroom... You should try it with your "mate."

Do with it what you like, can't help you with the festidious ass cleaning.

BFMUR!9fzg51dWB. 11/12/07(Wed)19:00 No. 85629

File 132328080023.gif - (486.49KB , 500x214 , tumblr_lmwzzbJxS61qb46lo.gif )


11/12/07(Wed)19:39 No. 85638

Don't know if anyone cares about this topic, but that Anon's description is basically me. I'm fine with everything, but really, really shy and awkward about sex. As far as I know, I was never molested or sexually abused, so I don't think it's that.

I think it might just be that I was raised in an overly religious "sex is a sin" type of environment, so it's difficult for me to try to get past that mindset...

11/12/07(Wed)21:15 No. 85648

haha, I'm a bottom! Didn't know there was a term...

Me and my bf have never been with another guy before, and we just started. I was pretty obsessive about safety and clealinessand such so we're all cool there, but in terms of sensation we're feeling our way into it (SEE WHAT I DID THERE)

While it's pretty fucking glorious, I've yet to have a fully anal orgasm, and what feels like it should be this amazing, shattering cum generally peters out into a frustrated wank.

Are we doing it wrong, or is this something that you don't get without loads of practice?

11/12/08(Thu)01:25 No. 85659

So I was just with the biggest guy I've ever been with.

we really clicked and plan on seeing each other a lot...

the problem is that he fucking destroys me. it's not that we didn't use enough lube, there weren't any friction problems. the problem was that when he went all the way in (either slowly or forcefully) it felt like my guts were going to explode. I took it like a champ but I was wondering if there's anything that can be done about this? should I have him go all the way in and hold it there until I get used to it? will it get easier with time?

11/12/08(Thu)05:02 No. 85684


Try different positions. One where you're on top will allow you to control how deep he penetrates you.

Also, no matter how slow you're going, it's probably not slow enough.

11/12/08(Thu)06:20 No. 85690

We did a lot of positions and I'd like for him to be able to go all the way in as he really enjoys that. it just hurts a bit when he gets there. maybe going even slower like you said until I can handle all of his length is the solution.

11/12/09(Fri)04:37 No. 85759

Maybe you feel like you're going to explode because of the pressure difference inside you, like when you close a door in a room with no windows.

>The physics of gay buttsex.

11/12/09(Fri)22:19 No. 85816

File 132346555621.jpg - (16.36KB , 400x320 , LargeIntestine.jpg )

I think it's likely that his cock is pushing completely through your rectum hitting the entrance to your sigmoid colon, which is muscular and is one of the few places you can feel in your intestinal tract.

There is also a bend where the rectum meets your colon (bottom of your large intestine) so his cock could meet some resistance here. The colon either has to bend and straighten out for the cock to pass through, or it hits the "wall" of the rectum at this bend and can't go any further.

You might find both of these sensations to be painful but some guys like the feeling of deep penetration into the colon. I don't really see the point though- most of the nerve endings are immediately around the anus and the prostate is not far from that, and for him, your anus is what provides a pleasurable sensation of pressure on his penis, which has most of its nerves around and under the head.

I would suggest trying some different positions that make deeper penetration possible, by causing the colon to straighten out a bit. Examples of this would be squatting on top of him while he lies on his back or, and lowering yourself onto his cock; or, with you laying on your back, he holds your legs on his shoulders and lifts you up while penetrating your asshole.

11/12/09(Fri)22:43 No. 85817

I think it does depend on the person but try to be responsive to each others bodies. When he hits spots that feel really good, let him know so he keeps going at it.

Anal only orgasms, are kind of fun, but not totally necessary to enjoy anal sex. You can touch yourself or have him jerk you off while he fucks you and you will probably enjoy it a lot more than if you just lie there doing nothing while he plows you, after all, you're stimulating 2 pleasure spots instead of one.

But I till occasionally enjoy being tied up so I can't touch myself while he fucks me hard, something you may want to consider trying, you feel some different sensations down there that you usually don't notice when you jack off, and since you want to orgasm, you become more focused on trying to cum from anal stimulation, until you eventually achieve this.

As you become more experienced with sex and also more accustomed to each others bodies, you will get better at it and will also know each other well enough that you can synchronize your orgasms which is awesome.

11/12/20(Tue)18:49 No. 86623

don't know if some one told this but I find the best position if you are laying on your left side keep your right leg straight and bend your left leg to your chest and the cock or toy will slide in easy, but you should still use lube just in case

11/12/31(Sat)14:17 No. 87356

Hey /fag/, need some advice.

My bf wants to top me for the first time and I never bottom before at all, so I'm a little nervous about it.

I'm not so much of a virgin when it comes to sex but I need some help preparing. As far as I know, I can douche to clean my ass, but I have some bad issues with my bowel.

Thing is, I get stomach aches really easily and I tend to get runny shits, which is already bad enough. So does laxative helps in cleaning out? I know eating alot of fibre does too but how do I know if I had enough? I eat an average amount of vegies.

11/12/31(Sat)22:39 No. 87379

>So does laxative helps in cleaning out?

They clean you out by making your shit runny.

If you want a cleaner anus then just eat more fiber, and douche at least 30 minutes before the act.

You may want to watch how much fruit you eat as well as make sure you're getting plenty of fiber each meal. You need to remember that fiber is simply "indigestible plant stuffs". Also soluble fiber doesn't help much at all with cleaning you out and really just gives you gas, and it is just insoluble fiber that does anything to clean you out.

Also his is probably going to sound a little nasty, but if you've never bottomed you may also be really tight down there and be unable to really pass all the shit in you. If you use some buttplugs on a regular basis though then you should be open enough to pass anything.

12/01/01(Sun)01:53 No. 87387


If you have bouts of constipation in between episodes of diarrhea, you probably have some form of IBS. Not that telling you is going to help much (there aren't any treatments or cures) but at least you'll have something to whine to your doctor about.

Anyway, I find with myself that I can keep more regular and solid if I adhere to a rather-strict diet and a very strict eating schedule. Eating rice always seemed to help (I had a half-cup of white rice almost every day with lunch) and yogurt is freaking awesome (and cheap as balls, too) so I had a cup of the stuff a few times a week for dessert. If you want more fiber, buy some powdered and then mix it into the yogurt; you won't even taste the stuff.

As for the rest, practice is your friend. Empty yourself completely, and then use a SMALL enema (like half a cup of water is fine) to wash out the residue. When you're done, stick a finger inside yourself and check if you are clean. If so, then get a dildo and use it on yourself; have fun with that! Over time (I've been doing this for over a decade) you'll be able to feel whether or not you've completely emptied yourself, which helps a lot.

If you have an decent boyfriend, don't feel bad if he wants sex and your stomach just doesn't feel right. He'll understand, and you can do something else (like maybe you on top, or oral or whatever).

12/01/01(Sun)10:52 No. 87408


Thanks you two, I'll try that. I guess there's no stopping eating fibre.

I think for me, while I can clean and all that, sometimes it feels like I'm about to shit once I got something inside (finger/dildo), and again, I panicked and stop because I thought well maybe I do feel like shitting, is this some reaction to having something in there or what?

One more thing is, maybe I seen way too much straight porn or hearing women feeling it, does guys feel it up the bum if someone creampies? It's a big kink of mine but from my experience with my bf, he said he felt nothing if I cum. Is it true to all guys?

12/01/02(Mon)03:42 No. 87460

>maybe I seen way too much straight porn or hearing women feeling it

Women don't feel it either.

12/01/02(Mon)05:48 No. 87473


At least once, I've felt SOMETHING when my boyfriend came. Whether that was the cum shooting out, the penis throbbing, or him thrusting a little deeper, it was definitely there.

That being said, it's supposedly very rare. That is not surprising because the inside of the rectum/colon is stretch-sensitive, not touch-sensitive. Probably, it has something to do with how much cum there is or how hard it shoots out. For instance, if I get a syringe and shoot some warm water up there hard enough to otherwise hit the wall on the opposite side of the room, I can feel THAT easily.

12/01/02(Mon)23:14 No. 87512

First of all i suggest you enrich your diet with anti oxidant rich fruits. this will help thicken the walls of the veins in your rear end and help prevent a hemroid situation. currently i drink a glass of pomagranite juice a day to fill that role.

any i discovered that being a bottom is more about encouraging attention than anything else. let yourself moan, be very vocal and it will encourage the lucky guy pounding you.

use your teeth and your fingers/nails. dont just rip him apart with those tools but use them to give your partner jolt sensations. you want him to be thinking of you and nothing else.

Move your hips to compliment him. Grind on his shaft by gyrating your hips. slam back on him and so on.

Finally its all about enjoying the attention. The more you get into it, the more likely he will too. this in itself is all about building sexual fantasy for yourself, i cant really help you there. its all in your head. example is that when i find the right guy i often fantasize about being bottom and him pounding the crap out of me. now i got a beautiful big ass and i melt like butter any time a cute guy touches and plays with it. its pretty obvious too. now my appreciation of the attention is obvious and it gets him more into it, which means i get even more attention in the end :P.

so yeah, simple straight forward. just think about the guy on top, and make him get into it by showing your enthusiasm and appreciation of the attention :P.

12/01/04(Wed)14:43 No. 87660

How does one break the ice when it comes to sex? My bf's been really shy and quiet type, he doesn't moan or show much when he gets fucked, so it's hard to tell. I tried telling him that it's okay to be abit more vocal with flirting/moaning and such, but he's still abit insistent on that attitude. Plus, he's really rigid with sex, so I do the fucking all the time. Not that it's bad but abit of initiative would be nice.

How'd you guys do with people like that?

Also, anyway to boost libido with the food we eat? I'm looking to build up my libido after my bouts with depression lately.

12/01/04(Wed)14:53 No. 87662

newfag (literally lol) here

sort of bicurious. if there's one thing aneros has taught me, it's that getting fucked in the ass feels good. now i love women and everything, but i'm sure not too many will be open to pegging me. plus i find it hot when guys legitimately moan with pleasure (not that fake "fuck yeah oh baby ugghhh uggghhh"). i'm open to trying bottoming (not really interested in topping a dude unless its a tranny) but am not to getting cummed on. do i qualify as bi?

12/01/05(Thu)01:50 No. 87702


If you find guys attractive, and really feel like you could get hard and fuck a guy or enjoy getting fucked, then yeah you're probably bi.

