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I think I am going blind, anons Anonymous 21/02/21(Sun)00:21 No. 37444

File 161386327589.png - (34.52KB , 930x800 , Screen-Shot-2019-01-30-at-12_51_50-PM-930x800.png )

Yep, even if I can type so perfectly like this, I feel like my vision is deteriorating, sneakily and slowly, but I can see it, literally.

I have nearsightedness (Or Myopia), which allows me to see up close but nothing at all at longer distances.

This has been part of my life since I was 10 or 11 years old.

Since then, my vision has been needing of higher powered glasses to combat my Myopia.

As of now, the power required for me to see is about 6.5 Diopters.

I am 28 years old. Literally a quarter of my life passed and haven't even lived the rest.

Some say your vision stops getting worse at early or late 20's but I don't know if that's true.

Anyways, I got myself COVID and overcame it, but then something is wrong.

My vision is not like before, not at all.

It makes it hard for me to read things, and it gets painful when looking at screens, not super painful, but annoying enough to make me stay away from my PC.

There's no blurry spots anywhere or black spots in my peripheral vision, everything looka fine, but still I feel something is off with my vision.

I feel like my focus on stuff is out of wack, and it sucks, because I can't play FPS anymore because the many things around confuse the hell out of me easily.

It is as if I have some sort of brain fog that makes my concentration in stuff very hard for me. It's very hard to explain, really.

I have tons of floaters as well, if I have to count them, maybe I have about 10 or even slightly more in my vision, just to be generous.

I wish I could be a different person, so I don't have to live like this.

I didn't choose this! It's not my fault I was born like this!

At least my little brother was born with perfect vision (Only me and my sister got it, but my sister got surgery so she is fine... So only me suffers from this) and I am hoping he enjoys his life to the fullest.

For me? I don't know... I could just go blind in a year or two... I feel like this is a punishment for something I did in a past life.

But I guess I have to start living with it... I may even have to retire from playing videogames ever again if it means keeping my vision as intact as possible.

But here comes the hard part: If someone can relate to what's happening to me, please tell me what did you do to recover that lost focus or clear this brain fog and reduce this eye strain I live day by day.

Thank you for reading.

Anonymous 21/03/09(Tue)00:20 No. 37535

What drugs are you regularly using?

Prescriptions, street, supplements?

List em

Anonymous 21/03/14(Sun)12:49 No. 37576

had something similar to these symptoms so i decided to take some extreme measures to fix my body

i took 200000iu of vitamin d3 a day for 60 days

i also started taking 10 grams of inositol powder a day for 60 days to fix my nervous system but you have to take it throughout the day not in doses more than 3 grams at a time otherwise you get diarrhea

i also did a water fast for 5 days and then ate nothing but meat for the next 30 days so basically a carnivore diet for 30 days

this is what it took to fix my bodys problems and it worked

i also take 3 Bilberry pills everyday for eye health

i would recommend reading this article https://ancestralsupplements.com/about-us.html i don't take those guys supplements but that article put me on the idea of water fasting and a carnivore diet to reset my body

good luck

Anonymous 21/04/21(Wed)20:56 No. 37748


Anonymous 21/07/12(Mon)18:58 No. 38192

File removed. - ( )

Not a doctor, STRONGLY STRONGLY URGE YOU TO GET OFF YOUR ASS, and call up a family doctor or ophthalmology specialist and speak to them. If you care about your health and wellbeing, do yourself the kindest favor you can do and get this sorted out.

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