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Anonymous 19/04/12(Fri)04:17 No. 22654 ID: df834c

File 155503545186.png - (3.96KB , 225x225 , fdsdfds.png )

i woke up my computer tonight after our family got back from dinner, and found my pirated copy of adobe premiere elements fifteen running.

this software has been out of date and unable to run for, i think, six months now. never opens, no matter what route i take.

when i try to open it, a splash screen asking me to choose whether to open photoshop or premiere has always opened first. and after it broke, this splash screen is as far as it could go.

tonight, when i woke up my computer, the whole program was just up and running, ready to have a video file dropped into it.

i dont know how to read event logs very well, but there are several entries from when my computer was supposed to be asleep. can someone tell me what i should redact from my system log before posting it here, so i can post it and have you all take a look?

i'm also looking into some software that apparently reveals deleted system log entries that bla bla bla nsa bla bla apparently use to delete event log entries when they hax ur mainframes.

background intelligent transfer service and windows modules installer both switch from demand to auto and back several times. like, okay probably windows update, and then also
'the application-specific permission settings do not grant local activation permission for the com server application with clsid'
to the user
running in the application container unavailable sid (unavailable). this security permission can be modified using the component services administrative tool.

something about access history in hive being cleared and altered,

ok well fuck me i found an entry i didn't see before about ms paint. i saw something when i opened paint yesterday talking about how 'bla bla we're changing paint, dont worry you can bla bla'.

so the my comp probably updated while i was gone...


why is adobe premiere elements open and running on my computer? it is supposed to take two minutes to open the splash screen and then two more minutes for the program to open, and i haven't tried to run it for *months*. i dont know if "date accessed" is a valid metric, but clicking on properties for the executable says it was last accessed in september.

Anonymous 19/04/12(Fri)20:39 No. 22656 ID: 1e5fb7

>my pirated copy of adobe premiere elements fifteen running
You've already answered your question. Your copy is pirated, and considering how Adobe authenticates software at this point it is bound to be buggy as hell, unlike ye olden days when all you needed was to write a keygen in C. It's buggy, so it is bound to act up to a certain degree.

Anonymous 19/04/21(Sun)02:19 No. 22657 ID: b0f049

You could always try uninstalling your crack, cleaning up any remnants you can find of the crack, uninstalling premiere, run the cc cleanup tool, reboot, then reinstall premiere, then your crack, and pray.

Anonymous 22/09/05(Mon)14:04 No. 22875 ID: c1252d

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