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Anonymous 23/03/18(Sat)22:02 No. 22703

File 167917333596.jpg - (934.65KB , 2048x1204 , IMG_20230318_153114.jpg )

TV spot/advert thread, the weirder or more nostalgic the better

Anonymous 23/03/18(Sat)22:05 No. 22704

Youtube  Based 90s

Anonymous 23/03/18(Sat)22:06 No. 22705


Anonymous 23/03/19(Sun)13:38 No. 22706


Remember this one? Uploaded 14 years ago. Time sure flies.

The+Red+Barron 23/03/19(Sun)16:24 No. 22707

File 167923946366.jpg - (297.70KB , 850x1211 , __hitoshura_and_kuzunoha_raidou_shin_megami_tensei.jpg )

I don't think that's real

I recently watched a VHS laying around the house that had old ads inbetween shitty old prime time shows. The onea that really stuck out were the credit fraud ones where they have some random person with an obviously different voice going "omg so I charged it to the card lol"

Total nostalgia trip, and still a tinge of annoyance just like the old days

Anonymous 23/05/06(Sat)10:01 No. 22719

File 168336006681.jpg - (139.47KB , 684x1000 , AI.jpg )

Ads? I prefer trailers that are like short movies or music videos


Warpath - Official Live Action Film (Showdown II: Centenary)

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