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Teenage Girl 23/03/28(Tue)06:54 No. 25598 ID: 21c20c

File 167997929282.jpg - (51.77KB , 240x320 , JOSE_COSME_URREA.jpg )

Yet another millennial decided to shoot up a bunch of kids because they couldn't handle adulting. And because they were a troon, they'll focus on that instead of the fact it was a fuckin' millennial.

Teenage Girl 23/03/28(Tue)08:55 No. 25599 ID: 80588e

Don't you find it funny how all transsexuals who waste their time online and groom someone happen to be either Millenials or early Gen Z.

Teenage Girl 23/03/28(Tue)14:17 No. 25601 ID: ab3a7c

Are you back?

Teenage Girl 23/03/28(Tue)23:03 No. 25603 ID: a5ce4e

What's really fucked up is alot of these school shootings are at elementary schools. Like goddammit, what have those little kids done to you to make them shoot them?

Why the fuck don't toxic workplaces get shot up?

He'll, why didn't Q bring in guns and shoot down every White House meber they saw?

Why are little kids always the easy choice of targets for these sociopathic gunslinger?

Yet, when I question the purpose of compulsory schooling and suggest sending kids to work (as in restaurants or stores) for their own financial power, I get accused of endorsing child exploitation.

Teenage Girl 23/04/01(Sat)03:46 No. 25605 ID: 69c421

You'd probably want to look to the manifesto. Childhood trauma can be pretty intense, and can easily modify behavior through the 20s, as they serve as a process of starting to be forcibly torn away from the comfort zone of living in the childhood trauma bubble as various realities of adulthood start to set in.

Then there are other factors to consider if that's not enough, like the cultural meme of it, the same sort of evil forces or whatever you want to call them that revel in sadism, child abuse, and ritual blood sacrifices including but not limited to the sort of person who celebrates abortion or other forms of using the power of death over life.

And then you might also go on to fill in some voids if you consider the wider psychological principles behind terrorism (violence to achive a political end) or trauma-based mass psychological control. Just think: a serial murderer, lone wolf gunman, or jihadist might be anywhere, including in your small town or under your bed! This ranges from popular reaction to media manipulation to the more nefarious side of things from spook agencies. Even highly regarded organizations like fire fighters wind up harboring arsonists because humans do sometimes have that pathological capacity that goes out of control quite intentionally where you should least expect it and where it can be most effective.

But considering that the shooter in this case is some kind of trans thing, then childhood and possibly sexual trauma would be my first place to look, along with whtever "emotional problems" were at hand along with any drugs that had been prescribed or otherwise used in the process. Family life would be another consideration, as that often manifests through similar childhood venues.

Don't lean too hard on thinking such a person is acting strictly out of rationality.

Teenage Girl 23/04/01(Sat)13:54 No. 25606 ID: f8bb2e

File 168035003794.gif - (489.25KB , 499x374 , sI39TOO.gif )


That's an interesting point you've made, but let's be real, the vast majority aren't even mentally ill to begin with. They're just that entitled to "the good life," period. It's why I'm sorta glad the vast majority of faggots on imageboards I troll are just that. Faggots on an imageboard. Sitting there shitting up the internet with their whining. Look at me, hating myself! Never had friends! Never had a significant other! Never had sex! Never had a job! Can't even hold a conversation! On and on it goes. This whining infects everything. Can't even get your kids to read anymore without every fuckin' YA book being about "the struggle," can't even let the bullshit blow away in the breeze and play a good game because the devs are full of self-hating dorks who have to inject their hangups into everything. Can't even watch a good movie anymore because the studios PANDER to these losers. The "culture war" exists because all these sheltered morons who live in pansy-ass milquetoast suburbs have nothing to do, and rather than get a fucking hobby, they have to look for a boogeyman. You even said it yourself: "a serial murderer, lone wolf gunman, or jihadist might be anywhere, including in your small town or under your bed!" So they get online and sperg out about (insert group here) and shit up everything. Then you have losers like the millennialoid who shot up those kids, and I'm willing to bet it was just millennial zoomerphobia on steroids. "If I can't be happy, why should they?!" "If I can't be a kid again, why should they?!" Even fellow millennialoid Adam Lanza thought he was "saving" those kids. We often hear that the media is glamorizing these fucks too much, and that if they stopped, then there wouldn't be as many shootings, but let's be real, the media glamorizes losers all over the place. Again, look at all the popular media nowadays, all centered around thinly veiled authorial self-inserts with, what a surprise, the exact same bullshit hangups as the author! Whatever happened to sincerity? To authenticity? Why does every fuckin little thing have to be coated in irony? "It's just shitposting, bro! I'm just pretending to be retarded!" And you know what's REALLY fucked up? Long after the allure wears off, and these schmucks are boomer age, they'll end up sitting there in their run down nursing homes blaming US for their plight. Yep. They'll bleat on about how they were "led down a wrong path" and how "we were just too young to understand" or whatever the fuck, and then the media will bleat on about how we need to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps to help them in their rehabilitation. Spend your whole life pretending to be a skitzo online because you're cripplingly insecure about how boring you really are, and then it's the rest of us who seem to be just fine in life who have to tend to you. Oh, no! Whatever would we do without all those former "incels" and "SJWs" being so lonely in nursing homes? Better send your kids to go volunteer to help them, am I right? Fuck 'em. Let 'em rot. Especially any faggot who says 2020 was the worst year ever. Yeah, I'm sure 1914 to 1945 was a fucking cakewalk compared to 2020. Seriously, what's with this Cult of the Loser we're seeing?