12/01/07(Sat)00:39 No. 87883

File 132589314368.jpg - (14.09KB , 300x450 , pope-benedict.jpg )


Maximize bottoming skills? Why would I want that? I like it when they cry

12/01/07(Sat)11:37 No. 87924

File 132593262311.jpg - (224.67KB , 569x613 , assconflict.jpg )

i feel like i can't take it all the way because it reaches a point where it feels like a wall has been reached and it hurts like motherfucking hell.

i'm i destined to be unable to take a cock fully or is there some way of fixing this...

and pic related... ass conflict fo sho

12/01/07(Sat)23:44 No. 87953

ahh I have the same problem. hope someone has advice

CandleJack 12/01/08(Sun)00:36 No. 87955


It depends a great deal how deep you're going before hitting that "wall". In a few inches deep is a second sphincter, this one under involuntary control (meaning you can't force it to open as easily as you can the first just by thinking it). It has to be carefully stretched open before sex by fingering or with a small dildo. That is something that definately gets better and easier with practice.

About seven or so inches deep is simply the end of the rectum. The colon takes a very sharp turn toward your left side and then turns back upwards. Ideally, you shouldn't be shoving anything bigger than that up there, but if you feel like it, again, it's something that comes with practice. Eventually, you will be able to push past that turn and keep going deeper.

12/01/08(Sun)12:06 No. 88000

So the wall is definitely past the second sphincter, its like about 4-5 inches deep, definitely no where close to 7 inches. It might just be my body, kinda sucks that i can't take my boyfriends cock in all the way wihtout feeling immense pain.

12/01/08(Sun)21:30 No. 88022


This is what foreplay is for.

12/01/09(Mon)20:33 No. 88083

It's not deep enough to be your colon. There are some muscular ridges in the rectum called Houston's something-or-others that are not sphincters (because they don't close up completely) but can pose an obstacle if approached from the wrong angle. They relax once passed. Since they're not a true road-block, just move the piece around until it fits.

12/01/14(Sat)15:06 No. 88399

I had anal sex for the first time yesterday and I was on bottom. Today when I went to take a dump, I had explosive diahrrea. What the fuck?

12/01/14(Sat)19:59 No. 88407


That's fuck up, and has nothing to do with the sex.

88399 12/01/15(Sun)00:07 No. 88428

Most likely you went bareback, got semen inside of you, and did not get rid of it before sleeping. Tnis happened to me, next day was terrible. Now I always go to toilet afterwards and it's fine.

12/01/18(Wed)01:29 No. 88637

If you're Bleeding Gums Murphy, hell yes make him wear a condom, otherwise, brush your teeth after every meal, swallow completely, and you should be fine. Only time I got an STD is when some fucker at an adult shop wouldn't stop fucking me, even when I said stop+no more; rape's not fun :(

12/01/18(Wed)01:35 No. 88638

Umm .. why were you getting fucked in an adult shop? :s

12/01/18(Wed)01:41 No. 88639

Dude, just be creative; any smooth phallic object can be a toy. Hell, back in elementary school I had a phase wherein I was obsessed with sticking bigger and bigger things in my butt; started off with one of those Anaheim Angels souvenir baseball bats and worked my way up to a veiny dildo I found in under my parents bed :D Sadly, nowadays, i simply can't find my prostate, so I just top like a stallion :(

Dada 12/01/20(Fri)00:54 No. 88704

File 132701725439.jpg - (81.98KB , 800x478 , 9433e097b06ace0526a98fdfffb496ba_3.jpg )


12/01/26(Thu)02:26 No. 89139

Bottoms please remember to wash your anus and go to the bathroom before taking that cock.

So this guy and I were making out in the shower and I started rimming him and fingering a bit in the shower so he seemed clean to me. When we left the shower and I started fucking him with the condom things were good...till he took my whole cock in and then later the condom was covered in....

Well moral of the story is to clean your bowels out before bottoming.

12/01/26(Thu)07:50 No. 89168


O god yes people, douche always and with some lukewarm water. Do it until the water comes out clear so tops don't have to deal with that sort of nonsense. Also it can help to just have a reasonable diet with plenty of fiber and not a ton of fat.

12/02/03(Fri)03:54 No. 89827

Didn't want to waste a whole topic on it so I'll ask here...

If I'm lying on my back when I come, my balls will completely, well... go back inside me. Afterwards I have to stand/let it all hang down and wait for them to drop back.

It doesn't hurt, but it weirds me out when it happens and I was curious if this was a sign of anything.

12/02/03(Fri)04:03 No. 89830


it's not common but it's not really abnormal either- there are muscles than tense up to pull the balls closer to the body during orgasm and in some people they go really up. were your testicles descended when you were born or did it happen later? if the latter, the only thing to watch out for is you have a slightly higher risk of testicular cancer so check your junk regularly. don't let them stay up there too long either (get them down after it happens)

CandleJack 12/02/03(Fri)19:47 No. 89882


Mine sometimes do that, too, and also randomly when I'm just jerking off or whatever. It's been like this since I was a little kid and I always thought it was really cool 'cause the other boys couldn't do that. I don't think there is anything detrimental to it, so long as they don't get literally STUCK for a long period of time. Also, it may cause them to overheat lowering your sperm count. Like you care, right?

Bonus: When bottoming in missionary position, my balls can go back inside me thus sparing them from being crushed by my partner's stomach. There is literally no downside.

Lasting longer 12/02/11(Sat)23:03 No. 90400

Hi fag. Does anybody know how to last longer while bottoming? I can take my boyfriend's dick but only for a certain amount of time. After a certain period my ass feels like it's getting overstimulated and I tell him to pull out to change positions. I feel like I can't bottom in one position for long enough to have him cum in the condom. Any suggestions?

12/02/16(Thu)11:03 No. 90733

Can I just say this thread has been an awesome source of info for me. Took my first dick last night, and had no problems with cleanliness, or any of the other stuff I was a bit concerned about beforehand. Managed to relax and enjoy myself. A lot.

I know there's a hell of a lot of bitching and queening goes on in this place, but we do also do great work from time to time.

Anyways, just wanted to say thank you. Was a big help!

Dada 12/02/17(Fri)00:09 No. 90767

File 132943377759.jpg - (75.04KB , 1280x1024 , 1310367732749.jpg )

>>After a certain period my ass feels like it's getting overstimulated and I tell him to pull out to change positions.

How does it make you feel mentally? Since the physical aspect of it doesn't seem to scare you, but the mental one freaks you out.

Personally I love having my ass over stimulated, drives me to heaven and back and my boyfriend loves it because my ass just vice grips his dick and that big thing just feels like all kinds of pulsating in my tight ass.

Physically I see stars have week knees, my ass is throbbing with my prostate pushing on his cock and getting all big inside and my vision blurs from the pleasure being so strong, which I love. Mentally the only thing I fear is if I didn't clean myself out well enough if and if I'll feel any pain by letting my man use my ass like his cum dump so vigorously.

As for suggestions you could always interweave more foreplay or lovey dove y kind of activities while he's inside of you. My BF tends to just make out for a few minutes while still inside of me when he knows I'm about to pass out from being overwhelmed.

12/02/18(Sat)13:24 No. 90917

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that passing out from bottoming is not the norm.

switch-hittr 12/02/19(Sun)22:52 No. 91026

Not gonna read all the posts to see if this has been addressed because of too much work but:
I would like to be versatile, I love topping but I really don't mind being submissive, but I have this problem where I cant feel anything while bottoming. I just feel vague (and sometimes not so vague) discomfort. I have bottomed for 6 differennt guys to the same result, advice /fag/
Also first post ha

Dada 12/02/20(Mon)00:21 No. 91033

File 132969371558.jpg - (41.77KB , 600x900 , 131709277246.jpg )

No it's not, but i only add that bit because he fucks like a stallion for hours and I pretty much give out from exhaustion. Not because I want to.

Have you ever hit or stimulated your prostate before? I mean that's why there's a big surplus of bottoms vs. tops. A tops orgasm will never compare to a bottoms.

switch-hittr 12/02/20(Mon)02:00 No. 91044

I personally have hit my prostate, nobody else has. It feels wonderful when I do it myself, just don't feel any pleasure at all from other people messing around in my ass, not so far at least

Miko 12/02/20(Mon)04:37 No. 91050

Sorry if this isn't about bottoming but I thought a general thread would be good enough for others to read and such.

I'm having abit of trouble when I fuck my boyfriend. We don't do alot of foreplay because we're still kinda noobish at sex and went straight for the action. (Also recommend some nice foreplay?)

I just can't seem to last long, if I fuck non-stop, I think I'll cum really quick in 2-3 minutes, just cause he's gripping my dick like crazy. I tried slowing down and do the usual stop-go thing but sometimes I wouldn't be able to do that when he's begging me to go faster and harder to make him cum.

Another small thing is, I wish my boyfriend would cum handsfree from being fucked, but that seems highly difficult. Is there any good topping tips?

Also, can anyone recommend some positions? I'm having another bit of trouble because I'm abit under 5", so I can't really get to try anything much without making it hard for me to move.

12/02/20(Mon)08:26 No. 91078

1. Read. "New Joy of Gay Sex" and "The Ins and Outs of Gay Sex".
2. Practice.
3. Report back here on what works and doesn't, please.

12/02/22(Wed)20:22 No. 91259

Do you know where I can view them for free?

12/02/23(Thu)07:19 No. 91321

Very cheap used on eBay/Amazon.

If you can't afford a buck for a book you're going to be in trouble when it's time to shell out for condoms and lube.

12/02/25(Sat)04:17 No. 91488


Well, the thing is that I feel like I'm not clean enough and it feels like nasty stuff is going to come out of my ass when he fucks me. I just feel like my digestive system is all coming down while I bottom...not a pleasant feeling. I do love it when he fucks me, but it's like I can only do it for a little while and then my body wants to keep the pleasure but stop having to do anything to have it.

CandleJack 12/02/25(Sat)20:11 No. 91512


It's important to learn to separate the feeling of something going on in there from taking a shit, which can take a while as it's a strong psychological block. The way I think of it is being similar to separating the feeling of peeing from that of cumming.

The best way to deal with this is to basically shove things up your ass until you get used to the sensations. Something I did (after cleaning myself out, of course) was take a number of large marbles and shove them inside me, and then squat over a towel and "shit" them out. It was very difficult to do at first; the psychological block of not wanting to make a mess on the floor was very strong — you're only supposed to relax your asshole while sitting on a toilet after all. Eventually, however, it gets to the point where I know nothing is going to come out except the marbles, because I've cleaned myself. That way, it became easier to relax and just enjoy the feelings.

12/02/27(Mon)16:44 No. 91645

I bottomed for the first time a couple days ago. Didn't even use lube, the condom had some on it. He tried to get it in and it hurt like a motherfucker; I said "fuck it", pushed him down and crouched on top of him, took it veeeery slowly at first but eventually it was all in and I was moving around enjoying it quite a bit. I was hard the whole time and came easily.

