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Minus 8 thread! Anonymous 18/09/15(Sat)01:32 No. 21928 ID: 3d2527

File mwa.swf - (243.90KB )

It's not over yet

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Anonymous 19/11/16(Sat)21:06 No. 22184 ID: 94a201

It's just a poor edit. A nude version of the flash does exist. http://swfchan.com/36/178745/?~noko+nude.swf

Anonymous 19/11/17(Sun)20:40 No. 22186 ID: cea803

Will -8 ever return to the Parodius animation?

Anonymous 19/11/21(Thu)19:52 No. 22188 ID: ec9adb

i doubt it. whoever posted the video of the near complete animation ruined it for everyone.

Anonymous 19/11/23(Sat)14:53 No. 22189 ID: 94a201

Yeah I learned with that and Sakusakupanic that leaks tend to ruin everything.

Anonymous 19/11/30(Sat)11:53 No. 22190 ID: 94a201

Speaking of Sakusakupanic, is anyone here subscribed to her Patreon?

Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)21:04 No. 22191 ID: 78c6ff

why would -8 give somebody a video of the thing in the first place?
come on minus eight-kun, don't punish us all for the sin of one person

Anonymous 19/12/06(Fri)04:26 No. 22193 ID: 56b0b3

I think he played it on stream (the portion that he had finished) while editing and someone recorded that.

Anonymous 19/12/28(Sat)22:37 No. 22197 ID: 08b3d2

File -8_CotND_v2.swf - (1.96MB , -8 CotND v2.swf )

Weird question but is there a version of this with the normal dick and not the glass/see through one?

Anonymous 19/12/31(Tue)01:13 No. 22200 ID: 8835c7

It is in this thread. Just look through it.

Anonymous 20/01/01(Wed)20:29 No. 22201 ID: 1d9438

The rest are just Cadence solo, this one has her alongside her player 2 alt Choral.

Anonymous 20/01/02(Thu)10:46 No. 22202 ID: ec9adb

looks like a limitation of the thumbnail script.
doesn't show the right side of the screen (wide).

Anonymous 20/01/03(Fri)05:23 No. 22206 ID: ece2f1

Glad to see the player 2 alt get an edit over just Brown Note. Dunno on editing the dick to not be invisible though.

Anonymous 20/01/03(Fri)07:21 No. 22207 ID: ec9adb

File -8_ContND_v2[VisibleEdit].swf - (1.96MB )

don't know if it exists, but i modded it for all y'all.
exported the shapes from 9faac5b5e705069aabc2845b581915e6.swf then imported them into -8_CotND_v2.swf

i used JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler to do it.

let me know how it is.

Anonymous 20/01/06(Mon)07:36 No. 22209 ID: 436132

Nice, I like the side by side but I prefer the original tune. Any idea how to swap with the decompiler?

Anonymous 20/01/06(Mon)08:20 No. 22210 ID: ec9adb

sorry, no idea how to do that with these. most flashes i can export, and replace sound files. for some reason there is no option to 'replace' with -8 flashes. :(

Anonymous 20/01/12(Sun)14:29 No. 22212 ID: da89e8

Keep trying. I’m already seeing the potential.

Anonymous 20/01/12(Sun)17:44 No. 22213 ID: ec9adb

while i really appreciate your support, i don't know what else to try.
i'm not a coder. just a dumb perv that messes around with JPEXS.

perhaps someone smarter than me knows how minus handles sound?

Anonymous 20/01/26(Sun)17:57 No. 23002 ID: ae617d

I'm trying to do some PPPPU mods and i have the decompiler. Anybody can explain to me or atleast link me to some tutorial on how to modify them?
I want to make new animations for characters or add and remove them, and maybe even make my own girls.

Anonymous 20/02/04(Tue)08:32 No. 23698 ID: 096fa3

if y'all can remove the trap portions of tragonlady that would be great

Anonymous 20/02/09(Sun)07:01 No. 24314 ID: ec9adb

download JPEXS and get fiddlin.

Anonymous 20/02/12(Wed)06:30 No. 24570 ID: 1e75ea

File konata_mini_edit.swf - (3.04MB , konata_mini edit.swf )

I know this isn't Minus8 but is it possible for someone to get rid of the text?

Anonymous 20/02/15(Sat)19:50 No. 24885 ID: ec9adb

File Short_loop_shit.swf - (5.56MB )

believe this is a new one from our beloved -8

Anonymous 20/02/17(Mon)14:35 No. 25084 ID: ec9adb

sorry, correction file name should be 6o8rop.swf

Anonymous 20/02/27(Thu)17:21 No. 25087 ID: 04dcac

does any swf about trap/futa exist?