Teenage Girl 23/04/02(Sun)01:18 No. 25607 ID: 162005


Teenage Girl 23/04/02(Sun)03:27 No. 25608 ID: 2fc20c

Hit close to home, I see.

Teenage Girl 23/04/02(Sun)06:32 No. 25609 ID: fbf144

Do you know what tl;dr means?

Teenage Girl 23/04/02(Sun)09:03 No. 25610 ID: 2fc20c

Do you know how to actually contribute to a discussion? Maybe instead of trying to own people by asking them if they know basic bitch internet lingo (too long, didn't read) and actually reply to the points that were made, but is that too hard for you? Then again, you're on an imageboard. I shouldn't be surprised having a convo is a hard thing for you. You'd have to associate with (gasp!) NORMIES to learn social skills.

Teenage Girl 23/04/04(Tue)01:51 No. 25611 ID: 02d5e2

>own people

Teenage Girl 23/04/05(Wed)10:51 No. 25612 ID: f7ce8a

File 168068466155.jpg - (67.86KB , 575x499 , 1677050802921691.jpg )

It's really funny how anyone born after 1976 succumbs to internet fame and makes a fool out of themselves.
Brianna Wu: 1977
Chris-chan: 1982
Anita Sarkeesian: 1983
Zoe Quinn: 1987
LowTierGod: 1990
Keffals: 1994
FTM shooter from Nashville: 1995
I can go on and on, but you can get the memo.

Teenage Girl 23/04/06(Thu)05:40 No. 25613 ID: 593121

"It all started in the third grade..."

Teenage Girl 23/04/08(Sat)01:35 No. 25614 ID: 95e3ac

File 168091052060.jpg - (141.48KB , 376x500 , 398170252d11be9d2d7in4.jpg )

Sasuske has achived beard no jutsu as well as the advanced sharingan art of hypnotizing arch enemies to turn them fat and then paralyze them while they get kissed and turned gay on camera! ^o^

Teenage Girl 23/04/08(Sat)20:46 No. 25615 ID: d20a41

This is what happens when you sell family life as a suburban resort, with people wasting away in mini mansions.

People treat their spouses and kids as collateral trophies.
They dont really intimate with them as fellow humans. In fact, alot of Anglo sociology is disgusted by kids having platonic acquaintance with adults.

But it's not just that, alot of our current humor glorifies asociality and misanthrope. They think showing sincerity and affection is cringe.

Everything has to be mean jokes and if you don't like it, you're a "snowflake".

Our modern culture has been defined by Adult Swim and it's equivalent networks.

Teenage Girl 23/04/09(Sun)10:27 No. 25616 ID: 63b30f

They did say that 1977-1984 births are the transitory period from Gen X to Y.

Teenage Girl 23/04/10(Mon)04:56 No. 25620 ID: d6e874

File 168109538061.gif - (248.63KB , 480x480 , D37552F8-AFAB-4E6E-A270-735C110B31BB.gif )