Seriously, ride the guy. It won't hurt at all if you take your time and are comfortable. On a side not, I feel that bottoming made me a better top.

12/02/29(Wed)03:22 No. 91801


This is the last post i read in this thread (it has been AMAZING for me, as a person who has not bottomed before and wants to get into it)

Basically, my partner was the same way. Sex just wasn't something he was comfortable with for a long time (we've been together and fooling around for 3 years now). Gradually, with a lot of effort from me, he was able to let go of that upbringing a little bit and lighten up, which made everything better.

Obviously this isn't going to work for everyone, but with comfortable, understanding persuasion, it is possible to turn this around. Lots of positive reinforcement, and understanding that they may not be mentally ready is going to be key in changing that mindset.

12/03/01(Thu)01:37 No. 91873


I bottom for the guy i'm dating and when i ride him he says he doesn't feel anything. He's the first guy i've had sex with on a continuous basis and only one i've heard that from. we both like it better when i lay on my stomach, but we are trying to vary it up.

He instructs me to go in an up and down motion while on top of him, which i feel like I'm doing. Whatever i'm doing feels good for me and not him. I'm thinking maybe more leverage... like fucking on the floor while i squat on him instead of kneeling on him in the bed. Sometimes he says it hurts, like i'm bending his dick or something.

i'm such an amateur at this. dont wanna fuck it up, you know?

Any tips?

The only positions we really do is me riding while kneeling, doggy style, and me on my stomach with my legs closed (i love this feeling).

I should watch more porn or something to get some ideas. I want to be way more adventurous. We even bought a dildo and handcuffs (not that outrageous, but for us it is).

Also any lube recommendations? We've tried Wet Platinum and AStroglide (sleek, more expensive bottle...) We're exclusive and have been tested and been dating for 7 months so we decided to no longer use condoms.

12/03/03(Sat)01:18 No. 92025

>Have you ever gone to hook up with someone who says they're versatile but then you get there and you're like "ok, can I top now?" and they're like "well I'm not really much of a bottom" or "I don't really do that so..."

I just want to say I love bottoming, but often when someone asks to fuck me I'm not willing simply because I need to prep. If I don't clean before doing anal a mess -always- happens. (for some reason I almost always have some fecal matter in my ass)

It generally kills the mood to be like "okay i'll bottom but give me 20 mins to clean the shit out of my hole" so I just say I'm not in the mood to bottom. If i'm already prepared I'll hop on the dick in a heartbeat.

CandleJack 12/03/03(Sat)01:52 No. 92028


That's why I always clean myself out before every potential encounter, just to be sure.

Of course, I've never actually lived with a boyfriend, so I'm not sure what I'd do when sex could literally happen at any time. For instance, I always take a shit right when I get up in the morning. WTF am I supposed to do if he wants to have sex right when we wake up?? Of course, most people don't really want to do anything right when they wake up... but I dunno. It's not like I can change my schedule and go right before bed, 'cause I already do that.

I do think it's better to be honest about it, though. I mean, it's not like he won't understand why you need some time. As for "killing the mood"? Ridiculous. Men don't HAVE moods in regards to sex; they're pretty much willing and able to fuck at any time of the day or night. You don't have to be specific about it, or anything...

Captcha: "affinity Ecoli": the disorder someone who chooses to rim unclean assholes, has.

12/03/03(Sat)20:28 No. 92061

stop eating fat and red meat
start eating fiber and soup

problem solved

12/03/05(Mon)15:13 No. 92129

Just a random question - I don't have that much experience, but I was being fucked by a guy on the weekend, and we both came at the same time, which was awesome. However, he reckoned as I was getting close my ass tightened up too much and I was pushing him out of me. Is this an issue - should I be try to relax my muscles more, if possible, when I'm trying to get off while someone is in me? Or should he just be pushing even harder to stay in there?

12/03/05(Mon)15:54 No. 92130


That's what your body does when you orgasm (involuntary muscle spasms) and there's not much you can do about it. In fact, the tightening is probably what helped him cum at the same time as you... at least in my experience topping that has been the case.

12/03/05(Mon)19:47 No. 92134

File 133097324432.jpg - (3.83KB , 188x212 , zniesmaczony_kermit.jpg )

So I tried bottoming and it simply felt like taking a dump with a mix of pain - which wasn't at all pleasurable.

What do you guys do to get pleasure out of it?

12/03/05(Mon)20:08 No. 92137

Exactly how I felt
Boy friend said it takes time to loosen up to enjoy it :I

12/03/06(Tue)02:04 No. 92145


I take you've never stuck anything in your ass before? Idiot.

12/03/06(Tue)02:14 No. 92147


more lube. let me repeat. more lube. There should be lube everywhere on his cock and in your ass. EVERYWHERE. Go slowly. Have him finger you first. Not for three seconds but for a long time increasing the number of fingers. If you have a dildo, stick it in your ass. Again, LUBE LUBE LUBE. Only THEN should he pork you with his cock.

12/03/07(Wed)11:37 No. 92205

How could I stuck something if it feels so bad?

12/03/11(Sun)08:08 No. 92332


It's all Engrish up in here.

12/03/13(Tue)21:37 No. 92523

its like a fine wine, at first you may not get anything out of it or simply not like it. But if you take time to learn about it and all its subtle qualities you will find it incomparably unique, and by than you will have become a connoisseur. There is no substitute for experience, time spent learning, and learning to enjoy it. It isn't mythical, you just need to develop your palate.

12/03/13(Tue)21:48 No. 92524

Bottoming is much like Tai Chi. Breath control, acute observations of sensations, what causes what sensations, how to control the muscles there through said acute observations, when to exhale and "push" (when the dick is trying to go in), when to inhale and "clinch" (to give resistance to the Top's dick when it's being pulled out), how it takes 1 finger, then 2, then 3, then dick maybe, or 4 then dick, etc until you become a master of the Anal-Chi and can just take a dick on command. It's just a learning process.

If you try and really play with your ass and learn the variables and conclude that it just isn't pleasureable, awesome! Bottoming doesn't seem to be for you, and so be it. I mean really, it's a blessing in disguise because based upon statistical anecdotal evidence, there are indeed more bottoms than tops, thus you provide one more dick to satisfy the gaping Parana-like holes just waiting for the slightest smell of cock and semen.

I'm slightly disgusted just by writing that analogy and getting the mental image of a river filled with gaping/snapping assholes in a dick hungry frenzy. I'm done writing this. Bye.

12/03/14(Wed)05:02 No. 92556


This is ridiculous. Getting something shoved up your as isn't a complicated thing that requires severe training and/or mind-over-matter fine control. If you overblow it like that, it's sure to be difficult because you're expecting it to be.

Just freaking relax. That's worth more than a lot of advice here.

12/03/15(Thu)04:37 No. 92633

>"Just freaking relax"

I've always thought this was crappy advice. Do you mean mentally or physically? Relaxing the sphincter involves tensing muscles. My first time using a sex toy was needlessly fucking painful because I thought the 'relax' thing should be taken literally.

I think better overall advice is to remember that your butthole is a muscle, not a hole. You wouldn't prod a muscle into relaxation so you can't expect it to work on your butt. In practice this is the difference between 'fingering' by slow rubbing and stretching and 'fingering' by poking a finger in there.

CandleJack 12/03/15(Thu)05:04 No. 92637

>Relaxing the sphincter involves tensing muscles.
>Relaxing ... involves tensing.

You Fail Anatomy/Physics Forever?

12/03/15(Thu)07:03 No. 92647

'relaxing' and 'tensing' means Physics for you? Sure...

The puborectalis muscle is contracted at rest. If this wasn't the case, continence could not be maintained. Defecation (and therefore anal sex) is helped by tensing the pelvic floor muscles (specifically the levator ani I think). This increases pressure in the rectum, thereby parting the transverse rectal folds and helping to relax the internal involuntary sphincter. I'm not suggesting you squeeze your external voluntary sphincter. Once penetration has been achieved and the sphincters have relaxed (say after a couple of minutes) control of the pelvic floor muscles becomes less important and you can just 'relax' if you want. However some folks like to 'push out' on the way in and contract on the way out as it's stimulating for both top and bottom.

You might have realized all this intrinsically if you weren't a virgin.

12/03/15(Thu)12:23 No. 92710

Please become a teacher. I bet you're one of those who likes to tell people to "go with the flow" lmao. Oh lawd, blessed be dis crazy nigga.

CandleJack 12/03/16(Fri)00:06 No. 92809


I've been shoving all manner of both inanimate objects, my own fingers, and penises of men, boys, and dogs up my ass since I was six years old. Don't belittle me.

In any case, I've never had to do anything special to prepare for anal masturbation/sex, either. It's as easy as opening my mouth to shove something in there. You don't need to have a degree in proctology to know how to take a dump, after all. During penetration, I could just lie there still as a rug and it wouldn't matter.

12/03/16(Fri)02:17 No. 92826

File 133186065320.jpg - (43.78KB , 210x300 , Assy_McGee.jpg )


12/03/16(Fri)02:35 No. 92833

>Don't belittle me

Why not? You're an AIDS infested Pedo/beastiality lover.

12/03/16(Fri)05:53 No. 92856


It's spelled bestiality, dumbass.

12/03/16(Fri)07:08 No. 92873

Fair enough I'll respect your whoredom, but maybe this comes so naturally to you that you don't think about it? Nobody considers their jaw muscles while eating because they're pretty used to it chewing. In any case don't try and cry crocodile tears about being belittled after posting this >>92637 , it's silly.

On an altogether different note; ever take a knot?

12/03/20(Tue)09:34 No. 93037


I'm actually also very curious over the knot thing. No joke...

12/03/22(Thu)10:56 No. 93129

how do you make your asshole taste/smell nice?

12/03/22(Thu)16:37 No. 93134

File 133243064383.jpg - (14.91KB , 210x210 , 49-catholic-love.jpg )


start crapping this way.

seriously, it's your arsehole. making it taste nice basically means it not tasting like shit.

so just use body lotion, wash it well, douche - whatever you need to do. just clean it really well and guys should have no complaints. if you're with guys in bed who are complaining that your clean arse doesn't smell like lavender, they're clearly in the wrong profession.

12/03/23(Fri)17:20 No. 93181

File 133251963598.jpg - (87.32KB , 250x450 , 1326055876039.jpg )


12/03/28(Wed)11:50 No. 93355

So from reading this thread, all I have to do to train my anus is finger it all the time?

