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Remove the paint? desperate 19/08/24(Sat)11:38 No. 6986 ID: cff9c5 [Reply]

File 156663953775.jpg - (65.18KB , 577x1024 , 1566629329421.jpg )

girlfriend died last month from anorexia, found these last nudes of her on my phone, now im here to see if anyone can help turn some of these last pics of her into something better. maybe take away the drawing. if anyone wants more info i dont mind sharing, she is dead to me. many thanks

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Anonymous 19/09/10(Tue)02:57 No. 6991 ID: 8a690f

>girlfriend died
>she is dead to me
Wait, what?

Anonymous 20/07/30(Thu)05:20 No. 7101 ID: 4efbd3

The femoid recently died. However, she had previously "died" (emotionally and intellectually) to OP at a previous juncture, hence his lack of compuncture in dropping dox on her.

Anonymous 21/01/15(Fri)18:08 No. 7193 ID: 699bda

four boobs

Let's ride Anonymous 12/11/20(Tue)02:32 No. 2862 ID: a8dada [Reply]

File 135337515517.jpg - (163.46KB , 1024x768 , Stephanie LazyTown.jpg )

I'm on a mission, I want to put Stephanie on the pink car from 2 fast 2 furious with her best pal, pedobear. I saw a pic with just that me thinks, haven't found it yet.

I want to make a short animation of it like the car comes from the right side fo the frame and then it stops right in the center.
Stephanie just arrived.

So I'll just dump what I have so far, I guess I needto choose a proper face and/or body and make a composition of the car (didin't found the perfect side view of it).
Feel free to contryboot.

Will dump what I have.

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steph mud man 14/11/02(Sun)04:07 No. 3826 ID: 5023f6

File 141489764684.jpg - (10.06KB , 190x265 , images.jpg )

what happened to the tons of lazy town porn that used to be here or at four chan ? this was several years ago....

Anonymous 14/11/02(Sun)04:16 No. 3827 ID: c49e6f

Well, considering that it may have been on a completely different site in addition to the fact that it was several years ago, I would hope you were capable of deducing the answer for yourself.

mud man 15/12/23(Wed)14:34 No. 5991 ID: 2c5764

super helpful thanks

Anonymous 18/11/05(Mon)11:17 No. 6860 ID: be9ab2 [Reply]

File 154141304537.png - (194.26KB , 768x768 , mu4s61h9y5z01.png )

this isnt a serious image manipulation board at all... yall operate at pleb level. prove me wrong.

Anonymous 18/11/05(Mon)16:00 No. 6863 ID: 9667b8

File 154143004371.jpg - (247.96KB , 1200x675 , 1541430033691_oh 7chuns.jpg )

Oh hai guis.

Anonymous 19/03/31(Sun)01:47 No. 6924 ID: ed0d92

Why are you on Reddit?

Anonymous 19/08/15(Thu)13:57 No. 6976 ID: b5a673

Oh hai Mark.

Tattoo Request Rusty Shackleford 14/06/16(Mon)06:41 No. 3719 ID: 7866a8 [Reply]

File 140289367143.jpg - (1.63KB , 66x105 , roger.jpg )

Looking for help with a tattoo design. I'm wanting Roger the Alien from "American Dad" as Gordon Freeman holding the Crowbar. Please and thank you.

Anonymous 14/12/23(Tue)22:53 No. 3925 ID: 62ea1d

Gordon Freeman holding the Crowbar.

Anonymous 14/12/24(Wed)00:51 No. 3927 ID: 62ea1d


this would be a better tattoo

Anonymous 19/07/23(Tue)03:16 No. 6949 ID: e23382

File 156384461928.jpg - (522.70KB , 1100x1751 , 140289367143.jpg )

Here ya go

Anonymous 19/05/20(Mon)08:43 No. 6931 ID: 91534e [Reply]

File 155833462232.png - (39.37KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2019-05-20 14-47-44.png )

Still there!

