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I keep Getting a Virus in the Tri-County Area Anonymous 22/12/03(Sat)09:37 No. 22890 ID: 38c06e

File 167005662451.jpg - (31.55KB , 465x467 , 38B1CE33-033F-4F61-BCEC-92A1A769F5B7.jpg )

it monitors my android and pc screen and literally none of the main antivirus programs or basic ClamAv scams detect it.... hypatia.... nope....

think i tried chkroot and rkhunter on basic settings...

how can i connect all my devices and PURGE them all in one go.... I got alot of inventions being spied on ... and who is giving these hater ass rats malware in Mendocino County??? their used to be a day you would be excommunicated for CRINGE sh!t like this.

Anonymous 22/12/04(Sun)02:29 No. 22891 ID: 32135d

Get rid of the phone.
PC? Wipe the OS and us Linux with a hypdervisor so you can emulate windows. NSA has 6 antennae around here because we have gangs in this city yet they haven't infected me yet. I think you fucked up and need to wipe everything as if the authorities aren't after me in a way I can see it, they aren't after you, someone else is trying to get you and it's probably scammers.

Anonymous 22/12/24(Sat)00:45 No. 22899 ID: 32135d

File 167183912127.jpg - (261.82KB , 605x658 , 56u3e5j.jpg )

Source on image Link is holding?

Anonymous 22/12/25(Sun)13:25 No. 22900 ID: 72b72b


Your question is important


Please reply

Thank you both

Anonymous 23/01/10(Tue)14:18 No. 22901 ID: 38c06e

File 167335669650.jpg - (60.73KB , 526x638 , 322381949_890802222351924_4645714552845565723_n.jpg )

I already tried all of this... I suspect these are rootkits that will persist following factory reset or the passworded wifis I keep using keep handing out it out... i cant be clicking any nefarious links either... =/

unfortunately i cannot afford the luxury of new devices...

I even suspect my Arch installation has a virus you guys! I know I heard these perps the reading stuff off my screen! no one believes me. but I've caught them hundreds of times! and even had indepth arguments multiple times and caught them making fun of my face as viewable on my android's cameras live for periods of minuites!!! O.0

Anonymous 23/01/10(Tue)19:55 No. 22902 ID: 8ee29f


If you just told us how ass that is in the picture charactor is hold up, we might just give a shit.

your holding out and wowowow you ain't getting any help

Anonymous 23/09/28(Thu)16:20 No. 22929 ID: 62b837

Looks like Rapi from Nikke.

Anonymous 23/10/06(Fri)18:05 No. 22930 ID: cbb178

File 169660831442.gif - (2.59MB , 263x347 , strut.gif )


Thank you, I have now got something to do over the weekend.
Hope you have a good one to, anon.

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