12/03/29(Thu)06:44 No. 93367

Imo: yes and no.
You anus doesn't need 'training' as it expands and contracts to average cock size when you poop. The learning process is understanding the voluntary and involuntary muscles involved, and also enjoying the sensation without associating it with defecating. Everybody starts with fingers, and you can explore the sphincters and play with your prostate. But the feeling of 'fullness' further up in the rectum is also a part of anal sex and you can't get that with fingers. Ultimately playing with a dildo isn't a chore, so you should get one if you can.

12/03/30(Fri)23:25 No. 93447

Captain, the asses are still hungry!
Well give them more dicks!
We've ran out of toppers!
Dear, God. Men we have an epidemic on our hands!

I was actually laughing at that last paragraph, thanks for the giggles.

12/03/31(Sat)20:26 No. 93489

ive tried to ready my ass for sex for a while now. I'm supposed to be losing my anal virginity tomorrow and in the past I e had a buttplug and I've plate with toys etc, right now I got a cucumber that I'm just putting in and out slowly, but if I do it fast the friction hurts like a mother bitch. It's even got a condom on it and I'm reapplying lube like every 20 seconds. Also when it gets about 5 or 6 inches in it fucking kills what feels like my lower intestine but I don't actually have a clue. I wanna take the whole dick tomorrow am I asking for too much? What good is him fucking me if he can't even move in and out that fast?

12/03/31(Sat)23:40 No. 93504


You've tried toys and a buttplug but a cucumber is hurting you with a condom on? Is it ribbed or something? What sort of toys have you used other than a buttplug? Dildos at all?

Because if it is a ribbed condom then the problem is obvious, if you've never had something slide in and out of you like a dildo then you may just not be used to the feeling.

It's also possible the lube you're using is causing a problem, some people are actually allergic to silicon based lubricants, as well as condoms, and toys and all that. If you've had a silicone based dildo that you've had in your ass before without issue then that would cross out that problem as being likely.

More info for better advice please.

12/04/01(Sun)00:18 No. 93506

Cheers nice to find someone helpful :)
Basically I had a buttplug like a year ago, it took about 3 days but eventually I could get it all in (only medium sized). Used it for a couple of weeks before I moved and lost it in transit (lol if anyone ever found it cos fuck knows where it went seriously).

Then recently I decided to start playing again so I bought a cucumber today to try, figured cos I don't need to worry about the condom splitting and the cucumber giving me an STD I'm just using baby oil as lube. Is that the issue? Baby oil? I'm confident enough that I can take a normal sized dick pretty much with ease but its when it thrusts in and out I'm scared of friction burn.

Also, apparently there's a variety of different ways I'm supposed to 'relax' when getting fucked. When playing, I don't know how to explain it but I just sort of relax my ass. Am I supposed to be clenching and pushing and stuff or can I just leave it and it'll look after itself?

12/04/01(Sun)14:21 No. 93530


Could be the baby oil is only for external use which would make that the possible problem.

Getting some normal sexual lubricant would probably solve your problem. Personally I just use some dab of crisco for the odd time I feel like doing something down there, not for sex since it would damage a condom which acts as a barrier for STDs, but for when I'm just playing with a toy or something.

12/04/04(Wed)04:36 No. 93671

I was most likely the guy advocating "clenching and pushing and stuff", and if it works for you go with it. For most normal sized insertions the anus is pretty much good to go without any conscious thought; or it should be.

The whole 'too much friction' thing is weird. Maybe you're underestimating the amount of lube required? As the cliche goes, for anal sex too much lube is almost enough. Maybe the cucumber surface was rough. Maybe the condoms had spermicide on them which was irritating your rectum. Maybe you have some sort of injury that you're not aware of like an anal fissure (that would most definitely feel like a burning pain when you disturb it).

It's difficult to diagnose, and from your previous post you were due to have sex by now, how was that?

One thing is for certain though, baby oil is death to condoms. One minute after being exposed to baby oil, a condom only has 10% of it's original elastic strength [http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2535978]
Silicone lube for the win.
Apart from with silicone toys...

12/04/05(Thu)09:57 No. 93755

File 133361263983.jpg - (56.35KB , 408x559 , junction.jpg )

I've mentioned this once here before. RECTOSIGMOID JUNCTION.
No matter how much relaxing you do physically or mentally, or how much lube you use, If you don't work on repositioning the point where your rectum and large intestine meet, anal will be worse than terrible.
People who say they just picked up bottoming in one day weren't going any deeper than 5 inches, no matter the size of the object.
Now supposedly you were using a butt plug for a while... 3 years ago.

3 years is plenty of time for the muscles and tissue that shape the intestine to go back to it's original position, or something reminiscent of what it's supposed to be. Luckily, a week or two of gentle, easy going insertions with lots of lube and plenty of time will fix this.

That burning you seem to be talking about is the penis pushing on the angle of the intestine. I've felt it before due to improper preparation, and it burned. But i did anal just today and i was using a dildo to reshape the junction a few weeks ago. And everything turned out fine. (aside from spontaneous sex side-effects, if you know what I mean*)
*always douche if there is the slightest chance of anal in the near future.

I assume bottoms aren't much help with the issue of intestine shapes because they attribute the pain to the "practice" of bottoming. As in, when they start their anal stretching they don't realize that the other awkward pain is the straightening out of the bottom of the intestine.

But if that isn't your problem, then sure, the baby oil makes sense.

Best of luck!

12/04/05(Thu)10:10 No. 93756

Oh, and I forgot to mention this. I saw a few earlier posts about bottom's "cleanliness". This too, has been mentioned a lot on this board, but I feel it needs to be said again. Let me remind you, you're putting your dick in an asshole. Like the kind of asshole that shit comes out of.

Now if you want a clean asshole, that's perfectly fine. If you tell a bottom you're thinking sex soon, wonderful. A bottom can plan his meals right, clean himself and get prepared with enough forewarning. Sex will be clean.

But if you spring it up or don't give the bottom enough time, not only are they dirty, but they're stressing out the whole time.

And I get it. I love the idea of spontaneous sex, absolutely turns me on. But if a top gets a sudden desire and then gets disgusted at the aftermath, I have a problem with that.
Be less of a douche and let your bottom know if he should plan on douching later.

Problem solved.

12/04/06(Fri)08:04 No. 93793

I can make myself loose easily. I don't practice with a big dildo or anything,I just use my fingers. I don't know if that means i'm good at this or I'm not tight enough.

CandleJack 12/04/07(Sat)02:08 No. 93815


In the operating room, an adult put under general anaesthesia can be easily fisted by the doctor. Everyone's asshole can stretch open to three inches wide if relaxed due to total unconsciousness, whether he's a virgin or been fucked by horses.

This misconception arises because the human vagina is not a sphincter, and thus does NOT retain its ability to stay tight into middle-age, after having lots of sex and possible giving birth. Like I hope most people realize, however, an anus is not a vagina. It doesn't act like one, and you shouldn't treat it like one. Unless you're constantly leaking shit into your pants, you're "tight" enough to be essentially water-tight.

So there isn't any difference besides that you're in better control of your body. If you're worried about not feeling tight enough, just squeeze more while you're getting fucked. Your top will appreciate it.

12/04/08(Sun)01:29 No. 93843

Getting fucked while on your front with your legs together gives a tighter sensation. In fact tops cum a lot quicker in this position.

12/04/18(Wed)19:21 No. 94501

opinion on poppers/chem?

first i was strictly against it but my top urged me to try. i was horny and while i was blowing him, he let me try it. i had to push my finger against one nostril, so that it´s closed, and inhale deeply. i think i did not do it right, cause it did nothing for me. when sucking cock i like to be the submissive slut, so i am already horny. he took 5-6 breaths of poppers while i blew him.
later he told me to lay on my tummy and he kind of violently pushed the tip of his cock in. he had promised me to just "try" it. the pain...we know it all...asshole move by him...he said that i had to "want it". he gave me a moment...let me breathe poppers again..i got horny and pushe my ass back ... and it worked better. i can not even say if it was placebo? i was very relaxed...however after couple of inches there was a pain....how ever the feeling of his cock in me was also a very nice feeling. couple of times poppers and i loosened up entirely. Is this bad? Was this stupid of me?

BN1!Rr3sC4nvZI 12/04/18(Wed)23:32 No. 94513

>opinion on poppers/chem?

Poppers aren't in the same league as 'chems' (Crystal Meth/GHB). Poppers are fairly safe so long as you don't drink them, use them while on viagra, or have a heart defect. Meth, on the other hand, is almost guaranteed to ruin your life. If you're worried because you're anti-drugs, poppers are most certainly on the very bottom of the scale of harm. They're not illegal to use in most countries; semi-illegal to sell, but rarely prosecuted over. Socially, only the more conservative people would consider them a true 'illicit' drug. Some gay people think they ruin sex by creating disconnection, disrupting the act, or encouraging dependance. In my experience most don't mind, or like them in moderation.

As far as your experience of them goes, it's difficult to say. What you describe could be a result of the poppers, your arousal, your body, or a combination thereof. Poppers will certainly make you more aroused and your butt less tense; but you'd generally also feel: hot, flushed, spaced out, dizzy, have a headache etc. To get more effect from them, you need to sniff the vapour more deeply and bring the bottle closer to your nose. Be careful of the rim of the bottle, as residue from the poppers will cause a rash on your nose.

Personally I LOVE poppers. I've been using them almost daily for the past 4 years. This sort of use is excessive and toxic (I know for certain it messes with the immune system) so I'm not suggesting it. As an ocassional sex-aid I think they're under-rated though. In the sort of scenario you mentioned (where the top 'feeds' the bottom with them), they're very welcome.

>he kind of violently pushed the tip of his cock in.

That's kinda horrible. A good top can be dominant/rough without being physically abusive.

12/04/19(Thu)07:48 No. 94529

You guys have the sleaziest sex lives.

Poppers, every other day, for four years? Holy shit man, sign up for life insurance STAT. No joke.

12/04/19(Thu)14:36 No. 94539


yeah. maybe a thread for stories of sexual encounters?

I had an accident yesterday. I have a large buttplug (about 6 cm diameter), that i was riding with lots of lube while watching porn. Now I remembered from the blog >>88704 that a way for stimulation is turning the dildo/plug/fingers/cucumber... when further penetration is not possible yet. I did that and getting hornier with the porn I kind of wiggled on it. After I shot my load I had to fart *ugh* and it sounded like liquid. First I assumed it was the lube. Yeah, it was blood. I did not feel any pain and today everything is fine but it scared me. Something must have been damaged, right? Like I said, no pain. If it wasnt for the short bleeding, I wouldn´t have noticed. Any similar experiences, any clues?

captcha: Flucker, ponsHu

12/04/19(Thu)16:39 No. 94540


Having not shoved a buttplug the size of a doorknob up my arse, no, I can't say I have had similar experiences. 6cm diameter, that's pretty massive. You've probably just over-stretched your arse. Maybe lay off the X-large buttplugs...

