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Investing/Money Advice Modern Mom 22/04/04(Mon)19:56 No. 3649 ID: 07cb4b

File 164909501338.jpg - (57.56KB , 500x500 , alec-monopoly-graffiti-art-luxury-private.jpg )

After slaving at a shit job and saving as much as possible for a few years, I currently have a little over 13k saved up

What should my next move be?

Modern Mom 22/04/05(Tue)23:45 No. 3653 ID: 7d254a

Buy index funds if you are lazy. The S&P 500 doubled in value if you measure from the bottom of 2020 to the end of 2021.

If you want to go beyond index funds, maybe read Benjamin Graham or Peter Lynch.

Modern Mom 22/07/11(Mon)11:43 No. 3676 ID: 3acebd

I would reduce costs before even considering investing.

I'm talking about cars which cost too much to maintain, buying food in bulk, medical care, dental, insurance.

It would be foolish to "invest" and get a 5% return when you've got a car which is always breaking down, you're living hand to mouth and your roof needs fixing.

Modern Mom 22/07/11(Mon)14:56 No. 3677 ID: b5c91c


Modern Mom 22/07/31(Sun)17:37 No. 3711 ID: 82a4b1

File 165928183257.gif - (0.96MB , 1024x1024 , Siegheart.gif )

Stay away from shitcoins that don't do nothing. I used unmineable to "mine" TRX and BTT to pirate the shit out of everything. Seriously fuck some heeb in a corporate office.

Modern Mom 22/10/27(Thu)15:56 No. 3746 ID: 1b613f

learn how to make money out of money. It doesn't matter how much you invest or in what you invest. The most important thing is the investor. If you are a complete beginner, start with the Rich Dad Poor Dad series from Robert T. Kiyosaki.

Modern Mom 22/11/28(Mon)11:14 No. 3761 ID: 85645f

Research traveling the world, on an eddie shoe string.
Then set of with the intent of learning as many ways/tips/tricks of make money and saving money. A long the way.
Also please post them back here to halp any of lucky enough to get the chance to escape.

All my best anon and go for it.

Modern Mom 23/01/29(Sun)05:42 No. 3778 ID: c9d146

Slow & steady wins

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