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need book Rakan Salih 19/03/20(Wed)19:13 No. 17954

File 155310562373.jpg - (52.86KB , 333x500 , 51VleSjezVL.jpg )

anyone have this book {this is the way the world ends: an oral history of zombie war} by Keith Taylor
sorry if it is the wrong section.

Hipster Slut 19/04/08(Mon)07:09 No. 17961

I went searching for it for free and came up with zilch. Best of luck.

Hipster Slut 19/04/09(Tue)23:35 No. 17963

If you just want ot read the book, your local library is always a good starting point.

There's also copy on libgen.io


Hipster Slut 19/04/10(Wed)10:16 No. 17964

cooll book, i read it

Hipster Slut 19/04/10(Wed)10:55 No. 17965

This book looks interesting for me too. I am fond of reading horror stories, but I have not enough time for reading it. Because I am stundent and need to study. My favorite horror writer is S. Spilberg. But I am bad at writing and use helo with writing papers. Recently I checked review with writing services on https://paidpaper.net/review-of-essayfactory-uk/ and have plan to use it.

thanks Rakan+Salih 19/04/16(Tue)10:53 No. 17968

thank you very much, you do me a big favor

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