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Pyrenee [translated] Anonymous 18/11/10(Sat)12:28 No. 13303 [Reply]

File 154184928792.jpg - (222.35KB , 1300x1951 , 01.jpg )

A sweet love story rather than porn, but it has some nudity in it... so I guess it's kinda nsfw.

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Anonymous 18/11/11(Sun)20:56 No. 13322

File 154196617834.jpg - (17.91KB , 474x379 , th.jpg )

When you read porn for the plot

Anonymous 17/08/10(Thu)02:02 No. 12160 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 150232335010.png - (1.14MB , 1020x1320 , 0.png )

I don't have all of the pages. This is what has been shared elsewhere. If there any here who can help keep this updated, it would be appreciated.

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Anonymous 18/08/22(Wed)23:11 No. 13123

Welp, that's the end. Area mentioned something about possible continuing the story but that's it for now.

Anonymous 18/08/22(Wed)23:12 No. 13124

I also managed to post them backwards, my bad

Anonymous 18/09/27(Thu)01:46 No. 13169

You also managed to fall off the planet.

Sucette Sucette that I have collected 13/02/22(Fri)05:52 No. 4201 [Reply]

File 136150873745.jpg - (38.80KB , 586x277 , dbsu001.jpg )

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Anonymous 14/07/11(Fri)11:55 No. 7472

I would love to have a zip/rar of these, please!

Anonymous 18/08/12(Sun)09:58 No. 13102

Best comic ever lol what id not give to live in a world where i could be around sweet horny girls like that xD

Anonymous 18/08/22(Wed)18:55 No. 13122

The whole thing is on sad panda.

Butterflies In My Head Anonymous 17/08/16(Wed)22:11 No. 12212 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 15029142878.jpg - (2.08MB , 5000x7000 , 000.jpg )

While Area sorts out drama within her community, let's have a different kind of GF comic.

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Anonymous 18/07/10(Tue)16:15 No. 13010

File 153123211159.png - (2.15MB , 2000x2800 , My-Head-3-14.png )


Anonymous 18/07/10(Tue)16:16 No. 13011

File 153123219243.png - (2.27MB , 2000x2800 , My-Head-3-15.png )


Anonymous 18/07/21(Sat)04:47 No. 13036

File 153214127782.png - (1.93MB , 2800x2000 , My-Head-3-16.png )


A Summer at Joy Cliff by Ted Owen Anonymous 18/04/22(Sun)01:37 No. 12850 [Reply]

File 152435384347.jpg - (906.59KB , 1000x1414 , paradise_joy_cliff_cover_01_vybyyys b.jpg )

Artist's website: tedowencomics.com

I'm still waiting for his new comics for Fansadox but I highly doubt it will ever happen. It's been too long.

Anonymous 18/04/22(Sun)01:40 No. 12851

page 1 - 3

Anonymous 18/04/22(Sun)01:41 No. 12852

>>12851 Page 4 - 6. It appears the artist is more interested in torture than sex.

Mr. Koiwai 13/08/29(Thu)07:12 No. 5501 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 137775316735.jpg - (481.48KB , 1181x1565 , 01.jpg )

I couldn't find this comic in English anywhere so I decided to translate it myself. I did the lettering in MSPaint so it doesn't look that great. Sorry about that.

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Anonymous 14/08/09(Sat)14:27 No. 7605

Very nice. Thanks for sharing the translation, and good call on the name.

Bump Anonymous 17/11/16(Thu)11:56 No. 12500


Hundsbub 18/01/25(Thu)12:51 No. 12642


AttilioGambedotti "What the Fuck"

TG Comics Anonymous 13/02/19(Tue)00:28 No. 4181 [Reply]

File 136123009691.jpg - (339.60KB , 770x996 , 001.jpg )

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Anonymous 17/12/01(Fri)19:07 No. 12533

Sharing is caring, here are some of the premium comics to find. https://www.8muses.com/comix/album/TG-Comics

Anonymous 17/12/07(Thu)08:13 No. 12538

Love you Anon very good collection

Anonymous 18/01/07(Sun)20:11 No. 12601

Been two and a half years since I posted that, so I guess its been 4 years since someone shared any otherside updates. After all this time I can finally pay people back. Here's everything since the last stuff that was shared:


Well-drawn stuff with story 14/08/25(Mon)20:43 No. 7673 [Reply]

File 140899218078.jpg - (56.87KB , 1200x1595 , P00001.jpg )

A thread to collect comcis that come with an actual story and good to high quality artwork.

I start with "A Little Temptation".
Unfortunately not as much sex as I was hoping for but still: great characters and a good read.


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Anonymous 16/08/21(Sun)11:00 No. 10974

I want more in this vein, please for go sakes post something

Anonymous 17/04/25(Tue)07:34 No. 11845


Anonymous 17/10/11(Wed)06:11 No. 12406

File 15076950734.png - (842.22KB , 1447x1134 , anna-a-little-temptation-acht-1 copy.png )

Someone made porn of the blonde bitch from this book, but nobody seems to have the original picture.

Customized Comics Mr. DeadBird 17/01/12(Thu)00:05 No. 11508 [Reply]

File 148417593659.gif - (184.67KB , 600x360 , GIF_c.gif )

So I'm making customized comics based on Real People.

I just thought maybe some anon would be interested.
I'll post some stuff I made for "personal use". If you know what I mean.

11 posts and 27 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
ANNIE, a shitty daughter Mr.DeadBird 17/02/12(Sun)23:46 No. 11613

She is a spoiled little shit that fucks random guys just to give her dad hell.
She loves to let dudes fuck her wherever he's away, and mock her dad while doing so.
HQ Gallery at: deadbirdcomics.com/2017/02/12/annie-the-spoiled-brat/

Anonymous 17/03/20(Mon)22:55 No. 11696

What do you charge?

Anonymous 17/08/15(Tue)08:40 No. 12208

19 USD
BTC & Paypal accepted.

girl farm Anonymous 17/04/20(Thu)11:22 No. 11831 [Reply]

File 149268017958.jpg - (1.40MB , 1920x1080 , 1420389120464.jpg )

girl farm as youtube video

Anonymous 17/04/21(Fri)10:21 No. 11834

holy fucking shit, the penal colony accent seals the god damn fucking deal.

11/10 you dirty son of a bitch

Anonymous 17/07/04(Tue)02:02 No. 12056

why on youtube ? its gone ?

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