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Anonymous 22/06/16(Thu)18:21 No. 22864 ID: a2c840

File 165539650133.jpg - (155.45KB , 720x900 , 1655129338223.jpg )

can malware fuck up external devices' drivers or firmware?

i was installing a pirated game (teehee) and all of a sudden i loose screen, mouse, keyboard and hdd signal. i make no big deal out of it since my baby is around 10yo so i just restart it
when it boots up, i open my browser without worries and i loose signal again. i try to restart it but now it remains signal-less. cant even get into the bios nor use a preinstall enviroment since it doesnt recognize any external devices
halp? i even tried to fix this shit by removing the mobo battery for around 10 minutes, to no avail

specs: generic 550w psu
1tb hdd
4gb x2 ddr3 ram
apu a10 5800k cpu
a55bm-a/usb3 mobo
had this thing since 2014
ask away for anything else you need

Anonymous 22/06/16(Thu)18:56 No. 22865 ID: 838b0b

You need to use an anti-virus program in safe mode on Windows. If on linux save everything when in shell, before the OS boot, on to a different partition, then reinstall the OS.

That should fix everything. You can also get the anti-virus while in safe mode (press alt 11 or alt 12 while booting to get to the options to start it in safe mode). Keep posting if you need help, but should be very easy.

Anonymous 22/06/16(Thu)19:11 No. 22866 ID: 02f289

sadly im unable to boot in safe mode or even use alternative enviroments since it doesnt recognize the display nor the keyboard
someone suggested to me that the mobo died. its a possibility since a power outage back in 2019 fried its 4-pin atx socket and i had to take it away for repairs. this may be a consequence even if i had no problems for years

Anonymous 22/06/16(Thu)19:33 No. 22867 ID: 2758ad

It sounds likely that you had a hardware component like your motherboard fail, and that it happened while installing a pirated game was a coincidence

Anonymous 22/06/16(Thu)20:04 No. 22868 ID: effe7d

very likely. possibly the mobo or the psu
the hdd is ruled out, a friend helped me test it and its peachy

Anonymous 22/06/16(Thu)20:04 No. 22869 ID: effe7d

very likely. possibly the mobo or the psu
the hdd is ruled out, a friend helped me test it and its peachy

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