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Teenage Girl 22/09/25(Sun)18:14 No. 25285 ID: 96ad1d

File 16641224639.jpg - (418.26KB , 1280x720 , 197777jpg.jpg )

Fuck Brit Fags
And Fuck /b/
As they seem to be one and the same

Teenage Girl 22/09/25(Sun)18:47 No. 25286 ID: dd09ae

File 166412443459.jpg - (63.73KB , 615x651 , british.jpg )

We all just want to fuck slags

Teenage Girl 22/10/30(Sun)02:43 No. 25361 ID: 0399bd


well if you didn't get anywhere this weekend
theres no hope for you

hope you found a port for a least one night, mate

Teenage Girl 22/11/11(Fri)09:30 No. 25379 ID: 3880d9

File 166815541850.jpg - (157.64KB , 2276x524 , Carrot$ salery Exspoed .jpg )



Teenage Girl 22/11/11(Fri)12:35 No. 25380 ID: 52cec3

>The new york jets


Teenage Girl 22/11/11(Fri)20:05 No. 25387 ID: e8ac68


Well yeah Jets vs Giants
So I changed their names and pics
That not what the problem is
Some, I'm guessing ttrrooolll posing as a trans-whatever. Trying to include Carrot$ in their alpabet soup.
They aren't even a Carrot$.
These gosh darn Marxist are so fascist now.
If wasn't for the coloured hair, I doubt I could tell them apart.

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