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Anonymous 20/06/01(Mon)01:32 No. 35391

File 159096796821.png - (145.44KB , 743x743 , calculate-body-mass-index-bmi-calculator-ireland-e.png )

The only equipment I can use in the gym for cardio is bike and elliptical because everything else hurts my hip bursitis i developed 2 years ago.

I was put on medications for a mental illness and it made me "gain" 40 lbs altho at times I feel that it's not fat but water retention since the amount I can grab is the same as before. I'm just bloated and "bigger"?

Anyway, A year ago I managed to lose the weight in 1 month by working out for 4 hours every day and burning 2500 calories a day, but for whatever reason after my last "manic episode" I guess I was traumatized hard enough to affect the duration for which I can work out. This time it's only 30 minutes and by the end of it it feels like my chest is burning and imploding doing the asme intensity as before.

What changed? And furthermore, how can I get back into the groove of things so I can get back down to my ideal weight?

Anonymous 20/06/04(Thu)05:22 No. 35430

I have an answer, but wait back up. What are you asking? Why you're having a harder time working out after gaining forty pounds? Come on OP.

As for mania, and assuming your diminished work capacity is psychogenic, there's magnesium glycinate 200-400mg+ before bed or spaced throughout the day

Noopept before workouts.

Perhaps an antipsychotic like aripiprazole

This is assuming your diet is in order. Work at the top of the list and add the next thing as needed. Also, avoid THC. CBD might be used judiciously here.

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