Regarding poppers, I have only tried them once before - was with an older guy who had some, and I must confess I thought I would give them a go to try and relax a bit, because he was a bit older than what he had led me to believe, but I didn't want to walk out the door...yeah, that old chestnut.

Anyways, similar experience to what others have said, a rush, lasts for a few minutes, but during that time you are just really relaxed, buzzy, and in my experience, crazy for dick and sex. He had a pretty decent sized dick which I took without any problems, I thought it would hurt more. So the muscle relaxant part is certainly true, in my very limited experience anyway...

12/04/19(Thu)23:47 No. 94548


if everything's fine today then nothing to worry about, just don't force it so hard next time. I bleed pretty easily and like sex rough so I've had similar experiences. unless the bleeding is excessive or lasts longer than a day or two don't worry too much about it

12/04/20(Fri)11:02 No. 94567

rectal bleeding guy from >>94539 here:

just took my first dump since and first it was ok, then blood came out at the end. is this allah´s way of killing me for exploring my gay side?

jokes aside, i hope it heals...if i don´t write on monday, god killed a fag for his sins.

12/04/23(Mon)10:57 No. 94688

Just wanted to let you know that everything is fine, no problems, no more blood.

12/04/25(Wed)06:46 No. 94755

So If I do scratch my inner asshole, wat do? Just wait for it to heal? Finger myself with neosporin? It kinda hurts..

12/04/30(Mon)09:27 No. 94911

That's really it. If you go to a doctor, they'll pretty much advise the same thing. It'll be a few days. Though it you have any sharp, intense pain, go to a hospital immediately, as that's a sign of a life-threatening condition and needs to be treated as soon as you can.

12/05/12(Sat)04:14 No. 95152

After you clean out, it all depends on whether you really are a bottom or not. If you're mainly a top and trying this out after a LONG time , then make sure to take your time, have plenty of lube , and if fingers don't do it for you then take the cock's head slowly. If you think backing out will make it feel better then think again. Just have it keep sliding in you till it's in all the way. (assuming you're taking an average sized dick) You'll begin to get used to it, if you relax then it's a better feeling somewhat.

12/05/18(Fri)12:11 No. 95307

400th Reply

I am a top who occasionally dies to get my ass pounded hard, but I can't just let anyone fuck me (but I can fuck anyone). I feel bottoming has to be intimate- you are letting someone in to you etc etc. I know this sounds unreasonable, but anyone else feel the same?

12/05/20(Sun)02:26 No. 95327


Not really, I'm kinda the same way. You have to trust whoever's topping you, cause you don't really have a ton of control and you can get hurt if something goes wrong.

12/05/20(Sun)08:44 No. 95333

im a top, ive always wanted to bottom but have been scared to, this thread did nothing to quash these fears, rather it has reinforced my worries about bottoming.

thanks,ill forever be a top.

12/05/23(Wed)18:38 No. 95394


I sorta feel you. I've been wanting to expand past giving blowjobs but all this talk of injuries scares me.

I was sorta thinking of a compromise, oiling my butt cheeks and letting my partner grind between them. Has anyone ever tried this? I'm guessing it's not as pleasurable as anal. Would he derive pleasure from it at all?

12/05/26(Sat)19:46 No. 95432

Using just the buttcheeks is hard unless you've got quite a booty.

It's much easier to lube up the thighs and fuck those. It feels great and you can really pound away without hurting him. I've also heard of guys using armpits too.

12/05/29(Tue)06:31 No. 95471

So I've been practicing with a dildo. Penetration isn't a big deal, but I still feel awkward handling it and I just usually leace it in there - which doesn't really do anything for my prostate.

is there a recommended position, or what?

12/06/01(Fri)09:30 No. 95519

Hey, no problem with normal sized dicks of around 6 inches, but anything bigger hits a sort of wall and becomes really painful. Any way around this?

12/06/01(Fri)19:31 No. 95522

Best thing to do is have him lay on his back and do a fireman on his pole. Sit over his erection and drop yourself slowly down with lots of lube. Don't clench. Wiggle your hips up and down and side to side a little bit once he's all inside you. You may also need to use your hand to get the base of the dick in there. Once all of that is done let him push it in and out for a little bit. After all that your asshole will be thoroughly opened up and you can change positions.

12/06/08(Fri)10:07 No. 95624

Hey /men/.

I have had a few lovers now, and all of them have complained that I am too loose whenever I bottom.

I am not sure why this is the case as I am not into any habits that might stretch or otherwise loosen my rectum.

I don't suppose that there is anything that I ought to do to remedy the situation, is there?

CandleJack 12/06/08(Fri)20:15 No. 95630


Squeeze during sex? That's what I do.

12/06/20(Wed)14:02 No. 95837

Your ass may be wide because you have regularly had 'large' bowel movements. Try to cut down on food.

12/06/28(Thu)09:53 No. 95911

Relax on the way in, tense on the way out :)
I eat little on the day, make sure to be clean.

Fast is good! Like it's been said many times in this thread, for a lot of bottoms the pain can be treated by a harder fucking :p convenient right?

Obvious stuff like Lube, Toys and Practise. And of course, be in the mood for it! If you're just in it because you wanna please your man or just to tick it off the bucket list then it's not going to be very good... if you're getting fucked in the ass because you love the submissive role and enjoy the fact that you have a dick pounding you in the ass then yes it's really good!

12/06/29(Fri)09:43 No. 95924

So we have a large thread how to better our bottom skills...
But can I have some advice on how to be a good top?

I have little experience in both toping and bottom, while I prefer bottom.
I enjoy both and need tips how to be better.

Oh and I have a smaller sized dick... Haha I know... But for realz
So tips on topping with a small tool too please.

12/06/30(Sat)23:53 No. 95940

Well I turned into a Top because of some pretty terrible tops. I don't seem to get any pleasure from bottoming at all.
Being a top depends on the bottom. Some bottoms just love getting fucked hard and switching in multiple positions. If you're gonna fuck someone who's a top then that's harder. You gotta have a top mindset otherwise you'll get a weird vibe. Whenever I fuck someone who's a top I rim them and take my time lossening them up. Then I have them on their back and make out with them passionately while fucking them. I try to distract them as much as possible from the pain since tops are tops for a reason.

12/07/02(Mon)21:00 No. 95969

What you are describing has been my main problem with bottoming, ever since I started having relationships.

I find that if I top first and finish, then bottom, the sex can be quite good for both of us. However, if I bottom first and then try to top, I am distracted by the butthurt and can't keep a rod.

12/07/19(Thu)07:14 No. 96149

Whew! Took me a few days but I finally read through this whole thread. 21 year old virgin here, I honestly can't say how much this will help me but when the day comes (hopefully soon) I'll let ya know ;)

12/07/24(Tue)09:45 No. 96203

Hey so I'm back and no longer a virgin. Pretty quick, right? Anyway, I topped and bottomed, but it was pretty unsatisfying both ways. When I bottomed it hurt a lot most of the time. I think his dick was stuck at my second sphincter and it just couldn't go any further regardless of how much lube we used. He even fingered me for a while, which also hurt a little sometimes. Do I just need more practice before it feels good? Do I need to stretch my ass more?

When I topped I could barely feel any kind of sensation. The condom really took the fun out of it for me and I ended up having him jerk me off, then jerking myself off because he couldn't quite get it right. Then he jerked off on me. We also did a lot of making out and gave each other head before fucking.

12/07/25(Wed)04:18 No. 96213

Well if you've never had anything in that ass before then I'm not surprised your first time bottoming wasn't very fun. My first time bottoming I had taken a huge dildo up the ass a few weeks before a couple of times (before I tossed out the giant thing, way too big). I'd also fingered myself and used a few smaller toys a few times before that.

Even with that I still found that my first bottom left me extremely sore and I actually bled a bit after (though not a lot) probably because I wasn't really familiar with what it feels like when there is enough lube versus not enough and the guy was a bit rough.

I certainly wouldn't give up after a single bad experience that left you feeling not so great. The second time with the same guy a few days later was a lot better for me and a month or so later when I met my now current boyfriend and first bottomed for him it was amazing. I think it helped that (1) this first guy had been topping for a while, and (2) I had used a few toys on my ass in the past.

As for your first time topping not being that great, it can be a bit hard to figure out where the hole is exactly (it still is in some positions after nearly 10 months with my boyfriend alternating top and bottom). Also some guys don't really do well with certain types of condoms. I would try a different type (latex or non-latex) or different brand and see how it changes for you. My boyfriend's dick didn't really like condoms very much while topping so it was much better for him once we started going bareback.

12/07/25(Wed)06:23 No. 96218

Yeah I figured the problem was I hadn't stretched my ass enough beforehand. I need to find a dildo or dildo-like tool I guess. He told me I was surprisingly good at giving head for my first time though, so that's good to know. Also we made out a lot but it just felt kinda gross and weird to me (I don't have a lot of makeout experience). I guess it would be hotter if I was more attracted to him or something.

12/08/02(Thu)05:29 No. 96319

may I ask how you guys uh.. diet? so you dont tear things down there but also dont get it all messy.. know what I mean?

12/08/02(Thu)05:33 No. 96320

I mean like, when you poop. :/

CandleJack 12/08/02(Thu)08:37 No. 96323


I'm a pretty special case. I've been chronically constipated my entire life (I have an extra loop of large intestine — it really exists, look it up) so I've never had a problem with messes as it's always very solid unless I'm sick.

In any case, a specific diet probably won't do anything for you. Just eat healthy and you should be fine.

12/08/15(Wed)10:26 No. 96395

I squat over the toilet when I poop. Honestly it's much easier to go, and a lot faster. I used to have problems with getting constipated and tearing down there, but I started to drink A LOT more water along with a better balanced diet.

12/08/22(Wed)16:01 No. 96453

wow,John Baby!

12/09/03(Mon)00:36 No. 96555

I have a question on the unpleasant topic of hemorrhoids I'm hoping someone can shed some light on.

Sometimes, when I go out drinking/clubbing I'll randomly break out with a bunch of them seemingly spontaneously. I mean, I actually notice pain/discomfort on the night.

I'm fairly sure its not alcohol itself causing it, because when I drink at home or even in the pub it never happens, so the club seems to be the lowest common denominator here .

And no, I'm not getting up to anything like -that- in the club, just drinking/dancing/etc. <_<

Any idea at all what could be causing this? Would be nice to able to get around it, they tend to stick around for quite some time too.

