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Teenage Girl 23/07/25(Tue)02:41 No. 25718 ID: b3443c

File 169024567023.jpg - (198.22KB , 1200x1200 , AC1ED614-E874-4113-9475-6C3BB031BC9C.jpg )

i got lured in by a narcissist into a semi-romantic and sexual relationship. cue me being insulted and berated for my appearance for months on end and him eventually leaving me because he found someone else. i am such a fucking idiot and i can't even trust my sense in who i'm attracted to. i might as well fucking kms.

Teenage Girl 23/07/26(Wed)11:58 No. 25719 ID: 7fe27d


This probably ain't going to make feel better
So anyways, it's a crap shoot, being able to judge relationships before you start them
I would say less than 15% of people are good at reading what someone else want out of a relationship with them from before the get go
So people get better at after loads of goes, others simply keep getting it wrong
A most of people just stick a with a 50/50 relationship deal, for years
In olden days life
Hope airing your feelings here halped
And just keep going anon
Anyway hope today is better for you

Teenage Girl 23/08/12(Sat)19:38 No. 25730 ID: e4be1f

File 169186192368.png - (526.78KB , 1080x955 , mof0n6phxxab1.png )

Narcissists are good at hiding their true selves. This wasn't your fault. He's the one who sucks, not you.

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