Anonymous 20/03/07(Sat)13:20 No. 25089 ID: 0bfd03

anyone has full version of this?

Anonymous 20/03/07(Sat)20:59 No. 25090 ID: ec9adb

not sure what formats it's available in, but...

Anonymous 20/03/24(Tue)18:50 No. 25095 ID: af4e0d

Hope we get something in honor of the new AC

Anonymous 20/04/01(Wed)02:55 No. 25098 ID: 51b417

anyone know how to get the cmc girls on ppppu?

Anonymous 20/04/18(Sat)02:24 No. 25099 ID: 3c1b2e

Does anyone have an archive link for minus8 works?

Anonymous 20/04/18(Sat)13:54 No. 25100 ID: 8b03aa

File clap.swf - (1.46MB )

Is this thread dead?

Shadow 20/04/26(Sun)05:30 No. 25106 ID: fd917f

Okay, I have an interesting one. Someone put together this HMV of Minus8 stuff: pornhub com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e6569e655abc

And I recognize most of it, a couple of them are recolors, but! There is a scene in there with a couple of girls in playboy bunny outfits. I can't tell if it's legit Minus8 or a good copycat, but either way, I've never seen it before. Would some kind anons help me in my search?

Anonymous 20/04/26(Sun)06:16 No. 25107 ID: 7b4b6e

It is minus8's stuff yeah. It's part of his Parodius parody that they've been working on. I believe he's taking a break from it at the current moment.

Anonymous 20/04/26(Sun)07:34 No. 25108 ID: 81e67d

Kinda. 7chan is a pretty dead site in general. Like 8kun right now with the exception of a few boards.

Anonymous 20/08/21(Fri)10:44 No. 25137 ID: 308855

Does anybody if -8 has been streaming?

Anonymous 20/08/21(Fri)10:44 No. 25138 ID: 308855

Does anybody if -8 has been streaming?

Anonymous 20/08/22(Sat)07:18 No. 25139 ID: 8a08a4

yes he has. just subscribe to him.

Anonymous 20/10/06(Tue)12:47 No. 25154 ID: 7c3558

He still works on it. Sparingly https://picarto.tv/chtkghk8

Anonymous 21/04/24(Sat)00:02 No. 25317 ID: 92646d

He finished it by the way

Anonymous 21/04/26(Mon)22:33 No. 25318 ID: ef23d0

so, no flash release?

Anonymous 21/05/05(Wed)08:19 No. 25319 ID: 5b2a42

no flash release sadly. very curious about the songs used too.

Anonymous 21/05/12(Wed)05:37 No. 25321 ID: c8fc98

Crap, I missed it, it's deleted now. Can anyone repost it?

Anonymous 21/05/17(Mon)04:11 No. 25325 ID: d46e78

minus8 shut down his deviantart cause it's minus8 and his mind will never not be tormented by his own doubt :( but the video file can be found here, on the vilified Sankakuchan: https://chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/show/24925049

OP of that question here, found the song used!: https://soundcloud.com/vvotaro/parody

anon 21/05/31(Mon)22:16 No. 25326 ID: d8fbd9

Does anyone have MK8D file without the annoying bouncing effect? I have seen it before, but I don't have it.

Anonymous 21/07/05(Mon)19:11 No. 25332 ID: a3eca8

saw minus stream working on a new flash similar to not_new, and new-1up. can't freggin wait!

Anonymous 21/07/17(Sat)05:47 No. 25333 ID: a3eca8

sadly, it seems Minus is afraid of copyright infringement for the music. :(
looks like he's uploading a video with no music. don't think we're getting a flash.

Anonymous 22/09/02(Fri)00:07 No. 25410 ID: 648538

How do I Open swf files

Anonymous 22/09/04(Sun)04:59 No. 25411 ID: f66f4e

use a stand alone flash player. also know as a 'projector'.


i suggest version 11.5 for best performance, unless the flash requires newer.

Anonymous 22/09/04(Sun)09:18 No. 25412 ID: 73723c


Anonymous 22/09/04(Sun)09:18 No. 25413 ID: 73723c

Thanks Also Nice dubs

Anonymous 22/09/06(Tue)03:36 No. 25414 ID: f66f4e

you are welcome.
not sure what you mean.


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