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Anonymous 23/07/20(Thu)21:23 No. 22728

File 168988101011.png - (502.85KB , 1170x970 , pepe.png )

>Be me, haven't gone to the cinema in years
>New Nolan movie coming out, whynot.exe
>See group of men in their early 30s walking in with weirdly bulky jackets and awkwardly stuffed sleeves.
>They strut in like they're in Reservoir Dogs or something.
>Can't help but notice they all have one floppy arm
>Starting to smell something odd, like a mix between salami and desperation.
>For whatever reason, they have gloves on. It's summer. Indoors.
>Realization hits, those idiots have sandwiches in their sleeves.
>Seriously who does this?
>They sit down, attempting to act casual
>Start smirking and winking at each other
>One of them drops a piece of lettuce on the floor, tries to kick it under the seat.
>It sticks to his shoe.
>Can't even focus on the movie anymore, keep glancing over them taking bites of their sandwiches
>Finally, the movie ends. They stand up, bits of bread crumbs falling from their sleeves.
>They leave, acting like they've accomplished some major heist.
>Can't decide whether to feel amused or saddened by their obvious pride.
>Remember now why I don't go to the movies anymore

Anonymous 24/01/24(Wed)14:43 No. 22779

Your biggest mistake was going to see a Hack Nolan movie

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