Anonymous 19/04/05(Fri)18:52 No. 6925 ID: 51c08f [Reply]

File 155448314499.png - (156.91KB , 1024x768 , Screenshot from 2019-04-06 01-56-19.png )

almost lost this oc

Anonymous 19/04/05(Fri)18:53 No. 6926 ID: 51c08f

File 155448317998.gif - (514.84KB , 400x300 , blump-cycle.gif )

Anonymous 19/04/05(Fri)18:53 No. 6927 ID: 51c08f

File 155448322010.gif - (460.53KB , 400x300 , blump-inversioncycle.gif )

Anonymous 16/07/17(Sun)08:58 No. 6301 ID: 0e3d3b [Reply]

File 146873871158.jpg - (120.25KB , 652x738 , image.jpg )

Can someone make her naked thx

Anonymous 16/07/18(Mon)14:24 No. 6302 ID: 3aad60

File 146884466691.png - (96.74KB , 512x512 , 1468095169466.png )

fuck off faggot!

Anonymous 16/07/20(Wed)02:34 No. 6303 ID: 64e212

Introduce me.

Anonymous 16/07/22(Fri)20:32 No. 6304 ID: ffeafd

File 146921234322.jpg - (107.68KB , 1000x1000 , naked-and-afraid-censored-womens-t-shirt_1000.jpg )

Do it yourself OP stop being an airwolfing strawberry .

Anonymous 11/12/20(Tue)11:01 No. 2045 ID: 9cdcf2 [Reply]

File 132437531691.jpg - (111.89KB , 990x560 , Kim.jpg )

Lets say we mourn his death by shopping this picture!

I got some to get you started.

21 posts and 19 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/03/26(Wed)13:14 No. 3648 ID: 05bf4b

File 139583605862.png - (555.49KB , 990x560 , kimmybacon2.png )

Anonymous 18/12/21(Fri)09:27 No. 6913 ID: 08adc9

File 154538083161.jpg - (143.69KB , 990x560 , Never Forget.jpg )

Anonymous 19/01/17(Thu)08:51 No. 6914 ID: 599d31

File 154771150465.jpg - (163.63KB , 990x560 , Never Forget2.jpg )

Why didn't you say anything?

Anonymous 13/01/23(Wed)06:50 No. 3134 ID: b2c660 [Reply]

File 135892020627.png - (869.75KB , 1600x1200 , 7chan beach.png )


16 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 18/05/28(Mon)16:48 No. 6837 ID: 07862d

File 152751891437.png - (2.26MB , 1600x1200 , thebeach.png )

Please use PNG.

(Lazily) Spliced togoether with >>3230 to save quality where applicable.

  18/08/26(Sun)12:47 No. 6841 ID: 61f6f9

two wieners chasing a goose

Anonymous 18/10/31(Wed)08:56 No. 6859 ID: ceeaeb

File 154097260621.png - (2.29MB , 1600x1200 , 152751891437.png )

Anonymous 12/09/19(Wed)08:36 No. 2737 ID: c9065f [Reply]

File 134803657979.gif - (227.85KB , 515x387 , dancin.gif )

What are they watching at NASA tonight?

9 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 13/12/19(Thu)16:35 No. 3495 ID: b3de3d

File 138746730486.png - (351.26KB , 516x387 , NASA-challenger.png )

Anonymous 13/12/19(Thu)21:44 No. 3497 ID: 0ddbb4

I use GIMP.

Use the background image as the top layer, add transparency and erase the part where you want the .gif to show. Then merge the background image down through the frames so it deletes all the parts of the .gif you don't want.

There's other easier methods but doing it that way teaches you a lot in the process.

Anonymous 18/10/28(Sun)13:02 No. 6858 ID: 8d1e4a

File 154072815746.jpg - (309.69KB , 1728x1152 , nasa watching spacex tesla roadster.jpg )

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