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Jacobkun9666 23/08/18(Fri)10:31 No. 15330 ID: 6f88fc

File 169234749594.jpg - (414.93KB , 1125x1081 , IMG_3863.jpg )

Dear 7chan ,

I finished my second manuscript in record time . It is actually revolutionary , and as such no one is allowed to read it unless I am handsomely rewarded . The leviathan that is threads is safeguarding it . I just happen to have a great trust in this leviathan and as such am not worried , for I doubt even a Mr zuck is capable of accessing my work either actually or figuratively and that coincidence being both factive and meaningful and distinctly and totally and partly so is exactly what my book is about , explains , and proves over and over and over again , kind of like how blind people don’t immediately assign felt gestalts to visual gestalts upon receiving sight , my book will blow not people’s minds into a new sense of gestalting and that’s both a joke and a prediction , which I know with much certainty to be quite possibly factive possibly —- but enough modal jokes and zauberbergian as published in English by those people in turkey references post side : i don’t present to any of you my second philosophy !

Bests ,

The author

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