And what's the common denominator on most of your examples? That they're millennials. But try telling millennials their shit stinks too, and you'll be told you're a boomer or a zoomer. Like I said, the Nashville shooter has brought all the attention on a practically irrelevant demographic outside of (terminally) online faggots astroturfing, rather than the literal generation that continues to contribute shooter after shooter, usually coinciding with "adulting is hard, man" rhetoric. Adam Lanza? Millennial. Elliot Rodger? Millennial. Seung-Hui Cho? Millennial. Black people do more mass shootings? Okay, what generation do they all come from? Exactly. Millennial. >>25615 is right on the money, in that millennials are clearly the end result of what he's talking about, that people treat their spouses and kids as collateral trophies, and what do people do? Jack shit.
You want to know why nothing changes?
People who cannot let go of the 90s/00s are the primary reason why all of the enemies of the System are dumber than they are. Don't worry, though, I'm sure voting with your wallet in the marketplace of ideas against the people who print money will prevail any day now! They aren't able to move on from it, of course, because a large portion of the "right-wing" (aka "I'm so defensive that I actively pretend to be edgy so I won't feel as bad when people inevitably dislike me") is bitter thirty something year-old white guys (and the non-whites who desperately wish they were white) who are upset they aren't teenagers anymore and are just lashing out at whatever new thing pops up out of spite then any real worry about "societal decay," and at least when liberals self-infantilize, they're honest about it. They have no attachment to the past outside of some media that they liked and are constantly modernizing, which is one of the many reasons why they won. Why is it that so many rightoids talk about "hard times make strong men" and yet EVERY single criticism is rooted in how they're not kids anymore? I just wanna play with kids toys (I mean, video games), bro! I don't like that they're "wokifying" my kids shows, even though I have no kids! And then they sit there and wonder why nothing gets done. Because they don't want things to be done. That requires adulting. That requires REAL MEN, not manchildren whose sole reason for being a "doomer" is that their kids' toys have a little too much melanin or that the female characters are "ugly" or whatever. Is it any wonder so many of their writers end up writing rightoid versions of "SJW" shit? Instead of the plain Jane as best dyke who somehow lucks into hooking up with the local Stacy (whom she turns from being big bad homophobe, of course), we get the average (at best) dork who somehow gets a big tiddy GF despite having nothing to offer, either.

Teenage Girl 23/04/10(Mon)04:58 No. 25621 ID: d6e874

File 168109552927.png - (367.38KB , 651x481 , g3kVj.png )