12/09/03(Mon)07:36 No. 96558


dont drink at the club

then if that doesn't work dont dance

see what is causing it, maybe its the stuff on the chair, i dunno

>tdyych cock),

CandleJack 12/09/03(Mon)09:55 No. 96561


Alcohol causes blood vessels to dilate, which is what makes your skin feel warm and makes people's faces flush.

I've noticed that drinking alcohol in any moderate amount makes my asshole burn slightly. I don't have hemorrhoids, but there's still a noticeable feeling of the blood vessels dilating.

With you, it might be partially that and maybe partially something to do with the dancing (movement friction), or maybe you drink more; but I bet it wouldn't happen if you didn't drink any alcohol while you were there.

12/09/03(Mon)23:59 No. 96564


I generally don't drink at the club itself, by that point I'm normally drunk enough to not need too, and I've gotten into many states far worse than I have there and not had the issue.

Don't suspect its dancing either, last time I went I barely did anything due to a poor selection of music being played and still broke out in them.

As for the chairs? I never sit down while there due the fact their chairs are pretty grimy.

Though now that I mention it that could be issue, standing up normally doesn't seem to cause any issues though... Maybe just some mix of everything causing it?

Really struggling to find a pattern here.

CandleJack 12/09/05(Wed)08:57 No. 96574


Perhaps it's stress? Are you prone to anxiety or tend to get uncomfortable in crowds in a way that might cause psychosomatic digestive symptoms? (I highly doubt it because you go clubs in the first place... but I thought I'd ask.)

12/09/05(Wed)21:17 No. 96577

File 134687263216.jpg - (68.84KB , 640x425 , tumblr_m9n2dvd17h1rrsl5ho1_1280.jpg )

Okay I read all this thread and I have some questions pertaining to cleanliness.

Water or something else for "douching"?
Douching is just pouring it into your open asshole and then shitting it out like 30 seconds later right?
If I should be using an enema, which one and where do you get these? (first ive heard of them...)
Best way to shave that area / remove hair?

And then diet:
How long do I have to be eating veggies and fruit often, with high fiber and lots of water intake, to see a result? (I had an all fruit breakfast my first day of classes and vomited for the first time in years, whoops)
What kind of veggies/fruit specifically, or does it not matter? Just darker green stuff right?
Lastly, (for now), would eating other less fibery / healthy foods have a reversing impact on the diet and cleanliness? Like healthy breakfast lunch, oops pizza and dessert later.

Thanks ya'll this thread has helped me out!

12/09/06(Thu)17:49 No. 96580


Nah not that either, completey fine with crowds, went to a music festival last year and was completely fine, pretty much the same atmos as the club I regular but more so and not an issue.

Plus, if it was stress, with the job I have I'd have them 24/7. >.<

There has to be some some science behind this, right?

12/09/06(Thu)17:54 No. 96581


Addemdum: Actually, that being said, the festival was outside whereas the club is inside for the most part, and it does get very stuffy/humid, but that cant be it, can it?

Also, what is a good treatment for them? I still have them slightly since my last visit. D:

CandleJack 12/09/07(Fri)07:43 No. 96584


Completely ignoring whatever triggers them in this case, they're generally caused by constipation-induced straining when trying to go, which is severely exasperated by using a sitting-style toilet. In countries which do not have ready access to toilets, and those like Eastern areas that have squatting-style toilets predominantly, hemorrhoids basically do not EXIST.

Considering it's probably impractical to ask you to install a squat toilet in your own house (assuming you could find one and it wouldn't totally freak out guests), the best option would be to buy or build a frame to put around the toilet to put your feet on, and squat over the bowl whenever you go. I can virtually guarantee that the hemorrhoids will go away in a week or so, and never return as long as you keep doing that. In the meantime, they have medication like Preparation H to soothe the area.

(Just had a thought. How long are you spending in these clubs? Perhaps it interrupts your normal bowel-movement cycle [and there's the dehydration that happens with lots of dancing] which causes constipation?)

12/09/07(Fri)21:27 No. 96587


Depends, last time we hardly spent any time there, maybe 1-2 hours, bur I've been there 5 or so hours in the past too. Doubt it's effecting my cycle though, I've gotten myself into the habit of shitting during the day when I'm at work, that way I get paid for it. (On a side note, I'm not the only one do do this, right?).

I could try the sqwatting thing though, see how I get on, assuming I can keep my balance...

12/09/16(Sun)17:21 No. 96639

An easier thing to do might be to get a box about 20-30cm high and put it directly in front of the toilet and put your feet on it (so you're basically in a squatting position).

I've heard that that helps, and it seems way easier than building some kind of frame or w/e...

topherrr 12/10/29(Mon)05:00 No. 96969

When im with my boyfriend and i completely "open up" I like to tense anus while he thrusts inside me and then loosen it a little when he goes out, that way it stay pretty tight for him, he says he loves it!

12/11/13(Tue)02:35 No. 97042


Me again, never really did get round to the swatting thing. Just more of an, update, I guess. Went out drinking again and it happened again and I'm crippled with the fuckers again, but this time was just bars, not clubs so I'm not sure what it could be causing it. I did have to take a shit midway through the evening though so not sure if thats related at all over the booze or whatever, the toilet was a might grimey...

Got some cream for it this time, though, how long should it take before I'm free if em, seems to be helping a little but...

Anyway, I've rambled enough, if anyone can shead any form of enlightenment on this, at all, I'd be grateful.

a lot underdog 12/12/23(Sun)05:32 No. 97253

Hi there, sorry the bad english...
I was after a guy for 6 months (its lIke OMG i fucking like him)... we did sex 4 for times and he likes Frot, we did and i liked it... But he likes too masturbate me, but when he masturbame me i never cum (but if i masturbate myself i cum) any help ?

Another thing is at the moment in my life i only did 3 penetrations, and everytime the frenulum hurts a bit (no blood), and sometimes when someone masturbate me too... is this reason for surgery?

Thx boys

12/12/27(Thu)03:05 No. 97276

What's your native language?

If it reall hurts a lot, then it sounds like you might have Frenulum breve, or Phimosis. You should see a doctor. You might need medicine or a surgery to fix it.

Foundling 13/01/02(Wed)14:50 No. 97310

I've been out to myself for almost two years.

I think at this point I don't know anything about being gay at all.

I'm asked to speak for the community, I counsel young people and it feels like morning, noon and night I'm explaining that King Harod was the bad guy in the Bible to fundamentalists.

I've been sexually involved with three men, most of which has been oral and masturbation.

The first man said he was in my ass once, but I felt nothing at all.

Other than that regrettable night, I haven't fucked or been fucked.

From that aspect, I feel like the risks, losses and victories of the past two years have been for nothing.

Gay porn and a lot of the discussions here give me the impression that gays get laid every night; that isn't realistic, but that's the image.

Part of my insecurity comes from the fact that when I get undressed with a man, I never have an erection. It comes with time and cuddling, and it's there in the morning (with flags and trumpets!), but the other guy is hard before we get to the bedroom. I was married to a woman for ten years and never had a problem.

The other thing might be personalities of who I end up with; maybe all three plus myself are bottoms by nature. I figure "versatile" is the best way to go through life, but that's a decision; nature might've made us all bottoms and wishing otherwise might not be a choice.

I probably come across as a "Top" because I played the straight game for thirty-plus years; no lisp or swoosh here!

I don't know what I'm asking; just venting. If I did the Craigslist/A4A/Grindr scene I'd have been with dozens of guys by now and my first times fucking/getting fucked would be distant memories, but I'm an LTR guy, so the learning curve is slower.

Hugs, guys!

CandleJack 13/01/02(Wed)20:53 No. 97316

>... gays get laid every night; that isn't realistic, but that's the image.

Anal sex takes preparation. At least a few times, my boyfriend caught me by surprise wanting to fuck without waiting, and we did it right away. Luckily, I have a ridiculously clean ass by default, and have ample experience putting things in there. So I am capable of having sex at the drop of a hat (well, drop of a pair of pants) without cleaning, without lube, and without stretching. However, I don't LIKE doing it that way; and I certainly wouldn't recommend it. Nowadays, I always make sure I wash myself out, first, because I don't want there to be shit on his dick someday. Doing it that way means that sex loses a portion of its spontaneity — I need to make him sit on the bed and wait five minutes while I go to the bathroom. That's part of the reason why I love frotting and oral so much. One doesn't need any preparation for that!

So, for most gay guys, sex isn't a quick and daily matter.

>when I get undressed with a man, I never have an erection. It comes with time and cuddling

That's the same for me, too. Mostly, I'm not aroused by men (only boys, natch) in the first place; but sex isn't very visual for me. It's all about the touch and sounds and smells and tastes — mostly touch, really. Every square inch of my skin is a erogenous zone. But I don't get hard to start with, because the visual is not very arousing. It's exciting, and it makes my brain very happy, but my penis knows nothing's happening yet and can't spare the effort of getting stiff. Cuddle me, however, and I'll stay hard for hours (or until I fall asleep).

I've read a theory about alpha and beta personalities in men. It states that betas get hard quick and ejaculate quick because they know that they don't have very many chances to reproduce (and have to get done before the alpha shows up the kick his ass). So, they subconsciously give their all every time during sex. Alphas are the opposite. Considering it takes me literally over an hour to have an orgasm in most cases, I must be extremely alpha by nature. I also don't like quick flings. My idea of a relationship is "years and years".

In either case, I've known other men who are the same way. Not everyone is the fuck-it-and-leave-it sort.

Also, the past is unimportant. I've had many MANY chances to have sex with all sorts of boys and men since I was 8 years old, about; and most of the time I passed it up because I was afraid for some reason. Some mornings, I have a dream about one of them, and I wake up in tears and full of anger and deep regret at the chances I missed. I can get through it by knowing that it doesn't matter at all what I DID or DID NOT do. Memory is a curious, unreliable, and malleable thing. If I try hard enough, I can fabricate memories from nowhere. So, having a memory of an awesome sexual encounter from when I was ten years old, whether it happened or not, makes no difference at all. If I take a minute and reason with myself, I realize that there is no logic behind regret. The past cannot be changed, and as long as there are no physical scars, it doesn't affect me. The only thing that matters is what I am going to DO, mostly what I choose to do in the next hour or so. Planning much further in advance than that is contradictory to human nature.

If a fag wants to get laid, it's a simple matter. Could happen by the end of the day. Real relationships, however, are hard to find. Not many men (gay or straight) are interested in much more than no-obligation fucking; and many gay men in particular think they're ENTITLED to it, because clearly only women care about cuddling or romance or actual legitimate dating. Personally, I've never looked actively, and I do not plan to if my current relationship doesn't pan out. I prefer to just be patient, and if a person comes to me then so be it. I'd LIKE a relationship, sure, but I don't NEED it. If I'm alone for the rest of my life as of tomorrow, I'll be okay. Contrariwise, if someone nice falls into my lap, I won't push him away.

