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My aesthetic are fucked up? Beep 21/03/12(Fri)05:47 No. 37555

File 161552443197.jpg - (2.26MB , 2976x3968 , IMG_20210208_182638.jpg )

My aesthetic are fucked up i mean if im fucked to have a v taper
My statics:
6'3 (190cm)
136lbs (62kg)
High hips (pelvis) circumference :80-85cm
Lower hips circumference :83-86 cm
Waist:64-67 cm

Anonymous 21/03/12(Fri)06:18 No. 37556

v-taper=3 things

start doing rowing-type exercises to get your lats and upper core going, squats and crunches for mid core, leg lifts for lower core. deadlifts are good too.

also you're probably going to have to gain a bit more weight for taper supremacy

Anonymous 21/04/28(Wed)21:02 No. 37794

You need to run a novice linear progression as you are a weakling and your aesthetics will improve.


Anonymous 22/04/11(Mon)10:27 No. 39203

Nigga you are 6'3, you are not fucked

Anonymous 22/08/26(Fri)10:50 No. 39603

File 166150380694.gif - (73.32KB , 100x100 , 202208.gif )

Keep on moving

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