Isekai shit has taken over everything. It's not enough to simply construct a convincing story with a beginning, climax and end. Suddenly, you have to be like Triple H and take a sledgehammer to everyone's skull - the protagonist is BASED AND REDPILLED or CUTE AND VALID, the climax is that a woman told them no, and the end is that the System somehow implodes on itself as their wildest dreams come true, blah blah blah. I'm reminded of Dan Schneider (Cosmoetica, not Nick) who has published nothing of note, claims to be writing all these novels that he boasts are better than classics like Moby Dick, and yet has put nothing out there to prove it. But I've written it, he'll tell you. I've written THE BEST BOOKS OF ALL TIME! He'll never put them out there for you to read, of course, but he's WRITTEN 'em! And what are his protagonists? All self inserts who hook up with hot chicks despite him literally being depicted IN THE STORY exactly as the scrawny pasty geek he is in real life.
You can't have sincerity anymore because nobody wants to write about the human experience. Everyone has to write about the shit they should be telling their therapists. Is it any wonder no kids read anymore (unless it's manga) when every fucking dipshit out there is publishing their diary entries about how the Popular Kids don't care for 'em? At least manga gives you CHARACTERS that aren't based on the author's hangups, and aren't written by grown adults who whine about how bad shit for KIDS is, when they don't even have kids themselves. Look at Andre the Giant, for example. The dude didn't just sit around whining about how people didn't take him seriously. He MADE them take him seriously. He lived his life to the max, despite the increasing difficulties he had. He lived his heart out, because he knew that you only had one life. Yet these fuckin' faggots, some of whom are even old enough to have seen him perform, will scuttle to their desktops and whine about how they can't enjoy life because "everything sucks dude" and "zoomer baes won't put out" and "I can't hold a conversation because of social media, not because of my incredibly high standards; no, of course not" and on and on it goes.
There's a reason that the shit millennials love to take credit for (the "REAL" MTV, Attitude Era, cult shows like My So Called Life, etc, etc) endures to this day.
It's because they were made by people who lived long lives, actually DOING shit, and cobbling together characters based on people they encountered in real life. Low Tier God was right about one thing, that so many faggots nowadays are spectators. They can't do shit, so they belittle and demean those who can. Yep. I said it. Low Tier God was right. You couldn't do shit yourself, so you kick back and critique people who actually DO things. Tolkien and Saki were two famous Anglo writers who served in the Great War, and while Saki lost his life, Tolkien took what he learned and turned it into a story that many consider to be the GOAT of its genre, if not literature, period. Neither sat around and decided to whine about "kids these days lol" or whatever, like so many anons do. Dante crafted The Divine Comedy about his waifu, Beatrice, but he did so in such a way that it had universal appeal beyond how she didn't put out for him, whereas the average author today can't do that. Melville served as a sailor for years, and wrote banger after banger because he knew the sea life so well, culminating in Moby Dick, the Great American Novel. There's a reason YA is solely read by failed female adults with "fur babies" and "ironic" memes about wine today, and I don't mean the based ones like Dorothy Parker. It's no longer written by people like R.L Stine and Lois Lowry who actually had shit to say. Now it's written by goofs like John Green (ADULT BOOKS ARE BORING DOOD), Stephanie Meyer ("My husband sucks, but rather than try to make my marriage work, I'll write about how much I wish I could trade him lol.") and Cassandra Clare who literally put herself (Clary) into her insect-ridden fanfics. For all the shit you can say about Rowling, at least Harry Potter wasn't a self-insert.
1977-1984 IIRC is called Generation Catalano, in honor of Jared Leto's breakout role in MSCL. You know why that show is popular? Because it actually talks about adolescence AS IT WAS. It doesn't pander to terminally online dorks who thought everyone else was beneath 'em and wasted their lives in the process. It even have an openly gay character walking in and out of girls' washrooms, and nobody noticed, nobody cared. Nobody went apeshit about it like they would now. Rickie Vasquez was a gay character that didn't need to scream how much he loved to suck cock - he was just some kid who happened to be gay. But so many authors these days, who've likely never really met any gay people, have to make sure you know he sucks dick, because that's what being an ally's all about, reducing gay people to glorified fleshlights. And Rayanne was a total slut, but the show never glamorized it as "fighting the patriarchy" because she was depicted as such a person actually IS: a troubled soul with a problematic home life. And the show even tackled "white privilege" in a way without resorting to insufferable antics about it. It simply remarked at one point that for how "boring" Angela felt her life was, she had it better than a lot (Rickie getting kicked out of his home, Rayanne living with an aloof single mom and an absent father who doesn't give a shit), etc, etc. And to conclude this, Jordan Catalano was clearly reminiscent of Bender, from The Breakfast Club. Imagine if THAT was made today. It would bomb hard as fuck, because the creators would have ended up turning everyone into a terminally online stereotype you'd ONLY see online. And don't get me started on the r/nosurf types. Why is it so many "self-improvement" types have to always resort to "not like the other girls" type shit. It's not enough to simply say they want to stop using the internet so much. It's that "everyone else is, like, a zombie, bro!"
After a while, it all gets so fucking lame.

Teenage Girl 23/04/10(Mon)04:59 No. 25622 ID: d6e874

File 168109557424.gif - (283.87KB , 220x220 , over-the-phone-phone-call.gif )

When are we gonna get authenticity? When are we going to stop listening to these internet faggots? They shit up everything. Why does it seem like there are no normal people in the cultural war? Is it because they're too busy living their lives? For example, the LGBTQ+ movement is mostly dominated by the fringe outcast. Likewise, the right also have their subset of nerds that would be completely disregarded in high school. Then you have the wild cards who tend to be the biggest whores or edgy leftist who turn into the most puritanically devout. Why is that the socially maladjusted have the biggest say when it comes to the direction of the culture? Well, it's because to be terminally online you necessarily have to be socially maladjusted with way too much free time. Ergo, the loudest people on social media also tend to have the most idiotic opinions, yet because they're so overrepresented in the speech posted on social media they convince the normie majority that their retarded beliefs are somehow popular. The solution is to tell these people to shut the fuck up and touch grass. That's what I've been doing all this time. The way I see it, the more unhinged a person is, the more likely they're going to fling their ideas around on social media for everyone to see, and social media like twitter seems to be where this stuff happens the most. The average person either doesn't care or can't be bothered to complain because it's not a big deal to them, but to crazy people, it takes up 100% of their life, so to them, they have to scream as loud as they can. That just means the most well-known opinions on a topic are either those that are basic common knowledge or the most unhinged shit imaginable, and generally the insane stuff IS common knowledge thanks to how social media works and just how often these people post about it. Meanwhile, normal people have normal hobbies and interests. That's why "normie" is a word. Cripplingly insecure dweebs jealous of "normies" for having what they themselves could have, if they only applied themselves.
Spare me the excuses. You either want it or you don't. Lower your standards, shut the fuck up, and touch grass.

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