Anyway, that was kinda sorta a response to questions you kinda sorta had. Hope it was of some help. Just keep going through life one day at a time, don't have regrets about the time that has passed, and keep your eyes open for a long-term mate. We do exist, just few and far between. Maybe you'll get lucky.

Foundling 13/01/04(Fri)02:12 No. 97324


Thanks, CandleJack; great reply.

13/01/08(Tue)01:01 No. 97361

This shit even exist? I always thought the majority of gays prefer to bottom.

13/02/03(Sun)01:38 No. 97488


Majority of gays prefer to bottom, but it's not overwhelming; about 60/40.

Versatility can be awfully helpful in a relationship.

13/03/02(Sat)11:33 No. 97661

So up until tonight I was a kissless virgin. My partner was a younger guy (22 to my 28) who was mostly a bottom in previous relationships. I'm not going to say that he was rough--because he wasn't--but we did end up moving much faster than I'd intended. Combined with the fact that he was bigger than the didlo that I've (only occasionally) been able to practice with, it meant that we had a couple of painful false starts before he finally got it inside me. Once I finally got relaxed it was mostly enjoyable, if over too quickly. After the fact I noticed a very small amount of bleeding (I honestly had much worse the first time with the dildo). Should I be concerned? Is there anything I should do differently when he comes over again tomorrow?

Also, when I tried to return the favor of topping him, I found that I couldn't maintain an erection. I'm not sure if it was the condom or what. Does that mean I'm just a bottom?

CandleJack 13/03/03(Sun)02:19 No. 97665


Next time use more lube, and go more slowly.

And you can't keep an erection because it's your first time with the guy so you're nervous. Also, you barely know him so there is no love or affection involved. Contrary to popular belief, most guys can't actually get hard at the drop of a hat to fuck anything that moves. Unless they're 14, which obviously doesn't apply to you.

13/03/03(Sun)04:09 No. 97667

Yeah, there was definitely some nervousness involved. First time meeting the guy (we met online because our small town isn't exactly a place where you can openly search for guys), plus my first time doing anything with anyone, plus the sudden pressure of "now it's my turn to do the fucking."

Didn't help that he found out on the way to my place that he'd have to pick up his little brother, changing plans from "we have all night to explore" to "we have about 2 hours."

mud+man 13/03/05(Tue)03:28 No. 97681

lucky bastard! I wanna meet one of those fabled black guys!

Breathe Anal Divine 13/03/09(Sat)03:12 No. 97705

Practice and rhythm and breathwork:

Honestly brothers either u enjoy getting fucked or u don't.

I was a gifted bottom from the get-go. I had the faeries and stars for guides. My first anal experience did not occur till I was 22. It was cosmological and sadly it evolved into a violent rape. NOT, I repeat, NOT of my choice.

Anal orgasms are easily attainable for me today, though I was anorgasmic and asexual for many years -- due to meds. I threw out the meds. Bingo, I'm multi-orgasmic as during my spring fruiting years. SSRI's were a disaster for my psychic and health stasis. Fortunately, I took a risk and tossed them --- much to several clinicians strong objections(Big Pharma - so sad). Tough bagels on them.

Some people, men and women, are gifted sexually and can climax without sexual stimulation, though foreplay is optional for me. It takes work and a significant degree of understanding to one's body stasis and energy levels. It is not common.

I practice various eastern and esoteric breath and energy practices to attain and maintain climatic bliss. It's generally Kundalini based, though for me, not exclusive to the root chakra.

To this day, when I'm fucked by a trusting and energetic man, the brother is near universally turned-on by my matching their rhythms and ecstatic state. It occasionally frightens some men for they think I've either 'gone animal or entered a different plane of consciousness'. This misunderstanding and reading of my physical and ecstatic state -- is probably what scared and triggered my rapist, decades ago, to attempt to kill me.

Praise Hosanna and our Faeries - I'm still breathing and in rapture. If one is either a gifted bottom or learning, loving bottom -- just breathe Let Go and see where your life journeys.

13/03/14(Thu)10:28 No. 97727


How did you get raped? Just curious as to how that actually happened.

13/05/19(Sun)05:35 No. 97966

File 136893450667.jpg - (87.79KB , 582x728 , anime-пидорасы-699511.jpg )

13/05/26(Sun)10:51 No. 98012

Hello, I've been reading this thread for a long time but I never took action. Well, I just lost my virginity to my bf 2 days ago. He lost his virginity too. It was the best feeling ever, no pain inflicted whatsoever and now I feel great.
What I need now, if you want to, are Tips on how can I make my bf feel the best man in the world, is there any tip that can I have to make him explode in extasy?


13/05/26(Sun)19:59 No. 98014


If you guys are going slower, more romantic fucking. Its easy to clench your anus muscles, as he is pulling out away from you. Then make sure to completely relax again when he goes to thrust in to you.

As the bottom it really takes your focus to do this even for a little bit, while enjoying it. AND it feels absolutly amazing for the tops cock.

13/06/22(Sat)09:15 No. 98099

Hi, I've a question: I've been having sex with my bf for a long time, but I can't find any way to make him cum by oral sex only. I know what he likes but it just don't happen, is there a way to improove that?

Ty :)

13/07/19(Fri)03:10 No. 98174

Oh lawd. 25 bi here, anal virgin (well there was that time when I was 12...) and anal masturbation just clicked for me. So damn amazing.

Used a 7 inch "realistic" dildo with a suction cup, silicone lube plus proper cleaning. Attached it to the shower wall and went hog wild. Goddamn. Feeling ready to come out bi and go on the prowl.

J 13/08/06(Tue)10:42 No. 98208

So I just took it in the butt after about 2 years and I was satisfied in that my ass was clean (never really bottom so I didnt clean out, took a nice shit a few hours before though) and it felt good. The guy was not huge not small, average prolly 6-7" but when he was fucking me (we did it missionary my legs were practically wrapped around his head) I felt a pain in my lower / mid abdomen, more of a discomfort really. No blood afterwards no poop, wasnt even rough fucking my ass feels fine now and my abdomen now just feels like someone tickled me a lot. Ideas? related experiences? havent visited 7chan in a long time so I dont really care for insults or trolls just curious.

13/08/09(Fri)19:28 No. 98225

First of all, congratulations.

Sounds like maybe he hit your rectosigmoid junction, basically where the rectum connects with the colon. Can be a bit painful or uncomfortable and might become irritated like for you. Same thing can occur for people who do urethral/prostate stuff.

Should pass on its own within maybe a week or two, doesn't sound worrying.

J 13/08/13(Tue)09:49 No. 98239


Yeah it went away like the next day or so. I was sore like hell for like 4 days though.

violt!FzAyW.Rdbg 13/08/29(Thu)06:54 No. 98295

Used to play with dildo here , and it felt amazing eventhough I'm not sure I'll be able to hit climax handsfree . It will feel uncomfortable only for a while but then its good to go , so I assume I'll be fine for the real thing .

BTW I heard trying to simulate stopping pee will tighten the anal ? I tried and it seems like it does tighten but I wonder if Top will enjoy out of this .

Doug 13/09/23(Mon)06:15 No. 98356

File 137990970257.jpg - (218.09KB , 800x500 , Madly.jpg )

Jay 13/10/05(Sat)02:08 No. 98369

As an almost exclusive bottom i have some good advice, although i'm sure alot of it has already been covered. (i read about half the thread, some things were talked about, others weren't) The biggest thing i can say is PRACTICE. If you can take a dildo at home you can take a dick. I have been anally pleasuring myself for more than 5 years, both solo and with partners. Start small, use something like a finger or the handle of a toothbrush (find one that vibrates for extra fun). After daily, or at least weekly practice you should get used to it enough to move up to larger objects. I should say however... Don't stretch yourself out too much, you don't want a gaping loose asshole, it reduces your pleasure. The goal is to be able to take something the size of a penis without pain, but still be tightly wrapped around it. I've been doing this so long i don't even worry about lube anymore, when i go without i get that little pain at first that makes me bite my lip and arch my back (been told many time how sexy it looks XD) but as i said, i'm not loosey goosey. After you get used to taking things by yourself you should try adding a partner. Start out as a pure bottom, meaning you don't want to be moving at all. Lay on your back and take it missionary first, use that time to figure out what your partner likes. Everyone is different, so you have to read each partner and adapt. A few tricks that EVERYONE loves are... 1) grab your partners ass and pull him into you. Use your nails a little, show him how good it feels but don't claw the fuck outta him. Giving the Top a little encouragement like that can really help to bring out the passion in him, and can get him alot more excited. 2) Take charge. After you know a little about your partner you can really give it to him good. One thing i have done that i absolutely loved (and so did my Top) was gave him some head, then a few minutes in i stood up, turned my back to him, and bent over and looked at him over my shoulder. It reads as both a challenge and an invitation, and is one of the (imo) sexiest and most tempting things you can do. However you give this challenge it always kicks up the heat. I have done it many different ways, but basically you just need to get him worked up, then when you feel like he just can't wait anymore you give it to him and he will really go beastmode. 3) have fun with it. If you are enjoying yourself you ALWAYS preform better. nothing will ruin sex like worrying or overthinking it. just be yourself and ddon't be afraid to just go with the flow. Trust me guys, any sex can be great sex if both people go into it in a good mood and let things happen as they will. Oh, and it never hurts to moan a little as your partner is getting close to climaxing. It gives encouragement and shows that you are enjoying yourself.

PB 13/11/14(Thu)21:42 No. 98491

File 13844617511.jpg - (68.65KB , 640x480 , Photo Sep 11, 12 46 55 AM.jpg )

22 yo seasoned power-bottom reporting in.

Something I would recommend very highly is getting to know the ins and outs of your own unique digestive system. Start keeping mental track of the frequency/quality of your bowel movements, and look for trends in how your diet affects this. Your body wants every shit you take to clear out all waste efficiently so make sure to eat adequate fiber and avoid foods that upset your stomach. Don't be afraid to take a second look at your stool either. This can sometimes help you identify which meal(s) you are looking at allowing you to get an idea of how long what you eat stays in your body. Eventually, you will be in full control of your digestive schedule and this makes sex much easier to prepare for. After doing this for 5 years, every shit I take I know exactly which meal is responsible for it.

I find that the prime-time to bottom is shortly after a grade A bowel movement. A quick rinse and finger check for stragglers in the shower and I'm ready to ride that dick for hours--clean as a whistle.

>pic is me bum in blue

Try This 14/03/28(Fri)14:25 No. 98770

Always best to use something that works and this does just that.


