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mental illness and fitness therealULTRaNINJA 16/01/01(Fri)09:01 No. 18722

File 145163526189.jpg - (2.46KB , 100x100 , biscuit.jpg )

mental illness and fitness

• there is no such thing as mental illness
( it's a simple form of ground level witchcraft. no more than a parlour trick.)

if you've been diagnosed with mental health issues.

daily you will be visited by 'maintenance crews' which will enforce your mental illness symptoms.

these are dispellable by learning
witchcraft ( making scrolls in blood and learning a witchcraft language.) which has
the same effect as the witchcraft parlour trick that the mental health authorities use. conjouring demonic forces. but this time to fight for you as you're the one who conjured them. should be significantly more powerful than mental health authority witchcraft it is the cheapest trick there is, stays cheap because it is a business with no investment and all profit as it's business model.

• air quality

one of the cheapest tricks to demonstrate someone is mentally ill is by 'tampering' with their air quality. i.e rub a resin toxic gas attractant marker somewhere in their house, or around window ledges, forcing air that comes in to only be toxic air.

• Fire
fire set in large drums indoors can bring normal air instantly dismissing symptoms of mental health disorders.

• Water
repopulating the air moisture with natural mineral water instead of 'funny smelling putric mentally ill water'. using two dehumidifiers per room with turbo options. aswell as evian poured humidifiers.

• Its never too much effort.
learn that to enjoy life the way god intended. you 'have' to do what is necessary. there is no other option.

• never be acceptant of bullies
there is no such thing as mental health issues. it is a cheap parlour trick. never be understanding about having your god given liberty taken from you for the rest of your life. accept theres no such thing as mental illnesses. for the logical explanation that it's simply not possible. it's 'made up' as lurgies.

• Re-Itteration
learn the truth and tell it back to yourself. theres plenty of 'toxic chemicals' that can convince you using your body to abuse and extract money while doing so is a ligitimate profession. some drugs they can use to facilitate using you as a free money abuse cow can be very powerful.

• never forget the 'logical' truth. dont worry about people who want money for free. they're small people worthless. dont waste time trying to reason with an angry begger and it's pockets full of toxic waste.

• Carry on pursuing healthy and fitness. Unfortunately things will never be as easy as they ought to be. Particularly in environments, i.e outdoors, the wind could change on you anytime, one minute you're jogging, then you're rolling around in the gutter cant move your legs, all because your medical records say you're a nut case. It can be traumatic and merciless. But just consider it not powerful. But small minded and not worth your consideration. Carry on your objectives.

• Bullying for the sake of it. Will never end. Theres nothing that you can say to lessen your burden. You're marked as 'to be bullied willy nilly for the rest of your life'. Make your mind strong in ignoring 99% of people. They will bully you because they're not sure why. But they will carry on. Never question whats wrong with them. Learn to ignore them fully. Carry on your life instead of wasting it more than the damage already that will never leave.

• Don't get too depressed. If you wait for massive depression to leave you. Eventually it does. I know you can feel paralysed with despair for weeks. Just remember 'it goes away' if you wait long enough. Aswell as it seems cruel that some days 'the whole world' enjoys using you to abuse and bully just because your medical records say 'bullying this person is authorized bully them as much as possible." cant change stupid, stupid is stupid does, if you could reason with it, it wouldn't be stupid

Anonymous 16/01/16(Sat)04:59 No. 18747

ever since we added ten ten metre fire place to our gym

much healthier

fuck off ppl with learning...

Anonymous 16/04/21(Thu)09:52 No. 18998

File 146122517869.gif - (12.88KB , 150x129 , newbie.gif )


also more on language

Anonymous 16/04/24(Sun)17:25 No. 19005

there is no god.

Anonymous 17/02/11(Sat)08:56 No. 19443

I would also recommend house plants, and multi colored lighting. Also, get off the drugs.
Currently try walking outside and doing some push ups, squats and maybe pull ups/chin ups twice a day, working my way up to 5x a day. Helps a shit ton.
I also have a Himalayan salt lamp, crystals, stones, an essential oil vaporizer, and giant granite stone sitting in my room... I was desperate.
This all started by drug use, and accidentally "coming out" (not gay but accidentally implied it) while on MDMA to my druggie close friend, because I couldn't feel it/sense the implication and there was a cute sensual girl from earlier I, once again, accidentally mimicked somewhat. I didn't think I was doing anything, but he did, and I was on MDMA so I thought "Huh, maybe I did." Led to crazy shit despite later denying his come-ons, since the answer to that question is always, positively, negative, yet for some reason the question kept being asked. This led to "mental illness". Amazing how forcing a false identity can fuck you up.

Anyway I got a pink grow light for my house plants, a yellow/orangy pink salt lamp, a multi colored (right now green) essential oil vaporizer, and a red bulb in a lamp, with a normal bulb in my closet on.

Reading some occult stuff, beginning mathematics (of which I was very active in high school), beginning programming (always wanted to do this, along with the hardware side), politics (keeping track of this presidency, and international stuff, and have a book Tragedy & Hope about the background to the current power structures), and drinking plenty of tea and coffee. Also, I do not eat junk shit and take plenty of vitamins and minerals, and will make myself some food instead, because junk makes me feel like absolute shit just thinking about it.

Eating 3x a day and drinking water/tea/vitamin water throughout the day regulates whack cycles. Focusing your mind on other shit, including aesthetic things, especially the aesthetics of emotions and people (to improve your opinion and connection to humanity, and improve your relationship to the human that you are), as well as an intellectual pursuit, and an artistic pursuit (I need to get into piano), shall do wonders.

Habit is king. If you have a routine that squeezes out the shit, rather than one that lets you steep in it like shit tea, you will always bounce back and be awesome.
I got a 3 hr/cycle system, and I keep track of what I've done on my list and what I haven't. This is a daily, unchanging, immutable list and the most important shit is on the top of the list for my well being... the order only changes with a very good reason. Once I can do the 16 items on my list every 3 hours, ~5x a day, I will have mastered a valuable skill.

King of Habits List:
>>Drink Tea/Vitamin Water
>>Lite Exercise (3 different; 1 set ea.)
>>Stretch (muscles used +)
>>Occult Research/Reading List (I got eBooks)
>>Occult Practice
>>Math Practice/Improvement (not a student)
>>Read (Tragedy & Hope for instance)
>>Lite Combat Practice (1 form of kick, punch)
>>Tech/Programming Research/Reading
>>Tech/Programming Practice/Improvement
>>Piano Practice (scales to start out)
>>Politics/News Research (Trump, Podcasts, Foreign, Domestic)
>>Walk Dogs (1 each cycle, I got 2)

That's the whole list. Once I am able to meet the terms of the list, I'll deepen the practice, improve the quality. Once the quality and quantity are all lined up and awesome, I'll add to the list, probably writing or something. Maybe start a project, parallel the list.

Examining and overwriting shit habits is essential for physical, mental, emotional health and well-being. If it's unnecessarily negative or wasteful, I get rid of it. So should you. When the storm of chaos starts going, just stop interfacing with it, don't interact with it, go do something else and ignore it. Waste of time and energy.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous 21/01/22(Fri)21:45 No. 37295


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