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Intellectual Topic Big Brain Gettin&!F1k9qMPyPA 21/04/13(Tue)17:44 No. 15883

File 161832863829.gif - (752.50KB , 250x284 , image0000001.gif )

Long time *chan-man.
Anyone else notice that foreign chan boards are relatively inaccurate?
I feel comfort & solace in my self-awared conscience.
You see, it seems fairly apparent that the "Big Wigs" of the media circus 🎪
have taken it upon themselves to run an offensive, unwelcoming & inadequate army on the public image boards we are aware of.
I suspect that, aside from the public meetups on these web pages, there is also the use of my mother's fax machine accounts.
Now, for the uninformed, many of these so-called Website Browser Users are the owners of Telephones with cellular contracts. This says something!

>edit: No you may NOT sample this blog post for your Reddit account.

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