14/05/15(Thu)09:14 No. 98875

When I had sex with girls, if we were going for anal, I'd let them come down on it from above at first. This gives them total control by letting them work it in at their own pace & comfort level.

As I'm now happiest being a bottom, I appreciate when I'm afforded this courtesy.

Then, as a Top, once you're in and they're comfortable working it around, THEN you flip them over, whisper in their ear, bite their neck and ravage their ass like an evangelist pastor in a public restroom.

Ass Training 14/09/15(Mon)15:53 No. 99294

I was made to strengthen my ass muscles by practicing with a dildo inserted as deep as it goes.

Clench your ass for 30 seconds, relax for 5
Repeat 10 times

Clench and release 10 times as fast as you can

Pull the dildo out, shove it in deep, pull it out SLOWLY over the course of 30 seconds, while clenching as hard as you can.

I was told my as was to be quivering. This was intended as a workout, not as a pleasurable session (although it always was pleasurable).

14/12/17(Wed)19:50 No. 99451


re: the pounding away. For some reason if they pound and pound me I always end up shitting myself, needs to be some variety with me(?)

15/04/01(Wed)05:00 No. 99619

I found it best to start on my side. We kind of blend foreplay and penetration. He lubes up, I'd loosen up like I'm pushing out, and he'd bob the head of his penis at my anus, gently prodding. I'd let him know when he could go a little farther or when to pause. All the while he's biting my shoulders and being grabby and I love it. It's basically foreplay to get me relaxed and ready for penetration without using finger or whatnot to stretch me. We don't use condoms so his precum helps the tip stay lubed throughout the prodding.

15/06/27(Sat)15:47 No. 99705

What's with all the people who think it's okay to not THOROUGHLY clean beforehand? It's disgusting to even think about.

15/07/19(Sun)00:41 No. 99730


www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TiJSqNQrCI 15/08/24(Mon)19:50 No. 99778

Tell me OP: How strong are your leg muscles?
By the looks of it you don't often bottom or do so infrequently. Thus it is my recommendation that to start position yourself atop your partner facing or otherwise, squatting down on his phallus, working his pen0r forever inward, gently, pleasantly. This let's you control it (the cock) and generally wil make the ordeal that much less of a pain in the ass.
Remembering back to when you were a child at the fair, with mummy and pop-pop and your Jack-Russel terrier Ruffles (before getting one of your bullies locked up and finding that in retaliation they not only beat him nearly to death but also slit from the top of his chin down past his stomach a cut through which his innards would let out from just as soon as you happened upon his rope bound corpse, hanging from the swing-set in front of your house) and how you would beg them to give you just a couple of nickels so that you could ride the carousal.
Up and down and up and down and up and down pleasant and rhythmic easy to grasp and nothing to it except leg stamina. Good thighs will help with cock control too which is important I guess.
Now that your hesitant little rear is fully prepped and penetration can commence your legs are going to have to be FIT! and FIRM! so that your stamina doesn't exhaust before either: 1) a change of the position or 2) you've both came/only he cums/ only you cum (or neither get's off but you will have to so that he can go about his day). That last line, that's the line your going to want to avoid (for heaven's sake ejaculate) as best you can.
Having lived and loved as Britney would suggest one do in her song Up n' Down you've come to realize that this does get boring after a bit (a long while, I've done it for many hours in the past having my man actually slip into sleep before yet still I rode [being fully penetrated still by his hard cock I knew I could beat a raep case iffin that's wut it caem down too])
Soz TL;DR gotta have semi decent leg muscles for joy and stamina.

When you're flopped now on your back and he's thrusting, in and out in and out in and out, try to anchor your body down so that it doesn't give when his thrusts push you back. There, at the top of your bed frame, betwixt the wall and place where once there were pillows it stands! Sturdy and whole now for when to be it is you are the bot of sex: the headboard of helping. If you can catch his motion and you think you got the timing down you can also try to thrust away from him as he is thrusting away from you and thrust back into his thrusts that are going back into you. You must be careful with this move though because it makes it easier for him to fall out so I wouldn't do this unless you think you really got the timing down I guess.
Lube will help with not only that one part of the procedure but also all of it! Get something that you are not allergic to unless its something you are both (or the group or whatevs) agreed upon and interested in trying out. No need for spermicidal additives but the I don't care if you do or don't.
Shower beforehand and have your anus clean as far as you can remember. If you poo in lieu of doing the do make sure to wipe . Matter of fact poop before the pounding so that there is less a chance of poop dick (though hilarious it may be).

Yup so TL;DR BroTips:
Clear and wash yo stank ass b4
Werk dem legs so to better werk dat dyk
Have a headboard
Don't think about ruffles
Lube your tube ya boob!
Dont laugh if you poop his dick (though it tastes great too!)

www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TiJSqNQrCI 15/08/24(Mon)19:50 No. 99779

Tell me OP: How strong are your leg muscles?
By the looks of it you don't often bottom or do so infrequently. Thus it is my recommendation that to start position yourself atop your partner facing or otherwise, squatting down on his phallus, working his pen0r forever inward, gently, pleasantly. This let's you control it (the cock) and generally wil make the ordeal that much less of a pain in the ass.
Remembering back to when you were a child at the fair, with mummy and pop-pop and your Jack-Russel terrier Ruffles (before getting one of your bullies locked up and finding that in retaliation they not only beat him nearly to death but also slit from the top of his chin down past his stomach a cut through which his innards would let out from just as soon as you happened upon his rope bound corpse, hanging from the swing-set in front of your house) and how you would beg them to give you just a couple of nickels so that you could ride the carousal.
Up and down and up and down and up and down pleasant and rhythmic easy to grasp and nothing to it except leg stamina. Good thighs will help with cock control too which is important I guess.
Now that your hesitant little rear is fully prepped and penetration can commence your legs are going to have to be FIT! and FIRM! so that your stamina doesn't exhaust before either: 1) a change of the position or 2) you've both came/only he cums/ only you cum (or neither get's off but you will have to so that he can go about his day). That last line, that's the line your going to want to avoid (for heaven's sake ejaculate) as best you can.
Having lived and loved as Britney would suggest one do in her song Up n' Down you've come to realize that this does get boring after a bit (a long while, I've done it for many hours in the past having my man actually slip into sleep before yet still I rode [being fully penetrated still by his hard cock I knew I could beat a raep case iffin that's wut it caem down too])
Soz TL;DR gotta have semi decent leg muscles for joy and stamina.

When you're flopped now on your back and he's thrusting, in and out in and out in and out, try to anchor your body down so that it doesn't give when his thrusts push you back. There, at the top of your bed frame, betwixt the wall and place where once there were pillows it stands! Sturdy and whole now for when to be it is you are the bot of sex: the headboard of helping. If you can catch his motion and you think you got the timing down you can also try to thrust away from him as he is thrusting away from you and thrust back into his thrusts that are going back into you. You must be careful with this move though because it makes it easier for him to fall out so I wouldn't do this unless you think you really got the timing down I guess.
Lube will help with not only that one part of the procedure but also all of it! Get something that you are not allergic to unless its something you are both (or the group or whatevs) agreed upon and interested in trying out. No need for spermicidal additives but the I don't care if you do or don't.
Shower beforehand and have your anus clean as far as you can remember. If you poo in lieu of doing the do make sure to wipe . Matter of fact poop before the pounding so that there is less a chance of poop dick (though hilarious it may be).

Yup so TL;DR BroTips:
Clear and wash yo stank ass b4
Werk dem legs so to better werk dat dyk
Have a headboard
Don't think about ruffles
Lube your tube ya boob!
Dont laugh if you poop his dick (though it tastes great too!)

foodfetishist 15/10/29(Thu)16:10 No. 99898

I had this strange idea to fuck a frozen stick of butter.

naturallycurious 15/10/30(Fri)01:30 No. 99900

Psyllium husk powder... the orange flavored stuff. Costco sells a generic version. Learn to love it - it keeps you nice and clean.

I have a lot of experience with toys but I only recently(Monday!) popped my cherry on a real cock(6" or so, longer and thicker than me... TS escort. came hands free and then she finished inside me(condom of course)). I'll say that next time I'll definitely show up pre-lubed. She put some lube on the condom and pushed it in quick, which resulted in a pinch and a bit of pain for maybe 10 seconds(i have a few hemhorroids from endlessly toying my backdoor). After that it was heaven. Can't stop thinking about it now... probably going to go broke thanks to TS escorts :)

naturallycurious 15/10/30(Fri)02:06 No. 99901

Yeah, if I'm doing it right my dick is half hard at best. Besides, what I'm doing to my ass feels so much better than anything anyone could do to my dick.

16/08/27(Sat)09:22 No. 100346

Green text the night

17/09/22(Fri)01:28 No. 100521

File 15060365196.jpg - (71.08KB , 255x782 , mr long.jpg )

god tier lube Skunch 17/10/14(Sat)06:43 No. 100525

File 150795621195.jpg - (5.46KB , 300x300 , wpl.jpg )

I discovered this stuff within the last year, and it is fucking life changing. Find some pillow pack samples, or spend 20 bucks for something that will make you like anal even more.

17/11/02(Thu)04:49 No. 100533

Make sure you also buy the stain remover. Silicone lube stains are so hard to get out! I was into it before I switched to water-based astroglide. I'd rather use more and buy it more often than have those goddam impossible stains on my sheets

18/01/16(Tue)06:50 No. 100545


19/03/11(Mon)23:16 No. 100702

honestly the saline laxative is the most important part, it's isotonic (long story short osmotic gradients can fuck your intestines up and cause pain / cramps) so use that instead of plain old water, also heating the enema up gently so its close to body temp helps greatly.

19/06/21(Fri)04:32 No. 100731

File 156108436992.png - (1.20MB , 1187x887 , ez kreme.png )

Having confidence my ass wont lead me down brown town is my utmost concern. My ideal romance has lots of spontaneity and exploring, both of which are hindered by anxiety over staying clean. I finally found a sure method to remain clean for a half dozen hours or more.

First, I start with a three meal fast. At the third skipped meal, I enema. Without fasting or imodium, I normally would have difficulty clearing an enema which results in diarrhea within the hour. With fasting, I have not experienced this issue. It seems the excess water is easily absorbed by the body.

Drawback is the adrenaline surge experienced from not eating for 24 hours. I get jumpy and impatient without a few drinks. I might try a lighter meal right before enema time, but my experience with breaking fasts is the bm convoy starts right where it left.

I've also used loperamide to stop BMs and make enemas easier. The drug is really cheap and one 2mg pill constipates for hours. Read the contradictions, especially the part about increasing risk of colon infections. But realistically, the risk is identical to any other opiate.


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